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Friday, April 11, 2014

Blogging A to Z: Time for a Kick in the Ass and Fond memories of Kitchen Tables!

Kick in the Ass, it's coming. Kick in the Ass, it's coming....You'll get a great big Kick in the ass! ~Moxy Fruvous

Sometimes you just need to be reminded that it's all going to be okay. That may include a kick in the ass!!

This week is getting better. Part of it was because I was in the middle of theatre stuffs and writing blog for challenges is keeping me busy. I am feeling rough because I was falling behind is some stuff. I get hard on myself when I sometimes feel overwhelmed. It's partly because I try to too hard and then there's the trying to do too many things at once. High achiever? Yea, I am, but I know what I need to do to make my dreams come true. Sometimes it means that I need to push myself. Even if I fail, I at least tried. It's still early to call anything a TRUE failure, but I am still going to try and try with all my passion within me. Besides failures and weaknesses are just as important as successes and wins.

The letter K is all about using your tragedy. When is Scrabble, you have a K, you will need to make sure that to have the right letter  to get the maximum amount of points. It's worth a lot, but a bitch to use and still get good points. Use it when you can, but remember that a K on a triple word score is a WIN, no matter what your score is. So, thos translates into the real world as, know where to put your K's on the board. Make the points count, and don't forget the K either, or you will end up with a K, X, Z, Q board and then will be screwed.

Okay, enough Scrabble analogies, Dear Readers! It's truly late and after this will probably fall asleep. I am please with my Letter K blog. It's a little different, but I think interesting enough. Today was a good day, the latter part was the better part. But, oh well...

I also like Kitchen Tables. They are great for sitting around with friends to play games, drinking beer/coffee, or to sit and stare lazily out the kitchen window (good for writing too!). I love having friends over to sit at my kitchen table. There have been many a New Year's party that involved or Kitchen Table, or Drunken rehearsal (for The Tempest), or Game Night, or just good ol' fashioned coffee talk.

New Year's Circa 2010

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  1. Yes, from time to time we could all use a good kick in the pants ;)


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