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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Whirlpool Video and Trekking

Today, Morgan Dragonwillow pulled out the challenge of recording yourself reading your favourite poem. I just recorded my voice for last's years OctPoWriMo audio challenege. This year is about stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I know many folks on the interwebs from Twitter, Facebook to Google +; or ROW80 to theOctPoWriMo/NaPoWriMo, especially my fellow musketeers, and also just from networking online with writers, poets, and people. So, I know some of their faces, fewer I know their voices. I like this challenge, because I get to know you as a person with your face and voice. I am taking a chance, I hope you will join me.

I could have picked any of hundreds of poems from high school or college, maybe something last year. I could have picked a really old and terrible poem, or one of my best. Nope and yup! I wanted to share my poem in my own voice and one from this year's OctPoWriMo, as I as written some of my best poem (only 2 were below my REALLY EFFIN' HIGH standards.

Ballads: I wasn't should I would like writing one, but by the time I type the last line, I was pretty much in love with the form. This poem is dedicated to Jesi (Athos), Rod (Aramis), and Lizzi (Dartagnen). I hope you three enjoy my voice and my live action face; and Dear Readers I also hope you enjoy the poem.

A finer point to mention. Morgan also posted this challenge and I am not one to skimp on a challenge. I used my favourite form, the Pantoum.

Word Prompts: confident, positive, pessimistic, sanguine, inauspicious, buoyant

from MorgueFile

Trekking Adveture

The sunshine dawning
even through the rain clouds
Are you confident enough
to sustain through the mire.

Even through the rain
when the pessimism reigns enough
to sustain through the mire
you still must tread.

When the pessimism reigns enough
and you are sure that you cannot
you still must tread
because you know you can.

And you are sure tht you cannot, 
the little voice stills sings
because you know you can
the strength lies within you.

The little voice still sings
a melody that is hard to kill
the strength lies within you
to make the trek through.

A melody that is hard to kill
when you make that choice
to make it through
doing what must be done.

When you make that choice
are you confident enough
to make it through
the sunshine dawning.

OctPoWriMo is a month long poetry challenge. you write 31 poems in 31 days. Come in a visit, see what everyone else is writing too at the Blog Hop.

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