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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Worth the Risk and the Poetry Corner

Poetry Prompt: What risk are you willing to take with your writing?

How do I view the risk to becoming a writer? I feel that the Blitz is really a very good form to express this idea. Blitzes go fast, pack a puunch , and get you thinking about the possibilities. 

Word Prompts: Exposed, Honesty, Chance

Possible Poetry Type to explore: Blitz poem from Shadow Poetry.

Come and visit the OctPoWriMo-ers at the Blog Hop and see what everyone else is writing about.

Worth the Risk

Words typed
Words written
Written down
Written true
True as can be
True as my heart
Heart's desire
Heart's full
Full of ideas
Full of drive
Drive to write
Drive to publish
Publish is my goal
Publish it can also be a fear
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Success means trying
Success mean challenge
Challenge me to write
Challenge the way
Way is the path traveled
Way to go
Go out and be
Go forth and create
Create new world
Create art
Art is the pulse
Art is the future
Future is planned
Future is spontaneous
Spontaneous is risky
Spontaneous makes us alive
Alive is what is want
Alive is the reason
Reason is because
Reason is mine
Mine is the choice
Mine is what I make
Make the choice
Make the risk
Risk it all
Risk is worth it
It is better to try
It is wrong to not
Not going to give in
Not going to say
Say it is true
Say what I want to be

Now, today I want to go back to the poem I wrote last year for OctPoWriMo 10/13. It's a tri-fall about the colours of a sunset. And since its October and sunset tend to be more vibrant and way earlier in the day. I've learned a few more poetic forms and challenged myself to try different things. Hope you OctPoWriMo is going well. What form of poetry do you like the best, Dear Readers? Like the least? Free verse versus form?

Also, from last year's NaPoWriMo, I present a kenning poem. Where a word becomes a compound word to explain what it is, from the old Norse. It is from a time when people didn't have words for some things so they had to describe it to explain it to other people. Here I use Singing-Breath to represent the Wind and Heaven's Ball is the sun.

To Find the Paths

Walking along the Hard Path
With the Heaven’s Ball to light my way--
I am warmed,
Yet I was lost
Following the hard path along the Steel Jungle.
Here the steel trees
That house the world's denizens. 
All whom seem lost, 
But I am not lost.

I know where the Dirt Paths flow
The ones that lead to the old places
Of trees and Earth People.
I feel less alone with the Earth People,
Hearing the Singing Breaths
And feeling the Fingers of Heaven
Brush my face.
Here is my home,
Even though I live within 
The Steel Trees.

I always find my way back to
The Dirt Paths of the Earth People--
Once born to the Earth,
Forever of the Earth.
I follow of the Hard Paths, 
Which lead to the Dirt Paths
Once there you will always find the way.


  1. Lovely Blitz ... and interesting to see your past write too, a great idea! :) Bastet

    1. I like to be able to let others see what I've done before. Also, a great reminder of how I've progressed as a writers. Glad you liked it. :-)

  2. Yes!!! Be true. How lovely! Way to go. :)


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