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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So late...thus begins my Tech Week...and Writing...and Goals...

So pressed for time and it's almost midnight. I am still trying to finish this check-in. I know, not necessarily the priority, but it's the principle. I have made these goals and I will stick by them. Mousetrap rehearsal are beginning to take over. They are running long and the set is mostly erected (still need to be finished and then paint). But it's looking so good, my cast is looking so good, and my life is falling into place. Yes, I am gushing about my show. Well, by Monday, it becomes my cast's show. I leave it in their hands. I trust them. I have guided them to this point, time to take the training wheels off and get the technical stuff ironed out.

Okay, I am gushing now! But, there is something about waking across your set, when it is all still pieces and odd colours and knowing it's going to be amazing. I get goosebumps. Even if I have to write my ROW80 check-ions after midnight or read my fellow bloggers in the few minutes before leaving for work. I shall forego sleep this week and next, but it will be worth it.

Okay, this check-in is going to be short. I don't have full word counts or all the details at the moments so what I can report on, I will report on now.

This Week:
     *Reading: read more of Five Little Pigs (Agatha Christie). PAGES READ: about 50 pages.
     *Writing: wrote a story, using the 30 Song Title Challenge. Not sure it's the actual title. But, borrowed from Fallon Brown (click the link to read more). Wrote a poem after coining the title Don't Anger the Goddess. inspired by Jessica Scott and Rod E. Kok. WORD TOTAL: 1271 and 149 words.
      *Social Media: mostly on track. I did miss Wednesday's daily goal. Plan to visit 8 blogs tomorrow to make up for it.
     *Theatre Stuffs: submitted press release to The Leader, posters, promotions, and getting last minutes props/costumes.

The Rest of the Week:
     *Blogging: 1 new post.
     *Submitting: 1 new submission.
     *Editing/Novels: 10 more pages edited.
     *Reading: finish Five Little Pigs.
     *Writing: write new story in 30 Song Title Challenge and/or new poem. 
     *Theatre Stuff: prepare of Hell Week (Tech Week).

It's Wednesday too, and I am scrambling to find a WIPpet to share. So, let's look at the math first 2/25 is today's date, let's do 25; 2 + 5 = 7 paragraphs. A bit of back stork. This is the other co-protagonist, Marcie. She just woke from a nightmare. Must of it is unclear to her Mother, but like most dreams, there is truth there. Some of this is echoes from Selynee's snippets from previous weeks, if you've been following along.

Elsewhere there was sounds of screaming. It woke up this house and the tuxedo cat darted through the house.
Marcie was screaming and her mother rushed into her room. It happened to be one of those rare nights that her mother wasn’t working. Marcie’s was screaming, not aware of her Mother’s arms holding her. She was crying, and then suddenly hiccupped, thus stopping the screaming. Marcie’s mother sat on her bed, , “Oh, Sweetie, what happened? Honey? Hey, you okay?” She kissed the top of Marcie’s bed head hair.
No words came from Marcie, just some tears and hiccups. “Breath, Honey. Please.” She rocked Marcie against her body, softly shushing her whimpers and calming her hiccups.
Marcie tried to speak, but her vocal chords wouldn’t work. All she could do were soft grunts and sometimes a sigh, as she breathed against her Mother’s chest. “Let it out, Honey,” she said and she at the clock sitting on the night stand. Two o’clock in the morning. “It must have been a nightmare.” Marcie’s mother said, the only conversation occurring in the room. She was used to her daughter being tight lipped about many things and wasn’t expecting Marcie to answer her.
“I dreamt of Daddy, Mom.” She looked at her Mother.
The words spilled out of Marcie’s mouth before she could stop. Her mother could barely keeping up with the stream of thought. “I dreamt of Daddy, when he was in the hospital, right before he died. After that, Selynee was there, and that old nurse McLean; and then Selynee and I were at the semi-formal, dancing. Garrett Mulvaney he was there too, for some reason and she stole him. I was mad.” The sentences flowed out of Marcie is a mad rush. “Daddy wanted to die,” Marcie fought back some tears. Marcie was onto the next thought, “She asked him to dance. And I saw, Daddy. He wanted to die, Mom. And she promised to let me dance with Garrett.” The words spilled out of Marcie like a confession that her Mother was unaware of. Marcie was crying again.
“Oh, Honey. I’m sorry.” She could do nothing but let Marcie cry, would figure the rest out later.

ROW80, A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Visit the Blog Hop to see what we are up to.

WIPpet Wednesday, created by author, K.L. Schwengel. A Linky List where writers can share their WIPs. Also, stop by, read a bit, and make some new friends! :-)

That's it for now. It is quick and I need to sleep. I have prom dresses to pick up and I think I will go into the day job and take Friday off. Always something. I am pleased with my goals, I am doing pretty well. How are you doing, Dear Reader? Tell me about your favourite goal this round? Mine is the writing daily goal (which I am doing more consistently) and my 2015 Goodreads Challenge to read 30 books this year. I'm at 14. Leave me some love! Thanks!!

Been in a Mediaeval Baebes Mood:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Don't Anger the Goddess

Don't Anger the Goddess

Don't Anger the Goddess,
that is a very foolish move.
You know she watching
everything you do.

Don't Anger the Goddess,
what ever you do,
lest she smite you
'ere with lightening or locusts.

Don't Anger the Goddess,
are you even listening?
have heard what I have said?
Be warned, You!

Don't Anger the Goddess,
or for perchance you'll do
one say thousand hails
and give many offerings.

I Don't Anger the Goddess,
I worship her with love,
honour her with words,
and sing of her triumphs.

Don't Anger the Goddess,
because if you do,
then no words will you write
and no poem be thus written.

I Don't Anger the Goddess,
I only harvest the word,
gather the poems,
and pluck the songs.

This will please the Goddess.
There, now I am done
And now there is a poem
where once was none.

10:45 pm

~For Rod and Jessica

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunny on a Sunday and Lookee Here...

So, yeah, winter blows and blows...but, here I am doing this...

This Week:
   *Reading: finished Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I really good read. Very fairy tale. Started Five Little Pigs (Murder in Retrospect) by Agatha Christie and will be starting Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. Trying to shift my reading into other author as I am getting low on Gaiman books to read. I am looking at either the Inkheart or His Dark Material series (both I have read, but am looking to revisit them).
    *Writing: wrote a flash fiction piece called Happy F***in' Valentine's Day: A Story for the #writestuff group (topic Anti-Valentine's Day) and co-wrote a poem with the Hubs on Friday about Quetzalcoatl. WORD TOTAL:  877 and 114.
    *Editing/Novel: made a dent this week in The Real Road Trip. Not the full 20 pages I planned, but really got to the heart of one of my characters. I am going to accept that this revision is going to be a full revision and not just small fixes. It's what is right for this story right now. Need to clear the crap out and flesh out the rest of the bits left after the cut. TOTAL 11+ pages. 
     *Blogging: was busy on the blog, what with the Coraline review happening. I finally watched the movie and the review of the book versus the movie needed to happen. Then I posted Happy F***in' Valentine's Day: A Story. Finally, I was tagged in Ink Dipped Moon's blog for the Liebster Award. The getting to know you blog conversation starter. I had done it before, so I decided to do it again and tag new people.
     *Submitting: 1 new submission: Please Hold
     *Social Media/Visiting: on track. 4+ daily blogs visited. Missed Saturday due to it being an unplugged day.
     *Theatre Stuffs (The Mousetrap): got the armchair, most of the costume pieces from the costumer, move the furniture to the dance floor because of an event that needs the space Monday and set building commences on Wednesday, and chatted with my producer. You know, the getting in line with his stuff and my stuff, so we are both on the same page.

For This Coming Week:
    *Reading: Five Little Pigs (Murder in Retrospect).
    *Writing: write or work on a new flash fiction story and interview my friend about her new Kickstarter: Positive Randomosity podcasts. More on that later (but check it out now)!
    *Blogging: 1 new post, about friend's Kickstarter project (see above).
    *Submitting: 1 new submission.
    *Theatre Stuffs: preparation for costumes parade Wednesday, submit press release to one more newspaper, and not freak out about there being less than 2 week until we open.

This is the second time I type this check-in, as my internet went stupid just prior to hitting publish. Gah! So anyway, it has been a busy week here. The cold isn't helping. Today is at least in the upper 20's (heat wave?) Tomorrow the bitter cold returns. I still have a nasty cough. But, I have the theatre and the writing. It keeps me going. What about you, Dear Readers? How are you surviving you winter of hell 2015? How are the goals coming? Anything exciting, joyous, and beautiful happening in your worlds? Leave me some love below, I do love to hear from you all!!

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It challenges you to make goals and report on those goal bi-weekly. It is a Blog Hop. Come on in!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy F***in' Valentine's Day: A Story

I remember when the sky was a slate grey. There were clouds. Everywhere there were clouds. Looking like cotton balls coated in grey paint and nary a hint of blue. It was February. It was cold and grey.

I was sad. The wind pushed against my pea coat, while my canvas shoes sunk into the sand. Wishing that it wasn’t true.

One Step.
One Step.
One Step.

Into the sand my feet sinking as I walked.

And the shale rocks littered the bare beach. I can smell seaweed and rotting fish across this desert of sand and rocks. And there in my hand I cupped a good sized rock, all flat and perfect. I feel my hand grip it tightly and the edges feel sharp. I am not really paying attention.

The wind playing with eddies of the lake water, ripples rising to the surface, and making a deep blue and grey mosaic.

And all I can see in the images swimming before me, her face swimming in the ripples of the water. I can feel the air wash over my arm as I fling the piece of shale into the lake.

The image is broken.

One Skip.
Two Skip.

"Damn," I said no one, but a seagull passed overhead. It was the only other life on the beach. Its call echoed across the waves and sounded like her voice. I look down to find another piece of shale, but there are also pieces of green and blue beach glass lying nearby, like jewels. I feel the impending tears as a swallowed hard. It what we did, gather beach glass early morning before the crowds appeared.

My hands scooped up a handful of wet sand, the clumps fall to the beach as I pull out the glass pieces. Blue. Milky-White. Amber. Green, like her eyes. I threw the sand to the ground and the glass went flying. I cursed myself. Sand clings to my hand. The lakes laps at my feet.

Crouching on the sand, the seagull cries, leaving an echo across the beach. I scoop up another handful of sand. More glass, finely worn pieces, blue, brown, milky-white. My mind wanders…

…Absentmindedly I grab a piece of shale, pull back I let go.

One Skip.
Two Skip.

"Should have known," I said to the lake, excepting so other response but not getting anything. I started walking along the shore. “I should have known that she wouldn’t want to…” I could hear her voice, somewhere; the jokes and commentary that we would speak of while walking these beaches.

Looking down there's piles of seaweed, driftwood, and an occasional dead fish. I picked up a rock and lobbed hard it into the lake.


I was thinking about her again. I could almost smell her body wash and the softness of her skin. It would have been a great month, if only… “Would you ever consider?” I asked.

I looked down and found another piece of shale, worn by the lake water; suddenly it was in my hands and then flying across the air.

One Skip.

I saw her face, there next to me, also skipping stones with her auburn hair blowing around her head. Her lips curling in a laughing smile. I could have kissed them. I wanted to.

I loved her. Her everything, I remembered now. It was the way she laughed, or the way she sang just a little off tune. “I wish…” I murmured. Not in anymore…The cold wind startled my revelry.

Two Skips.

The world slowed.

I turned. I saw her standing there. “But I thought…” I stammered, rushing across the sand. I reached her, “You came?” I grabbed a hold of her and kissed those lips. I felt the warmth and tasted her chap stick. The warmth filled me up to the brim. And there were her arms, pulling me closer. My mind ran with the thousand possibilities in that moment. I felt my lips on hers, her tongue in my mouth, searching. I let her. Finally.

That kiss.

Three skips.

That kiss.

And I was again cold and shivering and feeling very alone. I stared out into the expansive void of the lake; steel blue and slate grey sky. I was still alone.

This place was special. Not just because of her, but because it was a beautiful place. One could lose yourself. Find yourself. Be yourself.

I turn.

One Step.
One Step.
One Step.

I turn.

There she is, raising her hands to my face. Sand covers her fingers; I feel the scratchy sand against my cheeks. The wind is blowing, but I don’t feel it, not even cold now. I am warm. Leaning in she kisses me with soft lips; lips locking, soft, tongue, and arms wrap around, pulling her closer.

“Happy Valentine’s…” I whispered between breaths. There was no answer, but I continued to kiss her, warmth rising steadily. “I love you…”


My fingers feel cold. The wind picked up. I am aware, reality sets in, and there is nothing in front of me but sand, lake, and a single gull calling overhead. There are tears and sand streaked upon my cheeks.

I turn.


I knew it. "Happy F***in' Valentine’s Day!"


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Liebster Award 2015

So, I was tagged by Ink Dipped Moon's Liebster blog by challenging "YOU" (meaning me) and because I am a literal and logical person, I chose to answer the questions. I have tagged a few folks, you don't make to response, but I thought you might like to join in the fun.

This will be the second time I am getting the Liebster Award, this time with a different sticker! Also, i am a little bored today. Have fun and enjoy my answers. :-)

1. What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color? OK so those aren't my real questions, but I couldn't resist.
Cynthia Louise Scott (yes my parents loved the Grinch story. I was blonde and blue eyed at age 2.) To find the HOLY GRAIL! Blue.

The real questions:
1. What character from a book would you most like to meet and why?
Bert, the Far Traveler are Samaranth the Dragon from the series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica by James A. Owen.

2. What is your favorite TV show?
Doctor Who of course, also Star Trek and Twilight Zone.

3. Have you ever suffered from writer's block and if so how did you get around it?
Usually a couple times a year I get bad writer's block. Often a walk in the out-of-doors or at least hanging with friends will help.

4. What is something only your family would say about you?
A bit Ood, I mean Odd! 

5. Where would you go on a dream vacation?
Oh, that's a toughie! Realistically, Hawaii. Fantasy, anywhere in the Tardis. :-)

6. Do you have any hobbies besides writing and reading? What are they?
Theatre - acting and directing; Listening to music; Geeking out to Doctor Who.

7. If you could live in another time, which time would you choose to live in?
The Renaissance, even though as a woman that would be harder on me. I love me the Renaissance!

8. Who would you rather be Pinky or The Brain?
Pinky. Cause he has more fun! :-)

9. What is your idea of a perfect date?
Going to a Ren Faire or driving until we find something interesting to explore.

10. If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
Power to control the weather, especially lightening.

11. What 3 words describe you best?
Careless, Determined, Loving

Questions for you:

1. Whom is your mentor? And why?
2. If you could take only 3 books to the Eloi (The Time Machine by H.G. Wells) in the far future, what 3 books would you take?
3. What is the one food you hate the most? Why?
4. If you could sit down with 1 famous person (alive or dead for lunch/coffee/tea), whom would it be? Why?
5. Favourite band/artist? Why?
6. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
7. Biggest fear, what is it?
8. If you could perform/act/sing with one person, whom would it be? Why?
9. What is the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
10. Greatest desire?
11. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?


There is some progress there...

Jumping in feet first this week...

This week:
    *Blogging: done yesterday. A review of Coraline book and movie. That was fun!
    *Writing: wrote 2 short poems on Monday and blogged Tuesday. WORD TOTAL: 1208 word for the blog and 29 word for the cinquains.
    *Reading: finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Really good! Sad, yes, but an engaging read overall. Started Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Seriously I am really addicted to this man's work!! Stuck on Windhaven (George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle).
    *Social Media/Visiting: on track.
    *Submitting: to Yalobusha Review (actually was on Sunday, but well after posting Sunday's check-in).
    *Theatre Stuffs: Cast is almost completely off book. Looking so good.

This rest of the week:
     *Writing: write daily between 100 - 500 words. Current projects are to write Flash Fiction for #writestuff challenge and/or work on Doctor Who story.
     *Editing: The Real Road Trip and knock out between 20 - 30 pages before Sunday's check-in. Slack on this this week.
     *Submitting: 1 new submission this week.
     *Blogging: 1 new blog post (non-ROW80).
     *Theatre Stuffs: need to call the lady we are borrowing the chair from and print off the press release to take to The Leader this week. Call my sponsors that are supposed to be putting in ads in the program.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that challenges you to set goals and report on your progress. It is a Blog Hop, come in and warm yourself by the fire and visit with the rest of us writers.

Borrowed picture from Jenna Wood
Today is WIPpet Wednesday and I am not quite prepared. Today is 2/18, so let's do 8 + 1 = 9 lines from The Real Road Trip. It's a short bit. a little more about Selynee, this time when she's older. Trust me I will post a bigger snippet next week.

Bolting awake, Selynee sat upright. Her room was still dark. Tears were following down her cheeks as the dream receded from her memory. There was Marcie at the semi-formal, it felt like an almost reliving of that night. Selynee fought to shuck the dream off as she cried into her stuffed rhino, but the emotions left her feeling heavy. 

Selynee threw off her covers. The pillows were already on the floor, only the rhino was wrapped in her arms. It was stared at her, with its little rhino smile on its face. “Oh Rupert!” she said, glancing at her clock. The green glowing number made she eyes ache. It was two in the morning and she was wide awake.

This cold, I tell you. I am so over winter! My productivity suffers when it is this cold. I am trying so hard to fight it. The good news is the The Mousetrap is coming along swimmingly. My cast is a delight to watch. We are a little over two week until the show. Wowsa! Scared and excited all rolled into one. What have you been up to in the middle of this snow/cold/winter, Dear Readers?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coraline: Movie or Book? A Review (with spoilers)


Book or Movie?

That is the standard question for stories that traverse genres, right?

For a good number of years been fascinated with book that give made into movies, or movies that have book adaptations. Some would maybe think there is a different. I highly doubt it. As a firm believer that the written word has shown me a great many things and often in greater detail than a visual story. This isn't trashing the fantastic abilities of any actor, but there is something to the imagination. Am I right, Dear Readers? Having the ability to imagine what Hogwarts really looks likes, imagine the path of the Fellowship to Mount Doom, or dancing with the prince of the realm is the joy of reading a book. That's the way I see it.

There are some stories are also meant to be made into movies. Some stories just lend themselves to being brought to life with use of stellar cinematography and amazing animation. I don't always like movie adaptations. After all, Dear Reader, even a movie needs an AWESOME story to tell - an awesome screenplay - which is the movie equivalent to a novel, short story, or poem. And I am only picky because I want what's best for the story and I want the stories I like those stories to make me feel like I am reading the book, but in visual form. If a movie director (and/or screenwriter of the movie) chooses the wrong actor, location, or changes the plot of the movie then often the movie suffers. And I have seen some stories suffer, ~cough Eragon cough~.

Anyway, it is all about opinion and when I review anything, I charge the reader to make their own opinions of the story, movie, TV show, writer, director, etc. And believe me, Dear Reader I will tell you when I do not like something. I have a critical eye for detail when it comes to a story that I like/love, and yes I might be partial to certain writers, but in the end I try to give the story it's full attention and look at it with a clear and mostly unbiased opinion.

I am most pleased with a movie adaptation when they (the director, screenwriter, etc) pay attention to the little details, pay homage to the writer of the original work, and do their best to tell a story. Today's review is one of those where I was planning on being critical to my own fault, but in the end movie actually held it's own.
Coraline: A Review.

Neil Gaiman wrote this book for his daughters, and as he points out in the very beginning, Dear Readers, he started for one daughter and ended for the other. It a children's story wrapped up for adults. I read it in one afternoon. It was that good. A different kind of story with characters that were a little annoying and even unlikable at first. I was still compelled to read on.

The first thing that struck me about the characters in both the book and the movie. Note: there is a character that doesn't appear in the book, but is central to the movie's plot. Oddly enough, while I was angered by the character in the movie, it made from a fuller story. The character all felt real, even when they were being the too busy parents or the over the top neighbours. They all felt like these people could have been real people. I do like a delightfully eccentric character or five. The movie only added to their eccentricities.

The story as a whole is the same is both versions. I have noticed that some of the events are a little out of order or expanded for the movie, such as when Coraline receives the stone and how many times she actually goes through the door in the drawing room. So, for story telling both versions are equally good. And I didn't feel so angry at the movie for mixing things up as much, or adding a character to the story.

But, there was one, perhaps minor change (or misrepresentation) that wholly bothered me. Note: this is probably a spoiler, or enough of a spoiler that those of you, Dear Readers might want to avoid more of this part of the review. Of the three dead children trapped by the Beldam, the movie hardly mentions anything about who they were and also do not include that one of the children is actually a faerie child. The movie has them being released in a dream, but all you see is the three as little angel spirits going away. There is no picnic, which is in the book, nor are anything about the children mentioned. Except that I must also mentioned that one of the children is the sister of the additional character's grandmother who owns the house where Coraline lives with her parents, and then there's Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, and the Old Man with the Mice. In the movie. The book, Neil has Coraline dreaming of a picnic with the three children that she freed from the Beldam and she learns a bit of those she rescued (with their costumes and mannerisms); there is the young boy, the elder girl, and the faerie child. They were all from different times and are release to the worlds beyond (or whatever is beyond this life). This bothers me that the children in the movie are all treated as human from the same time period, when in Neil's world faeries are just as real as humans. Anyway, Dear Readers, while it bothers me, because in the book it gives you a greater understanding as to how old the Beldam and how long between her meals she goes. It is not something that makes me dislike the movie, it just makes the vision of the book a bit more real to me.

As for the movie, the animation is incredibly stellar, the colours are vivid and drab, in a concurrent and discordant. It makes the dichotomy of Coraline's  and the Beldam's worlds even more vivid to the viewer. I particularly likes the snap dragons myself. Then there is the music, it is a blend of the macabre and the genial, peppered throughout and not overly done. Voice talents are good, I really didn't feel like it was Dakota Fanning playing Coraline and sometimes Coraline in the movie felt a little more disgruntled, maybe more an angsty teen, not a  slightly different to her parents tween. I felt all the voice actors were chosen properly and fit the bill of their characters.

And as a whole the movie's story is a powerful one of  the 'be careful what you wish for' syndrome. I will always side with the book; okay, some books I will never side with (A Separate Peace and Old Man and the Sea comes to mind), but as a whole Coraline the novel has my heart, while Coraline the movie is the goofy friend that I go out with on a Friday night.

Both are good and I would recommend either to anyone. Please, visit Neil's website and check out his stories, novel, poems, songs , and awesome whatnot.

*Pictures from Google search and Other Father Song from YouTube.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Watched Paddington and Progress (sort of)

Not much to report today, somewhere between the snow, the cold, and my own busy schedule I got less done than I planned. I necessary bad, but I have been in a mood that I have been fighting all week, and with people getting sick around me I am worried that I might actually get sick this winter. Sigh! Anyway, I am not moping about the lack of progress.


All Dogs Must Be Carried.
I still have had an amazing week of rehearsals and have gotten more organized with The Mousetrap, so it's not a waste. Besides I got to go on a date with the Hubs yesterday. He had free passes to a local cinema, so we  (well, mostly me) decided to go see Paddington. And it was worth it. A modern take on the stop motion animation cartoons of the 70s/80s. The cast was well cast, of the name I knew. There were a number of unfamiliar names in the cast and some that I knew a bit of, like Peter Capaldi ~cough cough~, Michael Gambon, and obviously, Nicole Kidman. A fun, entertaining movie. The jokes were funny, a bit more English humour, but if you are willing to learn or know English humour, then it's fine. Music was pretty good, and I have a new favourite style of music to get into and a new band to enjoy, D Lime. So, yeas, Paddington is a good movie!

Also, I finally watched the movie version of Coraline, because I got the DVD for it, and a DVD of The Maxx, and a signed mix CD from Michael Nesmith from the Hubs.

Today, I am going to buy goodies on the next best holiday "Cheap Chocolate Day".

This Week:
    *Reading: finished Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. Up next is Stardust, also by Neil and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Sometime I buy books at Salvation Army stores and then I really do read them. Go figure! Gonna try it and see.
     *Social Media/Visiting: Nothing Saturday, as it was Saturday (the unplugged day) and Valentine's Day. The rest of the week: Wednesday to Friday I visited at least 4 fellow bloggers new and regularly visited blogs.
     *Submitting: 1 today. Done at Mauldin House here ----> MAUDLIN HOUSE.
     *Theatre Stuffs: submitted a press release to The Courier Advocate, print up copy for The Leader, bought scarf for Giles, began promoting the hell out of this show.

For This Week:
     *Writing: write something daily. minimum of 100 words to a maximum of (insert number here). TODAY TOTAL: 362 words.
     *Novel: edit at least 10 more pages before Wednesday check-in.
     *Reading: Stardust, The Fault in Our Stars, Windhaven (George R. R Martin and Lisa Tuttle). Make progress on each of them.
     *Submitting: 1 new submission.
     *Blogging: 1 new blog post.

A Round of Words in 80 Days a blog challenge where you write up goals you want to complete in 80 days and it knows you have a life. It is a Blog Hop. Come on by and set a spell...

So, Dear Readers, what did you do for Valentine's Day? How was your weekend? Have a amazing week to come, as every day is NEW!!!

From: Art Ressurected

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Look at All Those Words

Let just jump into it, eh?

This week:
      *Reading: I got to part 2 of Windhaven by George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle. It's a good story, but there are times when I think the story is bogged down by itself, if that makes any sense. I have not read any of the Game of Thrones series. I am on my second go of Windhaven and hoping that this time I can at least finish it. Also been working my way through Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. It's an anthology of short stories and a bit of poetry. His stories are so different and not what I expect, but I still like them and find them intriguing. Hoping to finish Trigger Warning by week's end. READ TOTAL: about 60+ pages.
     *Blogging: posted a short blog about some of my favourite poets, the ones that inspire me. Read it here. WORD TOTAL: 369 words.
     *Novel: I revised 10 pages of the manuscript (The Real Road Trip). I ended up doing more than the small fixes. Some spot just needed drastic help. The plan is to revise 10 pages each day that I set to editing. Going to try to refrain from major edits, but sometimes the plot needs major surgery. I end up fixing it then and there. Probably not the best thing to do. EDIT TOTAL: 10 pages.
      *Social Media/Visiting: I have not missed a day this week (since Sunday). Holding steady at 4 visits/comments per day.
      *Theatre Stuffs: have more sound/music for The Mousetrap. Rehearsals are going well, now if the weather will co-operate on Sunday nights/Monday mornings. Have a TV interview lined up to promote the show, and a couple of places to submit press releases to. Poster is done and beginning to make appearances around town. Isn't it sexy?

This Week (to do):
      *Writing: have a flash fiction challenge to write for, due by 2/27 for the Google page #writestuff (see here). And there the Doctor Who fan-fiction I started and see what can be done with it. I forgot to print it up and thus it became buried.
      *Novel: edit 10 pages a day, at least twice before Sunday (if possible). Valentine's Day is Saturday and the Hubs asked what I wanted to do. I told him if we see a movie, it should be Paddington. Because!
      *Bogging: 1 a week. Technically I am done for the week, but that was a small post so I am working on new blog ideas.
      *Submitting: at least 1 before Sunday.
      *Reading: finish Trigger Warning (Gaiman)

I've just had an idea! Lightening! Brilliance!

To help my goals be SMART goals (see below), I am going to link to the journals I submit to, tally word counts, pages read. It might be lofty, but I think that will help my goal become SMART.

Specific–- target a specific area for improvement.
Measurable - quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
Achievable - specify goals that are reachable.
Realistic - state what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources.
Time-related - specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

A Round of Words in 80 Days, a blog challenge that know you have a life. Stop into the Blog Hop, "I wrote this, here's some cheesecake!" (~Tamara)

Also, WIPpet Wednesday is today and since I fully started my revision process I am sharing a bit of The Real Road Trip. Today's date is 2/11 so let's do 13 lines (2 + 11 = 13). Go and visit the other WIPeteers here. They have muffins! :-)

“I don’t want to,” Selynee said in a hushed and garbled voice.

“Excuse me? What did you say?” Seylnee's mother crouched down and grabbed her daughter by the shoulder. “That is your Father’s Boss’s Daughter out there, young lady! She has no friends in town, just moved here and needs a friend. Your father is looking to get a promotion! You be a gracious host, right now, to His Boss’s daughter.” She pulled Selynee off the couch, looking disgusted. “You will not ruin this, young lady.”

“I don’t wanna, Mom.”

“Don’t start with me,” threatened her mother. Selynee looked at her mother standing by the couch.

Okay, that it for now, Dear Readers. What have you been up to? How are your goals? Are you surviving the winter? Been fighting the Winter Blues bad this week. It's sunny today and above 30 degrees, yet it will not last. Due to be 6 degrees on Friday. Sheesh!! Have an awesome rest of the week, Dear Readers!

Something for any of us in the midst of Winter! I started listening to my Hawaiian CD today. :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Poets that Inspire Me

Poetry! I was thinking about the poets that I love to read, or have been inspired by. Recently began to think about the poets who have left their mark on my soul. In general I have a wide and diverse palette. Much of my early poetry reading days was in high school, when it was required. Am I right? But when I think about it there are a goodly bit o' writer that have influenced me in my writing and life as a whole.

The ones that have struck a chord with me. Their images and word play, to their use of rhyme and form, each of these have had me fall for the words that they write. These poets that I keep coming back to are the ones that have a unique style or flavour and a likely the reason I am still writing poetry.

1. Edgar Allen Poe: while kind of an obvious choice, there is something about Poe's words that pull me to him. It's an understanding of the darker side, the hidden side, and that which isn't always obviously seen. The Raven is ultimately my favourite, but I also love Annabel Lee and El Dorado.

2. Robert Frost: Frost was required reading and everyone knows The Road Not Taken from High School, but I prefer Mending Walls or Stopping by a Woods Snowy Evening. I wrote a parody poem based on Stopping By..., read it here. Frost writes of realism in the everyday. It's an absolute truth.

3. Maya Angelou: Still I Rise. Enough said.

4. Neil Gaiman: Only within the last few months have I discovered Neil's poetry. anyone who can write about building an office chair is awesome in my book. Oh, and I almost forgot; I've been a fan of The Problem with Saints since  receiving a mix tape from a friend from college.

5. Jessica Scott: my internet poet and friend, whom I met during OctPoWriMo, every poem I read of her felt like a comfortable blanket wrapping me in the world of the poem. You should check out her blog Lunatic Poet (poems and thoughts).

What are your favourite poems or poets, Dear Readers? I'd love to hear from you...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moving Furniture and Housekeeping of Goals

Spending the morning sleeping in. A luxury that I don't always get to partake in. This past week has been cold, then warmer (35 degrees yesterday), and then colder. We are due for the "storm-of-the-century". I'll believe it. Corning is it's own anti-snow bubble. When we get it, we do get it, though not as much as Buffalo, Rochester, of Syracuse. But with the ground cover in white and the night bitterly cold it has slow me down some. This morning (what was left of it) I finished read a book and then got down to hashing a couple more goals out that I missed due to cranky-winter-moodiness.

This Week (including today):
     *Reading: finished The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer. Don't know why it took me so long to finish, but this book was and is effin' awesome. Fantastic incite to the mind of Amanda Palmer, touching, honest,. and more than inspiring. I bought Neil's new book of short stories, Trigger Warning. I am two stories in, and it's that good, will probably finish it by week's end. Either book is worth the read. Go and get 'em!
     *Social Media/Visiting: okay, I missed Friday. I was in a mood and couldn't focus. And Saturday was my Unplugged Day so I didn't get to visit people, comment and, converse. I hung out and conversed with friends after moving furniture and such. Today, I spent my early afternoon visiting to make up for Friday and today'd visits as well. Still topping at least 4 a day. Saturday being the exception. Also, visiting at least 2 new blog a day that I don't normal follow/read. Feeling good.
     *Submitting: I kept trying to find time this week and it always eluded me. I spent the afternoon looking for a couple of place to submit my Flash Fiction story, The Bridge to. The goal this week was 1 new submission. Today scored 2. Hoping to submit it to 1 more before days end.
     *Theatre Stuffs: finished bio and director's letter. Emailed them out. Moved the couch and tables for the set, found an armchair (and thus bartered for use of armchair with an ad in the program), and got posters. Good murder week over all!

What I have dubbed the Murder Couch
This Week (upcoming):
      *Novel: actually work on the small fixes. This got shoved aside. Not anymore! Will have at least 25 pages revised with small fixes by Wednesday.
     *Writing: will dedicate more time to this this week. The Mousetrap ate up more time in the latter part of the week.
     *Submitting: at least 1 new one this week.
     *Blogging: 1 new blog post this week.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that allows you to make goals and help to be held accountable to those goals. It's a Blog Hop. Stop on by and set a spell.

A little housekeeping today, Dear Readers, with music and candles and laundry spinning. There is yucky weather approaching. it's cold enough to still be snowy, but not cold enough to prevent slight melting.

Cold, yes it's still cold here!
Music for a cold day today:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIPpet Wednesday, almost forgot!!

I about forgot about WIPpet Wednesday, so here's a bit for 2/4: 2 + 4 = 6 lines. Something small, yet enticing, hopefully. It's a little bit with Mason Barlow, the resident Antagonist of Leonardville. Why? Stay tuned...

Mason stepped back away from the action into a knee deep snow drift. He stumbled. Bob was now talking to a young man and a young mother who had just turned up. He tried to dislodge his feet from the dirtied snow bank, while Gladys crossed over to him and said, “Your trees are terrible looking, not even real.” She edged closer, making Mason stumble back, “Best if you go drum up business elsewhere.” He fell into the snow pile and Gladys march off, carrying Bob’s cold cocoa cup.

from MorgueFile
WIPpet Wednesday is a Blog Hop. Stop on by!

When I Put My Mind to It


The Heart of Winter in New York State, from MorgueFile
Yep, somewhere the first month sashayed out the door to be replaced by the month of love. Aphrodite and Cupid, chocolates and flowers. Okay, that's laying it on a bit thick. It's February and I am 1 month and 2 days from my shows opening night. Yowsa! The cast is coming along wonderfully. I get excited for rehearsals. And then there are all the other little things that also need get done, posters, promotions, bios, directors letter, raffles, etc. Not all of it is done by me, oh no. Thankfully I have an awesome team!

Anywho...I did well on my goals, mostly; see for yourself, Dear Readers.

This week:
     *Social Media/Visiting: even though I missed Monday, I still visited my daily goals worth on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (8 visits = 4 for Monday and 4 for Today).
     *Blogging: posted yesterday, you can read here. I reviewed my January goals and thus wrote about them. Turned out a pretty productive month overall.
     *Reading: finished The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards (Doctor Who adventure), returned to reading The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer. I had started it back when I bought it, but got side-tracked with Doctor Who novels and Neil Gaiman books.
     *Writing: been a bit slack on this, but I wrote out my January goals and progress, so I made my daily writing goal for Tuesday.
     *Submitting: Nothing new. I submitted a piece of flash fiction on February 1st.

For this Week:
     *Novel: work on the small fixes and complete them by Sunday for The Real Road Trip.
     *Reading: finish The Art of Asking and make more progress with Windhaven (George R. R. Martin and Lisa Tuttle) and start Stardust (Neil Gaiman).
     *Writing: Wednesday through Saturday. This includes writing the bios and directors letter.
     *Submitting: 1 submission this week.
     *Blogging: blog 1 day this week.
     *Editing: print up pieces for critique partner.
     *Theatre Stuffs: will update progress on Sunday.

A Round of Words in 80 Days in a blog challenge where you set some goals and report on them twice a week. It's a Blog Hop, come on in and set a spell!

What books are you reading, Dear Readers? I seem to read more in the winter's months, it seems to keep the Winter Blues away. Also, I am involved in theatre goodness, directing a production of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap. What else do you do to beat the Winter Blues?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reflection on January and the Super Bowl

I am pretty proud of myself this month. I pushed myself and made quite a bit of progress in 30 days. Granted I have quite a ways to go and not all goals were that productive, but I did manage to make a sizable dent. Here's a summation of January:

from MorgueFile
      *Read 7 books in January.
      *Blog at least once a week, mostly. I might have missed one week early on.
      *Edited 2 pieces, 1 being a full re-write. Both are pieces that I can call 1st draft pieces. Will still work and do a second major revision, but they are readable and share-able
      *Discovered a critique partner and we have plans to start working together after my show is done in March.
      *Actually read my NaNoWriMo novel and begun revisions (Okay, just started the revision now, but still...).

There are still some goals that I really need to push myself on, but there's still plenty of Round left to work on them. Feeling good. Today is a day off from the day job. Mousetrap rehearsal tonight. Been trying to work on various Mousetrap related tasks this afternoon  and chores that were piling up (dishes and laundry). Funny, Dear Readers, how that kind of stuff gets away from you even when you are trying to keep up with it.

Okay, I have to comment because this year was my first Super Bowl that I sat through. I am NOT a sports person. I mean, I like watching the Olympics and certain sports (Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Horse Jumping), but not American Football. I usually avoid the TV, ignore the tweets, and hope it passes fast. Often I will catch the ads the next day via the internet, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

from MorgueFile
This year was different. I got invited to come over to hang with friends to watch the whole Kit and Kaboodle. And man, was I surprised. Okay, Dear Readers, American Football is not my favourite sport, but with commentary I enjoy watching the Patriots and Seahawks. I was rooting for the Seahawks, solidarity for my Washington Peeps. It was a good game, even with the bonehead move at the end, a good game. I don't support players starting fights, but it was a good game. I even walked away understanding American Football more, well almost understand it.

The halftime show was okay. Katie Perry is NOT my favourite artist currently. I do not like her newest album, but  do like some of her stuff. It was an entertaining show and the GIANT ASS puppet tiger (lion) was the best part.

Then there are the commercial,s, they were very full of feels and/or montages for the most part. A highly emotional group of adverts.. That not necessarily a bad thing, but I didn't like the Nationwide Ad, even with the reasons they cited after the fact. Read the article is here. Much too depressing, even if they were trying to facilitate the discussion about childhood accidents and being protected. There were a number of ads that I did enjoy and my top 3 are as follows:




Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lion taming my Edits and Coraline is awesome!

This weekend turned out busier than I thought and thus this is what happened...

This Week:
     *Editing: finished a complete revision of Christmas Trees. Posted a bit of it for WIPpet Wednesday. I feel good and glad at taking the chance and sharing my work with my fellow writers/bloggers.
     *Reading: started The Clockwise Man (Doctor Who adventure by Justin Richards. I had read this some time ago, early 2014 I believe. But since I had read the rest of my Doctor Who books in January, I thought I should reread. It's the first of the Eccleston books. Also, yesterday I read Coraline by Neil Gaiman. It was awfully good and terrible fantastically awesome. Being only 160 pages it was a perfect read for a Saturday afternoon. There are times when Neil's stories feel like a Twilight Zone episode. I love Rod Serling, who was an awesome writer, and Neil Gaiman who is effin' awesome. So it's perfect! Could you imagine possibilities? Okay, that might just be me. :-)
     *Social Media/Visiting: since Wednesday, I hit Weds, Thurs, and Friday, four blogs each day (some are ones I frequent and at least one that is new to me. I did miss Saturday, but will probably hit at least eight today.
     *Theatre Stuffs: for The Mousetrap, working on my stuff for the program director letter outlined, bio (need to update last bio), and cast/crew list typed (expect for the one that are not filled in the crew). Will work on this more today.

Forthcoming in the New Week:
     *Blogging: 1 new blog entry (non-AROW80).
     *Novel: complete the read through of The Real Road Trip.
     *Writing: going to change this up from last week. Going to write something new and move my daily goal to 200 - 250 words a day from the current 500 words (when I can write). I realized that I don't always have enough time to write in a day. The goal is still everyday, but 500 words is a bit much at this time and 100 words is not enough. So it's 200 - 250 words daily. Stating today!
      *Editing: print some short pieces and plan a day to meet with my critique partner.
      *Submitting: 2 this week (missed this one from Wednesday to today).

I missed a couple of goal from Wednesday. Felt bad, as I am wont to be some days. I had some time between things Friday and Saturday. Still feel good overall and pretty productive.

Excited that I am really making a stab at editing/revising more of my work. Starting to learn how to handle that beast. It's like the lion tamers from the cartoon circuses with the whip and chair.

January has been awfully productive and exciting and am ready for February. Mousetrap is coming along beautifully. Who knew Murder could be fun, Dear Readers? What about you? How are your Round of Words goals coming? What have you been up to lately?

I played 50's trivia at the annual meeting for the Keuka Lake Players and it felt like a battle of the bells to ring in between Ryan Love and myself. All in good fun and I surprised myself by how much I knew. I still suck at any sports trivia and my history from the 50's could use a tune up. Good times with one of my theatre families.

A Round of Words in 80 Days a blog challenges you to set goals and report on your progress. It is a Blog Hop, come for the WIPpets, stay for the challenge.

Music for today: