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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Poetry Corner: Pleasure Moment

I write a lot, but sometime even I get a little lost. Sometime I hardly write a word, and yet I can still write one helluva poem, be it sonnets, villanelle, or blitz poem. I am a F***kin' Awesome Writer. In preparation for OctPoWriMo starting October 1st I wanted to share a poem a write.

My friend Joy found this local poetry contest of female sexuality, gender expression, gender identity, and the like. She sent it to me. I vowed to submit something, and so I wrote. I haven't submitting anything yet, but I have until November. In the mean time I wanted to share one of my attempts to write about female sexuality. It is not a topic I often tackle, but I felt compelled to try, also, I am trying to revised one or more of this poem for inclusion in this contest.

I hope you enjoy it, Dear Readers.

There will be a lot more poetry in the coming months, and even regular blog posts again. I have had a busy and intense year, starting to wind down into a bit of normalcy again. Not that I always want normalcy, but I like some consistency at least.

With that, I give you...

 Pleasure Moment

I am my sex,
female, if you will, 
alive with sensual desires--
breathing down my neck.

goose pimpled flesh.
The moment's gone, you see,
unless the fire is stoked,
and fed by tinder

Pulses race--
I know I am alive,

Are you?

Give me a moment
and I will come when called;
and your fannng my desires,
making the woman in me 
stand out.

I am not ashamed.

This is a pleasure moment, 
silently sought
hard pressed to win.

My desires are real,
as am I. See me!

I am touch, to yours,
giving in, to yours--
drink me in
and in a moment,
know that I am
heat and desire,
pleasure and pain,
housed all in one.

Will you give in too?

And the moment need not pass again.

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  1. Interesting exploration of the emotions behind our sensuality, an invitation to appreciate and celebrate what is. My favorite line: "Give me a moment," for isn't that what we all wish?


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