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Friday, October 9, 2015

OctPoWriMo: Internal Balance

Today I write about the element of fire. Born under the fire sign, a Leo, I am proud and ferocious. Have been thinking about what it means to be a fire sign. But as I was originally supposed to be a water sign, under the sign of Cancer, what does that mean?

I free wrote again, it was late before I got to bed. So, therefore I had written the first stanza (mostly). When I woke all the way up I finished the poem. Again this is free verse I don't feel I write the strongest in this form. But, my Dear Friend Jesi (Athos) suggested I 'ramble' more. Today is a piece about my two sides, Fire and Water. I think we all have two sides, whether elemental or not.

Enjoy, Dear Readers!

Prompt: Think about the elements, how they affect you and about the duality and contrast in them.

Word Prompts: Windstorm, Flickering, Earthy, Balance

By Andrew Dodson
Internal Balance

Born under the fire,
I am a furious
an inferno.
Much like a wildfire,
once once sparked
very little can stop me.
Burning brightly...

Told I was to be a water,
that was what was planned.
Cool and crisp
parching the throats of all those thirsting,
a peaceful mark on the world.

Destined for more,
I was born
right where I was needed.
Warm and alive,
I cannot be contained,
a fighter
a leader,
sometimes a little afraid,
but then again
Water is ruthless too
too much and the dam will break.

Extreme opposites they may seem,
a balance
and maybe the best of both I have claimed.

OctPoWriMo is a poetry challenge, 31 poems in 31 days!! Come and visit the others here.


  1. I think you've captured the duality that many of us "on the cusp" feel. Well done :)

  2. Wow... I wish i rambled like this! Wonderful!

  3. I often write in free form though I love playing with all different types of form. I enjoyed this poem, I can relate to it, well done! Thanks for sharing with OctPoWriMo!


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