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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday Check-in #AROW80 (a day late)

I was so gearing up for a good week. Started a second story with a writing prompt. I was back to journaling on Tuesdays and Thursday. When, wouldn't you know it I get sick. Seriously! Oh, well, I am feeling better and having a VERY slow week at work am home resting.

I completely missed AROW80 check-in yesterday. I was sleeping on the couch to MST3K's "Devil Fish" and then caught part of some guys travels to swim with Manta Rays. A surprised that my dreams didn't float away with me. I am on an antibiotic and have prescription Motrin for my recently pulled tooth (probably didn't help either). i am convinced that i should write something involving Manta Rays now!

Onto my goals. I haven't finished either story that I have started, but I am not deterred by this. The story I started a few days ago feels the most completable at this time. I found two writing prompts from Toasted Cheese and RocNaNo and started writing. It's currently the strangest story I have written, to date, something about gangs in a dying city with a god (or really powerful man) taking over the city and the surrounding suburbs. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

Tempest rehearsals and line memorizing have taken up more of my time. Feeling more convinced that I can portray Trinculo. My scenes are entertaining and going to be fun to perform, with mockery and violence.There are lots of moments that timing needs to be perfected, but the pay off will be hearing the audience enjoy it. Just as I did in Midsummer, I will be throwing myself into this role. I am going to record a bit of myself as Trinculo this weekend and will post (much to amusement and possibly horror, Dear Readers).

I am keeping the housework more or less up to date, which is always hard when doing a show and not being home. But, with my shorter weeks, it allows me to keep up with laundry and dishes. I have been able to see my sink consistently for the last two months. ~w00t~

The Lake Country Players junior players show will be auditioning this weekend, which means I am going to need to work on props and sets stuff. Thankfully it's a simple set design. But the best part it is a rendition of "Romeo and Juliet" but with Zombies and Zombie Hunters, "Zombeo and Juliet". It's gonna be cute and it keeping with my Shakespeare theme this year. If you are local to the Twin Tiers, you should could and audition (see Facebook event here).

Have an excellent week, Dear Readers! I'll be seeing you soon. Time to write some and make something beautiful for this world. Be good to each other.

Or the poster here ------------------------------->

Memories of Fredonia, NY

Fredonia is a little village not far from Lake Erie. I grew up here. It's a small town, but after I grew up and graduated college I find that I miss some of the finer points of this my hometown. The little village at the farthest point from New York City.

Fredonia is a small town, but not so sheltered. There is SUNY Fredonia that draws a lot folks from all over the state and even overseas. Growing up on the shores on Lake Erie, Dunkirk and Fredonia were my playgrounds. And that how much of my childhood is remembered: playing on the various playgrounds in Fredonia and neighbouring Dunkirk, Sheridan, and Silver Creek and swimming at Wright Park or Point Gratiot (re-named Point Grommit in college).

It's a very peaceful place. The swimming is more difficult, because of the rocky shore, when you first get into the water, but later turns to sand. I favourite past time was to scour the shores of the Point for shells and beach glass. There is a lighthouse (blog on lighthouses) and walking trails to enjoy. I still make time to visit the Point when I am in town. Here's a link to the Roger Tory Peterson Institute article on Point Gratiot.

In the center of town there is the town hall, which boast the "Fredonia Opera House". I had wished this had been renovated sooner. I was in college by the time they opened it up. I have been inside, even got to see the "Dady Brothers" perform there. They feature movies, concerts, and now play and such. I must needs attend a perform the next time I am in Fredonia. The building that houses the Opera House, also houses the Fredonia Police Department, and Village Hall (and offices).

Nearby are the Barker Commons, the twin parks, where the village Christmas Tree dwells in the Gazebo. Here, there are festivals both craft and musical: The Farm Festival (in August) and Red, White, and Blues Festival (in September) It makes me happy to see Fredonia using it's potential.

Other places that I experienced include the Fredonia Grange. here they would put on square dances, which my friend Leah took me to a couple of time during our high school years. I have a love of super fun things and I miss square dancing, a lot. Even if you have never square danced, you can't help but have fun doing it. Half the fun is just doing it. I would usually laugh as I tried to follow the caller and keep up with the dance, often stumbling along the way.

There is the Barker Library. My favourite place to be on a Saturday morning. I would go there and listen to record and tape (although they had more records back when I was a kid). In the summer the library hosted "Bookopoly", a book version of Monopoly where you would have to take out a book and read it on the topic that you landed on. The following week you reported on the book and were rewarded with "Book Bucks", with which you could save up to buy to prizes. I remember reading a lot of books during those summer. The one I sort of remember reading, is a book called "Big Red" about an Irish Setter (I think); I also read the Misty of Chincoteague books.

The Barker Library also had a museum that had been renovated and re-opened to the public. That was part of Darwin Barker's house  and featured aspects of his life and life in Fredonia in the 1800's. This is where I wanted to become a librarian. Heck, I even helped sort books in the children's room, because I was such a frequent visitor, that the librarians got to know me. If I ever choose to go back to school, I would like to go back for library sciences.

There was also the White Inn and the Original Fredonia Fire House, which had the best restaurant, "The Hook and Ladder Deli" (named after the former firehouse). They made the best "Sun Tea", which would sit out in jars on the edge of the restaurant brewing. The White Inn still since food, but the Hook and Ladder Deli has closed up shop (I believe there is a Mongolian BBQ restaurant there now).

Post Hook and Ladder - You can see the wall. That was where the sun tea jars sat.
I could go on and on with neat memories, but I will leave off here, Dear Readers. Do you have fond memories from your hometown? What are they? Leave me a comment below. Oh, and if you are familiar with Fredonia ans Dunkirk and have pictures you would like to share, let me know. I'd love to see them. My email is Have a great week, Dear Readers!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday: #AROW80 Mediatative Update

It's Sunday, right?

I thought so....Garbage Day! Been a lazy day today. Whence I arose, I was loathe to actually to anything. But, I have to get the garbage out to the curb and clean the cat boxes. Fun! Now I am actually ready to do something. Heh *looks at clock* 3:46pm! *giggle* Oh, well!

So what have I been up to this week? Running lines for Trinculo. Two if the three scenes are memorized! After February rehearsals go to two to three days a weeks. I will be busier with that.

Been writing a short story based on the8th Doctor, Paul McGann. It's progressing. I need to get working on this so I can get a rough draft done by February 28th. Oh, I blogged yesterday. First non-AROW80 blog in a few weeks. It felt really good. It was a shorter blog; I really miss just getting an idea/topic and researching/writing about it. I also have a bio that I was asked to write up from a friend who is putting together a Memorial site for my friend Jane who passed last week. So there is stuff going on.

My brain is returning to normal after last week and Winter releasing it's icy clutches on us. Although I have been told that the cold is going to be returning to the northeast. Yay? Very ready for Spring! So, ready!!!! Been writing haiku a lot lately. Thinking I need to put together a little poetry book of my February haiku. I think they have been very therapeutic.

Piano lyrics/
Running across ivory plains/
A melodic pulse

Oh, I am still kicking around recording a bit of me reciting my Trinculo lines. Dear Readers, would you be interested in that? Leave me a comment below if you would like to see that.

Something else. This month has been the most 'death' filled month thus far with family members and furry babies (pets) crossing over. I think much of the world is ready for the new re-birth of spring. I know I am.

Any big plans this week, Dear Readers? Getting back into the swing on things with improv, gearing up for theatre stuff and MOAR writing. Have a great week. Be good to each other. Make something beautiful. I care about you all, that's why I say these things. And I believe in you!

Check out my fellow AROW80-ers at the Blog Hop!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What? You've never heard of Lindsay Katt or Meghan Andrews? You should...

I love acquiring new music, especially when it's good music. I am funny with getting into new music; there is fear that I will have wasted my time getting into an artist, only to realize that they have only 1 good album, or worst 1 good song.

Lately, I have been proven wrong though. There are some pretty stellar artists out there that are just under the radar. I want to feature a few of them here. I have always loved the singer/songwriters, they have a way of touching my heart with their words and music. These are folks who can write a song and then song the said song; some of my favourites include Carole King, Dar Williams, Annie Lennox, Ingrid Michaelson, and Sara Bareilles. Yet, there are a whole slew of artists that are just under the radar; these are the indie artists, the non-mainstream musicians, and/or internet artists. These are the soldiers of the musical world, who fight the daily battle to get recognized, eking out a living in the modern world. These are the artists I have grown to love more than the main stream music, they who write and perform with their souls.

Okay, you might be thinking that I am about the bash the main stream music industry. Well, no! No, I am not. While I don't have love for most modern artists the likes of Ke$has, Beibers, Katy Perrys, Carly Raes, One directions, and Taylor Swifts of the world, I am far from being guilty as I like some of these artists. I don't generally listen to the radio, so I am somewhat out of touch with the current chart toppers, nor do I buy much music from the mainstream artists outside of Ingrid, Sara, and Adele (those of the model for singer/songwriters). I also like some Katy Perry. But lately I have turned to the internet to help me find more music, music that is *better, truer,  a realer type of music. And there are plenty of artists that fall into  category that have found their way into my ears and mind.

*Music is a personal choice and I do not judge! 

I have my own guilty pleasures (see past blogs for my guilty pleasure artist blog). I have found a home with the underdog artists, the indie artists that make music for the love, not necessarily because they get paid the BIG BUCKS. But then again, I have a rather eclectic music collection ranging from Meatloaf to Great Big Sea to Ingrid Michaelson to Blackmore's Night.

Okay, I am straying big time, back to the blog!!!

What draws me to these artists? There is power in simplicity; just a voice and guitar or piano. Also, there is greater care to reach the fan base when an artist is not attached to a major label. Maybe they have more to prove or that they enjoy the smaller scene.  I find that the indie artist is a harder worker. These artists are some of the ones that have captured my heart and eardrums, with a combination of vocals, lyrics, and personality.

Here are my top 5 or 6 or 7 (I could be here all day if I keep adding) lesser known/indie artists that are worth checking out:

7. Kathleen Edwards (Asking for Flowers, 2008): An alt country rock artist from Canada with a lot of soul. Favourite tracks: "The Cheapest Key" and "I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory".

6. Susan Werner (Time Between Trains, 1998): A silky and sultry voice. Anything from "Time Between Trains" is awesome, or this track from "The Gospel Truth", "Our Father". She also covers "Vincent", originally recorded my Don McLean and there the snarky, "Movie of My Life" , but a very catchy tune. She is deep and wonderful.

5. Boy: I acquired a free download of their EP from Noise Trade.  A female duo with some loverly vocals. I love "Little Numbers". They are worth a spin, so check 'em out!

4. Meghan Andrews (Lights Like This, 2012): I just discovered Meghan, partly because I was watching "The Babysitter's Club" series. She played Mallory Pike. I got curious and found a beautiful voice, "Run Run Run".  She does an amazing cover of "Jolene" (originally done by Dolly Parton).

3. Hannah-Rei (Time to Play, 2013): My fiend Hannah has been gaining a following with her music. She started posted cover and original songs on youtube. Also, a founding member of the comedy duo Rocky and Balls with Sophie Ball, Hannah is a R & B, soulful songstress, with a flare for pop. Her debut album "Time to Play" features a truly masterful skill of piano and vocals. My person favourite is "Upside Down", but "Superhero" and "Elastic". She is well on her way to becoming a main stream success, I wish her all the best with her career. Go and give her a listen! :-)

2. Sean McCann (Help Your Self, 2014): Former member of Great Big Sea has struck out on his own. He has three solo album that are bare bone and personal, but his voice is pure and mighty. Completely on his own, "Help Your Self" available on his website is a journey to help himself and find his happy. Stand out tracks from his second and first albums, respectively, "Simple Song" and "Peace Among the Bones".

1. Lindsay Katt (Picking Out Boxes, 2008): I found Lindsay on twitter one day and have really enjoyed her music since. There is a real feel to Lindsay's music. She rough and soft, upbeat and mellow all rolled into one. Her songs stand out as the vehicle for some absolute truths, those are usually my favourites. She reminds me of Ingrid and Sara Bareilles. That makes her cool, as cool as Bow Ties! Stand out tracks include "My Happy", "Two Little Birds", and "Wretched Unbeliever". Definitely one to check out!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#AROW80 Wednesday Check-in

Today's check in finds me in much better spirits, been far more productive too!

Been working on a short story this month. It's Doctor Who inspired, oh okay, it's a Doctor Who story involving the 8th Doctor. Okay, so, maybe not my next greatest story, but I am having fun this it. I don't normally write fan-fiction, but this a too good an opportunity to pass up. I am too far in to stop now.

The kitchen is the cleanest it's been in a really long time. I seem to be more conscious of it's appearance. Hoping I can keep it up in the coming months. That's the first thing to go when i get neck deep in a show; the chores get side lined.

Tempest is coming along. I have my first 2 scenes memorized. Still tripping over lines, but not as much. Trinculo is still coming out, I haven't completely figured him out yet, but getting there. There's a lot of good silly stuff to play with in those scenes. I am just surprised at how many of Trinculo's lines are much like tongue twisters. It must be because Trinculo is a jester, a clown, so he's lines have to sound sillier. Just a thought.

Been on a HUGE Haiku kick lately...been writing and tweeting Haiku. I may have to collect them and make a little poetry book. The form is simple, but to get the topic down to 5-7-5 syllables, but I love to try to make these mini images of these grand topics and ideas in these small little packages. just a few of the most recent haiku written:

The skies are cloudy/
The sun has gone from today/
Your love still shine through

The house is warming/
The furnace roars into life/
I snuggle down into warmth 

Meowing kitty cat/
Sleeping curled up on the chair/
The essence of calm 

I can't stop the tears/
The Memories are too strong/
And I am crying 

It's warming up here in Twin Tiers, not as fast as I like it, but the melt is starting. My heart feels  a million times better, even with my friend passing, I am more determined than ever. So, I am gearing up with Here, There be a Writer. I will have a new regular blog by week's end. Might try to put a small collection of Haiku together in the coming weeks. If I put up clips of me rehearsing my Trinculo lines, would you, Dear Readers be interested? I am rather proud of my monologue's progress. 

Have a a splendid week, Dear Readers. Make something beautiful. Share something with someone. Or help someone. Oh, I am always excepting topic submissions. Since i am on a haiku kick. Leave me a comment and a topic, and I will write you a haiku. Check out my fellow AROW80-ers at this Blog Hop! Remember, I believe in you!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Round-up at the #AROW Corral

Irregular Improv with Jane (in purple)
Today is hard.

Today is the day that I wake up knowing Jane has passed. Yesterday, she had been still alive (at least in my own head). Today is different. Today is harder.

I wrote a tribute in my last AROW80 update back on Wednesday. It was hard. Today is very hard to focus, but I need to push through. It has been harder to focus, because I was so aware that Jane's health was failing her. Yesterday, or rather early this morning I got the news that Jane had passed in her sleep, (at 6 o'clock) Saturday morning. I had managed to stay off the internet all day, not because I knew that her end was going to be happening, but because I had things to do today and I had found my way to pass the impending sadness of the fact that Jane was dying of Cancer. It was a good day. I needed a good day, to affirm that even when the bad days happen, I still have the good to help ease the burden.
Ever the Director

If this had happened a few years ago, I would be all a mess. I wouldn't be able to focus on writing, reading, friends, or lines to study. I would be bawling and a wreck. Today is hard, but today is a day I can stand stronger and prouder. I am just as sad as all others who knew and loved Jane, but I (in my way) am working through the pain and loss.

I had been struggling with my writing for the past week, dealing with my emotions and coming to terms with the thought that it was going to happen and that Jane was a strong woman who had accepted her fate and still kept a smile on through it all. The writing has suffered, I have not done much. Maybe I haven't tried as hard as I should, but what could I do. I can do what I am doing, writing, finding a way to share my feeling and memories of Jane. It's healing is what I am doing. And I am sure Jane would what me to keep writing, reading, and making beautiful things for people to read.

A haiku for Jane

The skies are cloudy
The sun has gone from today
Your love still shine through

Zombie Pirate
I feel that there was a bit of providence, maybe even divine, that kept me from knowing until after my day was long over. I had a sudden jolt of sadness, but a greater sense of peace about her death. It is somehow easier to speak of, and I say this because I know Jane was one of the strongest people I know/knew. It was everything about her that made me love and respect her. And because we, her friends, got to put together a living memorial for her and that she got to see it before she passed. I can feel at least heartened that she knew we loved her. I feel much for Jane's life partner, Cyndi Reagan, who now is grieving and healing. To her, I send my love and support. Jane was truly a special sort and now is the time to remember her for all of the good times. The hurt, loss, and sadness will heal in time. Mourn her, but also love her. Spread love! Make great and beautiful things. And remember to tell those you love that to love them, our time here on earth is short, but as we are alive so we need to live.

Just a few more Memories of Jane that make my heart swell with a sadness, yet joy at having her be my friend. Rest in peace Jane, may Flights of Dragon Sing you to Your Rest!!

Today is hard. But, today is also a fresh start....

Okay, so today I am getting inspiration on my newest short story. It's turning into a Doctor Who based story. I am not one to write fan-fic, but this time it feels right. It's coming off the heels of having watched the 8th Doctor's movie and how there is so little of Paul McGann as the Doctor. He, who is the charming, almost debonaire Victorian gentleman, straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

I am continuing to read "Inheritance", the giant behemoth novel that is is. It often feel like Tolkien when reading, but not as thick as the Grandmaster himself. I can tell Paolini was inspired by Tolkien's works. It's a great series, but reading it is intense.  Hoping I can completed by end of February at least. Most of the battles in Inheritance feel like 'Helm's Deep'.

Also, I am continuing to work on Trinculo's lines and find his character. It's been a nice distraction. Maybe I will record a teaser of me rehearsing my line, for you fellow thespians and Shakespeare lovers. 

Look for a new blog post by Wednesday, Dear Readers!

Jane as a Self-Proclaimed Winkie guard
So, not really the best week, productivity wise, but it's not the end. Sometimes one has to take some time to appreciate their friends and their own lives. I am determined to make today and all other future days each more awesome than the last, not only for Jane, but for me too! Have A GREAT week, Dear Readers. Be good to each other and remember to take time to visit each other, or at least tell your family (whether Theatre, Whovian, Writing, or Relation) that you love them. It'll do you good!

 I love you, Jane!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A #ROW80 Tribute!

This blog is a BIG one! This post is special to me for a couple of reasons, first is that this will be my 100th blog since starting this blog back in November 2012; and the second is because with this blog I am going to pay tribute to by dear friend and mentor, Jane, one of my closest and dearest friends. (Of course I am also going to check-in with AROW80 more on that later).

Jangle the Clown
Jane Daum, actor, director, sets, costumes, improv queen, singer, nature babe, and clown; I met her in 2006 doing a dinner theatre called "The  Pirates of Pink Pants: A the Murder of Jolly Rodger," about pirates that pillage for fashion instead of treasure. It's Gilbert and Sullivan meet Monty Python, or visa versa, as described by the author. I was little more that a sound effects and lighting person, a techie. (Must be how I got to be a great 'techie', as it's where I got my start.) Jane played Oliver, a forelorned young man/woman on a ship full of pirates who wear pink pants, a maid (Margaret), a serving girl (Polly), and a Master-at Arms Smith.

It wasn't until after Pirates, when I really got to know Jane. She cast me in first role in "Audition for Murder." Not the single most stupidest dinner theatre script, but it was pretty silly. I had three lines and did not know how to improv. During rehearsals she would play improv games to exercises our brains and get us thinking of how to interact with the audience. Where one show ends, another begins and Jane brought David and I to the Lake Country Players where we did "Beauty and the Beast" in the fall of 2006.

Over the years I worked with Jane in countless roles, both on and off stage. She is the one who taught me how to be a stage manager and later a director. I stage crewed for her production of "The Wizard of Oz" and stage managed for her production of "Pirates of Penzance." I have had the pleasure of working with her on countless projects both on and off the stage. She was a fountain of knowledge doing my run as director during "Charlotte's Web." It was my first time directing and I was scared, but Jane was always there to help keep me grounded.

Not just with theatre, but going to the Renaissance Faire up at Sterling, or having the best summer picnics at her house, eating Wisconsin cheese and burning stuff (during the annual fa;; burn party, post theatrical production that is). We shared a loved of reading and science fiction. I credit her as the one of the two to finally get me into Doctor Who. I marveled at how she was able to be so amazing and talented, and of of my best and closest theatre friends.

I write these words because my friend and greatest mentor in all things theatre is currently fighting a battle with Cancer. I sometimes don't have the right words to say anything about these type of things. I am sometimes speechless.To say that I am unaffected is untrue. Jane to me is like my family. One year she and Cyndi invited us to Thanksgiving at their house, because it was just going to be David and I that year. Also, she came down from Watkins Glen (30 minute drive) to help me pack up a U-Haul and move David and I into our new house, right before thanksgiving (hmmmm, methinks I see a connection there). I did get to pay her back by helping to pack up her house in a giant-arsed U-haul in 2012.

Last week, my extended theatre family from across the board came together to make a "Living Memorial" for Jane, so she can know how many lives she has touched. I know plenty that have been touched by Jane's magic; whether by make-up, directorial, improving, singing/acting, or clowning. Jane is (and will always be one of the best). She is also the one to bring Lucy into David and mines life (a friend for our other kitty, Winkin). She is due to visit next Thursday, as her dying wish she wants to see her theatre family once more. This breaks my heart, but warms it as well because Jane has been resilient throughout this. It clearly is not easy when dealing with a life threatening disease and still find ways to be supportive. In the last few weeks I have been struggling through my own feeling and thoughts on Jane. I feel love and great respect, yet I feel sad too. But, I can no more be sad, knowing that Jane is my friend and mentor. To honour her now and for always, I present my piece that I wrote for her Living Memorial.

My  heart wants to say
a million and one things--
I try to rhyme them but
there is nothing but blankness.

My heart is full today--
Here I am, one singular person
that is so glad you have been in my life,
you who have helped build strong these walls
around me,
around you.

You've believed in me,
believed in others
(that's all that is needed)
and thus have told me so.
I then went out into the world
and made some pretty awesome things
because of that belief.

There are hardly words to say
that can convey what I feel for you.
I can never thank you enough
for the friendship and sage advise,
My dear friend.
From the long years since "Audition",
together forged in love--
friends we are forever.

From Wizards to Pirates and Demented Barbers,
we have seen it all, haven't we?
Like soldier's sojourning onward
to the next great renaissance
or within our own imaginations.
Built strong our walls,
the warriors of dramatics
and fantasy.

From out of the fire, you Phoenix, you shall rise--
I know this road is rough,
by your side I will stand, forever an ally,
shouting "Geromino!"
Dragon and Doctor
Clown and Dancing Flatware
(that was to make you giggle)
A journey is always about the journey
and far have you traveled, my Friend.
I only know that you have made my journey that much more awesome.

Where to next, one hardly knows,
my friend,
my mentor
mount up your Tardis and Allons-Y!

 2-6-2014 5:59 pm

After this, I can feel strong and know that what will be will be. Of course I will feel even better to see her once more. That I can't thank her enough for everything she has done. It is my turn to help her in what ever way I can.

I am working hard on the Tempest, getting into Trinculo's mind and interacting with Stephano and Caliban. I don't really have much else to report since Sunday. What I have I wrote above. I am in a better place mentally to move forward. That's all I can do.

I promise, Dear Readers there is more exciting things and stuff on the horizon. Have a great rest of the week, and be good to each other.

Blog Hop for AROW80!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Check-in: AROW80 February

It's cold and snowy. Big surprise, right?

I had some grand plans for today, but my head seems to disagree with me. Woke up with a mild sinus headache and I was determined to not let it get in my way. I set about doing household chores so they don't get behind including laundry, trash and cat litter cleaning and removal. Then I thought it the brilliant idea to arrange and put away the board games, and that my Dear Readers it turned into an hour project. By then, my head was pounding. Now, it's time for some Advil and brunch (since somewhere between waking up and the headache of a closet project I hadn't eaten yet), at the time of this blog. For a house of only two people, it gets messy rather quickly. Since David and I do theatre, often the house is neglected during shows. Not this year, though! Trying to keep up with it. But, sinus headaches don't help with that. So, my morning has been cleaning and clearing. Also, I am trying to find a plastic box with some of my jewelry (found it while taking a quick writing break).

More snow falling and I am thoroughly sick of snow and cold and everything in between.'s Sunday! What have I been up to (set up for a bad joke *here*)? Five-Eleven (in height). I got notification that my story "Crying Mascara" was not selected as a winner for the contest I submitted to. Feeling a bit bummed. Got to keep trying! I started a new short story yesterday. Not sure yet where it's going, but I think it'll might be a Doctor Who story. Haven't tried my hand at Fan Fiction yet. I have a great image of a willow tree in a rainstorm and I needed to have Doctor #9 leaning against the tree. Being an avid Whovian, I thought that there needed to be another Eccleston Doctor story out there. Also last year a friend and I started writing a Fan Film script, it got put on hold, but we would like to get a finished script and maybe get around to filming it. That is another project for a later time.

My super secret part of the super secret project was completed yesterday. It's not a huge deal, but it's a huge deal. And it occurred yesterday...more on that later. Sorry to be secretive, but SHHHHH....

Working on my next theatre projects this week. Tempest lines are coming along. I am starting to find Trinculo, but that little bastard is being difficult. I really love Shakespeare's language, but holy cow does it become a mouthful. Next, I am doing props for The Lake Country Players Junior Players production of "Zombeo and Juliet", should be fun. I am organizing LCP's 2nd annual 24 Hour Theatre event in Montour Falls. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it's where theatre is written, directed, and performed in 24 hours. I discovered this back in 2011. I acted in a show that I had to memorize in about 8 hours. I played 3 different characters in the one show, each with different voices and mannerisms (except I couldn't do a Minnesotan accent to save my life.). Hehehe! The following year I wrote my first 1 act and acted in another. Hint: don't try to write a script and get only about 2 hours sleep and espect to have much of your lines memorized! I will write and direct, write, or act, but nothing more. I know my abilities and my limitations. I have been organizing this event and possibly directing one of the shows. It's fun and after last year there is definitely more interest in fellow playwrights and thespians.

I actually started saving money, either 5 or 10 dollars each week goes into my piggy bank, Wilbur. Been meaning to start, but you know how some things go, you forget and what not. Not this year!

Not much else going on, just trying to keep the pace going. Finding inspiration here or there. Spending my time on my various projects. This coming week, the paying job will take up a full 40 hours (am on reduced hours throughout the winter) as my boss is on vacation. It won't deter my determination. I'm more worried the snow and the cold is doing that job fine enough.

Dear Readers, I hope you have a great week. I am going to have a fantastic week, by Hell or High Water! Full of stuff and things. :-) I am going to have a non-ROW80 up later this week. Been brain storming for something fun, maybe something to fight the winter blues. Remember, I believe in each and everyone of you!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wicked Weather Wednesday: A ROW80 update

After a rough start to February, brought about by the weather. Currently snowing and I am home. There is a Winter Weather Advisory for my area and there is about 4 to 6 inches at least on the ground, should make for more productive days, right? Well, today is productive. The winter blues have been getting to me (also most other people) and I have had to whip me into shape to make stuff happen. About the end January and into February the winter gets old, I mean REALLY old. It's cold and no one wants to go anywhere. People get moody and irritable.Some get depressed. There is often less sunshine. It's a lot hard to make art or wrote a beautiful poem. But, it is possible:

Today is different! I set about to do stuff, maybe not in order that I originally planned, but stuff is getting done.
Miranda, the Tempest by John William Waterhouse

I have my first scene from "The Tempest" memorized, well committed to memory. Now I have to get the rhythm and not fumble over lines like, "...But art thou not drowned, Stephano? I hope now thou art not drowned. Is the storm overblown..." 'Art Thou' and 'Art Not' are much like 'Aren't' in the modern vernacular, especially when reciting the lines over and over. Act 2, Scene 2 is under the belt....more to follow.

I had a poem request. The first EVER! I was excited and a bit bowled over. People don't normally  request poems randomly, unless I ask for topics from friends and readers. It felt good. Really good! It means that people are taking notice of my poetry. I'm happy at that! I still have a personal poetry project due by Saturday that I need to get to. More on that's a secret project! Shhhhhh!! :-)

Been thinking about stories to write. I have to write a short story this month. Not sure what I will write about, but I am trying to brain storm ideas, which is something I don't normally do. It's something different and I think that I need to organize my thoughts first before I start writing. it couldn't hurt, right? I also have a new slew of blog ideas that I am going to be working on. The muse is back, if slow to wake. She must be hanging with either Punxy Phil and Dunkirk Dave (local groundhog from Dunkirk, NY). The funny part, is that Spring is always going to be 6 weeks after Groundhog's Day.

Really proud of myself, I am making good on my promise to keep my house cleaner. The dishes and laundry are not piling up as much. I hope I can follow through even after I get further into Tempest. Journaling is still happening twice a week and I'm making time to read. It's been a better week. Can only get better, right Dear Readers?

Question to my Readers; how do you fight the Winter Blues? What is the hardest time during the winter for you? Leave me a comment and some LOVE. Have a fantastic week, Dear Readers? Be good to each other and make something beautiful and amazing for the world!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Bowl ROW80 Update: And Some Art!

First off I missed Wednesday. I do feel awfully bad. I mean AWFULLY bad. Guilty even. Somewhere between Winter Dreg's and the Polar Vortex, I did not get much done worth reporting. My brain just didn't feel compelled. And I feel really guilty. I know I shouldn't, but I do.

Okay, enough whining and moping. (Pierre August Renoire Phase)

I think winter has gotten to a lot us. I have spent a lot of time wishing I wasn't so cold, bundling under blankets, turning on space heaters, etc. But, seriously, it's February now! Somehow that makes my brain stand up and notice. These winter months get awful boring if one is not careful. There is a tedium that comes with this time of year. When it's so cold you don't want to leave your house or there is so much snow that you can't. Your brain doesn't always want to form sentences, let alone think. Corning, NY doesn't have the snow problem that Buffalo, NY gets. We had snow earlier in the winter, now, only about an inch or two since New Year's. We have had the cold, bitter cold temperatures and frigid wind chills. Sometimes we were colder that Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (not now) and that's at the top of the world. But, anyway...writing...goals...

Here is Picasso's Cat
I finished my short story and revised it before January was over, called "Bluebirds Gone." Gearing up to write another short story for February. ~flexes my arms~ It's good practice. I am trying to have fun when I write stories, cause if I am not having fun, then I think the writing suffers. Obscure Poetry Month is over. I made it; wrote some fun little poems and made a few new friends on twitter who also like poetry.

Been reading "Inheritance" every chance I get. Currently on page 312 of 846 pages. It's taking a while! Heh! I knew it would. I do love the story, but WOW it feels like reading Tolkien at times (especially the battles) with more dragons. Been trying to line up my blog with ideas/topics for non-ROW80 entries that I can write-up through February. I don't have the poetry to always lean on and I try not to. I love poetry, but not everyone wants to read it all the time, so I like to keep it interesting. i am very diverse in my interests, that for sure. It's gonna be an awesome year here at "Here, There be a Writer".

(John William Waterhouse Phase)

We have begun rehearsing "The Tempest". That is coming more to the forefront. I love Shakespeare, but the way he wrote...Damn! It feels like a freakin' tongue twister, especially with Trinculo's lines. I don't know, but Bottom was easier to understand sometimes, or Trinculo is more complex. He motives are really simple though. It's his words. I get hung up on, "...Here's neither bush nor shrub, to bear off any weather at all, and another storm brewing, I can hear it sing in the wind." Not particularly hard, but he's sentences are all commas and semi-colons. No wonder I write in free flow thought and with lots of commas. Shakespeare wrote as the modern equivalent of the run-on sentence writer. YET, it was common back then to write like that, especially in his style of writing. Oh, RULES OF GRAMMAR!!! ~raises fist in supplication~

(Vincent Van Gogh Phase)

This week is going to be awesome, it's February 2nd! Groundhog's Day! The Superbowl! (oops that's copyrighted. Who freakin' copy writes the Superbowl?) A new month, with new possibilities and challenges. More poetry to ultimately write, stories to tell, works to revise, words to read. Life is awesome when those things exist. There are plenty of other awesome things, but those are a start. Everyday is a chance to do something awesome, make something amazing, help out a person, and live a great life.

Dear Readers, I hope you have a great week; enjoy the Big Game or the Puppy Bowl, maybe read a book. Stay warm if you are in areas that are still experiencing the Polar Vortex. It's a bit warming here at 38 degrees and slightly rainy and I have plans to watch the Puppy Bowl later today. What do you plan to do today, Dear Readers? Leave me a comment or some love below. Be good to each other and I believe in you!

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