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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 26: Death of the Muses (Epitaph)

Word Prompts: abandonment, desertion, relinquished, left, disbanded; Poetic Form: epitaph

When I think of abandonment, I think mostly of the writer that has abandoned his/her work because of something that made them feel they needed to give it up. That is a hard view of abandonment. Not that any version of abandonment is easy. Abandon is a harsh word-even used in the poetic-the "Reckless Abandon" of love filled her heart with joy. It kinda sounds painful, in  way, doesn't it, Dear Reader?  To be abandoned in any sense is a loss, and one that I doubt anyone would enjoy. People are abandoned by other people, animals are abandoned by their owners, and muses can abandon their patron artists. So, in lieu of writing a sad poem, I am, Dear Readers writing an epitaph. An epitaph, while used primarily for for sad testaments on tombstones to honour the dead, is a lot like limericks, something silly to remember the sad. I wanted a something that got the point of abandonment-being left alone-present, but also something that people can at least smile at and say, "I get it!" I hope you enjoy my endevours.

From MorgueFile
Death of the Muse

It can only be left unsaid,
that when the muses disbanded in dread;
that maybe it was a sign bred
of  fate's desertion to writer's block that widely spread.

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