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Monday, October 12, 2015

OctPoWriMo: A Fairy Tale in A...B...C...

Today's Prompt: Write an ABC poem, also known as an Abecedarian Poem. It is where each line starts with a letter of the alphabet. Not my favourite poetic style. You can read my previous attempt here: St. Brigid's Day. Not sure which is better. This form is one I only revisit when prompted in a challenge, I do hope I don't have to face it again. It was fun, sort of, but I need to move on.

The poem is a little nod to fairy tales and the feeling the characters sometimes feel. I hope you enjoy it, Dear Readers. Believe it or not I did not spend a lot of time on this poem. Other poems I will sit on them and review before I post them. Not this one, it's probably WAAAAAAY cheesier, but it fits the criteria. And for sure is my worst poem of the month thus far.

OctPoWriMo is a poetry challenge, 31 poems in 31 days. If you would like to jump on this band wagon and read what my fellow poems are writing, stop in at the Blog Hop.

Also, read my friend, Jesi's from April: Head, Meet Desk.

A Fairytale in A...B...C...

Across the wide green leas and
Below me as I watch from castle walls.
Cascading waves of brown hair, she dances with
Determination on her chin. I see and
entertained by the possibilities
for what those possibilities might mean.
Granted, I have never said a single thing to
Her in the years since I met her, but only once face to face.
I have been to afraid to speak while
Jovially she speaks to friends at parties, but I hope for
Kismet, with
Moreover I am left alone to watch her from afar.
Nor do I know of er intent, if she has any,
Of love and desire.
Perfect is her smile, the
Quintessential smile I believe and
Rightly I turn away,
Seeing that my chance will never be and
Turning away I see her appear in front of me and
Under my breath I gasp,
Very surprised and caught off guard
With her small hands taking mine large ones.
eXtraordainary, I think and
Yet still, she leans in to ask me,
"Zaius, will you please..."

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  1. Sweet as fairytales are meant to be. Ok some of them... I know there is the dark side. I like yours and your choice of words..


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