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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day #29 - 20 Poetry Projects Poems and Yak Furr

Today's I am feeling a bit silly. I have an Improv show tonight and with the lovely and cold rain and needing something to make me feel warm and fuzzy. So, what could be better, than a Doctor Who inspired poem using the NaPoWriMo daily prompt of "20 Poetry Projects" (see the link for the whole list). I need to write a poem that encompasses the 20 items. Talk about a challenge!

Even better, I used Yak Fur in the poem, which technically counts as a "Y" blog: Blogging from A to Z. Okay, that might be pushing it. But, I will not be writing about YOLO, Yogurt, Yo-Yo's, or Yodeling. Although, Jewel Kilcher does Yodel and that is sexy, well as sexy as you can make Yodeling look. There is also Yoda, Yes (the band), Yangtze, or Yin Yang. 

Tardis Journey

Gravity’s a Master to all
As Cinders cried,
But not to Cinders,
She  who can see sounds
And hear colours,
So, Gravity is no match
For her or the Tardis, whom just bounces along
The Time Vortex like a feather in the wind,
Instead of bowing to Gravity’s heavy handed whim.
With a flick of her wrist
And a twirl;
The Tardis pulls away
From the nearest Sarlac Hole.

Onward the journey goes,
And Cinders is at the helm.
Calling out the names of Reindeer
In mock humour
at the sound of her own voice,
“On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer,
And Vixen…”
Piloting the Tardis into the Time Vortex;
The windy Vortex of Time and Space
Cannot contain her.
Cinders cries with joy;
 Tasting the salty tears
As she turns to see
David Tennant standing there,
See sees his joy, as she realizes that
He is with her on this journey.
He points to the screen,
There’s the map of New New York,

That’s it!

The Doctor was right,
That’s where they were bound.
He flicked on his 3-D glasses
And shuffled his converse.
"You’re utterly amazing,"
He says,

Floating up to the roof,
"You’re Magic," she calls.
"No, I disengaged the grav-o-meter,"
He says chuckling, grabbing a pear,

About to taking a sweet
And juicy bite,

When the pear says, in a pious voice,
"Thou shall not eat me!"

The Doctor dropping the pear, exclaiming,
"I guess I should never eat talking fruit!"

"We should make haste, Cinders,"
Said the Doctor, flashing his smile,
"To New New York."
"But, what about the Sontarans, aren’t
They preparing for battle?"
Asked Cinders.

"Nonsense, the Sontarans
Don’t even live in the section of the universe.
Besides if we crush that butterfly there,
Won’t that kill the Sontarans,
Then we wouldn’t have that problem?"

“Um, Doctor…”
Cinders points to the screen,
“Isn’t that a Gestalt Maneuver?”
Indicating the ship on the visual.

The Doctor stares at the screen,
Murmuring to himself,
As Cinders fondles a scarf of Cashmere Yak Fur

From Raxacoricofallapatorius which is
Super soft, silky, and bouncy for Yak Fur.

"This isn't right," said the Doctor,
"I am not here."
He points to the Tardis console,
"This will not be mine."
Cinders eyes the Doctor,
Unsure of what to say.

The Doctor picks up the Pear,

Only to find an Apple in its place,
"I hate apples!" 

He pauses, "I smell danger," he says.
"We must get to New New York, Cinders."
Cinders looks on.
Calls the Doctor,

3:02 pm

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