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Monday, October 26, 2015

OctPoWriMo: When will it Rain

Poetry Prompt: Loop Poem. I did one of these not too long ago for a prompt. am just a little bit excited to be trying it again. Its a great form to write in stream of consciousness. At least this of was very easy to write. the picture provided a bit of fodder for the poem and someone else filled in the gaps. Shhh, that's the secret! :-) I feel really good about this poem and i hope you enjoy reading it, Dear Readers.

From Morgan~
How to Loop 101: There are no restrictions on meter or syllables or rhyme schemes (YAY!). BUT we have a few rules!

Take the last word of a line. Skip a line. Use that word as the first word of that line. I know, sounds harder than it is, so basically take the last word of the FIRST line and use it as the first word of the THIRD line. Take the last word of the SECOND line and use it as the first word of the FORTH line. Last word of the THIRD line is the first word of the FIFTH line. And it keeps going on and on like that. Some people do it by stanzas. There is also a variation where there's no skipping and the last word of the line simply becomes the first word of the next line. Simpler, but personally I think it's a LOT harder. Got it? Sounds fun right!

Word Prompts: Cycle, Transparent, Petrichor- the scent of rain on dry earth , Rarity

When Will it Rain

When all the days seem to blur together
by Beverly Tan
thinking about you
together, by my side standing--
you the picture of lovely
standing a rarity under the 
lovely sapphire skies.
The memory of the rain once
Skies are still clear
once there was rain is the desert.
Clear of everything, but raw emotion
desert lands parched, but for love.
Emotion quenches my thirst
Love makes me thirsty.
Thirst for your lips upon mine,
Thirsty I am
Mine waiting for yours
Am waiting under the sun
Yours is the only one I desire
Sun glinting off your hair
Desire, yearning
Hair smelling of Petrichor
yearning for the moment of 
petrichor, when of the rain soaked bodies 
of heat pressing together and
Bodies intertwined
and thirst no more we will .

OctPoWriMo the month long poetry challenge and makes to think outside the box, at least it does for me. Come and visit with the others and see what they have been up to at the Blog Hop.


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