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Sunday, October 4, 2015

OctoPoWriMo: Lessons

Okay, I free formed it again. Not that that's bad, but seriously the randomness is running wild this month. Whatever do you mean, you might be asking Dear Readers? It's OctPoWriMo, the month long, poem-a-day challenge. Everyday there is a new prompt and you can use that prompt, or free write, and then you post to this linky page where all of the OctPoWriMoes hang out.

Today's Prompt: Magic

Word Prompts: Mystical, Fantastic, Magic

I went in a different direction today. I am a HUGE fan of Neil Gaiman, so, thusly when I was introduced to this little ditty earlier this year, I suddenly knew what I wanted to write about today. Funny how that works! Sometimes we know what we what, but we are are afraid to believe, as carry over from yesterday's prompt I give you some lesson is how to believe. Taken from my own experiences and journeys, and a little from the people who have inspired me. I do hope you enjoy this one, Dear Readers. I wrote it JUST FOR YOU.


Giving into the magic,
how freeing
whether in a book
a palette of paints,
or a large blue box.

You must remember the rules--

don't take anything for granted.
The world,
its big
and nothing is like it seems--
you simply can't take it for granted.

there is seeing.
You don't ever,
ever have to see
to believe.
If you just know,
then it is.
Trust that, it is important.

It's okay to believe in dragons,
and magic.
Those who don't
rarely meet leprechauns
or talk to trees.
Heck, I don't think a single doubter has ever,
found the gold at the rainbow's end.

Every once and a while
have an adventure.
This is important, don't forget!
Adventures are good for the skin,
aid in digestion,
and promote growth.

Sometimes the smallest joys
reap the greatest rewards.
So, you can enjoy
that piece of cheesecake,
because it that cheesecake might just
hold the magic key
or maybe that bowl of fish fingers
and custard.

Of course,
you are not obliged
to follow these guidelines.
Those who know of magic
are already aware,
but it doesn't hurt to remind them.
to tell everyone else that
unicorns are real,
rainbows lead to magic lands,
and the you NEVER,
have to grow up.

And finally,
when the world
throw you a pickle cream pie,
then you duck.

Also, here is my original poem from yesterday without shape. I wanted to share, because sometimes something is important and needs to be shared. And other times it just is...

This is fear.
Always fear.
but just another me.
Telling me lies
leading me down
falling like
ruining my day.


  1. Love both of these efforts. I've been working my way through quite a bit of Gaiman lately - I've found him late in my reading life but love him.
    This first poem holds so much wisdom and I just love the sentiment. And, well, the second one, too!

  2. Ha. This is priceless: "Adventures are good for the skin"


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