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Saturday, April 12, 2014

NaPoWriMo: Switch Out Poem

I had to, for this poem, exchange one word for another, a common noun with something intangible. And thus borrowing lines from a Wikipedia entry on the subject of said noun compose a poetry with the switched out word. Now I took much of these sentences and rewording them to form the poem, otherwise it would have be a very dry and dull reading of poetry. most like a lesson plan on the subject I chosen. So, with some lovely descriptive sentences about my topic, I turned it into a poem.

Today I used Candles = Yearnings and Wicks = Dreams. It played better lyrically to have two words being switched out. I think it actually reads well this way. I hope you, Dear Readers enjoy it. I am rather proud of this poem. If you curious, you should try this prompt. It was much different than any prompt I have had before. I liked it, it stretched the mind. Check out NaPoWriMo's if you would like to get into more challenging poetry writing and meet other writers.

Truth about Yearnings and their Dreams

A Yearning is a solid block of wax
With an embedded Dream,
Which is ignited to provide light
And sometimes used to measure time.
For a Yearning to burn,
A heat source is use—
To light the Yearning’s Dream
Via flame or desire.

A Yearning manufacturer or a Yearner
Makes the Yearning with skills hands
And has his trade from a Master Yearner
Often for years
Before applying their own Dreams to wax.

Such stuff as Dreams and Yearnings
They are delicate things
And over time the Yearning is used
And as the mass of solid fuel is melted,
The Yearning grows shorter.
What Dreams that are not vapourized
Are then consumed by the heat source.
It’s a seemingly all consuming Yearning.

The incineration of the Dream
Limited to the exposed length of the Dream,
And thus maintains a constant burning temperature
And rate of consumption,
Making the Yearning burn
A substantial enough to time.

Best to keep an eye on any Yearning
That are burning,
‘Tis dangerous to burn a Yearning on its own.
The result could be an uncontrolled dream
And subsequent loss of habituation
And property.

8:35 am

Pictures come from MorgueFile. Descriptions of Candles from Wikipedia: Candles.

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  1. Great poem. I was just checking out the A to Z Blog Challenge. I'm a Firefly Fab too, by the way. I think that would have made a great challenge topic, now that I think of it. I already found a Star Wars themed blog. :)

    Good luck with the challenge
    JC Gatlin, Mystery Author


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