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Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 8: Food-a-verse and Free Write

Have you ever just couldn't get into a topic?

Well, today's my day, Dear Readers. I had zero muse work today and somehow still managed to write something with a little whimsy, or at least amusing to read. Sticking with my universe theme, I had to stretch this one a bit. I hope there's something that make you giggle, or at least smile.

I went with  free write tonight. I just  couldn't wrap my brain around rhyming and Rondels, which are actually fun to write. If I get inspired I will try to write one before OctPoWriMo is up.

So, what foods are so tasty that they are out of this world delicious, Dear Readers? I love anything with cheese, especially cheesecake. Leave me a comment below and happy writing...

*photos from MorgueFile

A Milky Way Galaxy

Ever stop to think
that dinner  is like a universe,
entrees and desserts
circling the table,
being passed around
like comets across the dining room.
A mini Milky Way?

Pungent odors,
stretching across
of liver--
not my favourite;
or maybe,
delightfully simple
as in Mac n Cheese.
My mouth waters just thinking about,
a food-a-verse at the table.

Enjoy the satellites
of manna
and eat your peas,
chew your bread,
and remember,
nobody likes okra.
Its like the black hole
of side dishes.

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