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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 5: Microcosm of the Garden (Sharpness)

Prompt: Sharp (Poetic Prompt - Blitz Poem) and write for 15 (10) minutes about sharp, sharpness, things that are sharp,etc.

I went specific today. But in keeping with my universe theme that I started with, I thought about mini universes and my Mum's rose garden came to mind. My Dad planted 8 roses bushes in front/side of our old farmhouse (where he grew up), next to a row of Lily of the Valley, and out of the (true) front window there where Tiger Lilies. A pleasant memory, so I ran with it. I wish I had picture of the garden to show you, Dear Readers, it was a favourite childhood spot to sit and think (as much at seven year old think of deep philosophy and existential meanderings). Here's my favourite concept that I came up with and it is the one I started my blitz with. As blitzes go, what you start with isn't what you end up with.

What microcosms? What is sharp? How are microcosms sharp?

As always, Dear Readers, leave me some love. What is sharp for you? How do you deal with that sharpness?

Sharp are the thorns on a rose back in my mother's garden. Colours of the rainbow, reds, pinks, a yellow, a white, and even a light garden. Its like a mini universe of flora. A Flora microcosm.

photos from MorgueFile

Sharp Microcosms

Roses have thorns
Roses are pretty
Pretty are the flowers
Pretty, you are
Are you looking
Are there more
More to gather
More to see
See what I am
See the sunset
Sunset going down
Sunset is over
Over the hill
Over the time
Time is gone
Time for the end
End of an era
End of the day
Day is night
Day of the week
Week ends after tomorrow
Week is seven days long
Long time gone
Long am I waiting
Waiting for something
Waiting for anything
Anything I want
Anything is possible
Possible solutions
Possible dreams
Dreams of the future
Dreams I make
Make my own
Make the choice
Choice of left
Choice of Right
Right way or not
Right is not left
Left to my devices
Left alone
Alone is not bad
Alone I am not
Not what I planned
Not the end
End is only in sight
End is a beginning

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