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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day, Last Stand: Farewell Poetry and some ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz's

It's been a Zany, Zooey, and yet Zestful (A to Z Challenge) month of blogging and experimenting. I made it! I did! Now, it's time to finish up, wrap up, and look to exploring some new friends and fellow blogger/writers, who have stopped by to visit. The Tempest is over and I am feeling sad. The final poem for NaPoWriMo is a Farewell Poem, a poem saying goodbye to the friends of this months both Theatre and Writing. I have had some pretty awesome moments and some struggles, and a failure, but it's been great, awesome even.

I attempted Camp NaNoWriMo, but with my theatrical schedule and the blog challenges, I feel behind. I don't regret it, because if I never try, then how will I know. Also, I have about 18,000 word head start on November's NaNo. There is always a silver lining. I recommend NaNo, whether April's Camp NaNoWriMo or November's. It's a liberating challenge and lots of fun when you have the time to devote to it. 

I am going to work on my short stories, and revisions of completed works, while I do the A to Z Reflections
post, and visit other friends/writer's blog (leaving comments and such). Get connected and stay connected! I'm going to work on making my blog the best it can be and write, write, and write! There are a number of other little projects, but I will post about them as they are completed.

Remember to check out the Blog Hop for A Round of Words in 80 Days!

Dear Readers, thank you for coming to visit my little space on the interwebs. And now, I give you my final bows....

Final Curtain

It's time to say Goodbye,

The story has come to an end,
The final curtain bow,
The encore is finished.

Oh, the stories we'll tell,
The adventures
And mishaps
And the favourite moments.
Theatre is like a family,
But so can an online
There are laughs
And tears,
Struggles and triumphs.
The best are the ones shares.

While the fanfare is dying--

The lights begin to fade,
I can see the now empty theatre
With its solid echoes
Ringing against the walls
And my ear drums.

The last poem is written--
The last alphabet blog typed clean.

I feel just a little bit saddened
That these moments are sliding away from me.

Many times,

I have complained
Many times,
I struggled to make
The deadlines--
Yet always did I.

The play maybe over,
The blog challenge
But only onto the next project
Is what I seek.

3:16 pm

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day #29 - 20 Poetry Projects Poems and Yak Furr

Today's I am feeling a bit silly. I have an Improv show tonight and with the lovely and cold rain and needing something to make me feel warm and fuzzy. So, what could be better, than a Doctor Who inspired poem using the NaPoWriMo daily prompt of "20 Poetry Projects" (see the link for the whole list). I need to write a poem that encompasses the 20 items. Talk about a challenge!

Even better, I used Yak Fur in the poem, which technically counts as a "Y" blog: Blogging from A to Z. Okay, that might be pushing it. But, I will not be writing about YOLO, Yogurt, Yo-Yo's, or Yodeling. Although, Jewel Kilcher does Yodel and that is sexy, well as sexy as you can make Yodeling look. There is also Yoda, Yes (the band), Yangtze, or Yin Yang. 

Tardis Journey

Gravity’s a Master to all
As Cinders cried,
But not to Cinders,
She  who can see sounds
And hear colours,
So, Gravity is no match
For her or the Tardis, whom just bounces along
The Time Vortex like a feather in the wind,
Instead of bowing to Gravity’s heavy handed whim.
With a flick of her wrist
And a twirl;
The Tardis pulls away
From the nearest Sarlac Hole.

Onward the journey goes,
And Cinders is at the helm.
Calling out the names of Reindeer
In mock humour
at the sound of her own voice,
“On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer,
And Vixen…”
Piloting the Tardis into the Time Vortex;
The windy Vortex of Time and Space
Cannot contain her.
Cinders cries with joy;
 Tasting the salty tears
As she turns to see
David Tennant standing there,
See sees his joy, as she realizes that
He is with her on this journey.
He points to the screen,
There’s the map of New New York,

That’s it!

The Doctor was right,
That’s where they were bound.
He flicked on his 3-D glasses
And shuffled his converse.
"You’re utterly amazing,"
He says,

Floating up to the roof,
"You’re Magic," she calls.
"No, I disengaged the grav-o-meter,"
He says chuckling, grabbing a pear,

About to taking a sweet
And juicy bite,

When the pear says, in a pious voice,
"Thou shall not eat me!"

The Doctor dropping the pear, exclaiming,
"I guess I should never eat talking fruit!"

"We should make haste, Cinders,"
Said the Doctor, flashing his smile,
"To New New York."
"But, what about the Sontarans, aren’t
They preparing for battle?"
Asked Cinders.

"Nonsense, the Sontarans
Don’t even live in the section of the universe.
Besides if we crush that butterfly there,
Won’t that kill the Sontarans,
Then we wouldn’t have that problem?"

“Um, Doctor…”
Cinders points to the screen,
“Isn’t that a Gestalt Maneuver?”
Indicating the ship on the visual.

The Doctor stares at the screen,
Murmuring to himself,
As Cinders fondles a scarf of Cashmere Yak Fur

From Raxacoricofallapatorius which is
Super soft, silky, and bouncy for Yak Fur.

"This isn't right," said the Doctor,
"I am not here."
He points to the Tardis console,
"This will not be mine."
Cinders eyes the Doctor,
Unsure of what to say.

The Doctor picks up the Pear,

Only to find an Apple in its place,
"I hate apples!" 

He pauses, "I smell danger," he says.
"We must get to New New York, Cinders."
Cinders looks on.
Calls the Doctor,

3:02 pm

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day #28 - X is for Xylophones and X-cellent Writing Prompts

I am going to write a haiku using the Letter "X" for today's blog. X is a harder letter to find something to blog about. Unless you like X-men, which I do. SO, I will also write a lune using X-men.

Xylophone's Song

Hear the echoes rings
As the mallets dance upon
The xylophone keys.

Mutants Abound

Those with power
with either lightening or magnetism
Saving the day.

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt is a bit harder than I thought. I had to take a News Article to write a poem, using the words and content of the article. Click the link to see the article I used. I don't feel like this is my strongest poem, but I tried, Dear Readers.

But, I did it! I can say that I did it. It was a challenge and for that, it was worth the time I spent time writing it.

Netflix Stands For?

You won’t see
But higher fees on the rise.
A new battle of wits
Between Netflix
And Comcast.

It begins,
The battle for the Internet.
Prices and
Rights and
Ease of connecting.

The battlefield—
It’s the Internet
And has fought many a battle
over the last few years—
Now it’s Net Neutrality
And the behemoth of Comcast
Merging with Time Warner.

What will the future bring,
To the waste land of the Web?
Where those weaker
Than the mighty
Force their will, like some sort of
Tyrant Lord
Taxing the poor,
While he gets richer
While the rest still have to pay
To be able to Log on.

9:49 pm

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day #27 - Post Tempest Poetry

The first day post "The Tempest". It's been a quiet day, so I haven't a lot to report on. I be have my daily NaPoWriMo poem. Today's prompt is using a photograph to inspire a poem. Maye it's my strong desire to enjoy a laid back relaxing day, but toady's poem is more in the realm of the thoughtful.

I will start fresh today on my regular writing, my WIP's and current blog entry for the month of May. It's been an amazing month of the bard and performing a classic. I shall miss my Tempest peeps, but many of them will still be around, but I won't be seeing them with as much frequency. It'll be a bit of a post-show crash, with catching up on sleep and re-adjusting to not driving to Bath everyday. I got to work closely with my husband, David and one of my best friends, Sara Love; there is also the rest of this amazing cast.

I had such a journey that I guess today's poem only makes sense. Dear Readers, have a restful rest of the weekend.  Check out the other on the Blog Hop!

Upon the Road

Upon the road,
we travel
to the places where we need to go,
upon a journey
called life.

With the sun in your face
and the shoes on your feet,
there's always a place to go.

Called wanderlust, amongst some--
it's an insatiable need to travel,
to see the world.
Yet sometimes,
there's rain and wind
or even snow,
yet the need to sojourn on rings true.

The endless adventure,
that which makes up a life--
the days and weeks
that pass away.
We fill the days with busy work,
jobs, and soccer games;
yet there is always the urge,
the wanderlust
to travel within forest deep
or paved roads to other cities.

it has many faces
and many paths,
the road that you can travel,
can lead you anywhere.
It's like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book,
with each path onto other places.
Remember that the roads
is not just the destination,
but the journey.
Enjoy that as it comes
for all too soon
it'll be over.

Keep the path forward,
with sun at your face,
and press forward
for adventure.

6:10 pm

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day #26 - Whovian Poetry and A Curtal Sonnet(something new)

What better than being a Whovian. Being a Whovian Poet.

The last Tempest show goes up at 4:00 pm today, so this will be a short entry. "W" is an easy letter to blog about, since I am a Whovian. I am going to present a couple of my past poems written with Doctor Who themes, Dear Readers. Some of you may not have read my Doctor Who sonnets and the daily NaPoWriMo writing prompt, a Curtal Sonnets. A fitting tribute to the Great Bard himself on this last performance of "The Tempest".

The Doctor, the Storm Comes! A Tempest!

Much like the hero upon a white horse
he does ride into battle, blazing bright.
The Doctor a mystery, who is known
to all who dwell upon this planet Earth.
With nary a plan, he takes what troubles
the Earth, because he is always the Doctor.

The sound of Tardis tell of his return,
a subtlety ascribed to no one else.
The Doctor steps outside of his Tardis
and only has to shout but Allons-Y!

or maybe Geronimo!

11:54 am

Whovian Sonnets! Can you guess the topic (unless the title give it away)?

In Need of Jammie Dodgers

When you are in need of some sustenance--
Running across the whole of time and space.
They are the perfect treat of preference
in space Florida you can rest someplace.

They also do in a pinch when you find
That you are hearing what four daleks state--
They are preparing to attack earth-kind,
Doing what they do best, exterminate.

There’s a simple solution to this plight--
You simply pull a Jammie Dodger out
And indicate that it will make all right
With one push, the button will make them pout.

To save the world in your own clever ways,
All while wearing a fez, not a beret.


They Lie in Wait

They lie in the forest shadows fractured
Across the leagues of woody pulp bound books.
Their home, a library where they anchored
and hide them like predators inside nooks.

Waiting until one comes to the refuge
For a book and now they have two shadows.
In the middle of the lighted deluge
They are standing there frozen, locked in pose.

One moment you are, the next but a voice--
Echoing once more, before you looked down
Seeing shadows growing. What was your choice?
All that is left is just one more pronoun.

Silent hunters that roam the halls to wait
Spending still days until the Doctor’s bait.


Staring at the Sky

Staring at the sky through your telescope
At the far stars, wondering, is there more?
What is out there, holding out for a hope
‘Are there others? What could it all be for?’

He met a man, a doctor who unlocks
All of time and space into which he flees.
He landed upon earth in his blue box,
pronouncing defiantly Allons-Y!

But now the earth is bombarded with war
And Wilf with the Doctor rally the way.
They both climb inside the Tardis’ core
Going up and away they fly to save the day.

A dream came true for one who was biding
To prove he was in a space ship riding.


I will be back with a more normal writing schedule tomorrow, Dear Readers! One more show!! Have a fantastic day!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Day #25 - Violin and Anaphora Poetry

Today's prompt is using the concept of Anaphora in a poem. It can be about anything, but it must utilize the repetition of a phase to emphasize a point being made. The definition of an anaphora (as defined by Merriam-Webster) is repetition of a word or expression at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, sentences, or verses especially for rhetorical or poetic effect <Lincoln's “we cannot dedicate—we cannot consecrate—we cannot hallow—this ground” is an example of anaphora>

The most famous examples of anaphora in poetry in Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl" and the song "Turn, Turn, Turn" by The Byrds.

When You Listen
Listen to the winds
as it blows through the trees.
Listen to the birdsong
outside of your window
in the early morning hours.
Listen to the traffic
driving furiously by
as the the hours creep by.
Listen to your co-workers typing
and the subsequent swearing
at her computer.
Listen to the music
echoing John Lennon's voice
back at your ears.
Listen to the memory,
silent sounds,
but just as loud
as your mind wanders long hallways.
Listen to your voice,
it speak a truth.
Listen to the world around you,
there is much to learn
to the sounds of the world
around you.

2:28 pm

V = Violin. I played the violin for 9 nine years in school, from fourth grade up through high school. It was a good time in my life. it wasn't necessarily the best player and sometimes I didn't practice enough, but I really enjoying playing Mozart and Beethoven.

Remember going to NYSSMA competitions, both solo and orchestra. I still have my medals from those days. Even got to use them for a costume, when my husband played the Major General in a production of "Pirates of Penzance". I have a deep love for classical and fiddle music, which I am sure stems from my days in the Orchestra.

My favourite fiddle players are the ones that are the most passionate about what they do. Lindsay Stirling is one of them, I also love Mairead Nesbitt of Celtic Woman, and Bob Hallett of Great Big Sea.

It's really easy to see how violin and fiddle player can get lost in their own music. It's a pulse, a rhythm in their core, much like a heartbeat is for the bodies of all living creatures. I have spent a number of hours listening to some of these artist, over and over, just because the music is hypnotizing. I will even mime the finger movement if a song is particularly infectious.

So, Dear Readers, what types of music are you most passionate about? Maybe something from your childhood, or because of an instrument you play/played, or just a favourite band/genre of music? Leave me a comment below. As always, have a fantastic day and weekend.

A to Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo are wrapping up. It'll be weird not writing about 5 or so different things. It's been a whirlwind of writing, poetry, and blogs.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day #24 - Oh, thou Masonry Wall and Unique Unicorns and Ukuleles

Ubiquitous Unicorn Uniting Under the Ultra Uber Universe!

The "U"! A hard word to find words for. But, I like Unicorn. I love Using the adjectives Uber, Unique, and Ultra. There's the Weird Al movie, UHF. Secret: I only just watched UHF for the first time a couple of years ago!  I have been an Usher in college for Rockafeller Arts Center (ugh, I want to type Centre) on the campus of SUNY Fredonia. There are problems in the Ukraine. Ukulele music is pretty awesome, check out Julia Nunes, Sophie Madeleine, and Molly Lewis. So folks like U2. uilleann pipes are an awesome instrument.

What else? I could go on, but I think I'll stop there. The letter "U" is underestimated. I will write a haiku and a lune for the letter "U", because every letter needs to feel special, even the letter "U". Although it does get to sit next to itself in the word VaccUUm Cleaner. That's a pretty neat thing? Okay maybe I'm reaching. Onto the poetry:

Unicorn Lune

Equine and Graceful
The stuff of magical legends
that inspire stories

Ukulele Music

Strum the chords, breathing
Littlest stringed instrument
 With the purest sounds

Today NaPoWriMo writing prompt is an easier one, yet still requires a bit of thought. Write about masonry, bricks, walls, arches, etc. It's kind of amusing to note that I work for a company that does construction materials testing, that includes masonry. Life imitating art? Maybe, just a bit, Dear Reader! Here is my poem for today:
Meditations of Wall and Art

A wall,
crafted Whether of bricks
or stone
is built once 
and forever it stands.
A border for those not welcome,
while others
for security.
Walls built of honesty--
far less fearful
and more for keeping the sheep in,
unless you have no sheep.

When you watch the 
building of a wall,
you see that each piece,
carefully placed,
with mortar sandwiched 
between the bricks
or stone.
The mason, is an artist--
crafting his way,
sculpting the pieces 
into a fine wall,
one used as a balance beam for children 
and fences for horses to leap
and places for neighbours to meet to chat
as perceived by Robert Frost. 

A wall,
serves it's purpose
it's, in the end 
what folks choose to make of them.

4:21 pm

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day #23 - Shakespeare Day and Faerie Forest Poetry

Happy Birthday and Death day, Master Bard!

Today is a day that any Thespian should acknowledge, at least if you are a fan of Shakespeare, as today is the day that the "Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon" was born and died. This is most potent, as this is the week that the Keuka Lake Players are performing his work, "The Tempest". The last two performances are this Friday and Saturday and Haverling High School's auditorium.

I am sure the bard would find it humourous to know that we are performing so close to his Birth/Death day! I feel honour to be acting in one of his most impressive and truly original plays. I am also honoured to be performing with a fantastic group of Thespians. I do hope that if you are in the area April 25th and 26th, you will come out to see our little production of "The Tempest". I don't think that Will would mind, I think he would enjoy our version, with a reversal of Woman playing Men (instead of Men playing Woman, as was standard back in Shakespeare's time).

Today's letter is "T", so many "T" words; Theatre, Thespians, Tempest are just a few.

My life has been a Shakespeare production for the last three month, I can hardly believe that in a few days it will return to 'normal'. It's been a fantastic trip. I honour the greats gods of the Theatre and the Great Bard himself with this production. It been the second time I have gotten to perform for Shakespeare for people, the first being "A Midsummer's Night Dream," as Nicholas Bottom, the ass. Now, it's as Trinculo, the drunken jester that I am playing. This production is dedicated to my late friend, Jane, ever the clown! She did not get to see me perform Shakespeare being moving back to Wisconsin in 2012 and passing away back in February of this year, "Oh worthy Stephano! O Peer. O King Stephano, look what a wardrobe here is for thee..."

Instead, today's poem is inspired by the world Shakespeare inspired in Midsummer, but honour the gods of Ostara (the Maiden and the Horned God), the pagan sabbat of Springtime, welcoming the growth of the green, the planting of the crops, and the fertility of this season. But, there is also a magic that reigns during this time. Taken from a picture of my friend James' Faerie Forest, I present:

Firefly Grove in the Faerie Forest
Firefly Grove in the Faerie Forest

to the beat of the Drums--
the beat that all men and Fae

The lights that are floating
Like lanterns within a forest of majesty
Where the lights are alive--
In circles,

The glow of the Faerie Lights
or Bonfires,
marking the beginning of Ostara--
Faerie Paths
when Spring doth wakes.

Flameless lamps,
living lights
Hang from the trees,
Which light the paths
and dost not burn the skin.

It is here 
with the Faerie Forest that we come together,
singing of joys there are--
the blessings of all
the hopes for a rich and full year.

A celebration--
To mark the better days ahead
With the joyous revelry of
Thine own friends
Both Fay and Folk alike.

8:42 pm

Also, today is my AROW80 Wednesday check-in. Not too much to reports, finished "The Hunger Games" and started "Catching Fire". 

I maybe writing a future blog on the book versus the movie. I brain just loves to compare and contrast the two, even if I want to shout obscenities at the TV.  Look for that in May. I am also planning another Book versus Movie adaptation month in the near future.

I have not worked on Camp NaNo in over a week, but am still not worried. I had other pressing concerns. Heheh! I am going to devote Sunday, April 27th through Wednesday, April 30th to writing that script. If I don't make it, I don't make it. I tried; what with "The Tempest" and my blog challenge (see NaPoWriMo and A to Z Challenge). I am impressed that I kept up as long as I could. Been building character development in the interim. 

I am proud that I have kept up with the blog challenges and really stretched my poetic muscles. This is the first day that I didn't write the suggested prompt for my daily NaPoWriMo post. I am still writing a poem for the "translation" poem (when you take a foreign language poem and translate into English, or whatever language you are translating it into). Look for that by the end of the weekend, Dear Readers!

I leave you with Blackmore's Night, the perfect music for dancing in Faerie Forest, by Firefly Groves with the glowing Fae Lights lighting the paths to the sacred circles where we meet with friends upon a Midsummer's Night to maybe rehearse a show to perform for others. Sounds perfect? You bet!

Also, remember to check out the Blog Hop for AROW80 writers and bloggers! 

Have a awesome evening, Dear Readers! As Miranda says to her father, Prospero, "We wish you peace." I wish all of you peace, light, and love.

Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet once again! Happy Ostara and Easter!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day #22 - Letter S Poetry Silliness and Strax and Sweet Pickles....

There are few things that I remember from my childhood with a certainty as "Sweet Pickles" books do. I remember specifically reading the Octopus one while at my childhood dentist.  It's about an octopus that protests everything. He's purple and wears a red jumpsuit. It 's positively the stupidest thing ever, but somewhere there an honesty about the characters.

In the world of "Sweet Pickles" (the town), all of the residents, animals of course, live, work, and play. they all have a particular trait that is distinctly their own and through their story learns about themselves. Of, course the lessons are purely about teaching children about the feelings, emotions, and a person's own personality traits of the adult world in a silly way, but they are entertaining and silly and full of colour.

I was sadden to learn that these books are out-of-print in the 1990's. They ran from the 1977 to the mid 1990's, which is my generations era. But, not so sad, because in 2012, the entire Sweet Books series (the A to Z kind) were released in E-book format, for a new generation of kids.

Another "S" for you is "She and Him", the fantastic duo of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. They are quirky, a bit whimsical, and downright catchy. I fell in live with "In the Sun", but stayed for "I Could've Been Your Girl". Zooey's lyrics are simple and when blended with Ward's musicality, something awesome happens. There are three volumes (CD's) of "She and Him". Sometimes they sound folksy, sometimes country, or they have been known to remind me of a musical theatre number.

To get the full experience check out the "She and Him"  website. Zooey writes and co-writes the songs, except if it's a cover. My favourite cover is "I Should Have Known Better", it's the Beatles cover, so you should've known.

Now, onto the poem for the day. Today's prompt is to write a children's poem. Hoo-boy! Let's do this! And in keeping with the "S" theme; Strax, Song, Shawn Colvin, and Silly. I give you today's poem and dedicated to Amanda Fenn and Roselynn DeCamp, Don Slatt, and Amanda Ardon (who actually sang the song mentioned in the poem for a Summer Review of Sesame Street).

S is for Strax

he is a Sontaran,
that begins with S.
He fights for the Glory
of the Sontaran Empire.
But, he is a Nurse too,
Helping the Doctor,
even though he calls everyone
a boy sometimes.
Oh, Silly Strax!
You want to invade the Moon,
yet there is no one living on the Moon,
except maybe Ernie and Shawn Colvin; or Rose, Don, and Amanda A
for the duration of this Song.

10:30 am

I must get ready, Dear Readers! It's showtime tonight and I have Stuff to attend to.  Have a delightful Tuesday! Remember, I love you and believe in you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Day #21 - "New York School" Poem and Raxacoricofallapatorius

Today's blog is going to be a bit Doctor heavy. Today's poem for NaPoWriMo is a "New York School" Poem. I have never heard of this style, but it seems to be a style influenced by art, philosophy,emotions, and surrealism/modernism. I am still a bit unsure of how to write a "New York School" poem, but it feels like I am having a conversation with the reader, or at least whomever I am writing into the poem. So, I am writing a conversation into a poem, that includes several "ingredients": emotions, places in New York City, celebrities, dates and times, pop culture and the like. I use the "Recipe" provided by Thom Donovan

Chase to the Doctor
Sara Love, this is your moment
Where you walk the trails of Central Park
Seeking the Doctor
Who is new reading a book of Sonnets
Upon a large rock.
His glasses, round upon his nose
And he squints his eyes in the early morning light.
Amy and Rory are by his side,
Enjoying their picnic lunch—
They are full of life,
But how close are they to death.
Oh, Sara Love you are running
Aren’t you?
Can’t you see, Dear Readers
How she runs past John Lennon’s Strawberry Field
And the sunshine is obscured the sudden snow that it falling
Within the crystalline blue of the sky.
She can hear the sounds of Amy laughing,
The time is short.
There time is short,
And she knows it,
Before the Winter Quay occurs.
Amy bites into an apple,
Giggling at Rory and the memories.
Sara Love runs faster,
In her hand is a letter,
A letter for Amy and Rory,
And the Doctor,
They must know.
“Ah-ha,” shouted the Doctor,
“There is she!” He stands and waves,
As Sara Love comes running
around past the fountain,
her breath coming in gasps,

“Doctor? Doctor! I have this letter…”

“Yes, Love, I am well aware of your letter,”
Chimes the Doctor.

“But, the Winter Quay is blowing. It is coming!”

The Doctor stand upon the rock,
Pulls off his glasses,
“It’s coming?”
His eyes go soft, remembering,
And then nothing…
“I’ve forgot!”

6:37 pm

Also, today's letter is "R". I have another poem that features, Raxacoricofallapatorius, the planet that the family Slitheen comes from. I couldn't even use it in the sonnet itself, because it has 12 syllables in 6 feet. Sonnet in iambic pentameter has 10 syllables in 5 feet (1 foot = 1 unstressed syllable and 1 stressed syllable).

There's Rose Tyler. I haven't written a poem about her yet. For a future poetry blog post, maybe a Villanelle or Terzanelle.

Raxacoricofallapatorius (or There Was Once…)

There once was a planet that some would say
Has lovely seas that shine burgundy bright
It is also said you can pass the day
Upon the beaches that are quite the sight.

Family Slitheen
They say that there are four polar regions--
Can you imagine the mountains of ice,
They say are guarded by many legions.
Do you wonder if they are very nice?

A rather famous place to breeze on in--
If you are lucky enough to trek there
You might get to see the egg fields of Kin,
But watch out for the Slitheen and take care.

For all though quite a planet of allure
There are those from who you would well detour.


Another "R" thing, "Rocky and Balls", the great internet comedy duo, Sophie Ball and Hannah Rockcliffe! Here's a bit of their stuff, involving cake and kazoos!! Rocky and Balls was a things that Hannah and Sophie did while going to University. They are now making working on their own musical careers. Check out their stuffs at Sophie Madeleine and Hannah-Rei. They are pretty awesome!

Have a wonderful night, Dear Readers! I will see you tomorrow, with a new poem for Day #22 of NaPoWriMo and the Letter "S".

Sunday, April 20, 2014

AROW80 Easter Sunday and Poetry

Happy Easter/Ostara, Dear Readers!

Hope to got all the jelly beans, peeps, and chocolate bunnies to wanted! I also hope you got to spend time with your loved ones to celebrate in whatever way to choose to celebrate; whether cooking ham for dinner, going to Easter Service, Blessing the Basket, going on Easter Egg Hunts, Rolling eggs down hills, Going to Easter brunch, or watching silly stupid Easter movie with your husband, I hope you've had a fabulous day, Dear Readers!

Today is also the Pagan Holiday of Ostara, the Spring Festival welcoming Spring with the new growth, new beginnings, bunnies, and eggs (to name a dew). It is a time to celebrate the new beginnings of the Spring Maiden and the Horned God's reign upon the world' also the growing season begins and the fertility rites, and chocolate bunnies (okay that's a modern tradition, but you get my point).

My Ostara began with a fantastic morning of sleeping in. The sun was out and it was gorgeous and I decided to open the windows a spend the morning reading. I finished reading "The Hunger Games" and started "Catching Fire". Today was a good day of rest.

Yesterday was the Keuka Lake Players performed the first performance of "The Tempest" at Hammondsport Central School. We had a good crowd, smaller, but a responsive one. it felt good to be performing Shakespeare again. The Avoca performance is on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday are the Bath performances. I really do love playing Trinculo, the drunken court jester, there is something about playing the fool that is fum It also helps that I get to act over the top and silly with my husband and one of my best friends, Sara.

The writing's been a little sparse this past week. I have been keeping up on my blog challenges, but Camp NaNoWriMo has falling to the wayside. Not trying to, but my days last were long and  some days were harder to find the time to write. Usually writing while being tech rehearsals and performances is difficult, but still manageable. I have not completely given up hope on getting to 50,000 words. It'll be a stretch, but the last week of Camp NaNo I plan on writing like crazy to try and make up. Not gonna give up!

Today's NaPoWriMo poem is written from the perspective of Wendy Love, my 3 1/2 year old friend and daughter to Sara Love who plays Stephano, the drunken butler in KLP's production in "The Tempest". {insert plug here}

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Meditations of Wendy Love

I should think that the best times
Are with my Mommy—
When we are watching
The Funny Doctor and Amy Pond
Or chasing elephants in Banana Pants.
It an inside joke,
And I laugh so much at it,
It’s funny!

And there is Charlie Brown
With his funny voices.
He and Miss Cindy, 
they are my friends and
Tell me stories—
Stories about Butterfly Princesses
And Little Girls named Sophie.

I love my Mommy and Daddy,
And there’s my Sissy, Daphne,
And then, Brocket-Man.
My life is pretty good,
With ponies,
And dinosaurs.
Oh My!

I am happy singing
“Let it Go” with Mommy
And dancing in my tutus
To the sounds of Queen
The Who
With Daddy.

These are the best times.

8:31 pm

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day #19: Quixotic Ballad of Tuberculate Emarginula

Today is short....The Tempest is Coming, the Storm is brewing!!

I present my NaPoWriMo poem, featuring today's optional poetry prompt, using Seashell names in a poem. In the vein of a Ballad and using my favourite word Quixotic, because today's letter is Q.

I do hope you enjoy my homage to Don Quixote, Dear Readers. Have stellar day!

Ballad of Tuberculate Emarginula
Tuberculate Emarginula

In the farthest hills,
Amoung the snowy caps they lives
A wizened warrior,
One from whom the stories do tell,
You may have heard of him
Tuberculate Emarginula.

Not heard of him, you say?
Not likely,
His travels abound
Vast and Quixotic is her.
Upon his steed, Sparse Dove
Riding off in search of adventure
And glory.
He would fight the mighty
Shoulderblade Sea Cats or
The rare Ghastly Miter.
Whose trophies are mounded
Sparse Dove
Upon the walls of the nearby inns.

Tuberculate was a rare man,
Chivalrous and Brave,
Yet Clumsy and Weak.
Nothing in his body spoke of hero,
But of desperate sit,
Yet he traveled the world wide
Making stories to be told within the taverns
And inns.
With him was his companion,
Woody Canoebubble.
A companion, most notably for
His bubble like appearance,
But loyal to Tuberculate.

Together they made stories
To make blush the hardest men,
Yet how they made these deeds,
Most often was
Woody Canoebubble
By accident,
And yet, always, in every tavern
There was a lady who spoke to Tuberculate,
With a marriage proposal,
But, always, he would say that
His heart belong to the fair,
Lady Lazarus Jewel of Box(Ford),
but being romantic,
Would take on their quest requests
and always  he would return
with a jeweled brooch
and the head of a Striped Engina.
Striped Engina

‘Tis was his way,
He asked for nothing,
But a quest to partake on
Accidently winning the day
And the honour of maidens across the land,
With Woody by his side
And his faithful steed, Sparse Dove.

It was one day, when Tuberculate
Rose from his bed,
Only to find that he could not,
He was dying
And all he did was call out to
Lady Lazarus Jewel
To come to his side,
Lazarus Jewel Box
Yet there was no one there,
Even when Woody bathed his Master’s forehead
In a fevered state.

The doctors knew of no cure
To ease the old warrior’s ails
And the village watched from afar as
Tuberculate Emarginula slowly wasted away.
It was then that Woody Canoebubble
Rode off into the reddest sunset.

All the villagers thought him mad,
Until his stout donkey returned with
The fairest woman, darkest hair and
Brightest eyes,
The Lady Lazarus Jewel.
It was she who whispered words of wonder
Into the ears of the warrior, Tuberculate Emarginula
Into his newest quest; to ride into death.

10:38 am