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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thoughts on the Autumnal Shift.

Today is the first day I noticed that the leaves are in full colour change. It always sneaks up on me. Why? Because I will watch the surrounding hills and see a dash of reds and yellow. And then BLAM, Russet Golds, Oranges, Bright Red. Always after I stop looking at the hills and focus on something else.

I was thinking about the fall foliage on the way home from Watkins Glen. I had been pulling costumes for the The Lake Country Player's Ghost Walk next Saturday during the Falls Harvest Fest. So, I am feeling tired from rummaging through bins of straw hats and skirts of ALL colours and mostly the same size.

Anyway, I was watching the hills and keeping an eye on the road as well. The trees look like paint brushes dipped in Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Russet Gold, and Burnt Sienna, although a fair amount of greenery still spills across the hills. I love Autumn so much, because of the crisp mornings and evening, there is the colour change and crunchy leaves upon the  ground, but the over abundance of Pumpkin EVERYTHING. Much is to be enjoyed during this season, but I like having the warm weather. We are currently having a bit summer throw back this weekend, not an Indian Summer, just a warm spell.

I personally love watching the foliage change, It's the most thrilling part of the Autumn season. I get excited seeing new colours exploding onto the trees. But, there is the crisp feeling to the morning air; different from the everyday crisp morning air. The Early Autumn morning has this calm bite to it, it's peaceful, yet you are aware of everything. At least I am aware  of EVERYTHING, and I am NOT a morning person, even though I do have to wake up at 6:30/7 every Monday through Friday. I usually am thinking about my bed or my cup of coffee. And it a slight extent, the pulling out of the hoodies. I don't own a lot of sweaters, but I do have hoodies, so I pull them out! :-)

I pass this tree on my way to work every morning. It stands guard at the entrance to the Crystal City Saddle Club's grounds. I noticed that the leaves were changing and wants a photo. I usually head to work about 8:30 am and this morning there was a lot of fog. My favourite part of an Autumn Morning that is already awesome. Fog! I love it. But, onto the tree, I thought about it and after reading Agatha Christie's Death in the Clouds. I thought about the character of Lady Horbury and the tree made me feel like Lady Horbury or maybe Miss Venetia Kerr was putting on a red coat, or may red cloak, because it's been a subtle change. Like she was slowing donning a riding cloak.  A lovely tree and a lovely vision.

What, Dear Readers is it about Autumn that you like. If you are not partial to Autumn, what is your favourite season and why? I have a few days between Rounds. Going to check up and prep for Round 4. I have the Historic Ghost Walk in Montour Falls next weekend. I pulled a shit ton of dresses and skirts for the ladies, along with hats, gloves, and shawls. And I feel like I had a work out too!

I start reading The Last Unicorn for my first Book/Movie review, next week. See you on the flip side, Dear Readers. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AROW80: Round 3 Closing

This week does not feel like the end of Round 3. Last week, that felt like the end of Round 3. Last week I had such a  great week. While this week feels a bit lack luster in comparison. One must sojourn on, through bogs of eternal stench or deadly deserts. :-)

But....I will not let that deter my writing, choices, or attitudes. I got this!!! I can do this. I just had a rough few days and trying to recover. The Day Job has been a bit zooey and with this and that deciding to go wrong, or not quite right, I get a little thrown off. This is proof why I don't like talking on the phone, as that is 95% of my job. But, I like my job and it pays the bills.

So, what have I been up to? Well, prepping for OctPoWriMo and my Book to Movie adaptation month. Last year I looked at Charlotte's Web, Wizard of OZ, The Dark is Rising, and Wrinkle in Time. It was quite the time, both re-reading these stories and watching the movies. I have my 4 of the month. Wanna know what I am working on? Well, you gotta come back to see. Okay, that's not fair, I will tell you that I am reviewing The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. That will be the first week of October.

So, Poetry and Movie/Book Reviews. Yup! It's a return to  my roots at the beginning The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus is gearing up, as is the Historical Ghost Walk for the Falls Harvest Fest and Halloween Improv shows next month. So many things to prep and be in charge of! I am plugging along.
of this blog. And lots of Theatre Goodness in the coming months.

I am excited though. Maybe a little crazy. It comes with the territory.

Onto the AROW80 goals:
      *Reading: started Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie. This is a fun and easy read. I love Miss American Gods by Neil Gaiman. His is a thicker text, but the characters are interesting and the story is engaging thus far. I think I am on page 92 of 588 pages. Yeah, got a bit to go. Will probably read either Stardust or The Graveyard Book next.
Christie's work. there is something relatable about her stories and characters. I am almost halfway through the book. Also working on
      *Editing: I have edited more this week than written. To be honest. Trying to go through a new round of revisions on Crying Mascara. It's a good story, but I feel it's getting hung up on the little stuff when submit it. Trying to get it  published. Nothing yet. Have had a few good comments and criticisms about it. Am determined to make it better, but am a little impatient. That is the new thing I am working on, trying to not be impatient when submitting a work for publication. I have discovered that f I keep revising, I won't stop. Is this something other writers go through?
      *Visiting: I am proud to say that I am sticking with visiting other blogs everyday, between 3 to 4 blogs and commenting on them. Also using social media to connect with fellow writers. I can always use it more to the productive means than the procrastination, but it's all about balance. Some days there is so much crap to shift through. Also, I try to put out as good as my followers and readers would want to read on a blog, twitter, or newsfeed.
       *Submissions: I submitted to one journal. I discovered over last weekend that some of my pantoums really work. Of course, it helps that I could read them aloud. This I think is why pantoums work as poetry and why you need to read them out loud. Anyway. One down, two to go for submission this week. 
 Fell short this week:
      *Blogging: I have not blogged this week. My heart wasn't in it Monday or Tuesday Also, I didn't have an idea what what I wanted to blog about. I am looking to take time tomorrow to blog to make up for the slack.
      *Writing: Did not write a lot in the last few days. Feeling less inspired and distracted by the theatre projects. Need to change that.

To work on:
      *Blogging (The normal stuffs)

Planning on hitting Round 4 pretty hard, what with OctPoWriMo in October and NaNoWriMo in November. After yesterday's revelation, I am more determined to try harder to make my writing publishable material, keep this blog interesting while gaining new readers, and generally making good trouble in the world. Fall has kick in overdrive in the Twin Tiers with the swatches of reds, yellows, and oranges. What is your favourite part of fall/autumn, Dear Readers? I love the colour change and the crisp mornings. Oh, and pumpkin spice coffee too!

Go and check out the Blog Hop for the last of Round 3 ROW80-ers! Have a great rest of the week. See what I have to say about The Last Unicorn.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

AROW80 Sunday: Round 3 winding down

Currently healing from a sinus attack yesterday. Slight wannabe headache today, so taking it slow.  Saturdays have been my unplugged day for the last few weeks. Feels good, because I usually am working on this or that during the week. Today is getting back on track and still unwinding. I had training yesterday for the day job and that kind of throw a monkey wrench into the weekend. But it was 4 extra hours, giving me almost 41 hours, a total was 40.75 (I left a touch early Friday which accounts for the .75 = 45 minutes).

This week:
    *Finished, The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie, and then started, American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Wow! Only 4 chapters in and feeling like I want to just keep reading. Surprised it's taken me this long to get to reading Gaiman's work. Thinking I am going to enjoy this book. The Gun Seller, I am not usually into spy novels, but Hugh's wit and comedy make it a fantastic read.
    *Editing/Writing: started a deeper edit of Road Trip. Found a big gap in the opening scene. Not a plot hole, but realized that there need to be more. Been working on character development. Finished my press release. Got one of my technical betas input. After one more edit, I can submit it to the director for review and then get it out to the presses. Haven't written anything new, but feeling like I need to focus on edited for a bit and also submitting.
    *Visiting: Except for Saturday, I have been really good about visiting, reading, and commenting on  follow bloggers/writers; this includes today. I average about 3 to four. Time to up the game. Using twitter as a networking tools more more. Spending less time on Facebook, unless I am networking.

Did not accomplished:
    *Submitting: while I did not get to this this week. I am planning on submitting to at least one today to start the last week of Round 3 right. I cannot slack on this. I feel like I need to just sit down and submit; look for new places to submit and start figuring what could be submitting to previous journals I have submitted to. I have had a couple saying the I should submit again.  Nothing published yet. Still trying.
     *Blogging: missed blogging Friday and Saturdays. I have unplugged time and that is just as important. I blogged earlier in the week, so not a total loss. Always a new week, right, Dear Readers.

Will work on (see previous section):
     *The Normal Stuff: writing, editing, visiting, etc. Meaning the stuff you usually see me working on.

Trying to remind myself, Dear Readers that this quotes is the most important thing, that I go out and do, instead of saying I'll do. This is hard when I don't get something down, or when I say one thing and then it doesn't get done. I want people to know that my word is good. That I do, and not just sit and talk about doing. James posted a really well wording piece that uses this principle, "Show, Don't Tell". Go read it! It's worth it! Also, there is the Blog Hop for us ROW80-ers here. Come and cheer us on.

What is everyone up to this week? How are your goals, ROW-ers for Round 3? what is the plan for Round 4? Anything exciting for the impending Autumn? Holidays are creeping around the corner, are you trying to not think about them, or prepping for traveling, dinners, parties, etc?

Me, I am working with my hands in several fires. Some are one off projects that don't kick up until next month or November. Others I am currently working on, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, collecting props, working on sets, some promotions, and even get to be in the final scene. Also, working on the Ghost Walk for the Falls Harvest Fest in 2 weeks. Always something going on.

Have a great week, Dear Readers! Got out and make something awesome. Live Quietly Epic. And remember I believe you. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ROW80 Check-in: Short this Week

It's late and I am tired from the previous week activities. I could make a full report of today, but not feeling quite so energetic. I stayed for the whole rehearsal, getting ideas for props and such. By the time I got home I am ready to crash. So tonight will be short. Still a productive though.

What have I been doing:
     *Reading: so close to finishing The Gun Seller and have decided on the next book, American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
     *Blogging: blogged yesterday and planning to blog over the weekend, Friday or Saturday.
     *Writing/Editing: wrote a press release for the show I am involved in. Needs to be revised and a few details added. Then I can have the hubs and Sara (my technical betas) read it. Should be ready to submit by next week. Edited "Wearing the Mask". More to follow.
     *Visiting: been sticking to visiting/reading/commenting on blogs everyday, at least 3, although sometimes up to 4.
     *Sticker journal: caught up!
     *Journal: back to two days a week. Morning work best for this/ I have the most to say and am more focused.

Not so successful this week:
     *Scrivener: have not worked in it this week. Bad writer! Need to devote tomorrow to working on my current projects.
     *Submitting: nothing yet, am gathering some more sites to submit to and working on  new submissions for site that said to submit to their new issue deadlines.

Plans for the weeks:
     *Organization: just bought a couple of white boards to help keep me in line and on track.
     *Submitting and Editing and Writing: will be a long evening in front of the computer.
     *Miscellaneous: emailing, pulling together an Improv Show fundraiser for the Fall show, Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, outline the Christmas show, and other sundry activities.

I have training Saturday morning, mandatory training for work. That'll be FUUUUUUUUUUUUN! It's only once a quarter, I guess I shouldn't complain. It's the day job, I kind of need it. I like working there, so I will go and drink a lot of coffee. Check out my fellow ROW80-ers here at the Blog Hop. Anywhooo, have a great rest of the week, Dear Readers. I leave you with this...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Big Questions of Writing: The Ws (sans H)

I stumbled upon this today at the poetry blog, OctPoWriMo via my friend Morgan Dragonwillow (check her out on twitter). It made me think about the big questions about writing. Why do I write (or anything really)? What is the purpose? Where do do I often write? There are a mountain of questions that running through my head when I read the blog post: HERE. I am not sure I completely know the answers, but I am curious. And once the thoughts start jumping on the big bed that sometimes is my brain, I have to answer them. As my first love is poetry, I thought I would look at those big questions tonight, regarding poetry. 

Why do I write poetry?

The base reason is simple. I write poetry to get my thoughts, feelings, concerns, and general observations of me and all world out of my head. That's how I felt in High School. When I had a vastly different view of the world, one that wasn't always fair and I was too afraid to speak my mind. But, is that all? Recently I started writing sonnets, cinquains, rondeaus, and pantoum in abundance. My current thought is that I write poetry as a challenge, to put into words what I see, in different ways. Maybe to increase my vocabulary. Maybe to put into words something that has no words. Maybe just because. I have always loved words and poetry have only expanded my ideologies on words and literacy. I write poetry because sometimes the world needs a sonnet of vertebrae, written as a love story.

Where do I write poetry?

I do a lot of write at my laptop, while I am working on other projects. I have started writing Haiku through my twitter account. Haiku has become a challenge. I will write Haiku either via twitter or in my journal as often as possible. I also write in my journal. Sometimes I will pull out a notebook, I am usually carrying three of them, and write a poem. Note: I don't always write Haiku, that is just what the trend is with my brain. As for location I write in my study or on my porch primarily, but sometimes at my favourite coffeeshop, Soulful Cup.

When do I write poetry?

I can't settle on a time. Sometimes I write in the morning, other times during the day, it just depends on my mood and when the muse strikes. I do feel that I get more inspired by the early morning hours.

What/Who do I write?

With poetry I do not limit my subject matter. Everything is fair game. Sometimes that's the fun and definitely a challenge, especially when writing about Beer, Baldness, and Spaghettios. Not in the same poem, although that might be an interesting challenge. Everything is fodder for writing. It gets you a great chance to complete a poem if you write about anything and everything, person, place, or thing. If its a noun I will probably write about it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, Dear Readers. I will revisit the last BIG question, the How, at another time. So, why do you write (poetry, stories, scripts, etc)? Where do you write? When do you write? What/Who do you write about? Have a fantastic night! Leave me some love below.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

ROW80: A Writing Extravaganza

After binge writing/directing/acting for 24 Hour Theatre I always feel tired. Part of it is that I usually get between 0 to 4.5 hours of sleep from Friday night to when I crash Saturday night/Sunday morning. This time is no exception. I wrote my show from somewhere around 7:00 pm, get the cast list at 6:00 pm until 11:45 pm when I finished a complete rough draft. I then drove home and edited the script one last time before sending it off by 1:00 am, which then allowed me to crash until 5:30 am. I think you can see the theme here. I wrote a script, 4th script to be performed over the last 2 to 3 years, and the 5th script that I have written over all.

Let me tell you, it is an awesome feeling to see something you write come to life, not just on paper, but in real life, real time. I recommend it for anyone curious about writing. If you have a 24 Hour Theatre in your area, give it a try. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

This year had a theme. Each of the writing teams had to write their corresponding shows using a fortune from a fortune cookie. Mine was "A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out" using the concept of Jekyll and Hyde for a basis of the story. Here's my favourite part of the script:

Dr. Thomas: Miss Mackey?

(Megs jerks her head up. Dr. Thomas sits.)

Megs: (stuttering) Dr. Thomas. I didn't hear you.

Dr. Thomas: You were a bit distracted.

Megs: Then you heard?

Dr. Thomas: Yes. Sounds like a bit of Life imitating Art.

Megs: My best friend, Danni is dating my Ex, Alex. (laughs) It's funny; both of them seem to have a darker side to them and get along rather well.

Dr. Thomas: It's like the class discussion today.

Megs: Motives? Oh, you mean, (Dr. Thomas nodded) sometimes people are not happy. And sometimes they make bad choices, like when they are sure they are alone they act like their true self. Like the way, Danni acted around me. She thought I wasn't a threat so she dropped all pretenses and became a ‘monster’.

Dr. Thomas: Well, that is one interpretation, isn't it?

Megs: It just feels so wrong like the whole world walked out on me.

Dr. Thomas: It’s rough when you lose trust in someone.

Megs: Have you felt that way?

Dr. Thomas: I have, in fact that's why husband left. He wasn't the intellectual type, didn't liked that I knew more than him, so he left. I was pretty angry. I did something I wasn’t proud of.

Megs: How did you cope?

Dr. Thomas: I learned who I really was. Then, I started going back to school, teaching, reading books. I strove everyday to be that person, not my dark half, much like Jekyll tried to do.

Megs: But you didn't need a potion?

Dr. Thomas: Nope.

Megs: Then maybe I can find my true self and be the best I can. Avoiding the Hyde's in my life.

Dr. Thomas: Sounds like to you learn a lot in and out of class today.

Anyway, time again to get down to the hear to of the matter (thanks Huey Lewis, Not every listening to him at the moment). Twas ere the busiest, yet tis fruitful time I ere ever I spent amoungst commerades.

This Week:
      *Reading: I finally hit the half way point of The Gun Seller. It's a slower read. Hugh is very about the details and snarky wit. Sometimes I feel he goes faster than the reader. But, then other times the pacing slows down, so I don't know. I think I just need to continue reading. I tried to finish Misty of Chincoteague but I fell asleep. It was late and this was before the 24 Hour Theatre. It's a cute story and will post more later, after I finish the second half of the book.
     *Writing: wrote a blog and a script. Just feels good to write.
     *Blogging: see above. Only once (not counting my Round of Word check-ins). I love when I get inspiration from my fellow bloggers. Still want to continue to non-ROW80 blog twice a week. This is a time management issue. I will get there.
     *Visiting: I did go avisitin' everyday last week expect Friday and Saturday. I was a bit busy. Been making my goal of at least 2 to 3, hitting 4 most days. w00t!
     *Submitting: I did this Thursday. Finally. Discovered, or maybe get became aware that submittable post online to twitter. Since this revelation, I have been keeping track of new places to submit to on post it's and scribbles in several notebooks right now. The actual database needs to be updated now.
     *Scrivener/Editing: wrote the scrip in Scrivener. Played a little with the screenplay template. I edited "Road Trip". Planning on reviewing my script Wearing the Mask and The Audition (which sorely needs it). There are things that I see after watching it performed that I miss the first time. I want to be able to go back and make the scrip tighter; fixing grammatically and syntax errors, cleaning up the plot and developing the characters more or toning them down.

That which did not happen:
     *Mostly what I didn't get to was smaller stuff. I missed  a day of journaling and am a few days behind on the sticker journal (which rewards you, the writer for meeting your goals.

For next week:
     *Finish The Gun Seller and Misty of Chincoteague.
     *Edit Wearing the Mask, The Audition, Road Trip (yes again), using Scrivener.
     *Write some more on my Waiting Room story, no working title yet.

Now, Dear Readers, I want to know what you have been up to. Fellow ROW80-ers, how are the goals, books, stories, projects coming? What are your plans fro the rest of September? If you are curious check out the ROW80 Blog Hop. Go and see this new musician I started following, David Cavan Fraser. He's got a nice sound. Sat and listening some of his live stuff (from youtube) one day while writing this week. He does some fantastic covers and equally nice original material. I am fond of his song "Bagpipes". I leave you with that, Dear Readers.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Top 10 Underrated Books/Authors

I found this on ReadWriteLove28's blog. Check his blog out, she's pretty cool! I liked the idea so much that I borrowed it. It's the top 10 underrated and lesser known author's/books in YA fiction, Cindy's version. Enjoy!


#1 - Susan Cooper
She writes about ancient Celtic mythologies and has kid heroes and a heroines. So, well written that it's a shame that more people don't know more about the Dark is Rising Sequence. A series of 5  books and Will Stanton and the Drew Children (Simon, Jane, and Barney) battle's with the Dark. A really HORRIBLE movie adaptation was made in 2007. The books are Over Sea, Under Stone (read first), The Dark is Rising, Greenwitch, The Grey King, Silver on the Tree.

#2 - Garth Nix

The Abhorsen Trilogy (The Old Kingdom Series is Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen) is a stellar series about the Abhorsen, the guardian and protector of life and the Old Kingdom, sending the Dead back into Death if they try to reach back into Life. I thought this concept was a fantastic theory and loved how Nix has two world at polar opposites, The Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre. There is a forth book due out in October, Clariel: the Lost Abhorsen and Across the Wall, an anthology of short stories about the Old Kingdom.

#3 - L. Frank Baum

He wrote the books about Oz. He dreamed a whole world into life. Once I realized there was more to Oz than what is featured in the books/movies, The Wizard of Oz and the sequel, Return to Oz (which encompassed the second and third novels, I had to read them all.

#4 - Tamora Pierce
 Discovered her in 8th grade, when I read the second and third books of her Alanna series. A series about a female knight that kick arse. I found the whole four book series in one volume (Alanna: the First Adventure, In the Hand of the Goddess, The Woman who Rides like a Man, Lioness Rampant) and read it. It affirmed my love for Tamora's work and her Lady Kick Assery. She has a slew of other books, including a series about Alanna's daughter that are on my to read list.

#5 - Anne McCaffrey's Dinosaur Planet/Planet Pirates Series

I have been an Anne McCaffrey buff for years, mostly reading the Pern novels. Late into High School or maybe College, I started to read  her other series. Each one was as addicting as the last, but there was something about the Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors, they connected with the Planet Pirate series (Sassinak, The Death of Sleep, Generation Warriors). I won't spoil it, but not only were they are fascinating read, but something different.


#1 - Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica - James A. Owen
These books are guess effing awesome! Seven novels full of fantasy (Here, There be Dragons, Search for the Read Dragon, The Indigo King, The Shadow Dragons, The Dragon's Apprentice, Dragons of Winter, The First Dragon), adventure, literature, and art. Written by a brilliant man and friend. I am helping to spread the Awesome in the new Awesome Revolution featuring James' own Meditations Trilogy. He's a brilliant writer, artist, speaker, Time Lord, etc. It's also where I derived the name for this blog.

#2 - Lavender - Green Magic by Andre Norton
A rare find, at a used book store. Had read a number of Andre Norton books and was curious. A story about history, time travel, magic, and family.

#3 - Firebird by Charles L. Harness
A VERY little known book, also a used bookstore find. It's about a traveling ship and two lovers living in time. Different. Unique.

#4 - A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L'Engle
I had read a "Wrinkle in Time" in Middle School, and again throughout High School,
on my own. I set about to read the whole series. Well that opened up other stories, that I later figured out were connected back to the original Time Quartet. This was is less magical based, but just as touching.

#5 - Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
 I found this one at FaerieCon East last year. I even got to meet her and have her sign my book. It's a very different type of Fairy Tale, darker, but no less poignant. About faeries and human existing in the same world, the real world. And there a other books in the series.

Go check them out, Dear Readers. I promise you won't regret it. :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Round Almost Complete

Been feeling good on the writing front. Actually I sat down to write a 500 word story yesterday and cranked out 800+ words and the feeling that I might have a novel on my hands, or at least a novella (2nd one started too). The thoughts and words have been flowing, especially when I let it.

Also working on my organization and productivity too, as you will see below. I do have to point out the in the fall I am usually doing one show (in some way), and several smaller projects throughout September to December. I can't help my self. I am a theatre whore (in the good sense). I love to be onstage, write, direct, be backstage, or anything. So I am in the mix again and loving it. I thought I was going to have a quiet Autumn, heheh, not so much. I am props/set mistress and general gopher (although one could call me a producer) for The Lake Country Player's Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, a story originally written by L. Frank Baum. Although some might slap me for saying that, but some of what I doing fall into the producer position. So be it!

This week has been rather fruitful, so begin the bullet points!

This week (so far):
    *Writing/Editing: finished my 1st draft of "Road Trip". Feeling good about it, but thinks that it needs more character and less boring. Still trying to find that. The short story version will be submitted when it reaches that level, hopefully soon. I am working on organizing a possible novella version.  I have "Crying Mascara" and "When the Bluebirds are Gone" to re-review and submit too! Also looking for some Beta Readers too! ~hint hint~ :-)
    *Reading: pushing my way through "The Gunseller". Loving it! Hugh is much more detailed in his narrative. It's a different read and I have to read slower, but it's really worth it in the long run. Been enjoying reading on my porch too. Not sure how long that will last, but there is something calming about the crisp air and sometimes foggy morning air. It's inspiring. Nothing else finished of "Misty of Chinocoteague" or "The Name of the Game", should devote a bit of time before bed to finish Misty at least. Being the shortest book currently in process.
     *Editing: used Scrivener once this week so far, plan to work with it more this weekend. 24 Hour Theatre is this weekend and I am writing Friday Night, perfect time to to practice (worse comes to worse, I use word just play with it while breaking from the writing. Also, will be directing a show the next day! Much excitement to be had!!
      *Visiting: pleased to say that I have been visiting 3 to 4 blogs daily since last week. not only am I getting to know my fellows, but find inspiration within their words. Thanks Guys!! Go check out Denise D. Young, a really excellent and inspiring blogger and writer.
That which didn't happen:
     *Submitting: this has not happened yet. I need to make some time and find what piece are complete and submit them to multiple journal, contests, and sites. This definitely needs to happen.
      *Blogging: have not non-ROW80 blogged since Saturday. Meant to on Monday or Tuesday. Don't feel too bad though, because I worked on editing and writing the beginning of this week. I can pick up a new blog tomorrow, so, not worried. Besides when I am writing or editing, that's the point right, I am doing something. I dislike blogging if I don't have something to blog about.

Remember, Dear Readers, to visit the Blog Hop and see the other ROW80-ers! Come a visit me on Twitter and Facebook too. Been enjoying Ingrid's new album. So, I leave you with a bit of her.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A ROW80 check-in: Revison and Beyond

I am honestly really pleased with my progress this week. So much stuff and writing/revision happened this week. The weekend was a little less productive. After visiting some fellow writers, I have determined that "unplugged time", "Time away from the computer", or whatever you call it it is very important.

Spent Saturday evening having dinner and face time with fellow Whovians (Sara, Amanda, David, Ryan, Tara, and Kevin), watching the most recent Doctor Who, "Robots of Sherwood." We ate chicken parmesan and spaghetti and salad (made by Sara and Ryan Love. Yum!!!), hung out chatted about Doctor Who, books, movies, and all sorts of nerdy things, and of course watching Doctor Who. It was nice to see Clara fangirling in the episode. We also got a greater look at Teh Doctor. Don't worry, no spoilers today!! Oh and Robin Hood is my favourite legend and yes, I like the Kevin Costner and the Russell Crowe versions.

The other major thing is I am keeping my house cleaner. The laundry and dishes are getting the consistent attention they deserve. Not perfect, but seeing as I am not doing a fall show, I ultimately have more home time. Not to say that my fall and winter won't be full of stuff and things theatre related. In fact next weekend in the first of KLP's two 24 Hour Theatre events (September and November), I will be writing and directing for this one, I also need to work on the Ghost Walk with LCP and a possible Halloween  Improv Show in October, and the Hammondsport Xmas show in December. There is NaNoWriMo in November. OctPoWriMo in October. I also will be working on my Book to Movie Adaptations in October, as November is booked. So, yeah, I will still be busy-ish. I love it though, would change it for the work.

What I Did:
      *Writing: well, I wrote a scene with my protagonist/antagonist. Not sure which she is ultimately. I could turn "Road Trip" into a novel, or novella easily. It was a nice little scene. I do have to go back a re-read/revise it though.
      *Revision: I went and reviewed my rough draft for "Road Trip", imputed it into Scrivener, and completed a 1st draft. Actually, I discovered the ending needed a bit more fleshing out. That is next on the list. If I don't work on it tonight, that'll be Monday's project.
      *Visiting: since Monday, I have visited and/or commented on 3 to 4 blogs a day, except Friday when I was hanging with Brian at Soulful Cup and Saturday when caught up on Kait Nolan's blog (which I count, because I get email updates and made about 2 and half months of email updates to go through). That is the next plan, to keep up with my emails and blog comments.
       *Blogging: I have blogged twice this week, not including my ROW80 check-ins. I am really proud of this one. As the reason I started blog, is also the reason to return to it, because I have so many things to talk about and share, research and present.
        *Reading: finished "Abhoren"! w00t!!!

What I Didn't:
       *Submissions: I did not hit this hard this week. There are reasons, some are valid, others not so much. Let's just say that switching gears and changing ideologies, sometimes somethings get overlooked.
       *Reading: I actually was very good during the week, reading every morning and at lunch. Something about weekends and sunshine especially make it hard to read. Might be the summertime and the good weather. I did finish "Abhorsen" though and started "The Gun Seller" by Hugh Laurie, yes Dr. House writes and plays the blues. Also working on "Misty of Chincoteague" and "The Name of the Game" (Doctor 9 adventure). I and sill  4 book behind on my 2014 Book Challenge, so I need to work on that, without rushing the reading.

I just get wrapped up in the weekends and end up going out, hanging with peoples, and not doing my writing/revision/ reading goals. It's not a bad thing to actually interact with people. I did get much more accomplished this week, Dear Readers and that makes me feel wonderful.Anyway, a good week and a good weekend too.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rainy Day Nostalgic Toys

 Today I'm going a bit retro. After a trip to the Salvo down the street, and a find that I didn't think I would even see again. Not it's not the pound puppies. The white one with the brown eye spot is straight from my childhood and the little brown one I found at the same Salvo about a month ago.

Pound puppies and easy to find at Salvo', yard sale, and flea market. they are the equivalent of pennies. They are often everywhere. The BIG prize at the bottom.

Anyway, I got a bit nostalgic for toys from my youth. Not that I am a collector, but there is something about the toy for the 1980's. And pound puppies had a cartoon and a crap ton merchandise including books, movies, clothing, etc. The Pound Puppies cartoon featured the characters Coolers, Nose Marie, Bright Eyes, , Howler, and Whopper.

 Another cartoon that I watch religiously was The Wuzzles. They have the BEST. THEME. SONG. EVER! It'll probably get stuck in your head now. Sorry!

Actually, I am not. It's a fun intro and better to get stuck in your head than other songs.

The characters were fun, usually opposite with each other. It was pretty standard toonage from what I can remember with the story plots.

I remember begging my parent for a Wuzzles backpack, the had butterfly wings and Butterbear's flower antenae. I also begged to get Hoppopotumus. This is not the same one I had as a kid, but I loved the heck out of mine, even though i was not like Hoppo's character. She was a lot like Miss Piggy. I think it was the bunny part of her character that I fell in love with.

Then there was Monzi the Monster from My Pet Monster. This is actually David's from his youth, complete with cuff. I like how he looks like he's posing.

This was a different show after watching Thundercats, He-Man, She-Ra , Voltron. It was a bit silly, but there was something about Monzi and his quest to keep away from Beastur, the big purple monster that was trying to take Monzi back to Monsterland.

I watch this one a lot, but did not have any toys related to the show, but it still holds a special placed in my heart.

Good times.

Yes, you are seeing it right. A wrinkle pup, sadly sans stuffed bone in his pocket. I was sad, but ultimately thrilled to have a Winkle Pup in my possession again.

Alas, there was no cartoon, that I am aware of. I got my Wrinkle Pup for my birthday with a stuffed Roger Rabbit and a Fashion Star Filly. I remember that Wrinkle Pups came with a dob tag, a bone, and I think a name (not sure about that last part). They were puppets and freaking adorable.

I am going to have to attempt to make a bone for this little guy, as he looks sad with a bone in his front pocket. (and all you dirty minded people you can  stop with those thoughts.)

I also do no have a Fashion Star Filly. Maybe some day! Her's a commercial if you are not familiar with what a Fashion Star Filly is. Oh you EIGHTIES!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Round of Words: New Month, New Me!

Short week and feeling pretty good. Feel much more productive and positive today. Had a bit of an
epiphany about my writing and my goals for A Round of Words and Beyond. Happy to say I am going full tilt, so let's get this started.

I think this mood is partially because of my recent acquisition of Scrivener. Having been through the tutorial and am actually excited to start using it. Also, my friend James Owen has started a new page to his life with the e-book releases of all three of his Meditation Trilogy  (Drawing Out the Dragons, The Barbizon Dairies, and [for the first time], The Grand Design). He is offer Drawing Out the Dragons free at his site The Awesomist Revolution through September 10th.

This week:
     *Read "Abhorsen". I'm on Chapter 29, and rounding third of the book. Really good! I have loved revisiting Sabriel, Touchstone, Sameth, and Lirael's stories. Also, read a bit more of "Misty of Chincoteague", and while not a long read I get into one book and forget to read others that are in progress. Planning a blog around Misty, which includes reading some more of M. Henry's other books.
      *Visited fellow bloggers blogs yesterday, about 4. At 4 for the week, add 3 or 4 today, will be doing pretty good with that goal. Now to keep up with it.  I have decided to set time to visit and read others stuff each day to help attain it.
       *Blogged last night. That's one for the week. One more  and that'll be the start of the twice weekly blogging.
       *Wrote a bit with my Word Sparks.

Still working on:
       *Revision Time! Yeah, this hasn't happened yet. Working on it.
       *Submission Time! Honestly, I haven't had the proper time to work on this. Going to make time this week and block out submission time during the week.
       *Exercise Time! I have slacked on this. Even with the forthcoming winter (I know I shouldn't cuss on the internet). There is a full three weeks of Summer left, and after that Fall has decent weather to allow for exercise time. I want to get back to where I was when I was unemployed. When I had the time to work out. Work in progress, Babe!!
       *Write! Yeah, this will always be on this part of the list. :-)

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My mind has been on the end of summer, the return to school, and the beginning of the cooler and darker months. getting a little thoughtful. I am going to miss the summer nights and the greenery. Even though I love the foliage change, the crisp mornings, pumpkin spice, Halloween, and snuggling under warm blankets. There is a sadness that hangs over me right after labour day. Possibly a throwback to my days as student and returning to school? Or maybe my young friends who are seniors in High School, or the little ones starting Pre-K? Change is on the horizon and sometimes I get a little sad, but it is not bad, just thoughtful. I think I will haiku online later. It's turned into a form of therapy, writing haiku. That and listening to music.

Question for you, Dear Readers. What music do you listen to when you are feeling sad, angry, happy? I float between Meatloaf, Great Big Sea, and Celtic Woman.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Musings on the Great New York State Fair 2014

 What does one do when you go to the State Fair?

You eat really horrible food, that tastes amazing, but is not the best for you. Am I right?

So, I have had my VERY FIRST taste of the "Great New York State Fair". It was quite a treat and an absolute fantastic day with the Hubs. IT seems that lately we don't get enough time together, one or both of us are in a mood, sad, sick, or just not in a place to enjoy free time. Last week, David was off on vacation and I took Thursday and Friday off for a long 5 day weekend.

It's a 2 hour drive from Corning to Syracuse, and the weather totally cooperated too. Blue skies and sunshine. It wasn't too warm and only a touch windy. The possibilities were endless.

At first we were just wandering through barns, the cow barn was right in front of us, so we wandered through. There were cows, then we meandered through the food stalls ans various sundry barns and exhibits. It took us a while, but we found the Home and Craft Building where Ken's photography and Leah's beadwork was featured, bringing home a total of 4 ribbons between the two of them.
Leah's beadwork

Fuzzy Blue Chicken
Swan Snack

Ken's photography
In the midst of this we saw the rabbit, guinea pig,waterfowl, pigeon barn. There were fluffy chickens and a very hungry swan.

Then there was the first snack, "Shark on a Stick" and "Gator on a Stick". Actually both were very tasty, grilled with butter and garlic. The shark tasted like Chicken with the fish consistency, while the Gator tasted like Pork, but a bit rubberier and fattier.Still tasty though. Heck what do I know, having never eaten Gator before.

David eating Shark-on-Stick
Then we wandered a bit more, looking at old TV shows on DVD being sold, and the exhibitor's building with the giant sand sculpture of Dr. Seuss and characters. I found out how to get to Solla Sollew too! Then it was time for lunch; mac and cheese burger and pig and potato parfait. Yes! Both are real. And both are really tasty! The Pig and Potato Parfait is a parfait made with Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, and topped with a Cherry Tomato, a Pretzel Stick, and Bacon Bits.

Sand Sculpture - Dr. Seuss
A Butter Sculpture

We enjoyed the last bit of Angie Johnson's concert at Chevy Court. Not normally into country, but she has a nice voice and loved the crowd, even taking a selfie with them.

Deep Fried Snickers, YUM!!
We finally found the Butter Sculpture and the Cheese Carvings  of the Frozen Characters. I took a tour of the Butterfly Exhibit and bought some poster (Doctor Who for me and Beauty and the Beast and the Monkees for David). We ended the day by riding the Gravitron once, getting three good spins and launches up the side of the ship and eating Deep Fried Twinkies and Snickers.


Circus Carnival Minis
Cheesy Olaf

It was a wonderful day, Dear Readers. I hoped you like my little pictorial blog about.