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Sunday, October 25, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Childhood Favourite

It's that time again, Sunday check-in. I'm writing this while gelling to Meatloaf and writing incredibly strange flash fiction. It's what I do, but anyway, how did my latter week plans go. You wanna know? Well, Dear Reader, check it out.

This Week:
     *Reading: about a 1/5 of the way through Inkheart (Cornelia Funke). Been focusing on this one more this week. I have an Agatha Christie novel in my purse Mrs. McGinty's Body, but haven't started reading it yet and there's Murder Comes Ashore (Julie Anne Lindsey) to finish.
     *Writing: have written a poem a day for OctPoWriMo since Wednesday (about 100 words per post), wrote this ROW8 post ( 521words), and a blitz this afternoon (768 words). I wrote 4 days out of the 7 of the week (not counting the poem, which would have meant I wrote all 7 days then).
     *Social Media: visited 4 site daily (ROW80), about 3 to 4 (OctPoWri), and 2 so far for WIPpet Wednesday. Visited my sponsor duties.
     *House tending: vacuumed the upstairs and finished the laundry.

This (upcoming) Week:
     *Reading: continue with Inkheart and finally finish Murder Comes a Shore.
     *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words, include my OctPoWriMo and writing blitzes.
     *Editing: spend at least and hour Tuesday and Wednesday.
     *Blogging: I miss this COMPLETELY this past week. Back to posting Tuesday and Thursday.
     *Social Media: twitter time and visiting at least 4 blogs daily from ROW80, WIPpet Wednesday, OctPoWriMo.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the challenge that knows you have a life. Come and see what everyone else is writing about or up to at the Blog Hop.

Now, for OctPoWriMo poem of the day. Today's prompt is to write a poem about a favourite childhood toy, blanket, pillow, something from your childhood. I couldn't pick a specific item, but instead took the idea of a favourite toy in the eyes of a child. I played with a couple of forms. Enjoy, Dear Readers!!

Naani is one of Indian's most popular Telugu poems. Naani means an expression of one and all. It consists of 4 lines, the total lines consists of 20 to 25 syllables.

My Favourite Toy

It is the whole world,
or maybe a universe
with worn fur, stained,
and a missing eye.

Haiku: 5/7/5

Bedtime companion
sidekick on far adventures
still missing an eye

Triolet is a poetic form consisting of only 8 lines. Within a Triolet, the 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat, and the 2nd and 8th lines do as well. The rhyme scheme is simple: ABaAabAB, capital letters representing the repeated lines. Written is iambic tetrameter.


For when I am afraid, you be
the only one that I can trust--
a fearsome protector, guarding me
For when I am afraid, you be
my protection from what I see
from my blanket tower where just
For when I am afraid, you be
the only one that I can trust.

OctPoWriMo is a month long poetry challenge. A poem a day for 31 days. Come and see what the others are writing about at the Blog Hop.



  1. Aww! I love your poems. And Inkheart was an awesome book, enjoy it. Sounds like you're grooving right along toward your goals. Have an awesome week! P.S. I forgot to post on my personal blog this week, too. Ah well, there's always next week! :)


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