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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tomorrow begins the A to Z Blog Challenge and NaPoWriMo

I am going to start the Blogging from A to Z Challenge tomorrow!

A month long blog where each day (not counting Sundays, a day of rest, dontcha know) I will blog using each each of the alphabet as my focal point/muse. This should be interesting! I am excited for a new challenge. Tomorrow is 'A' and oh the possibilities. I have not tried this blog challenge before, so we shall se what happens.

I seem to do do really well with the random ideas/topics. Challenge accepted!

Also, I am going start NaPoWriMo.

This is National Poetry Writing Month. This month I will be writing a poem a day based on the prompts at the site linked above. This is something that I thrive in. Poetry, I mean! I am a poet to the core. I love the challenge of writing words in form, telling a story in a short form, and playing with words. The pre-prompt for today is to write an Ekphrasis Poem, or a poem inspired by a work of art. This is an easy choice, "Starry Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh.

A reminder of the sonnet scheme: a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g

 The Live Sky (or The Sworls of Blue and Yellows Alive)

The sworls of blues and yellows alive
that sail like boats across the painted skies.
With a pulsing rhythm that will revive,
the images deep within my own eyes.

The lonely man behind the masterpiece
whom breathes life into the vibrant colours;
That he, in his pursuits never will cease
in his joyous dappling of his ardours.

With his curling strokes that his hand painted,
in what are the most famous airy swirls
that makes one almost fully acquainted
with this piece some consider a pearl.

Yes, I see the sky above seem to hum
with Van Gogh's, his power, the most awesome.

 10:23 pm

This is going to be an interesting month what with the writing/blogging projects and the theatre project this month. I never do anything simple. And this will keep me on my toes, Dear Readers! So, what's your favourite painting, or artist.  I love Van Gogh and Waterhouse.

Join me on this journey, Dear Readers and check other the other A to Z bloggers here: A to Z Challenge!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A ROW80 Wednesday Wrap -up!!

Words by James A. Owen
There are a number of things I am grateful for; the most is My Friends. There are those of us who find ourselves in a torrent of Orcs, Urgals, Shades, Demonic Kings, Tyrants, and Thieves (both physical and mental, Dear Readers). There are these the lighthouses that shine upon our darkness and help guide us a way out. And for those moments with the ethereal Gods and Goddesses descend from on high to light the way through the forest, I am and will be forever grateful. Thus being said a thanks to Krissy and Sara for yesterday.

This week find me FINALLY FREAKIN" FINISHING "Inheritance"!! Gods by Damn to the Neitherworlds!!!

To say I am glad, Dear Readers, is an understatement. Those of you who follow me regularly know this, know that I have been struggling to finish "Inheritance" since January. But, as with any book, there is a  price, that is sadness, a sadness of leaving the characters I have come to love and hold dear behind. I have said this before, but I am not going to review "Inheritance" right now. That's for a later blog. I must to clear my head.

Anyway, Dear Readers, "The Inheritance Cycle" is a good series to read. Even though at times it drags, feels too detailed (not that detail is bad, but sometimes 20 pages of Dwarven council is a bit much). The characters are different, the story is sound, if overly long at times. I did enjoy it. I might be less than other series, but it still enjoyed it. I might even say that it is a series to be put on the re-read shelf (and that is saying a lot). Not my favourite series, others hold that place, but "The Inheritance Cycle" is still a good read for fantasy lovers.

I have decided to do a full review later in the year. I have some to prospects, like NaPoWriMo and the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Also, I am going to continue into Round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days. This coupled with the upcoming storm of The Tempest going up April19th through April 26th (4 performances) with the Keuka Lake Players and 24 Hour Theatre with The Lake Country Players on April 5th. These are some of my challenges facing me this month and next.

I have learned a heck of a lot about managing my time and striving forward with my goals. There were a number of goals that I never come close to; but on the other side, I learned some new skills, made some new (better) habits, and pushed myself harder with my writing. There is SO MUCH more I can and will do. I am going to revise my goal from Round 1, add some new goals, and discard old ideas/goals that I do not think will work for me. It's not anything I am shamed off, in fact, I am that much more freer and confidant in my abilities to pursue those goals and dreams.

So, what have I been up since Sunday?

~Finished "Inheritance"
~Starting "The Hunger Games" tomorrow (need time to let "Inheritance"set in)
~Journaling twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
~Keeping up with the housework
~Starting hiking

It's a start and a decent way to end Round 1.

I have group rehearsal for the Tempest tonight. Will get to show off my stuff. Been feeling more like Trinculo lately. The director had to switch out our Stephano due to difficulty with the lines. But thankfully we have a new Stephano and the old Stephano still wants to be involved with the show. It was her first show EVER! That takes balls. She did an awesome job with what she could and for that I give her a huge ~DRAGON HUG~ and a toast from my bottle!! Other than that, it goes well. 24 Hour Theatre is going great. The excitement from the writer, directors, and actors is amazing. It's going to be good!!! The other theatre projects I am involved have started LCP's junior players Zombeo and Juliet (set master/props mistress) and LCP Improv. Like I said earlier, Dear Readers, it's going to be a busy April. But, it's what I do! And, of course, in between, find time to write. Oh, no rest for the wicked and the writers.

Come and visit my fellow writers and bloggers on the Blog Hop!! Have a great rest of the week, Dear Readers. Leave me a comment below. Spread some love. Enjoy the outside. And, remember that I believe in each and everyone of you and will not let you fall!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

AROW80: Why is it Still Snowing Sunday?

So, again I misjudge my end of ROW80, but that's entirely okay. I have been busy in a number of ways, so I
don't feel bad. It's March 23rd and this morning is bringing LIGHT snow flurries. I am SO SICK OF SNOW of any kind. It's not even pretty anymore. Most likely is a passing flurry, or barely able to be considered a flurry. AROW80 is all about writing and knowing that you have a life. This is very true of me in the last month. Life is certainly keeping me on my toes. So, I have a plan to keep the snow away....


I am listening to my collection of Hawaiian music. Not something I normally listen to, but I love a wide scope of music and I got curious. It's a two CD set with about 30 songs. Makes me wish I was on the beach. Some of the songs are rather hokey; I prefer the instrumental, they tend to bring out the best feel of the sounds of Hawaii. I have never been to Hawaii. I would love to go someday.

And upon reflection the track list on the CD and the list of the CD case in NOT correct! I just listened to Bali Ha'i, but is labeled as Pretty Red Hibiscus. So, I get to guess what songs I am listening to . JOY! At least I know Pearly Shells. The good news, it's a version by Burl Ives, so I can forgive the cheap CD makers.

Anyway getting distracted with girls in grass skirts, flowery leis, and rainbow coloured drinks!

Mine and David;s wedding anniversary was on Friday. I took him out to Breakfast Saturday morning and he brought us dinner (how very mutual,  right?). Saturday was a rather fabulous day of spending it together. We talked and enjoyed a nice, if damp hike up at Spencercrest Nature Center after breakfast. It was a nice day. Sometimes life gets in the way, it was a good way to reconnect with David. It's been 7 years of married life (married on March 21st, 2007, the first day of Spring), although we have been together since late 1999 (going on 15 years of being together).

Trinculo and Caliban are coming along, both David and I got to work us scenes together, filling in Stephano lines. As for memorization, we got this! Now it's firming up the scenes, learning the cure lines, which is hard we you rehearse by your self. The only way I have found that helps the cue lines is running the scene with others. Yes, I haven't forgotten to post me and my lines. I will make that a priority this week. Shakespeare is hard to memorize, but when you do get the words, it is really a beautiful language style.

Been making my way through "Inheritance", not slogging anymore. But with Tempest gearing up and my other Theatre projects I have less time to read. I usually am reading on my lunch at my day job. I am still on three days a week. Each week I hope for four days (It'll happen). There is less than two weeks until 24 Hour Theatre and Zombeo and Juliet's first read through is tomorrow, and there's Improv starting up (the season is April through August). Serious, no rest for the wicked! But, I really wouldn't change a thing about my theatre life. It's in my blood. I also have bought a number of used books recently Wicked, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, House of Leaves, and some Agatha Christie novels. I think I am going to spend the summer reading in the sun. Next series, Dear Readers, if you didn't know is going to be The Hunger Games.

The writing has been less drought-like. As I posted back on Wednesday, I did revise a script with a more cohesive plot and have been writing haiku and random poetic words to keep the juices following in the mean time. Also, I posted a non-ROW80 blog yesterday, taking a look back at a series of Disney VHS tapes (Disney Wiki - Disney Mini Classics) that I remember from my youth (some more than others). You should check it out, Dear Readers. There are at least a dozen of these tapes. I may do a full Disney month coming up. Either that or a Lesser known Fantasy movie month, in the vein of Rigoletto, maybe? Between that and the journaling, I am feeling more confident with my own zen writing.

It was a pretty good week, very productive and I feel great. A sure sign that Spring is coming, even if the snow is still falling. Thankfully, at the time of this blog has stopped. It's a new day and there a new chance to make something awesome. I am going to see some friends in their final performance of Elmira Little Theatre's "Mornings at Seven" later this afternoon. Have a great day and a Great Week, Dear Readers!

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Today's song is:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Retro Vision: The Reluctant Dragon

Continuing with my viewing of the Disney Mini-Classics, I am featuring, "The Reluctant Dragon". A cute 18 minute short about a dragon that prefers poetry and picnics to fighting. I am a little less familiar with this one, than say, "Mickey and the Beanstalk", "The Prince and the Pauper", "Donald in Mathmagic Land", or "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". (I am planning on doing subsequent blogs on some of these others.)

"The Reluctant Dragon" is one that cute and quirky all rolled into one. Loosely based on the earlier story of St. George and the Dragon, and directly adapted from the book written by Kenneth Grahame in 1898, the story tells of a dragon that is seen in the nearby country-side and thought to be terrorizing the villagers. A young boy, whose was warned by his father (a Shepard) and well versed in the lore of knights and dragon goes to investigate. He finds a dragon who loves poetry, playing his flute with birds, and drinking tea. In his aim to save the peace loving (reluctant) dragon the boy runs to town only to finds that a Sir Giles is going to fight and kill the dragon. 

The story of St. George and the Dragon goes like this; a dragon is menacing a village in Libya, the villagers are giving it sheep as appeasement and later children. When the rulers daughter is next to be sacrificed, along comes St. George. He battles a Dragon and rescues the daughter after the town of 'Silene' agrees to convert to Christianity. More on St. George here: Royal Society of St. George.

Back to the cartoon; he, the boy tries to warn the dragon and then persuades Sir Giles to come see the dragon for myself. Where upon the dragon and Sir Giles recite poetry to each other over a picnic. This has to be a favourite part and most likely a memorable part: Ode to a Little Upside Down Cake. After discussion Giles and the Dragon decide to stage a mock battle, even after the dragon realizes the he now has to fight. He is stricken with stage fright and can only be provoke to create flame after the boy calls him a "Punk Poet". The resulting battle ends in a dramatic "death" of the dragon and the following conclusion with Giles bringing the dragon to town and "reforming" him from "never rampaging throughout the country side again".  Note: you cannot find the Reluctant Dragon on youtube, except in one of my local Salvation Army stores. You can also find VHS copies of all the Disney Mini Classics cheaply on eBay or if you are diligent going to Salvo Stores, Flea Markets, or Yard Sales. 

Streaming Netflix has "The Reluctant Dragon" as a full movie. Produced in 1941 by the Disney Studios, it features a tour of the studios, a couple of animated shorts, and ending with the the movie of "The Reluctant Dragon". It's an interesting watch seeing bits of the studio, seeing the magic of the animated movies; cartoon drawing, the voice actors (Donald Duck and Clara Cluck), sound effects, camera work (with Donald Duck), colour and painting (with Bambi), story boarding, and the like. I'd say check it out if you get a chance.

As a dragon lover, I find "The Reluctant Dragon" charming, partly because of the dragon , but also because he loves poetry and is not the standard fire breathing monster from fairy tales. It's very silly thing, but a delightful and classic thing. Dragons are actually fond of tea, doncha know?

Morris and Balsam
The bonus on the VHS tape in the short "Morris the Midget Moose", which I have never seen before, but is a cute story about a rather small moose (Morris) with large antlers and a regular sized moose with small antlers (Balsam) and how they teamed up to challenge the reigning moose leader. A good story about teamwork and friendship.

Dear Readers, I have rather enjoyed many of these Disney shorts and cartoons from this time period (the 1940-50's era). They are rather fun stories, told in a simple way. Taking different stories from books and legends, or even creating new stories to be told in a new way, and since Technicolor was becoming a BIG thing, it expanded the scope of storytelling through moving pictures. If you haven't seen any of these, you should check them out and if you have, then re-watch them (Donald in Mathmagic Land, Mickey and the Beanstalk, and Lambert the Sheepish Lion. They are still good as they were when you were a kid, Dear Readers.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Charlotte's Web: Post Show Crash


It’s been 3 days since my show,  Charlotte’s Web has finished and I am feeling the crash. See, it’s the emotional overload of the post show emotions that always get me. The more to throw yourself into a roll-actor, stage manager, or director-the more of a crash your experience after it’s all over.

I have spent 3months of my life, no, longer than that gearing up and building this show. I have held auditions, designed a set, pulled costumes, cast a show, and rehearsed songs, blocking, and choreography, that’s a lot you might think? Yes, it is. No, I didn’t do it alone, but at times I felt alone. One person holding up a whole cast! Not an easy task, you can imagine. I liken the task of a director, to being a Time Lord, being responsible for so many. And while that was true, I also discovered that being a director is being like a mother bringing a child into the world. A dear friend of mine told me she was excited for me, that I get to birth a ‘theatre baby’. After this show I believe she was right. I did ‘birth’ a baby and watched it grow.

The show is very much like letting the baby bird fly out of the nest, and then post show is like letting the baby leave home. It’s a sad time. You don’t want it to end, but you know is has to come to the end.

I usually find that I am left with sadness that kind of hangs over me, even if I am feeling good. The loss is a great one.

The good news is that in time life returns to normal, the next project begins, and you find yourself strong and happy again. I know that this experience is one I will never forget. I learned a great many things as a director, but the biggest one was that I can truly do great things. I made stars out of a little girl (Wilbur) and a senior in high school (Charlotte). This isn’t to say that the rest of the cast isn’t deserving of praise. In fact every single person in this cast of Charlotte’s Web earned their bronze medals and blue ribbon, but they also helped this director make something AWESOME.

I saw someone who was scared of singing in public and she sang a duet in this show (Edith Zuckerman). I saw several cast members get and perform major roles on stage, their first (Fern/Avery/Homer Zuckerman). I saw students given responsibility as student directors and student choreographers that received respect from their fellow actors. And most important I saw a vision, my vision, of the story of Charlotte’s Web realized. I loved it! I love creating! I love building something that other can enjoy.

Now that Charlotte is over, the creating in far from over, this blog is the beginning of my journey to become a writer. A friend once told me to write, everyday, to write anything and everything. I begin here. Here, There be a Writer. Here, There be a story waiting to be told. Come and travel with me. Witness my journey to become that which I have dreamed of. The world of words! The world I am creating for you to enjoy, as I has created before.

“Purpose is the reason;
Will is the means;
and Will guided by
Purpose leads to Aréte:
the fulfillment of one’s
potential for

~James A. Owen

AROW80 Check-in: Wibbely Wobbely Derpy Werpy

Sometimes all it takes is a dream. In my case, it was a dream about missing French class for three weeks.
Another case of life imitating dreams. Although dreaming about school is NOT necessarily my favourite topic for the land of Nod, but oh well!

I had a pretty fantastic Tuesday. Not only because I was able to break out of the quasi-pseudo slump that I had been hanging around in, but I think I got David out of his funk-kel-delic winter blues that have taken it's hold on him. We actually took a long late afternoon walk over the new Centerway Walking Bridge in downtown Corning and did a loop across the river dike, back over the Bridge Street bridge and back past Corning Inc.'s HQ. Lots o' Sunshine and certainly much needed, since i am pretty sure we were both vitamin D deprived.

Before that I was able to make progress with getting back on track with my writing projects and other things. First, I journaled yesterday morning. I mean really took out my pen and wrote about this, this, and whatever else I could think of. I had missed that feeling of writing without thought (or maybe there was thought, because I needed to get out something that was bothering me, or work out on idea). Journaling is a good thing and I am glad I have my Tuesday and Thursday mornings (with nor without Morrie). Okay, I can't help the internal commentary, Dear Readers.

Yesterday, I was able to edit a short play, a 1 act that I had written over last summer during my friend 62 Hours of Art. Just me in a hammock or by my personal rock spot with my easel writing with reckless abandon (oh and on Beulahland's porch too). The script made hardly any sense after 7 1/2 months of rest. I know what I wanted to say, but it wasn't clear in the writing. Yesterday, i did a massive revision/rewrite and it sucks A LOT less. Might still need work, actually I am counting on revising it again, but I think I have a better grasp on the actually plot. It's about a young woman who comes to live on a farm and discovers something about herself. (I get very thoughtful with my scripts sometimes).

I also manged to get the some housework caught up (dishes and laundry), so the house looks less of a wreck. With Tempest building up to rehearsals twice to three times a week now, I need to try harder to keep the housework under control. Speaking of the Tempest. I am off book!! I am also 70% sure of my cue lines. I have a costume and most of our scenes props. It's definitely coming together (see photos below).

It's been a good week so far! This is the last AROW80  until April 7th (check out the Blog Hop), but I wanted a chance to write one more for this round and leave on a higher note and I did. ~w00t~ So, this is my higher note, a drawing of Derpy on the Tardis! have a great rest of the week, Dear Readers! New blog post by Saturday, I promise this time!

Monday, March 17, 2014

AROW80 check-in: The Tempest, Beer, and Harry Potter

Silvery light,
held in the sky,
Oh Mother Moon!
I bath in your silvery light.

your light shine upon thee
And I am made stronger,
as one drinks the ambrosia
of the Gods,
your nectar is just as sweet.

In a dancing frenzy,
I built the strength that leads me forward
and your guidance like trees
growing taller around me.

Mother Moon,
with you I am strong,
with me you teach your lessons.
The night is not so dark
with your full bosom
shining down,
as I make my offering
to become your acolyte. 

This weekend, I was not very productive. It was a great weekend, but I did not make a lot of progress on my current projects. I had a dream last night about being in a study hall (?) in a bar with David discussing French, which I hadn't been to in about three weeks and I was trying to catch  up. It was really weird, but I think I know where it stems from. The lack of writing and lack of motivation to write. I can't let myself slide like this. My moods lately have really taken me down a notch or two, and I have let them get to me. Bad Writer! I haven't gone to my French class in three weeks.

I don't feel that bad about this weekend; there was rehearsals and potlucks with Tempest peeps, coffee shops, Beer Kiki (basically blind beer taste testing) and a Harry Potter marathon....oh my!! I finally got to watch Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows Part 1. I spent more time out in the world than in front of my computer, but in all honesty it was a good thing this weekend. Sometimes, I feel that I need to be away from the computer to get a better grasp on what I need to do to be productive; whether it's brain storming, writing poetry, or taking walks in the woods (it's still too cold for that here).

The Tempest has been more on my mind lately. We go up April 19th. I have my lines memorized, but now it's the time to run the scenes with Caliban and Stephano, getting the subtle nuances, and building the characters into real entities. This time, which is very important to me to build my character into something. Trinculo needs to be larger than life, VERY much alive and drunk We are at the month mark, one month until show time! Getting nervous, but also excited too! I am sure that as I get closer to opening night, the writing quite possibly will get pushed aside, albeit temporarily. I am trying hard to keep to my passion alive and fresh. Theatre is also a passion and especially true of Shakespeare. There's something special about the Great Bard himself and his writing. Needless to say, it's going to be a busy month. Good!

I am going to find my balance this week, Dear Readers; get myself back on track and NOT skip my French class again. :-) I am going to review Disney's, "Reluctant Dragon" (I was review Saturday, which didn't happen). And working on my WIP's finally. It will happen, I promise! I am in charge of me, my life; even when I have a rough week, or a a bad day. Tomorrow is always a chance to make it (life) better!

Have a great week, Dear Readers! Be good to each other, help each other out, and make some good choices to make the world a better place. Thank you for sticking with me! You are why I do this blog.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Morning Greek/Celtic Goddess Convocation

You know the old adage, "When it Rains, it Pours"? It also goes for the opposite too; "when it's dry, it's a drought". Okay, I clearly made that part up, but it's kind of rings true. My creative juices have been a touch parched lately. The ironic part is that this morning it's pouring rain and threatening to snow later (that's remains to be seen). The good news is that most of the snow and ice has melted from my yard; the bad news is my driveway is now a mud pit and across the street I have mini Lake Erie.

I feel like winter's is taking on more stab at trying to reclaim it's throne. This winter storm has been dubbed Vulcan. This means that it's either going to be a logical storm, or that his going to smelt us into a sword with his forge. Vulcan is the Greek/Roman god of fire and the smiths, a patron of the crafts. He and Athena shared the duties as patrons of craft work, he with the fire/metal/forge and she with the woven/fabric/loom. Maybe that means that after the storm it will get warm again, as Vulcan will have forged Spring.

What Winter Storm Vulcan looks like in Corning, NY (picture from MorgueFile)

Okay, that a bit of a reach. I love the image, a large muscular giant forging a new sun/star to keep the peoples he watches over safe after the old sun has died. It even borrows from the old lore where Winter is the death of the Sun (God) and so the peaceful Vulcan, guardian of Fire sets to forges a new sun from the old and bring forth Spring to the Lands. Oh, that's good! Classic Greek and Celtic Mythologies merging into a new Myth. I might need to write that one down. My longest running WIP is a fantasy series and this myth could help me finally get a handle on the plot. I have so much background created, but nothing really in the way of plot, yet.

Since I got sidetracked by Greek myths, I should do something around these same myths . My name is Cynthia, who is also known as Artemis (Greek) or Diana (Roman). A goddess of the dark, the hunt, forest, wild things, and confused for the Moon (actually Selene, the actual Moon Goddess). Twin brother to Apollo and borne of Zeus and Leto (a mortal). She is a powerful and sometimes vengeful deity (depends on the story being told), but also mericful to women who have died 'swift and painless deaths' and wild things.


Guided by the Moon,
Bore the name Artemis:
Am the Huntsman-in-Chief.
Goddess of the Dark
Connected to my Brother
Who is Leader of the Light.
He is Apollo and I, Artemis,
Both of light and dark.

Cerridwen - The Magic Circle (Waterhouse)
Guided by the Lion
And possessed by Fire
Which burns inside me, always.
Connected by the Flame
Which is ruled by the Sun.
I have found peace,
Among the light and the dark.

Guided by the Circle
Where is now I stand.
Am the Eagle,
Thus guided by All.
Connected to the world,
By the fire which we stand.

I am, all that I am,
Now kneeling before the King.
I among Seven go to fight
The Unknown demons.

The above mentioned poem is based a poem upon Artemis, my name sake; and have taken strength from her persona. She is my patron Goddess from the Greek pantheon and I also have as a patron Goddess, Ceridwen in the Celtic pantheon, she is of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. She is the keeper of a cauldron of 'Poetic Inspiration'. This is most likely a poet, being inspired by a Goddess of Poetry. I can clearly go on and on.

Moving on!

I had not journal at all last week, partly because my schedule was goofed up and I was not able to devote my mornings to my journal time. Mornings are great for offloading some of my weightier thoughts, also I feel that in the morning (even if I am still sleepy), I am more aware of my thoughts and even my dreams (if i catch them early enough). Dreams are a fickle breed, like wild horses, very hard to catch. Morning is the best time to wrangle them, usually right about the time my alarm first goes off. So, I am back to regular journaling. Feels good too.

Been reading Inheritance like a mad woman, and am almost to page 600. I look at it and marvel at Mr. Paolini writing, but at the same time I get really irritated when he goes on for pages about some of the most mundane details. Sometimes you don;t need to be THAT detailed. On the up side, I really love his characters. I am also hoping that after Inheritance that I can make quicker work of my Goodreads 2014 reading challenge. I pledged to read 25 books this year and am getting a bit behind.

Tempest has had a long weekend break and as we are gearing up for more intense rehearsals, it was a nice break. I have spend time getting my last 2 scenes memorized. I can say that my lines are all in my head. Now is the time to get the lines perfected and into Trinculo's character. I want his voice to sound deeper, meaning I need to lower my voice (as best as I can being a woman). If I can borrow David's camera I want to record my first (only) monologue in the show. It might help me to find my Trinculo.

It's Raining, it's Pouring, the Old Man is snoring!!!

So, Dear Readers, what are you doing on this rainy day (or maybe it's snowing or sunny where you are)?

I am going to be courting the muse (see Susan Werner, Courting the Muse). I am home from the day job, because of the weather. Not a problem. I got this! Time to use the rain and the serenity to my advantage. I am the master of my own destiny.

Words by James A. Owen

Have a fantastic rest of the week, Dear Readers and Writers. I shall have a new non-ROW80 post up by the end of the week. Keep smiling!

Remember to visit your friendly neighbourhood writers and bloggers at AROW80's Blog Hop!

Time for some more coffee and music. Maybe I can catch my Muse. Feeling better this morning, even with the rain, I am cleansed. Going to make the most of today. I want to offer something for you, Dear Readers (and Writers). A writing prompt, maybe? I give you poems galore, but today I offer you a writing prompt. As I have been given prompts in the past, I shall pass it on. Write for 10 minutes, do not worry about grammar or spelling. Just writing with reckless abandon for 10 minutes. If you feel comfortable, please post to my comments section.

Topic: "When the Rain Stops..."  and GO! Here's mine:

When the rain stops, I can only imagine what the world will look like. I am drowning in my own little alcove. Watching from the windows, like a stalker that is dry in a world of water and rivers and sheets of rain pouring down.

I am even so lonely when it rains. There never seems to be anyone around. Yet I watch and wait.

What will I do if the rains actually stop?

I cannot even fathom than. It's been raining for ever so long. I feel like a princess at the top of the tower, waiting for her prince. Just waiting. Even the world around me seems dull. I have books and paints, but nothing really interests me. What I want is to be out after the rains have stopped. When maybe I can set foot on the ground, feel the sun upon my face, and dance with butterflies.

Yet, it is still raining. And my heart is damp, soaked straight through. Just like the rain through the bare branches, soaking the ground and the drowning the world in an Ocean of mist.

I just want the rain to stop. I want the sun to come out and warm my bones; to dry the mud soaked ground and my dampened heart. Maybe someday the rains will stop, until then I have to watch from the windows of my own fortress. A place of solitude, where only I reside, with my books and paints.

Maybe, I stop watching it rain. Maybe that is why I am sad. Maybe I should go out of my fortress, my sanctuary from the world. Maybe the time is right, and then the rains will stop and the sun will come out. Maybe I can control the weather. Maybe it's all me?

Oh, when will the rains stop? Only when I choose them to...will they? Will they....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunny Sunday and The Tempest

It's a sunny day and I am just trying to wake up after having lost an hour due to Daylight Saving Time. Do we actually save time? I don't think so. I know losing and hour suck horribly. Need MOAR COFFEE!!

[After several more cups of coffee]

Okay, time to finish this.

I have all mah lines in mah head! They seem to be sticking, but now it making sure that I get all teh words that Shakespeare put in his play. [shakes fist to the heavens] SHAKESPEARE! Just kidding, I love it, but there are time when the words get in the way. We are a little more than a month and a half away from the show. Holy Crap!

For the last two days I have been painting. I seemed to have found the painting muse, Urania the Muse of Astronomy, and as I have been painting the Tardis, she seems fitting. Part of a social media project to make something for random people within the year 2014. I have a lot of Whovian friends, so it was naturally going to fall to Tardises and Doctor scarves. I have missed painting. There is something soothing and meditative about smearing paint across canvas or paper. Might paint a bit more before the weekend is over.

See my Deviant Art Page: MissDragonLady!

Been working on getting Lake Country Improv geared up and prepping for The Lake Country Players, 24 Hour Theatre at Old Havana Courthouse Theatre next month. Theatre created in 1 day! Theatre is coming alive with the melting of the snow and the longer days. It's exciting to see new writers and old professionals coming together to make something great. Lake Country Improv is gearing up for a FULL season this year at The Montour Falls Methodist Church, the last Tuesday of every month April through August 2014.

Finally getting through "Inheritance", am surprised that it's still good. I am enjoying it, even with the feel of Tolkien coursing through the veins and lines and paragraphs. I am hoping to get a bit more consistent with my reading after "Inheritance", not that I will ever truly be caught up on books. NEVER!

Been a little dry with the writing over the last few weeks. I am trying to at least write poetry, mostly haiku and blogging. I think I am focus on other project  and those energies are getting re-directed. I am still writing. Been trying more writing prompts both on twitter and with my fellows at AROW80. It's not a bad thing. I have my WIPs "In the City" and the "Doctor Who" story, and I want to adapt my story "Crying Mascara" into a stage play (an 1 Act), and a few other smaller writing projects. I am going to focus on these in the coming months (March thru April) and see if I can get a bit more on track.

I want to thank you, Dear Readers, for the words of encouragement and advise. It has helped to get my brain focused, to try new things, and to not fall into a rut. Admin the some rough bumps that started this year, I am even more convince that this writing thing is for me. I enjoy it so much: blogging, poetry, stories/plays, novels, and such. Call me a Jack-of-all-Trades, I do a little bit of everything.

Upcoming shows April 2014
 Dear Readers have a great week! I am going to be busy this week. Spring has sprung (mostly), it's time to enjoy the weather. Be good to each other and find someone today, tell them you love them (or that you care for them). I'll be around if you have need of anything.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Retro Vision: Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land

Anyone growing between the 1960's and at LEAST the 1980's most likely saw "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land". I remember going one of the FIRST video rental places in Fredonia in the 1980's, outside of the Barker Library, "Video Unlimited". Made in June of 1959 and was featured with the movie release of "Darby O' Gill and the Little People" and nominated for an Academy Award: Best Documentary - Short Subjects. It features the voices of Clarence Nash as Donald and Paul Frees as The Spirit of Adventure (known as Boris Badenov on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show). It was pretty popular viewing in schools (I wonder why?).

I remember watching this A LOT as a kid. I was maybe a bit obsessed with the older Disney cartoon and shorts: The Reluctant Dragon, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, The Prince and the Pauper, and Mickey and the Beanstalk to mention a few. I think I was fascinated by the golden segment and the golden rectangle being featured in art and nature. As a fan of all things ancient Greek, I was wowed.

Geometry was one division of math that I understood, somewhat. And after my reviewing of this special, I was able to understand what the Greeks meant by the Golden Segment (Ratio). A length of a segment that made up the most perfect shape (in their minds), the Gold rectangle. Which was used by the ancient Greeks in art and architecture. Then later in modern paintings. It's kinda neat to see how simple shape are broken down into the structures of our world; in the spirals of shells and pine cones, the pentagon of flowers and starfish; and the pentagrams that features the Golden Segment (Ratio) and the Golden Rectangle. ]

I am no math person and to try to put into words things mathematical, I get lost, but these pictures show what I mean to say.
Golden Rectangle
Golden Rectangle depicting the Spiral

Golden Rectangle are all over Greek Architecture
Golden Rectangles are in Space too!!

Golden Rectangle in Art!

 And also in nature! It makes me appreciate the beauty of the world and the beauty if math. I still rather dislike trigonometry, but that is me. Math is beautiful!

Disney taught me how to appreciate math, music, art, and structure. Heck! Disney taught me how to play 3 cushion billiards. I prefer playing pool, but I am now very familiar with the rules and concept of 3 cushion billiards.

Finding the Golden Segment
Dear Readers, "Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land" is a nice introduction to higher math concepts for both kids and adults. Thankfully you can find in on VHS (at Salvation Army stores and Flea Markets and also on youtube. It's a fun little trip down memory lane. Even with Donald pointing out the square roots of the trees in "Mathmagic Land". And the art is pretty cool too! I do love a good fantasy realm, even if it contains: number falls, square roots, and pi creatures.