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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 9: Spirals (Cascades again, YAY!!)

Prompt: Spirals (Poetic Form: Cascades)


*photos from MorgueFile.

Writing about spirals tonight. How appropriate! How life can spiral, down, out, up, and around, or away from you. I got a little deep tonight. I got some rough news and while processing it I wrote this poem. Writing, poetry heals the broken they sometimes say. This is very true for me, Dear Readers. I write my pain way (well, not all. But, its a start, and it keeps it from staying in my head, which is the worst place for it). Writing has helped me cope with a lot of life changes and personal growth. I also, love to be around my people when sad, or frustrated. So going to do something, like a movie, riding a carousel, colouring, geeking out to favourite TV shows, talking about books, for example.

Out of pain comes beauty transformed; means make good art! So, am making good art through my pain.

How do you cope with bad news, or personal tragedy?

"What we choose to focus on becomes the story of our lives, and there is always something good to make the object of that focus--even it's a single memory of victory. Let that become the beginning of your personal mythology."  ~James A. Owen

The Path Chosen

Down the winding stair
passing all the other floors,
as downward I go.

Its a helix spiraling,
running parallel with fate,
down the winding stair.

I know I must travel
this path that I lay before me,
passing all the other floors.

My journey, not yet over
There is much more,
as downward I go.


  1. Cindy, I loved your poem AND your preamble about the power of writing to work through pain. I've found that to be true. In fact, I do some of my best writing when in pain. Good job with the cascade form. Thanks for sharing. xoAnnis

    1. The whole month is turning into a great impetus for writing and growing and healing for me. I'm glad you've been enjoying the poems. It makes me heart happy when others read an enjoy what I have written. Thank you! :-)


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