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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Choices in Between (and everything else)

It's Wednesday and here we are again. So much to talk about and so much to report on, where to begin. Well I am excited about my Modern Muses story, so I will present my WIPpet for Wednesday. WIPpet Wednesday is the creation of K. L. Schwengel, a writer, philosopher, and guru of things writing. Go and check out her site, Dear Readers. WIPpeteers share a bit of their current WIP, using the day's date to pluck a snippet out of the everything on Wednesday.

Using today's date: 10/14/15, in whatever way I see fit. Let's see... let's do 14 lines from today's writing blitz. This is a little more from Teri's part of the story. She's has just angry someone or something and finds herself in a strange place and alone. Or is she?

There was no sign she was in her body. “Never mind,” she said to herself. “Did she say that out loud?” She wasn’t even sure. A sigh escaping her lip at her random musings in the darkness. This was turning into a mess. Nothing that Della had said had made any sense, nor has she learned anything since coming to this place. Wherever she was. What was she going to do?

First, she reckoned was to find out if she was still in her body.

“Are you looking for it?” a voice echoed in her head. Maybe she was dreaming, some sort of after effect of the Dream State, after whatever it was that attacked her in Mel’s room. “Are you looking to see if you still have a body?” the voice called again. She was sure that she heard that and that is was an actual voice.

Mostly likely I will share more of this part of the story next week. There is a lot to cover here. In the mean time go and visit with my fellow WIPpeteers and the Linky Hop List Thing, here.

Next: to play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
      Dead Before Dark (Wendy Corsi Staub). It's a modern day murder/suspense story. I love mysteries, but when I read Agatha Christie I don't get scared. They are almost full of whimsy, with murder thrown in. While with Dead Before Dark I find to be scary and puts me a little more on edge. It's a good story and keeping very engaged. But what a ride in the mean time. Also, started re-reading Inkheart (Cornelia Funke). I need a good light fantasy to offset the darker Dead Before Dark. I am also planning on watching the movie, which I have never watched. And for funsies and because I like to compare the different media forms.

• What did you recently finish reading?
     Nothing new here. The last book I did finish was Deep Time: The Glamour Chronicles (Trevor Baxendale) a doctor 12 and Clara adventure.
• What do you think you’ll read next?
    Likely I will continue with Inkspell (Funke) and maybe another Agatha Christie mystery. I have a nice sized collection of her books to read from my local Salvation Army stores.

Okay, Rounding off we have OctPoWriMo's post about choices, crossing bridges, and the what might have been, or never will be. Think of all those time you wanted to return to he past, maybe relive a memories, have a do-over. How would you feel if you had the chance? Would you?

Write for ten minutes focusing on that question.
A memory. A thin line that connects the past to the future. It's like a half formed thought the wafts through your brain. Can be stronger when the memories are strong. You can feel like to want to cross the bridge to reclaim your memories. But like anything insubstantial, is it wise to tempt fate or your memories. Are the memories better kept as memories, or should they be relived? That I am not sure of. I do know that things like spaghettios are better left a memory years later. but what of an old love? Would it best to bring up old feelings, memories? Step into them like soft slippers, wrap up in them like an old warm blanket, or would they make you fall through the cracks in the bridge, into the cold icy creek and freeze your heart to anything
new? Would you burn yourself again? Would you try for something new?

Poetry Prompt: What is on the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow?

Word Prompts: Connections, Burning Bridges, Between

Choices In between

A memory
a line thin between 
the past and the present,
much like a bridge
that carries you from
one place
to another.
Time is the same,
it is a path
a way that we travel,
carrying us from one place to another
even when we want to stay
in the comfortable
in the now
where we feel safe.
They are fickle

But what of
Can we stay in the past?
What if the bridge we cross
is one we can return to
a simpler time,
of happiness
and peace. 
Would you risk it?
Travel backward 
across the bridge
that once look strong and sturdy,
in a glen of light and love.

But now is marred of the encroaching darkness.
Would you risk the chance to live
for one more moment of bliss,
a chance to relive his kiss,
to ask her the question,
to feel alive? 
Would you
cross the bridge between the present and the past,
forgo the future for desires long given up?

A fickle mistress
lay across the bridge of time
calling to us,
but is it worth it.
To give up the chance to meet Mister Right
for Mister Right Now?
Would you?
No more would you pass that up,
doomed to be lost in the past
in the dark,
when you know that the future
in all its mystery is far more exciting,
with new bridges to cross,
adventures to be had,
and lives to live.

like a old photograph,
dusty and faded,
fine to remember, but 
really worth it to relive
the memories of the past?

What would you do?

Take the path
travel over mountains,
and vales.
Or cross the bridge to the past
risk what you have already gained?

Finally the ROW80 check in. How did I do this week?

This week:
     *Reading:  almost half way through Dead Before Dark and started Inkheart.
     *Writing: wrote daily poems for OctPoWriMo since Sunday (about 150 word daily), ROW80 post today (about 1313 words), writing blitz today (1092 words).
     *Editing: made more progress on The Real Road Trip, 1 hour yesterday. Finally stating to get the story in the right order and clean up more of the sloppy writing from last year's NaNoWriMo. Edited and submitted my sponsor post for Round 4. A little behind, but am please with it overall.
     *Social Media: 4 blogs daily, check. Actually I did 4 ROW80 and 4 OctPoWriMo, and 4 WIPpeteers yesterday. Kept up with my sponsor duties.
     *Theatre Stuffs: got a response for the interview, two dates to ask if the director and two of the actors can be there; got my spike tape; figured out what I need for my stage manager box, mailed 50 sponsor letter yesterday.
    *House tending: did dishes, laundry, and cat litter.

This (upcoming) Week:
    *Reading: finish Dead Before Dark by next week.
    *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words.
    *Blogging: post Thursday.
    *Editing: spend time editing some of The Real Road Trip on Saturday.
    *Theatre Stuffs: report on progress.
    *Social Media: visit 4 blogs daily and sponsor duties.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come visit the Blog Hop and see what the others are up to.

How are your goals coming? Seen any new movies lately? What is your favourite number and why? Mines 42! :-) 

Also, I applaud you for swimming through this post...I need to revise how I post to all TEH things!


  1. My favorite line invites the reader to "travel backward across the bridge." A lovely, meandering poem, nicely tied to the photo and the prompt! How did you get all this done? I'm still working on the ROW80 post! Make it a good week!

  2. Wow, you're making my head spin! You have so much going on. It sounds like you're being productive. Keep up the good work and good luck for the rest of the week!

    As for your questions. My goals are coming along slowly but surely. No new movies, but I keep hoping I'll find something nice and Halloweeny. :) And my favorite number is 3...and I have no idea why.

  3. You're doing so well toward your goals! That's just fantastic! I thought I was stretching things to have six or seven goals, but you seem to have a lot more energy than I do. :-) Keep up the fantastic work, it's really inspiring to me!


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