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Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 16 and 17: In-depth Savory Moments

Two for one today, Dear Readers.

Mid-month and I feel like I have walked into Free Verse Central. I who used to be so quick to jump on the poetic forms that were offered up as offerings to the gods. This last week I have bee skirting the edges of Free Verse town,hiding away from Sonnetville, or Villianelle Village. Free Verse Central, its not a terrible place actually, I have been finding to images to write about within this universe. Ha! Look at that, I found my theme (the universe, universes), and its still here, alive and well. I kind of went ijto the inter-personal universe that exist within all of us.

What things do you get in-depth? What is savory to you?

For me, my writing gets very in-depth at times, well most times, am am almost in-depth about things that I collect, whether its music, or Doctor Who stuff. And I think coffee, cheesecake, and really good soup is savory, but I also think that people are savory, and that is why I hang around the savory souls  do.

Savory: pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell. Piquant: of an interestingly provocative or lively character. 

I hope you enjoy the poems, Dear Readers.

Day 16: In-depth

In Too Deep?

Nothing is too deep,
you see,
I don't do simple.
as deep as the ocean,
maybe deeper--
if that is possible;
or forever as eternity goes,
even if that is cliche.
I don't see endings
only the possibilities.
I am in-depth,
Just you try to stop me.

Day 17: Savory

Savory Moments

In that moment, and you know
pleasure on your mind,
in thoughts
of images,
a smell  of
you don't even know of what,
just piquing your interest.

What was that?
An aroma of-- 
the sight of movement--
you hear your name.

All senses awake,
when savory scenes ignite,
or aural pleasures.

your favourite music,
a plate of cheesecake
or mac n cheese,
or even the sight of someone held dear.

In these moments,
we are alive
don't lose that 
give in to the moments,
the memories,
and see what the world has granted you.

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  1. Moments to cherish, moments to rejoice in memories!


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