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Friday, December 16, 2016

The 5 Most Annoying or Tasteless Christmas Songs

Note (updated 12/19/2016): I had previously posted about terrible Christmas Song HERE. It's funny to note that 4 out of the 5 are the same. It's proof that some songs are just terrible, or at least overly played. I am glad that I looked a little harder to find some new terrors for you, Dear Readers. Also, I have decided that Do They Know its Christmas needs to get moved. I still loathe Christmas Shoes, but Do They Know? is becoming the worst Christmas song in my book.

So, have you ever listened to the radio from Thanksgiving to New Years (varies a little from place to place)? What are the songs that crawl into your ears as the worst, annoying, and / or tasteless of the holiday set? I have a desk job, and have a little Lennox-Sound radio that plays me music to while away the hours. I think I got it in the eighties. The tape deck doesn't work, and the purple is faded to a sandy brown, but I can still listen to those classics and not so classic holiday tunes.

My purple wonder! Shiny stickers and all...
Most of these songs get regular airplay on my radio station of choices, which mean you have probably heard one or more of these, unless you do not have a radio, or chose to not listen to said radio. Some of these songs are truly ear-worms!

Note: Links are only for the brave and not feint of heart, except for the Patton Oswalt link!!

Enjoy! :-)

Honourable Mentions: Jingle Bells - Frank Sinatra (J-I-N-G-L-E Bells), Santa Baby (any version is annoying, some artists that have covered it include Eartha Kitt, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and even Michael Buble have covered this), and Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer (Elmo & Patsy).

These songs why I don't hate them directly, one is mildly to moderately annoying when you hear it looped while walking around a Wal-Mart, and trust me, this has happened. I felt like I was in the movie Groundhog Day, but during Christmas. The other is just kinda tacky and self-absorbed. There's a bit of kitsch with Santa Baby, but version like the Madonna version seem to make my skin crawl. And sometimes, ever once in a while the stupid need visual aids and gets made into a Christmas special . Definitely NOT kidding here!

5. Santa Claus Has Got the Aids - Tiny Tim

I only learned of this while looking up potential candidates for this list. I listened to it for you, and it is thew weirdest song I have heard. Click the link if you are curious. Tiny Tim, the master of tip-toeing thru the tulips wrote and sings this one. I'm thinking there was a motive for writing this song, but I just don't know. It's upbeat and borders on jollity. It makes it a little creepy with Tim's light-hearted take of the AIDS epidemic (before it became one). I have never heard this on the radio, ever!

There. Are. No. Words.

4. All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth - Spike Jones and His City Slickers

Written in 30 minutes by a music teacher, Donald Yetter Gardner in 1944, because over half of his class were missing one or more of their front teeth. Recorded by many groups and artists including The Chipmunks, Danny Kaye and the Andrew Sisters, Ray Stevens, George Strait,  Nat King Cole, The Three Stooges,  Count Von Count, and RuPaul.

3. Daddy, Please Don't Get Drunk This Christmas - John Denver

I cannot find much about this song. The songwriter is Bill Dannoff, the creator of Starland Vocal Band, and writer of their ONE BIG HIT, Afternoon Delight. He also penned Daddy, Please Don't Get Drunk... He worked and toured with John Denver, which is how this song probably got onto the roster for Denver's, Rocky Mountain Christmas Special. It's another link in the chain of overly sad to depressing Christmas about bad behavior during the holidays. I do get it, that the holidays, they are hard for some people, but I prefer to focus on the happy, joyous spirit of the holidays, not the sad, depressing parts. Also covered by Alan Jackson and The Decemberists.

2. Christmas Shoes - Newsong

The top most annoying Christmas Song goes to that song. That song about the damn shoes and hard luck children. This is a really for me to go Bah Humbug. I'm serious, Dear Readers. The only reason I can even say the name of this song is because of Patton Oswalt's bit on Christmas Shoes, and then someone animated it. Check it out here----> Patton Oswalt's Christmas Shoes. Also, I need to point out that this song was made into a Hallmark Made-for-TV movie with Rob Lowe. Even worst, there are TWO, count 'em two, sequels (I haven't watched them!

1. Do That Know It's Christmas Time? - Band-Aid, Barenaked Ladies, Glee

What do you get when you combine a bunch of A-list artists and the continent of Africa? A really self-righteous song about how sad the folks of Africa are, and ultimately how lucky those in first world countries are. If I seem bitter, it because I don't feel that message about helping others came across sincere. I know that aim was to inform the people of the world about the plight of Ethiopia and raise money (and oh, did it), but it just comes across uppity. Boy George was almost not part if the track as he was flown over to England last minute, due to a busy Culture Club tour. The song has been recorded four times and covered by the Barenaked Ladies and Glee and it never gets any better. The tone is really wrong, and I cannot get past it.

Remember, this list is subjective. I would love to hear from all of you about which Christmas / Holidays songs drive you crazy, are over played, or just plain tasteless. Have a Wonder Holiday season! Blessings to you and yours!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Moana: A Brief Review!

There are few movies that strike a chord within me, especially in Disney movies, in such a way that I am happy to live on this planet. Okay, that's a strange statement, yes. First, it's not that I don't love Disney movies, but after watching Moana, I felt a surge of pride that the stories they are telling are worthy to tell.

Maui and Moana
See I grew up with Disney movies. There were the ones that I was constantly watching, like Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, Dumbo, and Cinderella. These are the stories of my youth, but they were the most powerful told stories. This isn't a slam against the animators on these movies. They were good movies, but there came a time when you wanted something powerful. It wasn't until Beauty and the Beast, that came out in 1991, that I saw Disney trying to tell stories with a purpose. The Little Mermaid was a fantastic movie and is the beginning of what many have dubbed 'The Disney Renaissance', but it wasn't until Beauty and the Beast that something sparked.

Not every modern Disney sparks my soul and promotes strong feminine roll models, or tell a thrilling and/or beauty story, but recently Disney has found it's stride. Brave, a story about a strong willed girl and her mother and finding yourself (not really a love story), Frozen, a story about sisterly love more than romantic love, and finding yourself, and now, Moana, a story of finding your place and not falling into the rolls that have been carved out for us, thus, finding yourself. These are stories that I love, and that I want my nieces and all children to have access to. They are also becoming strong contenders to be called the new classics (at least in my universe).

In the last few years there has been more stories featuring stories and legends from different cultures. I think that is great! The Grimm's fairy tales, of olden days are find, but that it is important to see the story that shape ALL of us. This is a main reason that Moana has become my new favourite story.

Moana, the stories of a pacific islander girl, who challenges her world and defies the rules by traveling across the barrier reef, searching for Maui, the demi-god who stole the heart of Tafiti (the mother goddess that created all of the lands of the ocean), and therefore began to tear the world apart. Moana, has to brave the dangers of the open sea and those within herself to reunite Tafiti with her heart. Kinda a dual life lesson there, eh Disney?

And then you have music written by Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, a American Musical. Music in a movie can make a story more profound, and the song, We Know the Way, is about as profound as you can get, telling the story of Moana's heritage and her peoples travels to discover new lands; and there's How Far I'll Go, sung by Moana, yearning for something more, feeling just a little out of place, much is the way that Belle (Reprise) calls out Belle's desire for something greater.

How Far I'll Go

I've been standing at the edge of the water
Long as I can remember
Never really knowing why
I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the water
No matter how hard I try...

I can talk about each of these songs and great length, but the point is that the songwriters knew what they were doing in building a story with music and words, from the love of a Gramma Tala to her granddaughter, and your pride within yourself, Moana to her people. Even the Shiny song, with the David Bowie-esque Crab pulls at your core. Although, it is less about personal growth and just a bad ass song.

Moana is a worthy addition to the Disney pantheon, and is definitely NOT A PRINCESS! She is a girl, designed to look like a girl, and voiced/sung by an ACTUAL 16 year old Hawaiian teenager. There are so many things that Disney got right. Also, Hei-Hei the chicken is voiced by Alan Tudyk (from Firefly). Hear the fan girl/fan boy squeeing (you're welcome, Sara)!!

If you get a chance to see Moana, please do. It is worth the watch!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016 Thoughts (Time to Move Forward)

It's time to get thoughts out of my head before I explode.

Election 2016, truthfully, not what I expected. I don't anyone expected this.

First off, this is the first election that I was scared about the outcome. i am not a fan of George W. Bush, but he was a cakewalk compared to what I think is going to be 4 interesting years. While there is always risk with elections, 2016  poked a bear named Trump, argued  ethics with Hillary, and tried to get Bernie Sanders into the white house. There were  a lot of things that were building up pressure, namely the working class and people wanting politicians to be transparent. We also wanted honesty. We wanted someone to hear our voices. We wanted change.

Change we got.

But, think about this, Dear Readers, maybe this is the kick in the ass we need to make the changes we all want and crave.

I fear Trump because he is a bully and a bigot who is more than willing sacrifice us, the American people to the highest bidder. He wants to exploit our fears. Let's not let him succeed. Let's help him to make this county a better place.

     *I am scared because I am a woman, and my reproductive rights are now going to be a trial. I also have many female friends that also  would be hurt by this.

     *I am bi-sexual/pansexual (meaning I love whom I love). I have lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, and transgender friends that are actually afraid for their lives and livelihood. The LGBTQ community is one that I am part of and its marriage rights just newly won and are now in jeopardy, because some people believe marriage is between a man and woman, only. Bollocks, I say! This country isn't strictly Christian or Catholic or Muslim. Why should one group dictate what everyone does.

      *I am pagan, a witch. I do not go to church. I believe Jesus was an incredible teacher, but he would never claim half of the things about gay rights, woman's rights, and minorities that they are experiencing. I believe in the world around me and the universe (god) can teach us so much from science to philosophy.

These are things that make up Cindy, and these things could potentially change, taken away: Birth Control and Abortion, Freedom of Religion and Marriage Equality/Gay Rights. They  could all go up in a poof of smoke if we don't stand and fight.

If we stop, we die.

What I am suggestng, Dear Readers is that we, as a county, as a people, come together and fight to be heard. Speak out. Treat everyone equally, especially if we don't agree with them. We work together to build a county we call ALL be proud of.

In the mean time, I suggest to you all (as was suggested to me), that you get involved in your communities. So of you already do this, especially if you are into community theatre, fantastic. But now is the time go beyond that. Start volunteering at places you have never offered help. Be a friend. Read to children. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Knit blankets for the homeless. Give your day old bagel sto someone who is hungry. Let's help each other build a new world. I want my nieces (Alicia, Alexis, Wendy, and Daphne; and my nephew Brent) to have a world worth inheriting. Teach respect and honour.

Also, a point I need to make, its okay to feel sad, angry, betrayed, hurt, lost, or even joyous, but DON'T ever make someone feel less than a person for their choices. Also, don't think that because people act one way doesn't mean they don't deserve respect. Everyone handles stress in different ways. Crying is more than okay. Voicing your opinion is also more than okay, it is necessary. Never make a person feel less than their worth, and if you do say something, remember you can always apologize and meet someone halfway. Sometimes its hard for people to communicate, maybe you need to take that first step. It isn't easy, but I am now convinced that it is possible. If my mentor can come between a thug and a scared woman while at a convention (when he was sick), then I think we, as a people, can can together to help. I plan to do better, and be better.  I support my friends and family, but I also know that sometimes I need to step back and gather myself, take care of me.

I have done a lot of gathering this past year and I am finally loving myself, writing for myself, and starting to make my own dreams come true. Building my own mythology. Building something better, outside of myself. Pay it forward. Make good art! Spread the love!

Remember, "United we Stand, Divided we Fall!"

Also remember, I see you. I believe in you. I love you!!

Thank you for your time. Just a little something I needed to get off my chest.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 31 - Journey To... (Pantoum)

Yesterday's prompt couldn't be more perfect for the end of OctPoWriMo. I didn't write yesterday. It was because of bit of a distraction or two of sorts. First, I had to finish watching Stranger Things, and I had to close out OctPoWriMo in the right way. It just took a day longer to find that way. What could be more appropriate to closing out a month of poetry than writing about things eternal and eternity.

I have talked about universe through this month, both the micro and the macro. Universes are things that surround, make up part of us and the things, people around us. I am the whole of the things around me. I am made up of universes, and am part of universes.

Today's poem is my closure on the month, but also a closure of the last year. See, this time last year, my now  ex-husband and I parted ways. A mutual choice as we both were going to different directions. It was a very hard Halloween weekend 2015. It was like being in a tunnel. Now a year later I am single, living in a new apartment, selling the house I shared with him since late 2009, and starting to find me again. I have been finding me along this path, every turn, every stop sigh, every moment I am finding out who I am. Halloween week/weekend 2016 finds  me stronger and facing my fears. It was a wonderful week. I have learned to move on. I am okay with being single, and am now (NOT) afraid to seek that which I want, even if it doesn't work out. I am coming out of the tunnel. 

from MorgueFile

Terminus is a place that is the end of the line, by the definition. But for me, Terminus is a end that leads to a beginning. I have my Terminus is my head and an actually place. It is a place of healing. I went there when I thought my aunt was dying. Thankfully she isn't. I understand why she was scared. We sometime  need to be scared, or  angry, are lost, because when we are found we realize that that fear made us stronger. 

from MorgueFile

Today's poem is dedicated to three people, these are people who brought about my joy this weekend, and beyond. First is my mentor and friend, James. Although he lives across the county, he has given me the strength to building y mythology, to tell my  stories, and to speak my truth (am a work in progress), Next is my best friend, Sara, unconditional is her love, as is her last name. She picks on me, but she encourages me. She listens and offers advise when asked. She pushed me to try harder, test the waters, and to not be afraid. Third is Cale, because sometimes it just is. Thank you for being an awesome friend! 

Thank you all! 

Truthfully I could go on. There are others to thank, but those three are the reason I am standing at the Light at the End of the Tunnel, staring at eternity, and finally seeing what I should have known long before now, but am seeing it with a fresh light.

Dear Readers, thank you for taking part in my flights of fancy and unorganized fall into chaos of the truth.

Prompt: Eternal; Word prompts: Light at the End of the Tunnel, Eternity

Journey To...

When at Terminus, do you know
to fall to your knees is supplemation,
singing loudly of the praises
that brought you here to rest?

To fall to your knees in supplemation
after through the tunnel which you have traveled
that brought you here to rest,
within the light at the end of of it all.

After through the tunnel which you have traveled--
a journey of lifetimes
within the light at the end of it all,
you see how much stronger you became.

A journey of lifetimes
brought you to the beach
you see how much stronger you became,
when faced with such demons.

Brought you to the beach,
at Terminus' head to eternity's shores
when  faced with such demons
when faced with such feats.

At Terminus' head to eternity's shores
you find your heart is more whole 
when faced with such feats,
that you're not as afraid as you once thought.

You find your heart is more whole
when at Terminus. Do you know
that you're not as afraid as you once thought--
singing loudly of the praises. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 28, 29, and 30: Poetry Slam (Poetry Trifecta)

Dear Readers, I have three poems to present to you. Why? Well, I got caught up in life and car repairs that take longer than planned. C'est la vie, then? I used all of the prompts in some way, although not all of the poetic form suggested. I really like a challenge, but this month has had its own challenges that I have faced. 

In a return to my theme of universes, I pulled from places that are like my own little universes, or pulled from my own internal universes. I'll let the poems speak for themselves. 

My question for you, Dear Readers, what universes exist for you? How do they work? What places-internal and external- are your haven, or healing places? Leave me a comment below.

from MorgueFile

Prompt: sea shells; Word Prompts: beach, ocean, shell, coast


Upon the sandy shores,
rocky too
the lakeside shores
where beginning meets the end,
like broken bottle turned to gem stones
and the discarded homes of lake life,
sea shells and beach glass
at home in Terminus.

Prompt: upside down; Word prompts: topsy turvy, vice versa, contrary, unhinged, muddled; Poetic form: Acrostic

Universal Within

Under the water, topsy turvy
Pressure building around the
Silence encasing me.
Inside, I am lost, contrary
Delveloping a complex, I guess
Even though I feel weak, life is

Daring me to try harder
Of the fears that have
Within and without--
Never will submit to being unhinged any longer.

Prompt: simplicity; Poetic form: Haiku

Simple Haiku

Nary a moment
that the universe won't speak--
just listen won't you.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 27: Ashes to Earth (Ghazal)

Word Prompts: spice, essence, tangy, putrid, earthy; Poetic Form: Ghazal

Think fall and that is what I wrote about today. Just some of the simple pleasures that come with the autumnal bliss. Enjoy, Dear Readers!

from MorgueFile
Ashes to Earth

Ashes to earth, the loamy earth calling,
With aromas of earth and sky calling.

Songs of musky damp leaves that mottle the landscape,
Or the distant warmth cooking of apple cider calling.

What do you know of the autumnal wastes,
As the world slowly dies, is still calling.

With spicy cinnamon or tangy pumpkin,
Nestled within all thing edible and calling.

What do you think of this season of diminishing,
Both beautiful and desecrated calling.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 26: Death of the Muses (Epitaph)

Word Prompts: abandonment, desertion, relinquished, left, disbanded; Poetic Form: epitaph

When I think of abandonment, I think mostly of the writer that has abandoned his/her work because of something that made them feel they needed to give it up. That is a hard view of abandonment. Not that any version of abandonment is easy. Abandon is a harsh word-even used in the poetic-the "Reckless Abandon" of love filled her heart with joy. It kinda sounds painful, in  way, doesn't it, Dear Reader?  To be abandoned in any sense is a loss, and one that I doubt anyone would enjoy. People are abandoned by other people, animals are abandoned by their owners, and muses can abandon their patron artists. So, in lieu of writing a sad poem, I am, Dear Readers writing an epitaph. An epitaph, while used primarily for for sad testaments on tombstones to honour the dead, is a lot like limericks, something silly to remember the sad. I wanted a something that got the point of abandonment-being left alone-present, but also something that people can at least smile at and say, "I get it!" I hope you enjoy my endevours.

From MorgueFile
Death of the Muse

It can only be left unsaid,
that when the muses disbanded in dread;
that maybe it was a sign bred
of  fate's desertion to writer's block that widely spread.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 25: Red (Free Verse)

Prompt: Red

Something simple, something comforting. Pull out the marshmallow and hot dogs, Dear Readers!

from MorgueFile


Firey glow,
my flames fanning me warm
against the chill of the morning.
Crimson to gold,
like a treasure of heat and fire,
I am glad for the warmth,
even with the danger posed--
a warning,
a beacon, 
a ominous glow,
and yet great for roasting marshmallows.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 23 and 24: Undoubtedly and Fantastical (Haiku and Lento, respectively)

Day 23: Prompt: Undoubtedly (Haiku)

Today dawns gloomy--
A day like any other

Without writing prompt.

From MorgueFile

Day: 24 Prompt: Fantastical (Lento)

Fantastic Feeling

In the midst of the controlled chaos--
When the energies of every colour,
Begin building up the surrounding pathos,
Then sings with a gentle purr.

From that song, the world breaths life--
Calm, a pulse you feel within your chest
From something tripping the fantastical and rife; a
Psalm that will make you feel blessed. 

This form was really hard, with double rhyme in the beginning and at the bend. I left you with a little joyous hope today; I hope you enjoy, Dear Readers.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 22: Danger, Dark Corners (Trolaan) and a Haiku

Prompt: Dangerous; Word Prompts: desperate, insecure, vulnerable, wild, unreliable; Poetic Form: Haiku and Trolaan

Dangers of ones mind when left alone to think. Sometimes that is the scariest or dangerous thing ever.


in the middle of--
somewhere hidden under water
are the eyes of fear.

from MorgueFile

Danger, Dark Corners

In the darkness, vulnerable are we
Isolated from others around.
If I get scared, it's because I see
insubstantial shadows, hear distant some sound.

My mind starts to wander--
Maybe it's all in my mind,
Maybe I am just looking for closure,
Making it all up as figments entwined;

That's the moment when desperate, you feel.
There in the darkness, vulnerable
Those are the times when all seems real
Tricksey, wild thoughts seeming to kindle.

And there is a surrendering done,
About the time you realize
Another moment won
as you uncover that it was unreliable.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Day 21: Beach Combing (Terzanelle)

Prompts: Nature Calling; Word Prompts: rocks, water, birds, trail, sand; Poetic Form: Terzanelle

Just gonna let it speak for itself, Dear Readers. Leave me some love below... Thanks! If you need to rhyme, check out

Beach Combing

Upon the shore I stroll,
with splashing waves, no silence here,
and somehow the noises calm my soul.

At the time of endings year
To the end of the world I come,
with splashing waves, no silence here.

Across the glassy waves there's a hum,
lost against the forever infinitude 
To the end of the world I come.

This is where I come to lift my mood,
with songs of waves and birds--
lost against the forever infinitude.

It is here where I can find the words,
wrapped with the moments of peace
with songs of waves and birds.

To know I have found a piece
wrapped with the moments of peace.
Upon the shore I stroll,
and somehow the noises calm my soul.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 20: So Spoke the Queen... (Free Verse, Tetractys)

Prompt: White; Word Prompts: purity, hero, clean, light, energy; Poetic Form: Tetractys

from MorgueFile
What is Yours?

Across fields
is the hero
hauling the heaviest stone, bloodied.
Wanting to give up the battle to rest,
yet the light glows

I had been thinking a lot lately, about what makes a hero and the like. I always thought that heroes can bear more than mere man, whether in strength or knowledge. I also had the thought that heroes went into battle. What I failed to see when I was younger--or as recent as last year--that heroes are the one who bear the weight long past when they think they carry it, yet they still carry it.

I am not a hero, Dear Readers. What I am is a fighter, a warrior, striving to become a hero. I make mistakes, learn new things, and when the weight becomes too much, I rest and pick back up and carry on. Between meeting my mentor and reading his words, talking to him, and finding my own path, I have open up to the possibilities that anyone can be a hero, and anyone can carry the burden, the weight beyond what they though they could. It's about truth, both the good and the bad, there are many truths and crucial that you and me must see that. We must see that and keep going.

Something else that was wandering through the hallways of my mind, as a hero we owe it to the world to help others. This is where my mentor sneaks in. "We are all running our own race and not in competition with each other. We must help each other to the finish on." Okay, that was probably slightly paraphrased, but that is the idea. We need to fight our battle, run our race, but also help others along the way.

Also, it is okay to rest, to stop and gather your forces before the coming battle. No one will think ill of you (if they do, then they are slug brains.).

This means that I need to tell me story, honestly. I need to keep moving my stones to mountains (see the Celtic Woman song below and you'll see what I mean). Need to take care of me. It's been a long month. I can't believe is so close. I need to get a pumpkin, bake Halloween goodies, hand out candy, and go and celebrate Samhain (Halloween). Make this month worth living even if I struggled, lost a battle or two, and gained much more. Be the hero that I want people to see. And i am going to build my personal mythology, but that is for next month. Onto the poem, Dear Readers. This is a poem of heroes and finding the hero within you (me).

So Spoke the Queen...

Truly the lights shines
where steps the hero,
across the battlements 
fighting against the enemy.

Tears comes to eyes,
wounds bleeding freely,
across the landscapes
is the stories we all know,
of heroes and kings
left to die
left alone,
yet somehow they still stand anew
carving a way through.

And battles not always fought 
with sword
here I sit,
wars within me,
bruised and bloody;
trying to keep the fight going.

Heroes are not just
knights in shining armour.
Heroes are everyman
their lights,
crossing out across the darkness;
like mine
though weary I am,
and wounded,
lifting the unmovable mountain,
I am a hero,
knght errant, maybe,
lost czarina,
or hidden queen--
a beacon lighting the way
even under the most crimson skies
and ice cold winds.
I will not fall...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 19: Woodsy Ode (Odes)

Prompt: Trees; Word Prompts: Forest, Sapling, Seedling, Woods, Mossy; Poetic Form: Odes

An ode is poem praising a person, place, or thing (a noun). Today's poem is praising trees. Simple, Dear Readers? Actually it is. I haven't written anything in a form in close to a week. An ode gives me a chance to focus my writing into something specific. Granted, I didn't have to rhyme and count syllables today, but I do feel that returned to a form of mine own. 

So, I leave you, Dear Readers, with my praise of trees. What are your favourite types of trees, memories of trees, what you love, like, or hate about trees? Leave me a comment below...

from MorgueFile
Woodsy Ode

Upon the boughs do swing,
and vines
all shapes are size.
Give me the shade,
under your wide berth,
a forest of soldiers
not on the march,
but standing stock still,
as sentinels,
where I read
my peace
and birth ideas
under mossy branches
of willow,
and  birch--
they hold back 
asking for no other,
let us do them the honour
of their caretakers be.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 18: Isolation Drama (Free Write)

Prompt: Senseless

Word Prompts: senseless, absurd, irrational, unconscious, empty

Never have I ever sat in an isolation tank, and after this story I m NOT sure I would feel comfortable, even if I managed to work through stuff. I have one REALLY BIG fear, beyond all other fears, that of being utter alone. Isolation tanks are something I am not sure I could survive. I don't know, as I haven't tried one. This guy's story at the Huffington Post was certainly interesting, but not sure if I am ready. In the mean time, Dear Readers, here is a poem about how I feel I might react to a stay in isolation.

Isolation Drama

Absurd are the thoughts,
running through my head.
Senseless wanderings,
From MorgueFile
that take me past memories,
times both wonderful
and I feel irrational,
believing in things long past,
or only just starting.
Its like my own turn,
within a floating casket.
I don't even know
which way is up;
a nightmare
in the day?
Cause I don't know what time it is.
Panic surges,
I am sure I will never escape
this personal hell
of memories
and emotions;
but then I see the light,
even in the pitch dark,
reason returning,
as the timer buzzing,
signaling time's up.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 16 and 17: In-depth Savory Moments

Two for one today, Dear Readers.

Mid-month and I feel like I have walked into Free Verse Central. I who used to be so quick to jump on the poetic forms that were offered up as offerings to the gods. This last week I have bee skirting the edges of Free Verse town,hiding away from Sonnetville, or Villianelle Village. Free Verse Central, its not a terrible place actually, I have been finding to images to write about within this universe. Ha! Look at that, I found my theme (the universe, universes), and its still here, alive and well. I kind of went ijto the inter-personal universe that exist within all of us.

What things do you get in-depth? What is savory to you?

For me, my writing gets very in-depth at times, well most times, am am almost in-depth about things that I collect, whether its music, or Doctor Who stuff. And I think coffee, cheesecake, and really good soup is savory, but I also think that people are savory, and that is why I hang around the savory souls  do.

Savory: pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell. Piquant: of an interestingly provocative or lively character. 

I hope you enjoy the poems, Dear Readers.

Day 16: In-depth

In Too Deep?

Nothing is too deep,
you see,
I don't do simple.
as deep as the ocean,
maybe deeper--
if that is possible;
or forever as eternity goes,
even if that is cliche.
I don't see endings
only the possibilities.
I am in-depth,
Just you try to stop me.

Day 17: Savory

Savory Moments

In that moment, and you know
pleasure on your mind,
in thoughts
of images,
a smell  of
you don't even know of what,
just piquing your interest.

What was that?
An aroma of-- 
the sight of movement--
you hear your name.

All senses awake,
when savory scenes ignite,
or aural pleasures.

your favourite music,
a plate of cheesecake
or mac n cheese,
or even the sight of someone held dear.

In these moments,
we are alive
don't lose that 
give in to the moments,
the memories,
and see what the world has granted you.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 15 - Within Blue (Musette)

Prompt: Possibilities (Musette)

Word Prompts: melancholy, northern, blues, noble, elated

from MorgueFile

Within Blue

Ocean blue--
down to the core
is true.

When sad
wrapped in blues
feel bad.

Truth is
Am somewhat lost 
in bliss.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 14: Shame on Haiku

Prompt: Shameful (Haiku)

I don't want to rhyme this month it seems, and counting iambic feet just makes me antsy, at least today it does.  I can write some awesome Sonnets and Villanelles, but tonight after walking around my old college, I got a little thoughtful. Shameful is such a negative word, causing disgrace; and while I have felt shame many times in my short life, I would rather take a humourous approach. I am just tired of negative today, from everything it seems and want to take the lighter approach. There will always be shame and shameful moments. How can there not? I hope to overcome any of my shame learning, growing, and moving on from the things that have made me feel shame before, mostly by my own doing too. But this goes for anyone I have shamed too. That's important!

Okay, before I get too bogged down with semantics and details and such, lets get to the poem. I seldom get to write haiku with a good punchline. Most of my haiku are pretty, sometime whimsical, or even just plain strange. To take a lighter note I am going for the haiku with a purpose, one to laugh at the shame and help dissolve it.

Enjoy, Dear Readers! :-)

Shame on Haiku

When you see it done
aghast at the mere sight of
a poem not written.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 13: Come, River Ether (Free Write)

Prompt: Flowing (Free Write)

Word Prompts: slide, emanate, continuation, pressure, rhythm

I believe the ruling force of the universe consists of a river of energy, or Ether. A spirit element that brought life to the void, the chaos (like Yahweh, or other Deities of your choice). This energy--I believe--is part of what artists tap in to to create, so along with their own experiences and knowledge, the ether is a inspiring force. Much like the Greeks believed in the Muses, goddesses that inspired mankind to write beautiful poem, carve great structures, weave soft fabric, sing powerful songs, so is this Ether.

I love the image of the Ether being a river, flowing through the world, heavens, universe. It is something we are connected to and I was inspired to write words that express this belief, concept, idea. Of the River Ether, that beats of the life force, creative forces that rules this universe/world.

What, Dear Readers, it is that inspires you? What is the driving force behind your creativity? How do you get inspired when you haven't been inspired in a long time?

from MorgueFile
Come, River Ether

A beat--
A chant--
leading your head into a rhythmic pulse.
Its where to find the flow,
your flow
within the river ether--
that drives the universe.
Easy to find,
Easy to lose, 
never truly far away,
only when you feel lost is it far away,
but you only have to listen,
just listen
for the beat,
the thrum,
the pulse
and once again
you will be swimming in the river,
cleansing your soul,
your mind,
and thus creating
something out of the flow.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dy 12: Coming Strong (Tetractys)

Prompt: Strong - What comes to mind when you hear the word "strong"? Here are some of my thoughts: strong storm, strong body, strong spirit, strong drink...

Poetic Form: Tetractys

Word Prompts: strong, resilient, powerful, distinct, forceful, determined

Simply put, I am powerful and will not be held back, especially by my own self, Dear Readers!

From MorgueFile
The Coming Storm

Within you
Only what you make.
Forceful and resilient I will be,
When I hear my call echoing outward,
As a storm builds.
Rolling in--
A moment
And I will
Not be held back.
The more determined at my chosen course,
With the waves at my back I sail ahead.
Heartbeat pulsing
Here comes the
Storm front


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 11: Spirited She (Lively / Pantoums)

Prompt: Lively/ Word Prompts: spirited, gutsy, determined, feisty, zealous  (Poetic Form - Pantoum)

I always come back to the pantoum. It's a song-like form, with its repetition and their something smoothing in the repetition. I can take pretty much any topic and write a pantoum. Hell, I want to do a month long challenge of pantoums now. I am such a poetry geek, Dear Readers.

This poem was inspired by my choice to life a deliberate life and face my fears. I remember being unafraid of a lot things, but as I grew older I started to become more afraid. Of course, I will always be afraid of centipedes and have a healthy respect for heights. But now I am going to face my fears, s of which include getting my children's book published, write a full stage play, and get at least one short story (hopefully more) published somewhere.

Today's poem is to inspire youm Dear Readers to find the lively with you and to not be afraid to be that, whatever it is!

from MorgueFile
Lively - Stimulating and invigorating: a lively breeze (one of many definitions)

Spirited She

Be fleet of spirit, she danced  down halls
unafraid of being feisty she was
this was who she was,
a force to be reckoned with.

Unafraid of being feisty she was,
yet still shy and unassuming--
a force to be reckoned with
though she did not know it.

Yet still shy and unassuming--
a test she had to pass
though she did not know it,
as she continued along her path.

A test she had to pass
with questions drawn from everywhere
as she continued along her path
taking with her knowledge gathered.

With questions drawn from everywhere--
tears  she cried and laughter sprang,
taking with her knowledge gathered
to fight battles much larger than she.

Tears she cried and laughter sprang,
A new determination grew
to fight battles much larger than she
and now afraid to reveal her lively nature.

A new determination grew,
squashed the fears so rightly grown
and now afraid to reveal her lively nature,
she knew she had to at long last

squashed the fears so rightly grown,
this was who she was.
She knew she had to at long last
Be fleet of spirit, she danced  down halls.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Day 10: Pain's Journey (Free Verse)

Prompt: Unfold (Free Verse night)

I can't do forms this late at night and with too much in my head. So,  I am free versing it tonight. I used to be the queen of free verse. Okay that was back in school. But I always preferred free verse to poetic forms, as I got older I started to appreciate sonnets, kyrielles, dimantes, blitzes, etheree, and like. Now I like both ways, each side of the same coins. I have said it before, I love forms, but tonight I adore free verse. It's freeing!

Onto the prompt. Not  much I can say. there is a lot in my head lately. And because of that I turn to poetry to speak for me. It's late and I need to sleep. Today's prompt is like divine providence, coming at the right time. I just cannot write a full post about it tonight, Dear Readers. Armed with "Unfold", my mentor's words, some of my own, and some Lindsey Stirling I present...

Pain's Journey

It is a journey,
like any journey,
to master one's personal pain.
Some say that pain
is just weakness leaving the body.
How true those masters speak.
And, I say, 
pain is real,
and not permanent. 

Open your eyes,
see the future unfold before you--
through pain
you are born 
into a world;
within pain,
you live
in a world--
between scrapped knees 
and broken hearts;
beyond pain,
you'renot freed yet;
one still has to pass through
the gates 
where pain lives,
to unfurl wings and 
after you have fallen.

Word Prompts: opening, event, feelings, paper, discovery

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 9: Spirals (Cascades again, YAY!!)

Prompt: Spirals (Poetic Form: Cascades)


*photos from MorgueFile.

Writing about spirals tonight. How appropriate! How life can spiral, down, out, up, and around, or away from you. I got a little deep tonight. I got some rough news and while processing it I wrote this poem. Writing, poetry heals the broken they sometimes say. This is very true for me, Dear Readers. I write my pain way (well, not all. But, its a start, and it keeps it from staying in my head, which is the worst place for it). Writing has helped me cope with a lot of life changes and personal growth. I also, love to be around my people when sad, or frustrated. So going to do something, like a movie, riding a carousel, colouring, geeking out to favourite TV shows, talking about books, for example.

Out of pain comes beauty transformed; means make good art! So, am making good art through my pain.

How do you cope with bad news, or personal tragedy?

"What we choose to focus on becomes the story of our lives, and there is always something good to make the object of that focus--even it's a single memory of victory. Let that become the beginning of your personal mythology."  ~James A. Owen

The Path Chosen

Down the winding stair
passing all the other floors,
as downward I go.

Its a helix spiraling,
running parallel with fate,
down the winding stair.

I know I must travel
this path that I lay before me,
passing all the other floors.

My journey, not yet over
There is much more,
as downward I go.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day 7 (though its actually 8): Porous Poetry

I can't believe I labeled day 7 as Day 8! I must have been asleep at the wheel...

Anywhooo...I am more confident with today's poem. I wasn't sure I could pull it off. Also, I am not in the rhyming mood, so I free wrote tonight and free versed the poem. I think it helped much, as my coffee break between my writing blitz and my poem writing cleared my head, thus I have more space with which to bounce ideas around in. I also kept the universe theme, although I depicted more of a world than a universe. But, its okay, Dear Readers, I like it better this way.

Day 8 (but labeled as Day 7) Prompt: Porous (Free Write/Free Verse)

Word Prompts: pervious, cellular, lucid, coherent, explicit

From MorgueFile
Minds can be porous, especially when you are thinking about some fifteen different things. I knw my brain gets very porous, especially when I am stressed. It's like stress makes holes in your brain, and then the water leaks out and you become dry, parched, thirsty. 

Dream World

Lucid moments,
where walls are like pudding 
and chairs are made of clouds,
you know you've thought about it before.
The playground of the soul
where porous thoughts drift
through the grey matter;
stories of knights riding to slay dragons,
or pirates seeking buried treasure
and the possibilities are endless
for the storytellers
after the sleeper has awaken,
left confused by what their cellular mind concocts;
only then can my mind play
with those possibilities
into poem or play,
or novelization.

It funny what my mind,

what it dreams up for me to write about.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 8: Food-a-verse and Free Write

Have you ever just couldn't get into a topic?

Well, today's my day, Dear Readers. I had zero muse work today and somehow still managed to write something with a little whimsy, or at least amusing to read. Sticking with my universe theme, I had to stretch this one a bit. I hope there's something that make you giggle, or at least smile.

I went with  free write tonight. I just  couldn't wrap my brain around rhyming and Rondels, which are actually fun to write. If I get inspired I will try to write one before OctPoWriMo is up.

So, what foods are so tasty that they are out of this world delicious, Dear Readers? I love anything with cheese, especially cheesecake. Leave me a comment below and happy writing...

*photos from MorgueFile

A Milky Way Galaxy

Ever stop to think
that dinner  is like a universe,
entrees and desserts
circling the table,
being passed around
like comets across the dining room.
A mini Milky Way?

Pungent odors,
stretching across
of liver--
not my favourite;
or maybe,
delightfully simple
as in Mac n Cheese.
My mouth waters just thinking about,
a food-a-verse at the table.

Enjoy the satellites
of manna
and eat your peas,
chew your bread,
and remember,
nobody likes okra.
Its like the black hole
of side dishes.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 6: Diamante (Tantalizing/Skin/Mind)

In keeping with my universe theme I borrowed the idea that the (my) body is like its own (my) universe; a whole system controlling a much larger system. The body and the brain, two halves of one whole. So, I took that and played with the poetic form, the Diamante, a diamond shape that starts with one idea and flows into the complete opposite. The two halves of a person, and what skin (body) and mind mean, and VIOLA!! I also free wrote a little verse about the  universal body-mind. 

I hope you enjoy, Dear Readers.

Day 5 Prompt: Tantalizing (Diamante)

Possibilities: What do you find tantalizing? What has provoked your interest or desire recently? Free write for ten minutes answering those questions or some of your own.

I love the feeling of certain sweaters or my black dancer pants. The softness make my skin tingle. Sunlight on my skin, after a long summer of being outdoors and active. My skin is wonderful and tantalizing when its been outside and moisturized and I run my fingers along my arms. Its sacred sometimes...

Tell me, what do you thinks constitutes a universe? Leave me a comment below...

From MorgueFile

Body-Mind, Mine

Expansive, Varied
Protecting, Changing, Growing
Sensitive, Tangible, Broad, Non-linear 
Calculating, Controlling, Knowing
Deep, Infinitude



Only in your mind
will you discover your body,
in desires and dreams,
tempting the possibilities,
provoking changes
that the body must accept
or decline,
a varied universe
with your own self.