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Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 14: Shame on Haiku

Prompt: Shameful (Haiku)

I don't want to rhyme this month it seems, and counting iambic feet just makes me antsy, at least today it does.  I can write some awesome Sonnets and Villanelles, but tonight after walking around my old college, I got a little thoughtful. Shameful is such a negative word, causing disgrace; and while I have felt shame many times in my short life, I would rather take a humourous approach. I am just tired of negative today, from everything it seems and want to take the lighter approach. There will always be shame and shameful moments. How can there not? I hope to overcome any of my shame learning, growing, and moving on from the things that have made me feel shame before, mostly by my own doing too. But this goes for anyone I have shamed too. That's important!

Okay, before I get too bogged down with semantics and details and such, lets get to the poem. I seldom get to write haiku with a good punchline. Most of my haiku are pretty, sometime whimsical, or even just plain strange. To take a lighter note I am going for the haiku with a purpose, one to laugh at the shame and help dissolve it.

Enjoy, Dear Readers! :-)

Shame on Haiku

When you see it done
aghast at the mere sight of
a poem not written.

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