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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Love of...

Today's Prompts: Love Poetry.

Word Prompts: fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment

From MorgueFile
What a concept? What a things that is asked of? Do that realize how trite the idea is?

Maybe we need to write more love poetry, about the things that make us happy. Maybe with a little more love in the world, then the bad wouldn't feel so bad? A nice thought, Dear Readers. I am not always for the love poetry in the normal "How do I Love Thee..." kind of way. All poetry is valid and I enjoying read pretty much all types of poetry, including love poetry. Having taken part in OctPoWriMo two years in a row now I have learned a thing are two about the prompts and the poems. The secret? There's two. One is that you never have to write about today's prompt, ever. And there is two, if given a prompt that to want to try, or challenge yourself, think A LOT outside the box.

So, Dear Readers, that is what i do. I wrote outside the box, so  much so that I wrote two different poems using two different poetic styles about what I love. The Rictameter and the Loop Poem feature a theme, not quite the same thing each time, but similar.

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Love in Sight

I sit here in
silence, here where only 
whispers speak, as I wait for mine.
Patiently upon this bench I now sit
for the return of my beloved one.
We can travel worlds together
arms holding to pages
ink stained fingers


Passionate Words

Words create warmth
warmth of spirit
spirit suddenly alive
alive with passion.

Like a lover's touch
touch my heart
heart is breaking
breaking apart without.

An intimacy built
built with words
words that define
define the known world.

That after a moment
moment to catch one's breath
breath in and out
out of the moment.

Great is their power
power is a control
control is what happens
happens after the words are said

After all is said
said to me these endearments
endearments that I say
say, they are  powerful.

Yet written within these tomes
tomes long ago preserved
preserved by the guardians
guardians of words and meaning.

Teachers are some
some are Librarians
Librarians, they stand watch
watch as I write.

The final chapter penned
penned are the tender thoughts
thoughts that I've made real
real are the books upon the shelves.


  1. I am finding I have a special affinity for Loop poetry, your poem (which I could feel in my heart) adds to that. Well done, thank you for sharing with OctPoWriMo. =)

    1. I wasn't sure I would like it, Morgan. But halfway through writing it I was like "I love this form"!!!

  2. I especially like your loop poem. Well done, my fellow OctPoWriMo'er and ROWer.

  3. nice.
    the way each stanza connect is powerful.


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