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Sunday, December 27, 2015

ROW80 Yearly Wrap Up to Round 4

It's been a long time, Dear Readers!

Between the holidays and my own world turning upside down and around I haven't done much with my goals. But I also had decided sometime ago that I needed to reevaluate my goals as a writer. Also, it being the end of the year, I thought I would review some of what I have accomplished. It's been an amazing year, and even with the split and the subsequent divorce in 2016. I am feeling a sense of peace, mostly because of the fact that these choices while new and scary feel right.

This Year:
     *David and I are working on being friends. We still consider each other our best friends, but with a break-up there is a massive transition has to happen. That requires distance, time, and introspective soul searching. I cannot speak for him, but I know that I need to figure me out. I send him love and know that anything worth having is not easy, but will be better down the road. Thank you to all my friends for being there me and for David. It'll take time and is not easier, as I am learning, but I am determined to make it happen;
     *Learning to be single. See, its been a while and things I took for granted  being in a relationship, and now being single feels weird and scary. In this process I have discovered going on dates with myself to be oddly rewarding and keeping busy is the best thing for me right now. Also, I am not a cheap date; :-)
     *I am taking the next step into being a writer. I started picking out stories that I have wanted to work on editing, improving, and sending out to beta readers, and this submitting for publication. Also, I wrote two children's stories and the one (Little Lost Sheep) is now is the final revision stage, after having 5 beta readers return edits. I am now preparing an artist packet for perspective illustrators. I am going to get this thing published by 2017 (by hell or high water). Maybe that's a lofty goal, but its what I want;
      *I love to write and finding that passion again, with a little less furiousity, as I am working on the editing part now. But, not being afraid to write something or at least try something new. I even have a Channillo series for poetry, Here, There be a Poet. Go check it out!
      *I love theatre too much to quit, but am really making a choice what shows I do. Auditioning for MacBeth next month, becasue Shakespeare. and this year I directed, Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap. I performed in Zombie Prom, A Golden Age of Radio reenactment, and wrote/directed/acted in Here Comes Snoopy Claus, the Hammondsport Xmas show, and participated in three 24 Hour Theatre events;
       *I traveled to Hartford, CT to attend Connecticon and visit with my friend and mentor, James Owen, ALL BY MYSELF!!
       *I enjoyed the summer and had no commitments. This means I attended several graduation parties, went to Avon's Flea Market, went to Sterling's Renaissance Faire, visited old friends while having new adventures, Weird Al concert, and a lot more that I cannot remember at the moment.
      *Read ALL the GAIMAN (well most of the Gaiman). I have a reading goal of 40 (revised) books and at 38 books. Trying to make that goal by the skin of my teeth. Finally finished my current book to movie adaptation review from last year. Favourite books I read this year Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and The Bloggess's Let's Pretend it Didn't Happen. I also read a crap ton of Agatha Christie's novels;
      *Also, I got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Krampus, The Peanuts Movie, Pan, Mad Max: Fury Road, four separate live Riff Trax events, and The Book of Life (I think are were a few others, but that's what I can remember).

It's been a full years, speed bumps and excitement all around. What have you done this year, books reads, movies, watched, adventures had? Leave me a comment below, Dear Readers. I would love to hear from you.

A Round of Words in 80 Day, a blog challenge that know you have a life. Visit the Blog Hop to see what everyone else is up to.


Friday, December 18, 2015

Inkheart: A Review

I watched the movie. I did.

Inkheart. It was a movie. A movie that I watched.

Oh, Brendan Fraser... ~shakes head~

I don't really know where to start.

Okay, there are SPOILERS! You have been warned...

Usually when I do these book to movie reviews I have a long list of things that were incorrect, misrepresented, poorly done, or were actually done right that needs to be recognized. I get a thrill out of pointing out the obviously incorrect stuff, pausing the movie and yelling at the TV screen (often) because they glossed over this point or that point.

I am not saying the Inkheart is guilt free. But I actually looked at it from a movie perspective first. And then I considered the gross inconsistencies. First, it had Brendan Fraser. I am not generally a Brendan Fraser fan. It wasn't that he acting was terrible, oddly enough he was entertaining. My biggest beef  is that he wasn't British sounding enough. His daughter, Meggie, Elinor, Fenoglio, even Capricorn was British (or at least British sounding). It was a bit distracting to have one person without some form of an accent. Was it enough to ruin the movie? Eh, probably not. But is was distracting.

Looking at it from the book perspective there were a number of things that were glossed over from the book, or not even touched. This is usually what makes me loathe or gently despise a movie made from a boo. When I looked at the story as a movie it was actually entertaining. I missed a lot of the subtle character work the Cornelia Funke included in her book with Dustfinger and Resa, as in the book he did not know she was Meggie mother and Mo's wife. There was also this attraction Dustfinger had for her and made Dustfinger a stronger character. They skipped a lot of those bit and a shame too.

Okay fine, I can believe the characters were real in the movie. Sort of...Resa got shafted, as she had less build up, less vested in her character, except that she was Meggie's lost mother.

There was the ending. It was not he same. Where do you want me to begin? Mo reads Dustfinger back into Inkheart, end of story. That definitely a cop out, happy ending bull crap. There's the Shadow, when he died and not quite in the same way did not produce the creatures that the Shadow had killed who survived in the book to live  with Elinor. And of course everyone else who was alive, the beast and Black Jackets whom had been read out of the books returned to their origins. More cop out it seems.


Not a bad ending, but it felt like a typical Hollywood happy ending where they wrapped everything up in a pretty package with a bow on top.

As for content, it was inconsistent for my tastes. I wanted more of the bits with Basta, his back story and character. I also felt they rushed to name drop Resa and her story, as mentioned above. Paul Bettany was an amazing Dustfinger, though and Eliza Hope Bennett as Meggie was a really good choice. Although they made she a bit older in the movie than in the book, a small gripe if you please. Capricorn wasn't as much of a dick as he was in the book, but seeing as they made a family friendly kids fantasy movie, you can only make a villain so much of a dick. As for location and even cinematography , the whole movie was gorgeous.

The best I can say is it was a so-so family friendly fantasy movie (here Dear Readers, have some alliteration). To compare it to the book, you will find yourself disappointed. The book was over 500 pages, there's a lot to cover there. Yes, the movie is going to gloss over much of it. Will I watch it again, maybe? (if there's a Rifftrax available or booze. Maybe both) If you prefer a good story, read the book. If you  like a fun fantasy movie and can handle a non-British Brendan Fraser, then watch the movie. Did I expect anything less from Hollywood? Not really. I kinda was hoping it would have been terrible to watch, because then I could have laughed and mocked it. Oh well! It was still entertaining.

My recommendation is to read the books, all three of them. You will enjoy them if you like fantasy. I am currently working on a re-read Inkspell!

Have a fantastic day, Dear Readers!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Story of The Thing They Made

So, I receive a piece of sloth mail from a fellow Amanda Palmer fan yesterday. This was right before I was to head to the one-time performance of Here Come Snoopy Claus. It is a show that was created and birthed within two weeks. David, Kaylara, Sara, and myself came together to write and direct a show based on the Peanuts characters and with the help of Anna, Ryan, Lily, Amanda, and some adorable Woodstocks (Wendy, Tess, Daphne, Owen, Aubrey) we made a thing, a thing that never existed before.

I am forgetting that this sloth mail I received suggested I do something CRAZY. To tell a story.

I thought that doing Here Comes Snoopy Claus was pretty crazy and then I thought, maybe I should write a story about it. I tried something different. It is a bit of a rough draft, but here is my thing of the thing that was made and performed yesterday.

Enjoy, Dear Readers!

Once upon a time there were four souls. They would spend their days creating stories for the world which they inhabited. These souls were storytellers. Each telling their own stories, in their own ways for the good of the world.

But today they came together to make something.

Their world was a place filled with strife and sadness, but these souls were beings that love to make art and beauty and love.

So one day, these souls met in a not-so-secret place and discussed the making of a thing. Something never made before. This was a thing that would bring much joy to the world.

They talked and planned. 

The souls would throw ideas against the walls of these not-so-secret place. It was a grand time. Sometimes the idea balls would stick, others exploded, and still others bounced back and the souls had to duck to avoid the flying idea balls.

They did this for the longest time, about two days, until they finally had on outline of the thing.

The souls were very excited. They told others whom wanted to take part in this thing.

Over the next several days these souls met and worked separately on this thing. They brought in other friends to help built this thing that was filled with art, songs, happiness, comedy, and love. There was guitar music and karaoke echoing across the not quite frozen lands of the soul's world. They were surprised, because it was the bleak wintertide and usually that meant cold. But it wasn't cold this year, but warmth and much still green. 

So, the souls continued to practice their art until the grand day of unveiling to the world.

Meanwhile there was sadness, when one of the souls-the oldest became ill. They souls worried as they practiced. But fear not, this story is not sad. For the old soul sought help in healing and the other souls sojourned on. They-the souls vowed to honour their friend while he was healing.

The rehearsals continued. 

And then the day was upon them.

The souls rejoiced. The main four danced and sang with their friends. The  souls of the world that lived near and far came to see with what they had created. There were lessons learned and joy to be shared, which is all the souls really wanted, and what everyone else enjoyed.

The souls they sang! Their thing brought much joy to the world.

And at the end of the day, the souls climbed upon the backs of reindeer and llamas and flew away into the night to eat chicken tenders and honey mustard.

The End.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

RENT (the Movie): A Short Review

I have never seen a live production of RENT.

This is fact!

I remember in college, freshman year, when the halls of my dorm echoed with La Vie Boheme. I knew NOTHING about the show it was from, except that everyone was singing it.

This is also fact.

In 1999 or there about one of my bestest friends made me a mix tape that included this song about RENT. What?

More fact.

Sometime ago I purchased a CD of the show RENT, vowing I would at least listen to the music.

Truth, but I only listened to it once.

Okay, Dear Readers, you are probably asking yourself what is the point to this post. Plenty. See, I don't post anything on my blog that isn't about something I haven't encountered or experienced. If I haven't seen something I will tell you thusly and it will only be a brief passing statement on blog post X, Y, or Z. I will never string you along about anything, when I mention something, there is a propose. What I am trying to say is that after a decade or so, I have finally seen a version of RENT.

Now, I know you might be thinking does she mean the musical or the movie?

It was the movie. And before any of you jump up fretting about movie versus music, please see my review of Charlotte's Web (features the animated movie, the live action movie, the book, and the musical). I want you to know that I will watch a theatrical production (even if I have to buy a DVD of it first) of RENT in the future. Over the years I have heard a number of things about RENT the musical, RENT the movie, RENT this RENT, yes I watched the movie. And no, I didn't hate it.

Believe me I knew next to nothing about the characters, maybe a vague description about who was who and knew about five of the songs well enough. And yet I enjoy watching the WHOLE movie.

While it does kind of throw you into the world of NYC struggling artists and their messy lives, you do feel like getting punched in the feels. In a good way of course. OH THE FEELS!!! The acting, from what I can see, was good. I felt vested in these characters while I watched. Musically, I could enjoy all the songs, even got context on some of the songs that I didn't know before.

Some have told me that maybe it wasn't like the musical, but for a movie it was entertaining, touching, had a lot of musical moments, and I was entertained. I have a question to you, Dear Readers, have you watched the movie or the musical? What do you prefer? Leave me some love below...

If you were to ask me, Dear Readers, I could have to say the Mark is my favourite character. I could understand him and sympathize his arc. But, musically, I loved Mimi and Roger's songs, Light My Candle and I Should Tell You. As a whole the story is touching and give a real feel to this mismatched set of characters and their lives.

It was weird to not hear the standard dialogue that is featured in the musical version of the song RENT. But I think that was a directorial choice.

Note: it was nice to see Rosario Dawson in a musical role.

Overall, it was a decent movie, even go so far as to say a touching movie. It makes me curious to see a live production of it in the future.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Muppets (TV): a look into the Modern

Do not own this picture. Used under Fair Use.
Did you ever stop to think that The Muppets would be back on Prime Time television?

I didn't.

~May contain spoilers and personal opinions~

The Muppets is the newest incarnation of the Muppets in the media. It was NOT what I was expecting either. I guess I am a bit of the classical Muppets gal and hoping for something like the regular variety type style Muppet Show, or even Muppets Tonight.

"The characters in The Office and Parks & Rec were always kind of Muppety, so it's nice to see that format being done with actual Muppets. It's not the Muppet Show everyone wanted, but for prime time TV, it works." ~David A. Scott Jr.

Having wandered through some of the review of the first episode I got the feeling that this show was thought to be overdone tripe in the vein of shows that have already come and gone Parks and Rec, The Office, or Modern Family. See there's a 64% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and about 69% of viewers enjoy the show. There must be something to it, I mean its the Muppets, the magic must be there, somewhere, even if its gotten mixed reviews. Right?

"It is like the office meets the Muppets. It is charming and true to the Muppets hilarious nature." ~Kaylara Allington

I was a little on the fence after the first two episodes. See, there were a few a points that made me question if I could watch this show for longer than an episode or two.              
          *First, there weren't a lot of musical numbers. The Muppets are about singing and music in my book. This show seemed to not have that staple with usually one, maybe two musical numbers per episode at most.
          *Second, the characters seemed to be out of character for their typical goals, desires, and pursuits. I will not spoil much, but it is strange to see Sam the Eagle trying to hit on a another Muppet character. It felt weird.
          *Third, and I have gotten this from others that here has always been a this thing about the Muppets. They are timeless and multi-generational, for kids and adults  are into them. They enjoy the songs, dancing, and general goofiness that comes with the Muppets. So for some people this show hasn't felt very Muppety.

"Like many people, the Muppets are a major part of my childhood - from the classic films to the not-so-classic films, to Muppet Babies, etc.  Particularly with the show (and the much loved but short-lived Muppets Tonight) and the films, I have watched them at different points in my life and been able to access them in different ways.  You get different jokes at different points in your life.  My issue with the new show is the total abandonment of those layers.  The Muppets were never "for kids" (well, except maybe for some unfortunate televised specials), but they always reached out to kids with love while still entertaining older audiences.  This show is funny.  The Muppets still seem like themselves (aside from whatever is going on with Janice), but it is frustrating for me to watch the show which is in no way inviting to children.  It loses some of that sense of magic and wonder in favor of giving over entirely to the cynical.  Yes, it is funny and entertaining, but for me, it just isn't the Muppets." ~Sara Love

I sort of felt the same way after watching the first two episodes. Being a classic Muppet person when it comes to the Muppets, its always been The Muppet Show or Muppets Babies, the countless specials and most of the movies (except Muppets Most Wanted, still need to watch that one). I love to see The Electric Mayhem play all manners of songs from Rock to Opera. The guests on the original show were unique, varied,  and always made it interesting, even when I didn't know who they were. See the Zero Mostel episode (Teyve from Fiddler and Pseudolus in Funny Thing Happen on the Way to the Forum) in a bit written bu Jerry Juhl in the style of Edgar Allen Poe.

What does that mean for the The Muppets new show? Currently, it looks like they are on top and riding a wave of success. ABC has green lit (pun intended) 16 episodes. That's a full season! I have watched 8 of the aired episodes. The reviews are a mix bag, as most things tend. Having asked my group of friends what they think, I was surprised that overall more people were into the show and found it entertaining. So, really what makes this show so appealing to the masses?

There's the BIG BREAK UP between Kermit and Piggy. No gonna lie, I was a little excited about that as I have always secretly loathe piggy. That doesn't mean I hated the Muppet Show or the subsequent movies. It was a charming annoyance, tongue and cheek type of humour about a relationship with a Pig and a Frog. Although when I first saw Muppets take Manhattan I was put off by the 'wedding' of Kermit and Piggy. I know some of the movie are just stories told using Muppets characters, but yeah that wasn't my favourite part. So, with Kermit and Piggy free to be the possibilities at more open. What does Kermit do? Date another pig.... ~shrug~ You love what you love.

"What I like about it is the update to the times. The characters take vaguely about sex, they talk about drinking or how safe their jobs are, it's really up to date and much more for adults than teens or children." ~Todd Chichester

Then there's the secondary characters and those have really made the show rather enjoyable for me. Even with the raunchy take on Swedish Chef or Pepe and Rizzo's hijinks, I can say that I understand why the show is doing well. It is funny and I have warmed up to much of the modern take on the lives of my beloved Muppets characters; Sam the Eagle macking on Janice, weird, yes, but funny. A wide variety of guests in funny and interesting situations with Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie, or the Electric Meyhem. They have opened up something that I didn't think about until I started writing this review. To stay in the same pattern isn't always going to keep you in good standing, sometimes you have to try something new, especially if something old isn't working. Change isn't bad. Change can be scary. Will it always work out perfectly? Not necessarily. But, if you make people happy with your TV show then you are doing something right. If you are happy with your work, you are doing something right. If at the end of the day realize that the world is better for ditching Kristen Chenowith in the desert, then so be it.

What I thought of Pig Girls don't Cry versus Hard to Handler is very different. I might not always roll on the floor at every joke, but I do like the show. I love the Muppets. And I like knowing that they make people happy. Half watching half the season I will definitely be tuning into the next 8 episodes. I hope they can make another season, but in the mean time Fozzie will always tell terrible jokes, Gonzo is awesome, Pepe is the best thing to come out of the sea, and the Swedish Chef's "Gropin' the Groban" is still my favourite line thus far.

Cheers to the Muppets!

I was introduced to the Muppets through re-runs of the old Muppet Show and the movies. They were on Sesame Street too. A whole chunk of my life was about the Muppets, and as I got older I discovered some of the older specials and rarer gems from the archives, thanks to David. There was much time was spent enjoying these specials, movies, and TV shows. Christmas suddenly became about Emmet Otter, Muppet Family Christmas, and the Christmas Toy. Today I can still pull out something Muppety and feel good. Even better is when the movie from 2011 came out, it blew me away and showed me that the Muppets were definitely a force to be reckoned with. I sing the song and laugh at the jokes. Wokka Wokka!!

Now because I love a top list. My top 10 Muppets moments from everything Muppety.

10. A, B, C...Cookie Monster

9.  Elton John - Benny and the Jets (The Muppet Show)

8. Gonzo - I'm Going to Go Back There Someday (The Muppet Movie)

7. Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou (The Muppet Show)

6. Rainbow Connection (The Muppet Movie)

5. Nothing! There are  my.... (Muppets Wizard of Oz)

4. Manha Manha

3. Pepe!

2. Life's a Happy Song - The Muppets (2011) Most of the song and I've wanted to do this song for a music review, because THEATRE!!! And it's awesome.

1. Harry Belafonte - Turn the World Around (The Muppet Show)

Check out my friends twitter and Tumblr sites for more silly and interesting stuff in the links above. Without their input I wouldn't be able to write this. Leave me a comment about your opinion on the Muppets new show. I love all opinions. Please share your favourite moments from the new show, old classic songs and skits. What turned you onto the Muppets? What don't you like about the Muppets?

"Just watch it, okay." ~Pepe

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pantoum for Paris and Lebanon

From a post late last week. I wanted to shared it again on the social networks.

In a world where people still cannot find peace with each other, it is nice to see that people are still good. Words fail me today.

To me it seems easy to accept people for ours differences, to enjoy and celebrate what makes us different. This is not okay. It will never be okay. I stand with Paris, France, and the whole world in saying you are not alone. I stand by you as a friend. Together we are stronger.

I am a writer. I am a poet. I write words. My favourite style is a pantoum, it's a song-like style. This is for the bad day and the good days to come. Nothing can change thee feeling, the hurt, but I give you what I can today, Paris. A little ray of sunshine to help you feel less alone.

When in the dark you stand,
after the lights have been turned out
and maybe you feel alone
in a large and crowded room.

After the lights have been turned out
and there you are standing
in a large and crowded room,
you will feel a hand upon your shoulder.

And there you are standing--
the world spinning around you
you will feel a hand upon your shoulder, 
know that you are not alone.

The world is spinning around you
maybe you want cry
know that you are not alone
I will help carry your burden.

Maybe you want to cry,
yell obscenities to the sky.
I will help carry your burden
because I am your friend.

Yell obscenities to the sky,
maybe it is wanting to be with others
because I am your friend,
I will not let you fall.

Maybe it is wanting to be with others
when the tragic has befallen.
I will not let you fall
I will see you through that which you face.

When the tragic has befallen
and maybe you feel alone
I will see you through that which you face
when in the dark you stand.

I STAND WITH YOU, PARIS and LEBANON!! ‪#‎StandwithParis‬ #StandwithLebanon

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Clock Struck Four

Rory's Story Cubes! My new favourite thing...

Roll all nine die.

Tell a story using all nine pictures.

This is my ROW80 update today. Check out my fellow writers over at the Blog Hop!

The Clock Struck Four

Once upon a time when the clock struck four, there was a knock at the door. It had been quiet for so long that she was startled. There were footsteps, something sounded familiar and the sudden sound of a key turning made her leap to her feet. She wasn’t expecting anyone, certainly not anyone on a Sunday afternoon. The autumnal evenings were waning fast. Looking around for something, she saw the poster if the ancient pyramids, slowly peeling off the wall and her cell phone lying on the table and thy key continued to unlock the door. Standing up, she grabbed the nearest item on the counter behind her, a flashlight. Thinking maybe it was an intruder, because there wasn’t anyone supposed to be stopping by, and certainly not with a key. There was a low thump and a crash, she turning back away from the door to see that her cat knock over an abacus and was crawling over the large magnifying glass holding her papers down. The orange tabby jumped down from the table, casting large eyes up and her softly mrrowing. “Oh you,” she said as she turned to watch the door slowly creak open. Her flashlight raised high, ready to lay a surprise on her visitor. Then there popped inside a bouquet of flowers waving slowly in the crack of the door and she dropped her flashlight, “you scared me,” she said, “I wasn’t expecting you.”

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Late but Here...

Somewhere in the middle of my life I found a pearl and I held it up to the sun. As I stood there with the sun upon my cheek, iridescent skin casting rainbows on my eyelids. When I open them I saw the truth, and while it was bright and burned I couldn't help but feel that maybe the pain of the sun's glare was only temporary. I would see again, thanks to the sun and the pearl.

Feeling very determined. And after a really long ass week of tears and mutually choosing to separate from my husband of 17 years (almost 10 in marriage) I am entering a new world. I don't regret a thing. There will be a separate post on the whole story, because I want to share it. But, Dear Readers, I wanted to tell you that what I lost in a husband has allowed me to keep my best friend. Simply put, we drifted apart. He found another. I was aware, but I turned away. I was wrapped up in other things and projects. I realized I wasn't in love anymore.

I am on day four.

It's NaNoWriMo! And I am not doing it. I don't have it in me. David he told me a lot things in the last  four days, the two most important things being that he was proud of me and didn't want me to stop writing to change myself to please him. And he suggested that instead of trying so hard to do the next writing challenge, that maybe I should work on editing my stuff to get it published. That I didn't really edit anything, I just jumped to the next thing.

I am on day four.

I am going through withdrawals. But my best friend is there for me and I for him. He is starting a new journey with someone I trust to make him happy. She is a friend.I am lucky this ending like this. I am looking towards the future with eyes cleared by the rainbow streaks of the sunlight.

I haven't written in four days. Time to start.

I hadn't done much in those four days, mostly cry, ask questions , and try to get through the day. I am eating, thanks to Sara (another friend). I am writing this because while I am healing from the wounds of this split, I am now understand what my mentor has said about  life sometimes needing a course correction. Not the real quote, but the sentiment is there.

I missed ROW80 Sunday, barely catching Wednesday's now.

I am on day four.

I want the people that matter to know about this. David and I are okay, getting better I lost a few people in this process. The naysayers neighed I guess. I am not sorry that I made a choice to make David and mines life better. He is happy, why should I take away. I couldn't live with myself if he was miserable. so I look inside myself and saw that I had grown apart and separate from him. He is still my best friend, I look forward to many more adventures with him, but am supporting him in his journey towards his happiness and passion.

I am reading again, making my way through Inkheart (Cornelia Funke). Today I am writing. Day four was filled with my chest and heart feeling tight. After a full rehearsal and countless support from friends, especially David and Sara, I am convinced I will life and am happy for David. A decision made with love is right even when its an ending. Hint: an ending is just a new beginning.

Here's my unfinished entry for Sunday...I think I will revisit my goals. NaNoWriMo can wait. It's time to get my self published. Make my best friend truly proud. Tomorrow is a new day with new chances to make something awesome with your lives. Go for it! I am. David is.

This Week: (What I left off on)
       *Reading: making progress on Inkheart (Cornelia Funke), but left my book at work on Friday and couldn't make any progress on that.
       *Writing: finished OctPoWriMo (about a 100 words per post), Friday Writing Blitz (300+ words)...
       *Theatre Stuff: working on typing bios, finish my scene breakdown for the crew...
       *Social Media: 4 blogs daily Weds through Friday.

A Round of Words in 80 Days a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come and visit the Blog Hop and see what everyone is up to.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Journey's End

How has your journey been for you? Have you discovered new ways to write poetry? Were you able to dive deeper into the words and uncovered new/old truths?

It always is different. I find that when I let go, I get more of what I want out of a poem, a story, or life as I
know it. I tried every prompt, in some capacity. I explored new poetic forms. I tried free verse. I found a love for free verse, letting go of structure, yet still holding onto that ability to tell a story (or try to). I wasn't always successful with what I wanted, but tried. I experimented with rhyme and mimickry of  other poets. I had a good time and will be back next year. There are things I want to try to perfect before next year. Dear Readers, expect much more poetry to surface between now and NaPoWriMo in April 2016.


For my musketeers and poet peeps...

OctPoWriMo the month long poetry challenge. 31 poems in 31 days. Come see what everyone else is writing aty the Blog Hop.

Word Prompts: trip, expedition, excursion, trek, voyage, cruise, ride, drive, jaunt

Sentence Starters: 
The journey isn't ending...
exploring my depths...

From MorgueFile

It is the journey
that somehow people will fear
it is what I love


The adventure
is what is waiting
the journey
a path
a trail
destiny unfolding.

I relish the expedition
seeking out new challenges
new words to play with
upon my fingers
at the keyboard I type,
into the lands known
and unknown.

Upon the ship I sail,
Captain at the helm
and you as my first mate
hold tight before we capsize.

Upon the elephant to ride,
thundering through the jungle
dense and deep.

A quick jaunt to Baker Street,
perhaps with the Tardis meet
some rhyme 
and reason
we travel together
to Paralon and back again,
more adventures to be had.

Even at journey's end,
it is only the beginning.

Friday, October 30, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Senses

Maybe it is the 2 hour nap I took this morning, after the furnace guys came to measure the house. I was tried Tardis Hum coming from my computer. Its my favourite sound to write to. I think it syncs up to my algorithms and keeps me mellow. Anyway, I set to writing the second to last poem for OctPoWriMo 2015.
and I think not getting good quality sleep the last two/three nights.  So now with the nap behind me and the coffee in front I can settle into my work. There is

Funny, while I feel glad to be winding down as I wrote, a sadness overcame me. I guess yesterday's prompt is still with me. And since tomorrow is Halloween I was feeling in the spirit. Something made me want to write a Halloween poem, but then something else wanted to write a poem in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.

I did not settle.

I wrote both.

Happy Halloween ~AND~ Blessed Samhain!!!

Poetry Prompt: Your prompt today is to write a poem that incorporates each of the senses (Or I guess if you want, focus in on one of them?) Free for all on the form, but go one by one with see, feel, smell, hear, and taste. Tell me a story or tell me a memory. Really put the reader into that fleeting moment of life so that in every way those words are alive. Let them be the truth of the moment.

Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch, and Taste

Word Prompts:  Present, Icy, Embers, Moonlight

Sentence prompts: Then it hit me like...
The breeze came through the window...
I love...
Into the puddle...

Poetic Prompt: Pleiades and Trolaan

Trip of Treating

Within silver moonlight,
I can see and hear sounds
of ghosts and goblins 'round.
Smell of wetted leaves, I
touch the velvet folds of 
my cloak imagining
the hot cup of cocoa


Once Upon a Midnight...

Through the window, open wide it stood--
black night I see and where spirits roam.
Hear the hoot owl cry across inky velvet wood
and feel cold within the confines of my home.

Hasten now to bring fire to life--
have you flint and tinder to strike a spark.
Heavenly is the scent of sulfur rife,
haven's here inside while outside it is stark.

Advantage here we have here today--
and on this night when lurking monsters near
allow me one moment here to stay
awhile as we prepare against the dread night, Dear.

Do not let your fears take to flight,
Darling, now to give you rest,
determined to make this night,
Drink my love and taste this twice hot chocolate blessed.

OctPoWriMo is a month long challenge, 31 poems in 31 days. Beware and enter the Blog Hop at your own risk.

I found these whilst looking for something Halloweenie to post. Poe is one of my favourite poet and writer of all times. Enjoy these adaptations and my own poem, Dear Readers:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Beginnings or Endings

Poetry Prompt: Endings. Beginnings.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. ~Seneca

OctPoWriMo a month long challenge, write 31 poems in 31 days. Come and visit with others, see what they are writing. Blog Hop.

Poetic Form: A Quatern . A French form in the vein of a Kyrielle Sonnet, but not necessarily using iambic meter or rhyme.

Beginning or Ending

Why does an ending mark sadness
when so much more adventure waits.
The path disappearing around
and into the distance sojourned.

Its time to make a change, Dear One--
Why does an ending mark sadness
when set you are to climb mountains
but find valleys that bar your way.

Marching to the Great Wide Open,
but it begs you the question asked--
Why does an ending mark sadness
when all you want to do is laugh?

Beginnings are journeys as much
as Endings are the possible
starts or finishes that you seek--
Why does an ending mark sadness?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Much Progress

Today is a mass of hysteria and confusion as I sort out everything I need to do. Bear with me, Dear Readers. I am trying to get caught up on stuff, so this is getting posted on the late side.

This Week:
      *Reading: making slow work of Inkheart (Cornelia Funke). It a good novel and I need to soak it in. I have forgotten much of it since my last read of it.
      *Writing: wrote my OctPoWriMo poems daily (about 100 words each), Tuesday Writing Blitz (700+ words), Wednesday Writing Blitz (713 words), ROW80 post (863 words), and some NaNoWriMo prep work (its coming too fast).
      *Editing: Didn't get to editing Tuesday, but managed to get about an hour on some edits tonight. I wrote this so out of order that getting these edits and re-writes into the script is really going to take a while. But on the upside I feel I am getting a clearer story out of The Real Road Trip. Its becoming a stronger story. I have chapters now, but they feel more like sections while I sort this story out. We will see after I finish with this re-write draft.
      *Theatre Stuffs: scanned the my script (so I can print of a Lighting and Sound Technical Script tomorrow). Making sing-up sheets for make-up, and help for box office and parental guard duty. Typed up stage notes for Act 1. Much more to come....less than three weeks now!
      *House Tending: got plumber to fix leaky pipe in basement, getting a quote on a new furnace (joys of home ownership) as it appears that the furnace is shot, keeping up with laundry. Most of the dishes are now done.
      *Social Media: spending tine on Twitter, visiting 4 blogs daily from ROW80 and OctPoWriMo (at 4 for each since Sunday), and keeping up with my sponsor duties.

This (upcoming) Week:
       *Reading: continue reading Inkheart, read Murder Comes Ashore (Julie Anne Lindsey), and start Mrs. McGinty's Body (Agatha Christie). Update my Goodreads Reading Challenge.
       *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words. Hoping to make this happen in the latter part of the week this week. Spend a little time getting character sketches done and finish a mock outline for Modern Muses for NaNoWriMo, because that starts on Sunday.
       *Editing: Spend 1 day between now and Sunday editing The Real Road Trip for an hour.
       *Blogging: post Thursday.
       *Social Media:  4 blogs daily, sponsor duties, spend time on Twitter.
       *Theatre Stuffs: report.
       *House Tending: report.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come and see what the other ROW80-ers are writing about at the Blog Hop.

HOw are your goals coming? Who is doing NaNoWriMo? Ready for November?

So much stuff and now time for a little WIPpet Wednesday!

The creation of K.L. Schwengel, where writers post a bit of their WIP on Wednesday to a Blog Hop (CLICK HERE) to visit the other WIPpeteers. By using today's date you share a snippet and give a little background on the piece. Today is 10/28 so lets do 2 + 8 = 10 paragraphs from the beginning of Modern Muses (working title). Here we meet Thalos and what was doing at the top of the novel and a little bit of Teri.

A man bounced a tennis ball against the ground as he heard shouts from the field. “That’s fifteen – love, mate.” The guy on the further end of the courts called to his partner. 

“Okay, my serve then,” and he reach up just in time to miss the ball and as he ran to catch it his laces which were now loose and sprawled out across the court. He did a tuck and roll, but still managed to bang his head on the fence.

“You okay mate?” his friend called.

“Yeah, just cracked my head that’s all.” Everyone else on the nearby courts eyes the event unfolding, some even chuckle a bit, but most turned back to what they were doing when the young man slowly stood up.

They were supposed to laugh, Thalos thought. Why didn’t they? He thought it was funny.

What people didn’t see was that the man, Thalos was laughing and moving his pointer finger as the young man had skidded into the concrete, dropping his racket as the ball went out of bounds and bumping his head. Thalos wiped tears of mirth from his eyes, “Oh that’s good…” as he mentally checked off points about the young man’s fall.

“I thought you were in charge of inspiring the lighter side of poetry, comedy, and mirth.”

“I am,” said Thalos who now stood, dropping the tennis ball into his draw string bag. “I am just sitting here minding my own business. Doing some research for one of my…um, charges.”

“Right….Thalos. You think I was born yesterday.” The voice belonged to a short and thin girl, who looked much younger than Thalos. She was certainly clean in appearance. “You’re a bum, Talo.”

He hated that nickname. It made him think of candle, “What’s it to you, Teri?” Thalos said ignoring Teri and walking past a girl who was wearing black yoga pants and a purple spaghetti strap top with some brand name store across her meager chest.

OctPoWriMo: Whirlpool Video and Trekking

Today, Morgan Dragonwillow pulled out the challenge of recording yourself reading your favourite poem. I just recorded my voice for last's years OctPoWriMo audio challenege. This year is about stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I know many folks on the interwebs from Twitter, Facebook to Google +; or ROW80 to theOctPoWriMo/NaPoWriMo, especially my fellow musketeers, and also just from networking online with writers, poets, and people. So, I know some of their faces, fewer I know their voices. I like this challenge, because I get to know you as a person with your face and voice. I am taking a chance, I hope you will join me.

I could have picked any of hundreds of poems from high school or college, maybe something last year. I could have picked a really old and terrible poem, or one of my best. Nope and yup! I wanted to share my poem in my own voice and one from this year's OctPoWriMo, as I as written some of my best poem (only 2 were below my REALLY EFFIN' HIGH standards.

Ballads: I wasn't should I would like writing one, but by the time I type the last line, I was pretty much in love with the form. This poem is dedicated to Jesi (Athos), Rod (Aramis), and Lizzi (Dartagnen). I hope you three enjoy my voice and my live action face; and Dear Readers I also hope you enjoy the poem.

A finer point to mention. Morgan also posted this challenge and I am not one to skimp on a challenge. I used my favourite form, the Pantoum.

Word Prompts: confident, positive, pessimistic, sanguine, inauspicious, buoyant

from MorgueFile

Trekking Adveture

The sunshine dawning
even through the rain clouds
Are you confident enough
to sustain through the mire.

Even through the rain
when the pessimism reigns enough
to sustain through the mire
you still must tread.

When the pessimism reigns enough
and you are sure that you cannot
you still must tread
because you know you can.

And you are sure tht you cannot, 
the little voice stills sings
because you know you can
the strength lies within you.

The little voice still sings
a melody that is hard to kill
the strength lies within you
to make the trek through.

A melody that is hard to kill
when you make that choice
to make it through
doing what must be done.

When you make that choice
are you confident enough
to make it through
the sunshine dawning.

OctPoWriMo is a month long poetry challenge. you write 31 poems in 31 days. Come in a visit, see what everyone else is writing too at the Blog Hop.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Why Happy Ending Did you Write

I wrote about the stories, the ending, the tales that make me most happy to read them. Don't get me wrong, I love the standards of the Faerie, and fairytales. But there is something about taking it in a different direction that makes it better, sometimes. That got me thinking. Today's poem is a little more rambly, but It makes one think a little about what we perceive and what we want in our happy endings.

So, how do you write a Happy Ending, Dear Reader?

OctPoWriMo a month long poetry challenge. Write a poem a day for 31 days. Use the daily prompt or write your own. I took the idea and ran with it. Come and read what the others are writing about at the Blog Hop! Enjoy and Happy Reading, dear Readers!!

Photos from MorgueFile

What Happy Ending Did you Write?

Once upon a time...
When the hero rides upon the steed
or the ingenue gets the prince
or the villain properly vanquish--
these are what make up happy endings, right?

What is it you see?

What of
the roan steed within the stable
because her coat,
not nearly glossy enough to be seen,
whilst the white stallion,
looking strong and powerful
yet parched and weary
chosen time and again.

Why pick beauty over strength?

A hero hast not be of royal blood
to save the day,
nor to win thy fair maid's hand,
to be crowned victor,
saving the day
the ending cannot be just what is written.

Upon a steed of white he rides out of the darken glades,
Riding to a happy ending to meet his only love
in a hail of heavenly choruses will they kiss.

Somewhere there is the fool,
who only just wishes,
for once to get the girl.
a chance to snuggle on the couch
whilst watching yon Netflix.

Doesn't mean throwing passion to the wind equals sex?

A sword fight, clash of steel on steel in the royal throne room
with all there to watch as the villain, moustashe twirling dives at the hero
thirsty for blood and honouring a hail of heavenly choruses.

Maybe there is a girl,
with love to give to another
who cannot be hers
bound by promises to others,
yet a love remains
bound in emotional passion.

Are these stories then wrong?

What I want in a story
what I want to be--
I want happy to mean that after all the time on the road
dusty and dirty,
foot sore and hungry,
that maybe the hero
can be with the one they love bound in a rapture of Doctor Who and cheesecake.


A happy filled with hot cocoa
and a dozen books
and maybe about three weeks to myself.


With death tasting on my lips,
of relationships burned away,
birdsong in my ears as doors close,
sunshine on your face as you say goodbye.

Would you be okay with that? Would I?

Breaking the status quo
of faerie tales,
and heroes,
dragon battles,
and adventure.

Would you still love that? Love me?

If I re-wrote the stories to be where--

I die,
but having you in my arms
as the last breath leaves my lips--
a veritable happy ending.


I live
and not have you be mine
while another can claim you as theirs.


Is the ending best when the truth lies around you
like a cloak of the warmest wool,
flower of the most beautiful colour,
the truths telling you to be brave,
the hurts that make you stronger,
the friend making it out alive,
the Protagonist getting the job done
the Antagonist serving their time.

The happiness of endings--
those spoken with truth
either for good or ill.

Monday, October 26, 2015

OctPoWriMo: When will it Rain

Poetry Prompt: Loop Poem. I did one of these not too long ago for a prompt. am just a little bit excited to be trying it again. Its a great form to write in stream of consciousness. At least this of was very easy to write. the picture provided a bit of fodder for the poem and someone else filled in the gaps. Shhh, that's the secret! :-) I feel really good about this poem and i hope you enjoy reading it, Dear Readers.

From Morgan~
How to Loop 101: There are no restrictions on meter or syllables or rhyme schemes (YAY!). BUT we have a few rules!

Take the last word of a line. Skip a line. Use that word as the first word of that line. I know, sounds harder than it is, so basically take the last word of the FIRST line and use it as the first word of the THIRD line. Take the last word of the SECOND line and use it as the first word of the FORTH line. Last word of the THIRD line is the first word of the FIFTH line. And it keeps going on and on like that. Some people do it by stanzas. There is also a variation where there's no skipping and the last word of the line simply becomes the first word of the next line. Simpler, but personally I think it's a LOT harder. Got it? Sounds fun right!

Word Prompts: Cycle, Transparent, Petrichor- the scent of rain on dry earth , Rarity

When Will it Rain

When all the days seem to blur together
by Beverly Tan
thinking about you
together, by my side standing--
you the picture of lovely
standing a rarity under the 
lovely sapphire skies.
The memory of the rain once
Skies are still clear
once there was rain is the desert.
Clear of everything, but raw emotion
desert lands parched, but for love.
Emotion quenches my thirst
Love makes me thirsty.
Thirst for your lips upon mine,
Thirsty I am
Mine waiting for yours
Am waiting under the sun
Yours is the only one I desire
Sun glinting off your hair
Desire, yearning
Hair smelling of Petrichor
yearning for the moment of 
petrichor, when of the rain soaked bodies 
of heat pressing together and
Bodies intertwined
and thirst no more we will .

OctPoWriMo the month long poetry challenge and makes to think outside the box, at least it does for me. Come and visit with the others and see what they have been up to at the Blog Hop.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Childhood Favourite

It's that time again, Sunday check-in. I'm writing this while gelling to Meatloaf and writing incredibly strange flash fiction. It's what I do, but anyway, how did my latter week plans go. You wanna know? Well, Dear Reader, check it out.

This Week:
     *Reading: about a 1/5 of the way through Inkheart (Cornelia Funke). Been focusing on this one more this week. I have an Agatha Christie novel in my purse Mrs. McGinty's Body, but haven't started reading it yet and there's Murder Comes Ashore (Julie Anne Lindsey) to finish.
     *Writing: have written a poem a day for OctPoWriMo since Wednesday (about 100 words per post), wrote this ROW8 post ( 521words), and a blitz this afternoon (768 words). I wrote 4 days out of the 7 of the week (not counting the poem, which would have meant I wrote all 7 days then).
     *Social Media: visited 4 site daily (ROW80), about 3 to 4 (OctPoWri), and 2 so far for WIPpet Wednesday. Visited my sponsor duties.
     *House tending: vacuumed the upstairs and finished the laundry.

This (upcoming) Week:
     *Reading: continue with Inkheart and finally finish Murder Comes a Shore.
     *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words, include my OctPoWriMo and writing blitzes.
     *Editing: spend at least and hour Tuesday and Wednesday.
     *Blogging: I miss this COMPLETELY this past week. Back to posting Tuesday and Thursday.
     *Social Media: twitter time and visiting at least 4 blogs daily from ROW80, WIPpet Wednesday, OctPoWriMo.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the challenge that knows you have a life. Come and see what everyone else is writing about or up to at the Blog Hop.

Now, for OctPoWriMo poem of the day. Today's prompt is to write a poem about a favourite childhood toy, blanket, pillow, something from your childhood. I couldn't pick a specific item, but instead took the idea of a favourite toy in the eyes of a child. I played with a couple of forms. Enjoy, Dear Readers!!

Naani is one of Indian's most popular Telugu poems. Naani means an expression of one and all. It consists of 4 lines, the total lines consists of 20 to 25 syllables.

My Favourite Toy

It is the whole world,
or maybe a universe
with worn fur, stained,
and a missing eye.

Haiku: 5/7/5

Bedtime companion
sidekick on far adventures
still missing an eye

Triolet is a poetic form consisting of only 8 lines. Within a Triolet, the 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat, and the 2nd and 8th lines do as well. The rhyme scheme is simple: ABaAabAB, capital letters representing the repeated lines. Written is iambic tetrameter.


For when I am afraid, you be
the only one that I can trust--
a fearsome protector, guarding me
For when I am afraid, you be
my protection from what I see
from my blanket tower where just
For when I am afraid, you be
the only one that I can trust.

OctPoWriMo is a month long poetry challenge. A poem a day for 31 days. Come and see what the others are writing about at the Blog Hop.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Fantasy Tale

Today was the perfect prompt for me, enter the fantasy and enter the meter. I have been enjoying playing with meter. Morgan's poem Blind is not only a stellar and awesome piece of poetry, but it has given me today's poem. 

I love a good adventure, and mediaeval clothing, and the possibilities. Usual there is one trip to a Ren. Faire a year. This poem I based on my friend Sara, with whom I have had many adventures. She is the lady in the tower, the maiden to bestow honour upon, and the friend to travel with to faraway places. We would make great Doctor companions together. So tonight is a little bit of that childhood fantasy, epic adventure, and joyous love of pretty words.

This is Sara
Poetry Prompt: Search through the photos at Morgue  File until you find one that sparks a story poem for you.

Not Sara, just inspiration

Word Prompts: Imaginary, tale, adventure, drama, fantasy

Fantasy Tale

Imagine if
For a moment
A lady fair
A castle great
Ride away to
Adventure that
Can only be
Created by me.

OctPoWriMo is a 31 days poetry challenge. Come and visit the Blog Hop and see what my fellow poets are writing.

Friday, October 23, 2015

OctPoWriMo: To Feel as a Writer

Yūgen is a Japanese word pertaining to a profound awareness of the universe which evokes feelings that are inexplicably deep and too mysterious for words.

Word Prompts: Seascape, Harmony, Galactic

From MorgueFile

To Feel as a Writer

this is how it feels...

Upon the galactic seaside,
where the universe rolls away
and the sea gulls glide
upon celestial breezes
the seascape is real.

That's quite the picture
I can image,
while sitting on the deck 
of the largest space cruise liner
ever built,
sipping Martian Martinis.

It's not hard to picture
images such as these,
as writer
it is an exercise in the everyday
Far too many people would call it 
I would not.
For me its planning.

Something about being connected,
have an extra sense,
not like ESP,
although that could come in handy
when I play the lottery tonight.
When you are in harmony
with the universe.

In the whole of the whole,
all of the universe,
what a writer sees
can make up a universe.
So crucial
to find a balance
with the scared
with the profane
in a dance as elegant of the creation of everything.
Its what a writer feels
when they feel the right world

OctPoWriMo is a 31 day poetry challenge. Come a visit the Blog Hop and see what the others are writing about, maybe even join in.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Tell Me a Truth

Poetry Prompt: Two Lies and a Truth? from Tamara Woods.Write a poem using two lies and a truth. You can go where the wind takes you on this one, whether over the top or straight down the line.

Poetic Form: Monotetra
Line 1: 8 syllables; A1
Line 2: 8 syllables; A2
Line 3: 8 syllables; A3
Line 4: 4 syllables, repeated; A4, A4

OctoPoWriMo is a month long poetry challenge. Come in and see what everyone is writing about.

Tell Me a Truth

Do I live up in castle's view?
That I have touched the sun, I flew?
Maybe an actor with my cue,?
Which one is true? Which one is true? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

All TEH Things Wednesday

This Week:
       *Reading: finished Dead Before Dark (Wendy Corsi Staub). A very engaging story, but I was a little Inkheart (Cornelia Funke).
disappointed in the ending. It felt rushed and a little anti-climatic. Over all was a fun read though. Focusing now on
       *Writing: wrote  Monday (500+ words), Tuesday (616 words), and my ROW80 post (628 words). Also, I have written my daily poems for OctPoWriMo (about 100+ words per post).
       *Editing: spend an hour Tuesday and Wednesday on The Real Road Trip. I have about 4 chapters set . Finding the story better now. Still its like playing giant word Tetris . It's coming, albeit slowly, but it's coming. This why I need to plot more and pants less.
       *NaNoWriMo Prep: started breaking down my scenes (have 6 currently) and made a character list for Modern Muses.
       *Theatre Stuffs: sending out regular week in review emails, wrote my bios for the Golden Age of Radio Show and The Music Man. Bought a first aid kit and the glow in the dark spike tape will be delivered tomorrow. Still need a box for my stage manager stuff.
        *House tending: dishes and laundry done. Discovered a leaking pipe in the basement, just above the hot water tank. The joys of home owning and being an adult. That call will happen tomorrow to get someone to fix it. Decorated for Halloween.
        Social Media: 4 blogs daily (ROW80 and OctPoWriMo makes 8). I got most of that since Sunday and Visit at least 2 WIPpet Wednesday, as I miss that this past week. Visit my sponsor duties. Sponsor post has been submitted, will be live in November. I skipped #writestuff tweet chat to focus on the editing.

Been a good week, except I have been feeling distant. I think because I have a lot going on and my brain gets focus on one thing, and ALL TEH OTHERS get pushed to the back burner. Still, it's been a good week over all.

This (upcoming) Week:
      *Reading : continue with Inkheart and start another Agatha Christie mystery.
      *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words.
      *Blogging: post something Thursday.
      *Theatre Stuffs: report.
      *Social Media: 4 blog daily and sponsor duties.
      *House tending: carve/paint pumpkins. Bake Halloween goodies.

A Round of Words in 80 Days, the blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come and visit the Blog Hop and see what everyone is writing about, working on, or involved in.

• What are you currently reading? Inkheart (Cornelia Funke)
• What did you recently finish reading? Dead Before Dark (Wendy Corsi Staub)
• What do you think you’ll read next? Mrs. McGinty's Body (Agatha Christie) or The Faerie Path (Frewin Jones)

Today is also WIPpet Wednesday, the brain-child of K.L. Schwengel, the chief cook and bottle washer and flying monkey trainer. By using today's date I will share a bit of my WIP (working title) Modern Muses. Today's snippet is right after last week's, continuing with Teri's adventures in the dark. WIPpet math 21st day, 2 +1 = 3 +1 = 4 paragraphs.

Check out the Blog Hop to visit the other WIPpeteers and see what they are writing.

“Yes?” she said tentatively as she began to look around the darkness of wherever she was.

“I thought so. Nothing makes sense here, I should know,” the voice said, sounding neither male nor female, but was calming. Teri tried to relax some, inhaling and exhaling slowly, not sure if she was breathing or pretending to. “I know you are lost. You encountered one of them didn’t you?” Teri felt warmth surround her shoulder, or what she thought her shoulders were.


“So you really don’t know, then?” The voice grew closer and Teri was sure that her shoulders were real. There was pained that arched across her shoulder blades.