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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Round Almost Complete

Been feeling good on the writing front. Actually I sat down to write a 500 word story yesterday and cranked out 800+ words and the feeling that I might have a novel on my hands, or at least a novella (2nd one started too). The thoughts and words have been flowing, especially when I let it.

Also working on my organization and productivity too, as you will see below. I do have to point out the in the fall I am usually doing one show (in some way), and several smaller projects throughout September to December. I can't help my self. I am a theatre whore (in the good sense). I love to be onstage, write, direct, be backstage, or anything. So I am in the mix again and loving it. I thought I was going to have a quiet Autumn, heheh, not so much. I am props/set mistress and general gopher (although one could call me a producer) for The Lake Country Player's Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, a story originally written by L. Frank Baum. Although some might slap me for saying that, but some of what I doing fall into the producer position. So be it!

This week has been rather fruitful, so begin the bullet points!

This week (so far):
    *Writing/Editing: finished my 1st draft of "Road Trip". Feeling good about it, but thinks that it needs more character and less boring. Still trying to find that. The short story version will be submitted when it reaches that level, hopefully soon. I am working on organizing a possible novella version.  I have "Crying Mascara" and "When the Bluebirds are Gone" to re-review and submit too! Also looking for some Beta Readers too! ~hint hint~ :-)
    *Reading: pushing my way through "The Gunseller". Loving it! Hugh is much more detailed in his narrative. It's a different read and I have to read slower, but it's really worth it in the long run. Been enjoying reading on my porch too. Not sure how long that will last, but there is something calming about the crisp air and sometimes foggy morning air. It's inspiring. Nothing else finished of "Misty of Chinocoteague" or "The Name of the Game", should devote a bit of time before bed to finish Misty at least. Being the shortest book currently in process.
     *Editing: used Scrivener once this week so far, plan to work with it more this weekend. 24 Hour Theatre is this weekend and I am writing Friday Night, perfect time to to practice (worse comes to worse, I use word just play with it while breaking from the writing. Also, will be directing a show the next day! Much excitement to be had!!
      *Visiting: pleased to say that I have been visiting 3 to 4 blogs daily since last week. not only am I getting to know my fellows, but find inspiration within their words. Thanks Guys!! Go check out Denise D. Young, a really excellent and inspiring blogger and writer.
That which didn't happen:
     *Submitting: this has not happened yet. I need to make some time and find what piece are complete and submit them to multiple journal, contests, and sites. This definitely needs to happen.
      *Blogging: have not non-ROW80 blogged since Saturday. Meant to on Monday or Tuesday. Don't feel too bad though, because I worked on editing and writing the beginning of this week. I can pick up a new blog tomorrow, so, not worried. Besides when I am writing or editing, that's the point right, I am doing something. I dislike blogging if I don't have something to blog about.

Remember, Dear Readers, to visit the Blog Hop and see the other ROW80-ers! Come a visit me on Twitter and Facebook too. Been enjoying Ingrid's new album. So, I leave you with a bit of her.

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  1. Thanks for wonderful mention! Good luck with your story submissions and your acting/directing/set mistress work. I've only been in one play, but I remember it being a lot of work but very, very fun. :)


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