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Thursday, October 14, 2021

OctPoWriMo #14 - Shape Day!!!

 It's shape day!!

I usually skip day, or shape poem day (a Letterkenny reference.) If anyone is familiar with Letterkenny, and 'to be fair!' not many are. But, 'TO BE FAIIIIR' it is actually a good show. Today's poem is written in the shape the the subject matter. I don't always like trying to write a poem in the shape of the subject matter/theme, but today I did think, 'why not?'

Dear Readers, I present today's writing faaaaaaaaaaare...

Day #14 - Rain (Shape Poem); pelting, drip





Pat pitter

Pat pat...

Pelting &


Oh, the drumming

I can hear it

The raindrops

The rain




Wednesday, October 13, 2021

OctPoWriMo Day #13

 Day #13 - Theatre (no form suggested - Oddquain); 1, 3, 5, 7, 1


Waiting in

Feel the heartbeat pound

Glancing into the darkness--


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

OctPoWriMo Days #11 and 12

Maybe today in the I get caught up and stay caught up?!?! One can hope.

I feel less confident about these 2 days poems. Not really sure why as I had clear pictures and emotions tired to the ideas, but now that I am writing, Well, they have fallen a bit flat. Of course, that might just be my own head talking.

Sticking to my laurels, I am trying the poetic forms given in the prompts. I do think that they poems work, I just am second guessing myself tonight. Please, Dear Readers, enjoy and leave me some love in the comments section.

Thank you!


Day #11 - Horses/Parade (free verse)

Parade Day

Marching in line,

Dressed to the nines

With tails tied

With ribbons and bells--

The beauty of the ball,

Stepping high

And only a little out of sync;

A musical cacophony, jangling.

To the delight of the children

Sidelining the roads.

Only what they see with blinders,

But they hear all

When they deposit on the road.


Day #12 First (Ode)

Ode to Being First

Feeling new,

When the day begins

Feeling alone,

On the streets.

There is peace here,

A peace that is craved,


Because while others seek it out,

It is only here and now

That it is received.

It is the first.


Saturday, October 9, 2021

OctPoWriMo 2021: Days 9 and 10

Still behind, but not for long. I have included links for these poetic styles, which are brand new to me.

Day #9 - Refresh (The Bop) 6/8/6: refrains

Refreshing Problem

The problem is so very simple

When you want a drink

The water seems so far away,

Across the miles and over the river

To someplace you have never been,

Only wishing to go.

You can taste it in your dreams--

Imagine lying there,

Far removed from everything.

You are lying, cocooned away,

Maybe bound by something,

It is warm and comforting,

But you are still thirsty,

And nothing is in sight,

Except the darkness.

You can taste it in your dreams--

What if I say that it is time to wake up,

Open your eyes,

Maybe uncurl from the blankets

To find that the water, 

It is sitting on the end table,

Waiting for you to reach for it.

You can taste it in your dreams. 


Day #10 - End/Stop (End/Stop Poem!!!) see Day 10/9

Making the Change?

It is a never ending process.

To see the changes within the world.

Maybe remember that you can do it too?

Make changes within yourself too!

OctPoWriMo 2021 (Days 1 through 8)

 It's that time again, Dear Readers.

It's funny to note the last time I posted to this blog was last year's OctPoWriMo. What a year (or two) it has been?!?! Sometimes I can't believe where I am now versus where I was, but here I am, still writing poetry. That part hasn't changed. It's just been a while and I don't always write everyday.

Dear Readers, so much has happened...

    I got married. Moved twice. Changed jobs. Discovered I have anxiety and possibly ADD (undiagnosed). Self-published two children books. Realized that I like shows like "Schitt's Creek" and "Letterkenny".  Lost a lot of faith in humanity, but still manage to function is society. (I usually prefer bullet points, but not today)

This post will be a long one. I have eight poems to post and a ninth one later tonight. I decided that this year I will try the recommended poetry type for each days poem, even if I don't like and struggle with the style. ~I am looking at you Villanelle~ There will be no edits to the poem, so they appear as I completed them, and hopefully no egregious spelling errors. #noapologies 

Day #1 Anticipate (Cascade)

Floral Anticipation

Is waiting,

Always the waiting--

There is no patience.

Spending the time

In the garden, wandering and 

Is waiting. 

Just the impatiens,

Full in bloom they are

Spending the time

Growing, swaying in the breeze,

Passing the time they are

Just the impatiens.


Day #2 Expire (Tanka)

Expiration Date

Too much time has passed,

Waiting in the garden and 

Seeing the seasons,

They are changing, I am not.

Left wondering why don’t I.


Day #3 Contemplation (free verse)

Song of the Procrastinator

When left alone,

I think.

Moire thinking,

Less accomplishment of my tasks.

You would think,

That with this time

All that can be done,

Is done.


There is much to be said of contemplation

Of the task,

And the realization 

Of the procrastination.


Day #4 Cool Nights (Pantoum)

A Walk in Autumn

After the sun has gone down

The light hides away, making

Streets dark and unfriendly seeming,

A cool breeze, blowing.

The light hides away, making

Shadows fall long against

A cool breeze, blowing.

It is a cool night.

Shadows fall long against

The dying daylight,

It is a cool night,

The beginning of autumn.

The dying daylight,

Crisp, crunchy leaves and

The beginning of autumn

Is not scary,

Crisp, crunchy leaves and

Your favourite sweater

Is not scary, 

Just a sign that seasons change.

Your favourite sweater--

Streets dark and unfriendly seeming,

Just a sign that seasons change

After the sun has gone down.


Day #5 Path (Mirrored Refrain) x/a/B/A; x/b/A/B; ....

Remembered Path

If you walk this path;

Know that you walk alone,

Between the trees pass

With footsteps that hone.

Echoing against the trees;

You are the lone lass

With footsteps that hone,

Between the trees pass…

Remembrance of the past;

Memories that you have sown,

Between the trees pass

With footsteps that hone.

Giving the long forgotten gift;

Looking back into the glass

With footsteps that hone,

Between the trees pass... 


Day #6 Dream (Villanelle) a/b/a; a/b/a; a/b/a; a/b/a; a/b/a; a/b/a/a

Truth in Dreamland

Barely a glimpse caught

The barren and hidden trails,

You will only find it naught

Weaving between memories handwrought, 

Hearing the songs of nightingales

That has you distraught.

Thinking of the things forethought

And sadness comes of fails;

Your memory of the thought.

Only can this be an afterthought,

When travels upon Nod’s travails. 

Leaves me to unthought

The process begat to me in distraught,

I am only dreaming of sails

That has me here, brought

When I fell into the aforethought

Domain, Nod’s details.

My only chance , to find ought

That woke me from what I sought.


Day #7 - Scales (Prose Poem)

Molt Prose

It is merely a covering of your skin,

More like your actual skin,

And if I pull it off, you will hurt.

It is not my way,

Little one, to hurt you, 

Yet I can see that your skin is peeling.

You are growing,

And out growing your skin,

Your scales.

They flake off,

Feel slowly to the floor,

Gathering in circles,

Like cairns to the ancestors.

This is normal.


Day #8 - Rainbow (Tanka) 5/7/5/7/7

Spectral Burst

After the rain falls

Between the misting rain drops

You can see light bend,

Stretching to be caught by eyes

In these colourful bursts.


Please leave me a comment, question, or some love in the section. Thank you, Dear Readers!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 31 (Late and a Little Something...)

OctPoWriMo Prompt: Light, Dark

Battle Ground

Lost  in a fog,

deep in a dark tunnel

with nothing to see by.

Cannot see,

cannot feel

there is nothing around me.

I should walk forward,

but I cannot tell if there is ground 

underneath my feet.

I have to trust 

what I don't see

and I don't even know 

where to step.

Friday, October 30, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 30 (Wandering...)

A fitting way to wind down the month. I choice the triquain most randomly; the non-rhyming kind. Still not in a rhyme frame of mind. Ha! I am please with today's poetic adventure. As always, please leave me a comment below, Dear Readers. Thank you for tuning in during OctPoWriMo!

Public Domain Pictures

Prompt: Wild, Weird, Spontaneous / Poetic Form: Triquain

For You;

I wander

along the forgotten paths,

trite enough cliches for poets that

will write the words, that fills the world with memories.

My songs are weird and wild, racing

lines across pages that

grace your sight.

Inspire me

to  be spontaneous

with my wit and whimsy so say I

that I wander with you, adventurous are we.

When I find that peace that I sought by

the forgotten paths with

you by me.