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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Poetry Corner: Nina Gordon/Universe Truths

I re-discovered Nina Gordon, who was bury in my CD collection; no case, or CD artwork, but stuck in the middle of my binder of CDs with no case/artwork. (Don't ask, I was silly stupid in the early 2000s).
Borrowed from Ancient Explorers
One little question and I remember why I love Tonight and The Rest of My Life, the title track to the album of the same name. When it came out it was a force to be reckoned with Nina's vocals. I didn't catch it when it came in 2000. There was something haunting about the music, and yet Nina was speaking of truths, which I wouldn't get until 2016, so sixteen years later. Feeling joy in something simple, and enjoying that feeling. It might have stemmed from something sad, or frustrating, but there is a joy is finding your personal truths.

After asking this question, I pulled "Tonight..." up on youtube and gave it a listen, and then I listened a few more times. I was compelled to find my CD, realized that it had been a few years since listening to it. I saw  much more within "Tonight's..." track and the rest of the album, something I missed on prior listens.

I set about to write while "Tonight..." played. I have discovered that I tap into deeper creative outlets, rivulets and reservoirs with music. Often I stick to instrumental music, Celtic, Afro-Celtic (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Asian (12 Girls Band), Hawaiian, but there are times that lyrical music (songs with words) will spark an idea. "Tonight..." did that, and I wanted to share with you, Dear Readers some of my universe poetry; one is silly and one is surreal, which I think works on at least one level. Mine! :-)

This post is dedicated for one person, just because. Thanks James!

Factoid: Nina Gordon was in the late nineties band, Veruca Salt.

Universal Cookbook

Have you ever thought,
what makes a world?
A cosmic soup
of gas,
and a spark.
Seems so simple,
like making a batch of no-bakes,
but really,
How do make a world?
Measuring the ingredients,
with a pinch of Carbon
and a dash I Nitrogen,
mix well, while pre-set the oven
to 350 degrees
for what?
a few billion years?
Let set for several thousands years,
and maybe it'll be ready
to be served with
a side of Sun and Moon,
and four seasons.
Then, maybe,
just maybe,
your earth will be ready to join the
like a giant macrocosm bake sale.

Universe Truths

Like dust,
covering everything--
the universal is dusty,
though, nothing like faerie 
or pixie ,
when I am covered
I can see all--
a clarity 
riding in crests
foaming waves upon seas--
or deeply turned earth,
loam from which
all things return--
or blazing infernos
orangey golden,
and I can see the universe
roiling and churning,
making civilasation soup
out from which we,
humanity is birth
to make great things,
and lies,
art and 
Everything is what can 
be, within the universe,
the heavens,

Do you like to listen to music, podcast, TV, radio while writing, Dear Readers? I think I asked this question before, but I am always curious to know what my readers like to listen to while writing, or at least what do you listen to when relaxing (or doing housework, etc.)? Leave me a comment below, and catch you on the flip....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Poetry Corner: Pleasure Moment

I write a lot, but sometime even I get a little lost. Sometime I hardly write a word, and yet I can still write one helluva poem, be it sonnets, villanelle, or blitz poem. I am a F***kin' Awesome Writer. In preparation for OctPoWriMo starting October 1st I wanted to share a poem a write.

My friend Joy found this local poetry contest of female sexuality, gender expression, gender identity, and the like. She sent it to me. I vowed to submit something, and so I wrote. I haven't submitting anything yet, but I have until November. In the mean time I wanted to share one of my attempts to write about female sexuality. It is not a topic I often tackle, but I felt compelled to try, also, I am trying to revised one or more of this poem for inclusion in this contest.

I hope you enjoy it, Dear Readers.

There will be a lot more poetry in the coming months, and even regular blog posts again. I have had a busy and intense year, starting to wind down into a bit of normalcy again. Not that I always want normalcy, but I like some consistency at least.

With that, I give you...

 Pleasure Moment

I am my sex,
female, if you will, 
alive with sensual desires--
breathing down my neck.

goose pimpled flesh.
The moment's gone, you see,
unless the fire is stoked,
and fed by tinder

Pulses race--
I know I am alive,

Are you?

Give me a moment
and I will come when called;
and your fannng my desires,
making the woman in me 
stand out.

I am not ashamed.

This is a pleasure moment, 
silently sought
hard pressed to win.

My desires are real,
as am I. See me!

I am touch, to yours,
giving in, to yours--
drink me in
and in a moment,
know that I am
heat and desire,
pleasure and pain,
housed all in one.

Will you give in too?

And the moment need not pass again.

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