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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 13: Come, River Ether (Free Write)

Prompt: Flowing (Free Write)

Word Prompts: slide, emanate, continuation, pressure, rhythm

I believe the ruling force of the universe consists of a river of energy, or Ether. A spirit element that brought life to the void, the chaos (like Yahweh, or other Deities of your choice). This energy--I believe--is part of what artists tap in to to create, so along with their own experiences and knowledge, the ether is a inspiring force. Much like the Greeks believed in the Muses, goddesses that inspired mankind to write beautiful poem, carve great structures, weave soft fabric, sing powerful songs, so is this Ether.

I love the image of the Ether being a river, flowing through the world, heavens, universe. It is something we are connected to and I was inspired to write words that express this belief, concept, idea. Of the River Ether, that beats of the life force, creative forces that rules this universe/world.

What, Dear Readers, it is that inspires you? What is the driving force behind your creativity? How do you get inspired when you haven't been inspired in a long time?

from MorgueFile
Come, River Ether

A beat--
A chant--
leading your head into a rhythmic pulse.
Its where to find the flow,
your flow
within the river ether--
that drives the universe.
Easy to find,
Easy to lose, 
never truly far away,
only when you feel lost is it far away,
but you only have to listen,
just listen
for the beat,
the thrum,
the pulse
and once again
you will be swimming in the river,
cleansing your soul,
your mind,
and thus creating
something out of the flow.

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