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Saturday, October 31, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Journey's End

How has your journey been for you? Have you discovered new ways to write poetry? Were you able to dive deeper into the words and uncovered new/old truths?

It always is different. I find that when I let go, I get more of what I want out of a poem, a story, or life as I
know it. I tried every prompt, in some capacity. I explored new poetic forms. I tried free verse. I found a love for free verse, letting go of structure, yet still holding onto that ability to tell a story (or try to). I wasn't always successful with what I wanted, but tried. I experimented with rhyme and mimickry of  other poets. I had a good time and will be back next year. There are things I want to try to perfect before next year. Dear Readers, expect much more poetry to surface between now and NaPoWriMo in April 2016.


For my musketeers and poet peeps...

OctPoWriMo the month long poetry challenge. 31 poems in 31 days. Come see what everyone else is writing aty the Blog Hop.

Word Prompts: trip, expedition, excursion, trek, voyage, cruise, ride, drive, jaunt

Sentence Starters: 
The journey isn't ending...
exploring my depths...

From MorgueFile

It is the journey
that somehow people will fear
it is what I love


The adventure
is what is waiting
the journey
a path
a trail
destiny unfolding.

I relish the expedition
seeking out new challenges
new words to play with
upon my fingers
at the keyboard I type,
into the lands known
and unknown.

Upon the ship I sail,
Captain at the helm
and you as my first mate
hold tight before we capsize.

Upon the elephant to ride,
thundering through the jungle
dense and deep.

A quick jaunt to Baker Street,
perhaps with the Tardis meet
some rhyme 
and reason
we travel together
to Paralon and back again,
more adventures to be had.

Even at journey's end,
it is only the beginning.


  1. glad to see baker street.

  2. I really liked the sense of adventure throughout the poem . . . and those last two lines -- lovely! Hope to see you at NaNo or ROW80. Keep writing your wonderful journey!


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