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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 4: Purple "Sun Bruising" / "Edge of the Universe"

Have you every thought that watching a sunset is like watching the edge of the universe? That maybe there isn't much beyond the orangey crimson turning slowly into purpley greys; or maybe that the sunset is the gate to another realm. It's like all the possibilities there are are in the colours of the dying light.

Today's prompt got me a little dark with my whimsy, which I try to keep up beat as much as possible, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Today is universe edge, sunsets, and emotional releases. (I will admit that some of this is Buffy Season 5 related). Also, Nina's album is inspiring today's poem. I am actually listening to the WHOLE thing now!

I wrote for 15 minute minutes on the subject of the colour purple; and no I do not go into the book. I have read it, but I wanted to try a free write. I don't usually do the free writes, but today I was curious. I came up with a few really good images.

Free Write:
Purple is a mixture of Red and Blue, anger and sadness. It seems like a peaceful colour, if maybe a little sad. 

...And a sunset long pass being a sunset, when the wound of the sun is to turn purple.

Purple, Indigo, Periwinkle, all purples that fade become Blues, which is when the happy is removed from life, leaving only the Blues of sadness. 

Word Prompts: shade, tone, tincture, spectral, mottle Poetic Form: Cascades

from MorgueFile
Sun Bruising / Edge of the Universe

Upon the edge of the world
where the sun sets across the sky,
like a wound beginning to bruise.

I can see the colours running together
a tincture for the sky at Day's End,
Upon the edge of the world.

A palette of emotions spreading
to mottle my own canvas,
where the sun sets across the sky.

Wrapping my skin in a spectral bandage
warm at the core, but cool around the edges--
like a wound beginning to bruise.

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  1. I see you incorporated all the prompt words too. I also try to swerve away from the morbid yet 'bruise' was also there in my musing, tho did not get to the poem itself.enjoyed a visit to the edge with you


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