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Sunday, October 11, 2015

OctPoWriMo/ROW80 check-in: 2 for 1

Today's Prompt: Think of a time where you surprised yourself. You set out to do something and you surprised yourself. You weren't even sure if the goal was feasible. Maybe it was something you hadn't done before. Maybe you did it against the advice of family and friends. Perhaps you had to war against your inner doubts to make it happen. But you did it anyway and you did it your way.

Tell us your success story.

Also, come and visit the other poets of OctPoWriMo at the Blog Hop here.

There is a bit of back short here. Back in 2012 I write my first 1 act--a short play of about 5 to 8 pages--for something called 24 Hour Theatre. Many of you, Dear Readers have heard me talk about 24 Hour Theatre. It's theatre in a day. The writers write a script the night before, from around 6/7:00 pm to hopefully by 2/3:00 am. The following day the directors and actors assemble and rehearsal, capping off the day with a performance at the 24th hour (roughly). The casts get to rehearse 8 to 9 hours. It's very much a whirlwind and quite intense, but it is so much fun.

I had performed in my first 24 Hour Theatre the previous year, so when it came around I was ready to jump in and write a show. Except I had never written a show before, and I was definitely scared. I received my cast and started, it was more than a little daunting at first. But after a little bit I utilized some resources and drove right in. I think it helped that I wrote for NaNoWriMo the year before. It was amazing, and when I saw the final product I was even more amazed. It worked and I could do it.

That was my first REAL bout with the FRAUD POLICE (a term from the Amanda Palmer fandom). The amazing feeling I got from writing that show and then seeing it performed was worth it. So, today I decided to write a Nonet using my first success as a playwright.

Poetry Prompt: A Nonet. It is a nine line poem that starts with nine syllable in the first sentence. Each sentence decreases in the number of syllables until you reach one. Rhyme is not required. Dear Readers, I hope you enjoy.

That One Time

The first time that I wrote something that
was not only read, but performed.
I was a wreck at the thought
of failures aplenty.
Would they understand?
Fears unfounded,

Now it's time for ROW80. A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog Challenge that knows you have a life. Come and see what my fellow ROW80-ers are up to at the Blog Hop.

How am I doing? Well, some way, doing well, other it's a slower start, but I am still making it work. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. But here goes the check-in...

This Week:
      *Editing: The Real Road Trip, I am proud to say I picked up where I left off and figured out my chapters 1 and 2. I write really stream of consciousness and this novel is definitely not in the order it needs to be, but fear not, as I progress through the edits I am making chapter breaks. I sat down for three hours on Saturday. Feeling more promise now and a little less fear. Plan is to have the second draft done by end of the ROund.
      *Reading: finished reading Deep Time: The Glamour Chronicles (Trevor Baxemdale). IT's a Doctor 12 and Clara  story and it feels like a 12 and Clara story, down to the gruffness of Capaldi and the sometimes whining Clara (but it works in this story). Its the first book in a series of book about the Glamour. It a nice, funny read. Started reading Dead Before Dark (Wendy Corsi Staub) a murder mystery suspense novel.
      *Writing: wrote Wednesday's post (744 words) and Writing Blitzed for WIPpet Wednesday ( 800 words), rough draft for ROW80 sponsor post (667 words), wrote my daily OctPoWriMo poems everyday (roughly 200 words for each post). Could have written more. Going to try to spend a little more time writing this week, if possible.
      *Theatre Stuffs: Music Man, have bio sheets typed up (just need to print), printed labels and began stuffed envelopes for sponsor letters, got the schedule figured out sending emails each week to remind the cast what is coming up, and emailed the TV station for and interview in November.
       *Social Media: doing pretty well. I checked in with my sponsor duties and 4 visit to ROW80 everyday and checked in with 2 to 4 OctPoMriMo, and even hit about 2 WIPpeteers during the week. Of course I didn't hit anything Saturday, but that is my unplugged day.

Whew! That's better than I thought.

This (upcoming) Week:
       *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words.
       *Editing: spent time Tuesday and Wednesday on The Real Road Trip.
       *Reading: continue with Dead Before Dark and start my re-read of Inkheart (Cornelia Funke). I see a review of book versus movie in my future.
       *Blogging: didn't do thing last week. Post Tuesday and Thursday.
       *Social Media: 4 blog daily. Submit my sponsor post tomorrow (Monday).
       *Theatre Stuff: report on progress.
       *House Tending: clean!

I saw a movie Friday night. The hubs and I went to see Pan. We were surprised, very pleasantly surprised, by the story and the overall quality. We saw it is 3-D, and it was definitely made to be in 3-D. I love how most of the movie is made of many new faces. It a different take on the Peter Pan story, and as a prequel it brought new elements to the story. I remember when Russell Crow made his Robin Hood, it got bashed by many a movie goers. I really enjoyed it. There was something about hearing about how Robin Hood and Peter Pan came to be. There are too many reboots out there, that when you get a retelling or prequel its more refreshing. If you like high fantasy and a little different slant on a old story, then Pan is a good choice for you. I highly recommend it. 

What movies have you seen lately, Dear Readers? How are your goals coming along? 


  1. Good luck with your goals for this week!

    I went to see the Martian on Friday night, and I really enjoyed it. I really want to read the book now! Pan is on my to see list as well!

  2. Ooooo .. I'd heard that Doctor Who was back ... sounds great! Loved your post and your poem is cool! Bastet

  3. Good luck with your goals for this week! I've been wanting to watch Pan myself. Will definitely check it when it is released in South Africa.


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