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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 20: So Spoke the Queen... (Free Verse, Tetractys)

Prompt: White; Word Prompts: purity, hero, clean, light, energy; Poetic Form: Tetractys

from MorgueFile
What is Yours?

Across fields
is the hero
hauling the heaviest stone, bloodied.
Wanting to give up the battle to rest,
yet the light glows

I had been thinking a lot lately, about what makes a hero and the like. I always thought that heroes can bear more than mere man, whether in strength or knowledge. I also had the thought that heroes went into battle. What I failed to see when I was younger--or as recent as last year--that heroes are the one who bear the weight long past when they think they carry it, yet they still carry it.

I am not a hero, Dear Readers. What I am is a fighter, a warrior, striving to become a hero. I make mistakes, learn new things, and when the weight becomes too much, I rest and pick back up and carry on. Between meeting my mentor and reading his words, talking to him, and finding my own path, I have open up to the possibilities that anyone can be a hero, and anyone can carry the burden, the weight beyond what they though they could. It's about truth, both the good and the bad, there are many truths and crucial that you and me must see that. We must see that and keep going.

Something else that was wandering through the hallways of my mind, as a hero we owe it to the world to help others. This is where my mentor sneaks in. "We are all running our own race and not in competition with each other. We must help each other to the finish on." Okay, that was probably slightly paraphrased, but that is the idea. We need to fight our battle, run our race, but also help others along the way.

Also, it is okay to rest, to stop and gather your forces before the coming battle. No one will think ill of you (if they do, then they are slug brains.).

This means that I need to tell me story, honestly. I need to keep moving my stones to mountains (see the Celtic Woman song below and you'll see what I mean). Need to take care of me. It's been a long month. I can't believe is so close. I need to get a pumpkin, bake Halloween goodies, hand out candy, and go and celebrate Samhain (Halloween). Make this month worth living even if I struggled, lost a battle or two, and gained much more. Be the hero that I want people to see. And i am going to build my personal mythology, but that is for next month. Onto the poem, Dear Readers. This is a poem of heroes and finding the hero within you (me).

So Spoke the Queen...

Truly the lights shines
where steps the hero,
across the battlements 
fighting against the enemy.

Tears comes to eyes,
wounds bleeding freely,
across the landscapes
is the stories we all know,
of heroes and kings
left to die
left alone,
yet somehow they still stand anew
carving a way through.

And battles not always fought 
with sword
here I sit,
wars within me,
bruised and bloody;
trying to keep the fight going.

Heroes are not just
knights in shining armour.
Heroes are everyman
their lights,
crossing out across the darkness;
like mine
though weary I am,
and wounded,
lifting the unmovable mountain,
I am a hero,
knght errant, maybe,
lost czarina,
or hidden queen--
a beacon lighting the way
even under the most crimson skies
and ice cold winds.
I will not fall...

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