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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 19: Woodsy Ode (Odes)

Prompt: Trees; Word Prompts: Forest, Sapling, Seedling, Woods, Mossy; Poetic Form: Odes

An ode is poem praising a person, place, or thing (a noun). Today's poem is praising trees. Simple, Dear Readers? Actually it is. I haven't written anything in a form in close to a week. An ode gives me a chance to focus my writing into something specific. Granted, I didn't have to rhyme and count syllables today, but I do feel that returned to a form of mine own. 

So, I leave you, Dear Readers, with my praise of trees. What are your favourite types of trees, memories of trees, what you love, like, or hate about trees? Leave me a comment below...

from MorgueFile
Woodsy Ode

Upon the boughs do swing,
and vines
all shapes are size.
Give me the shade,
under your wide berth,
a forest of soldiers
not on the march,
but standing stock still,
as sentinels,
where I read
my peace
and birth ideas
under mossy branches
of willow,
and  birch--
they hold back 
asking for no other,
let us do them the honour
of their caretakers be.

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