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Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 23 and 24: Undoubtedly and Fantastical (Haiku and Lento, respectively)

Day 23: Prompt: Undoubtedly (Haiku)

Today dawns gloomy--
A day like any other

Without writing prompt.

From MorgueFile

Day: 24 Prompt: Fantastical (Lento)

Fantastic Feeling

In the midst of the controlled chaos--
When the energies of every colour,
Begin building up the surrounding pathos,
Then sings with a gentle purr.

From that song, the world breaths life--
Calm, a pulse you feel within your chest
From something tripping the fantastical and rife; a
Psalm that will make you feel blessed. 

This form was really hard, with double rhyme in the beginning and at the bend. I left you with a little joyous hope today; I hope you enjoy, Dear Readers.

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