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Friday, October 30, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 30 (Wandering...)

A fitting way to wind down the month. I choice the triquain most randomly; the non-rhyming kind. Still not in a rhyme frame of mind. Ha! I am please with today's poetic adventure. As always, please leave me a comment below, Dear Readers. Thank you for tuning in during OctPoWriMo!

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Prompt: Wild, Weird, Spontaneous / Poetic Form: Triquain

For You;

I wander

along the forgotten paths,

trite enough cliches for poets that

will write the words, that fills the world with memories.

My songs are weird and wild, racing

lines across pages that

grace your sight.

Inspire me

to  be spontaneous

with my wit and whimsy so say I

that I wander with you, adventurous are we.

When I find that peace that I sought by

the forgotten paths with

you by me.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 28 & 29 (Journey to Paths Somewhere)

I'm still finding it hard to write daily, but I am not finding in hard to write lately. I even am starting to try some of the forms that I past up on previous days. I don't consider it a failure to write 2 poems in a day, but I definitely prefer to combine said poems into 1 post. I don't like cluttering up my blog feed with more than 1 post. Sometimes it happens, but at least during OctPoWriMo it makes more sense to write poems all in 1 post. So, there...

Anywhooooo, I present Days 28 and 29 with a Fable and a Puente . Enjoy, Dear Readers!

Day 28~~~

Prompt: Journey, Path, Choices / Poetic Form:  Fable

The Road that I Trod

It's the pace that I set,


or running,

but not always upon a 


road that I trod.

I wander far and wide,

upon asphalt 

and memories,

longing to run away,

but there is something

that clings to me...

There is always something 

or someone that I meet

upon these roads I trod.

Today it was a toad,

just sitting in the dirt. 

And Lo, did I realize that


maybe, I should not be sitting in the dirt.

Upon reflection,

I set upon this road I trod,

bound for home 

and a shower that awaits me.

Day 29~~~

Prompt: Traveling, Wander, Nomadic / Poetic Form: Puente

A Bridged Walk

A walk in the woods

will yield a peace of mind,

as you travel under the canopy of leaves and pine cones,

especially when there are less distractions.

~but oh, there are distractions~

distractions, less of the natural and more of the mental,

that wanders through your grey matter

and your travel those roads

of memory 

and chaos

through a different type of woods.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 27 (There is Magic in the Making)

 Prompts: Magic, Holiday, Ancestors, Veil / Poetic Type: Terzanelle

Samhain's Gift

This, at last, is the time

when the veil becomes the thinnest

This, at last, is the time

when those who had turned to dust

gets to return to your door

when  the veil is the thinnest.

This is the lore

that has been lost to the eons

gets to return to your door;

and be gone when the day dawns.

This is the magic of the holiday

that has been lost to the eons.

All you need to pay,

a gift of an apple or two,

this is the magic of the holiday.

With this I will too--

This, at last, is the time,

a gift of an apple or two--

This, at last, is the time.

Monday, October 26, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 25 (Chaos in the Making) & Day 26 (Abnormal Making)

I write better when not rushed. I also write better when I let myself go. The Blitz Poem is proof of that. Pretty sure that is what I needed. Well, probably a lot more than just writing, but it is a start and I definitely feel better. I also really enjoy the organic nature of the Blitz; with it starting out doing one thing and becoming something else by the end. I hope you re enjoying my poetic endevours this month, Dear Readers. I was not sure I would make it, or that I would barely make it, but today proved my wrong. I love when I can prove me wrong.

Leave me a comment below; and have a brilliant day!


Day 25-

Prompt: Chaos

In the Making

An authoritative stew,

mixing the ingredients

the workers,

the time,

the energy,

only to have it boil over

or worst, to be burnt.

It is a science

and like some mad scientist

adding and stirring,

making a rules stew.

It can be too salty

or too bland.

I never know how my rules stew will 

turn out,

like now I feel the scorched carrots

and potatoes.

There is no flavour

and I am now starving,

maybe it is time for a

can of Creamed D'Rules

for lunch.

That is hard to swallow.  

Day 26

Prompt: Abnormal / Poetic Form: Blitz Poem

Perceptions (Call me Abbi...)

I don't like

I am not

not like anyone

not fitting into the mold

mold me in your image

mold the clay

clay feels cold

clay is malleable

malleable as anything 

malleable as my soul

soul in youth is considered

soul grown up is set

set in it's way

set down in writing

writing the word down

writing the feelings

feelings are not in control

feeling a real

real in this sense

real to me

Me, I  still feel

Me, I still am

Am I real

Am I here

here is the logic

here I stand

stand against the storm

stand up

up in the rafters

up away for it all

all is for naught

all is what I have left

left alone

left over

over the moon

over it all

all the is left

all that I know

know that maybe...

know that I am wrong

wrong in being

wrong in form

form the words

form the tears

tears in my eyes

tears in my mind



Saturday, October 24, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 23 & 24 (Trials and Tribulations)

I defaulted to of state of haiku, which I fall into when I don't feel motivated. When I procrastinate? Sometimes. Haiku is a really easy form for me, not just because it only requires a 5-7-5 syllable structure, but it is easy it pare down my thoughts into said haiku. I could not say this a few years ago, when all the words seems to want to come out, dance across the paper. Now I find that sometimes i like less words, as long as they have a proper meaning to what I want to say.

Today's poetic fare is very of this type of thinking.  Simply, I took the words that most resonated with me and transformed them into lyrical art. Enjoy!


Day 23-

Prompt: Dream

There is a moment

Where dreams become like fog


Day 24-

Prompt: Procrastination

It starts with a lack

Of movement, of desire

To not accomplish.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 22

Its the feeling you get when you know there is a surprise waiting for you. It is a strange, surreal feeling of just knowing, without knowing. Today's bring out this feeling. It is something like a birthday, Christmas, and winning the lottery. I hope you enjoy today's poetic delight. I even attempted a synchronicity just for you OctPoWriMo and Dear Readers. It also deviates from the form a little, but I do like it like that sometimes.

Prompt: Intuitive and Surprise / Poetic Form: Synchronicity


A treasure hunting party that

You weren't invited to just yet,


There's no invitation sent

To where you are the honoured guest,

yes you!

There isn't a moment not planned,

Though you wouldn't consider that,

There is...

Because a surprise waiting, you

Were ready and prepared for the


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 21 (Tasty?)


Prompt:  Explosive, Taste / Poetic Form: Synchronicity

Dare to Taste

Take a small dollop,

Scoop it up.

Be ready...

Explosive taste 

as slides down,

the creamy and the sacred.

It is everything you imagine?

Beware, because

maybe it is slimy?

No taste?

Just a runny mess and

more of a nightmare.

Culinary adventures abound.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 20

Prompts: Soft, Plush, Hard, Course / Poetic Form: Haiku

Softcore Irony

What you see lying

In the biggest pile of plushie--

the last course stuffie.

Monday, October 19, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 19

 I am having keyboard issues tonight. It is a good thing that I have a touch screen keyboard as well as a regular one. Although this does make things harder. Oh well, that is what adaptability is for, right?

I'm not feeling adaptable today. I don't even feel like I have the words to say anything, let alone poetry. I am still going to try, stubborn though I am. I wanted to write a synchronicity, but I just don't even know. Looking at today's prompt about being in the present, I don't want to be in the present. The present is less appealing then I would like.

My thoughts are filled with a dark and stale air today. I feel overwhelmed. Not sure what was going to happen next. Now it is the evening and I should be winding down, but all that I can focus on are these dark thoughts. I wish I could just scoop out the dark thoughts, the negative, but they just seem to want to stick to me. 

I don't like using OctPoWriMo for venting, but maybe this is the key to writing today's poem.

Prompt: Stale, Dark, Fog, Blind / Poetic Form: Free Verse

Foggy Visions

Cannot see far,

fog bank has rolled in.

So much easier

When you don't have to see anything

and there is less danger,

less fear

in being blind to the present,

only comfort--

knowing there is nothing else around.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day18

I am having a hard time lately. It not just 2020 is a bad year, it's that I am having a hard time. This prompt resonates with me so much. When I need to unwind after work, had a terrible day, or if I am sad I turn towards meditation. Getting into a state of detachment, that's what I like. I can get there by listening to music, but meditation is the best way.

The act of letting go, relaxing, or process requires a few things for me: breathing and something to channel the energy. I am not  sure where I am going with this, but writing can be a type of meditation. Today it is appropriate that the prompt focusing on relaxing. It is getting me a chance to unwind and focus. Also there is breathing.

Prompt: Breathe and Process / Poetic Form: Diatelle

The Process 



I can breath,

don't ask me to

stop, I cannot even...

Breath goes in, that is all I can 

feel right now, breathing in and breathing out.

There is only me and my intake of air and

the moment where there is no breath moving.

Continuing inward and then what?

The next step I suppose,

outwards rushing,

cold then warm,



I did not rhyme in this form. My heart has not been in it, but I wanted to try something new and be hindered by rhyme, which has eluded me since OctPoWriMo started. I am pleased with the outcome. What do you think, Dear Readers? Leave me a comment below...

Saturday, October 17, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 17 (Wild Rhythm/Natural Rhythm)


"'s been 17 days of words and meter and rhyme. I am not sure of myself. Sometimes I just start talking in rhyme, what's worst is when I start talking in meter. I don't know what else to do. I have started counting syllable, like my life is a walking haiku..."

Okay, that part is sometimes true. When your writing become so a part of you that you start living  and/or speaking  it. Not sure how I want  to proceed today. Not really into writing a 26 line poem, but then again, it may go quickly in the development. i do know that I dislike rushing poems, so I guess we will see... 

Prompt: Blood and Bones / Poetic Form: Oddquain

Built Upon


heartbeat of

living essence of

the structure of the body


As always, leave me a comment...

Friday, October 16, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 15 and 16


Day 15 - I decided to go back a bit to  the pantoum which was suggested on Day 13 and brainstorm using the steps in today's prompt.

Step 1: Dealing with my day job (which is different than my real job)

Step 2: College, Post College (your 30s), the After (40s); The Faceless Old Woman who Secretly Lives in Your Home" Fink and Cranor; Pinky finger, Middle toe, and Middle of your back

Step 3: Upon reading "The Faceless Old Woman..." I discovered a tickle in the middle of my back. It would only happen when I would read. I didn't notice it until I was pointing my pinky finger at the word Andre, and then my flexing my middle toe. The tickle would grow until I had to put the book down. I then felt alone and desired the book in my hands once again...

Prompt: See above ^^^^ / Poetic Form: Pantoum


I seek an escape from the daily

when I can no longer deal with the repetition

and my fingers begin to itch for

the printed paper and feel the velvet of the cover.

When I can longer deal with the repetition

I crack open the spine to see

the printed paper and feel the velvet of the cover

and there it was, in the middle of my back.

I crack open the spine to see

the name Andre, just above my pinky finger

and there it the middle of my back

a gently tickle racing along

the name Andre, just above my pinky finger

and I am stretching my feet, my toes--

a gently tickle racing along 

my spine, I drop my book.

And I am stretching my feet, my toes

watching the book tented on my bed,

my spine, I drop my book

I feel so very alone.

Watching the book tented on my bed 

and my fingers begin to itch for...

I feel so very alone--

I seek an escape from the daily.

This is what Night Vale does to me! I actually had a lot of fun writing this poem. The exercises were more helpful than I originally thought. I am pretty pleased.

Day 16 - This one is simple, simple because I will it to be so. Also, due to to lateness of the hour I am finding it difficult to want to attempt to rhyme. Speaking of 'Lateness of the Hour' which is a Twilight Zone episode, I think I will use that in my prompt too.

Prompt: Indigo, Vermillion, Dusk, "The Lateness of the Hour" / Poetic Form: Haiku


When long past the hour

and the skies turned tangerine--

dusk is fruit salad

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 14

It is time for the poetic form?!?!? I don't really know, I just enjoy writing poems that have a flowing feeling, like Cascades and Pantoums. Today's poem is a cascade. My favourite part of doing OctPoWriMo is seeing what the presenters offer up for their poetic tributes.

Prompt: Reckoning / Poetic Form: Cascade

'Reckon (It's Time)

It's like waking up

after a long sleep;

seeing the fog clear away

slowing receding past your sight,

exposing the  world--

it's like waking up.

The birth of a new day

when the breeze dries the amniotic dew

slowing receding past your austere sight.

All that is left is 

the afterbirth of your reckoning--

the birth of a new day

birth of your truth

what you see now, instead of

all that is left.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 13 (Outside the Box)


Prompt: Chains, Flight, or Breakthrough / Poetic Form: Oddquain (5 lines and syllables to match1.



pulling down,

closer to the ground

and barely able to breathe--




to leave them behind

by ceasing to believe in 


Feeling constrained today. I guess the topic is perfect for my grey matter to roll around in some word prompts and oddquains today. I am pretty sure I i have tackled oddquains before. Something about making a mirrored version of a poem excites me. A mirrored oddquain is really pretty, especially centered. That best part of oddquains and the subsequent mirroring of them is that the rules are so very loose and undefined. It means to can explored more of the thoughts and feeling behind your words. 

As always, please leave me a comment or two. Thank you, Dear Readers.

Monday, October 12, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 11 and 12


Day 11 - Prompt: Letter to my Muse / Poetic Form: Didactic Poem

Letter to My Muse

Dear Muse,


grant me the words

to compose the sonnets

that graces my loves ears.


something out of nothing,

you know the drill,

with pen and paper

out down the needed script.


with labour pains no one else gets

contractions of nouns and verbs

breaths of adjectives

to still even the jauntiest of adverbs.

Make something--

that didn't exist before

something that a writer

can be proud of.


A Writer

Day 12 -  Prompt: Silliness / Poetic Form: Haiku (I am not too keen on the forms today, so I am doing an old standby favourite)

Post Office Steps

Remember the steps

The sound I made when I fell down--

that's right, you're laughing.

Been having trouble staying on task this month, and I am a little disappointed that I not not trying more forms. It is still early, maybe I can make something of it by mid month. Or maybe I need to aim my focus on a bit of spoopy Halloween goodness? Maybe a bit of both? I am not sure. It feels that when I get a foothold on something stable, well then the carpet gets pulled out from under me. It is all a long story, nothing to bore you with. I have been struggling, pretty hardcore this month. I do like some of my output, just feeling like I am not giving it a complete chance.

Do you ever feel like that, Dear Readers? Leave me a comment, and thank you!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 9 and 10 (The Whimsey of Loss)

Day 9 - Topic: Whimsical versus Practical / Poetic Form: Loop Poem

Looped Logic

Hard to imagine what you see.
See what you get after
after the practical fog clears;
Clears your perception.
Perception of your imagination--
imagination that brings joy.

Joy is in the practical
practical that that runs the day
Day passes into night
Night breeds the Whimsey
Whimsey that you desire.

Desire what makes you happy
happy is the state to strive for
for often there is struggle
struggle between the whimsical joy;
joy of practical that is taught
Taught to be the normal
normal is not for me.

Me? I am the whimsey
whimsey that tells
tells me the truth, 'Am I...?'
I am practically all of the whimsey
Whimsey created here.

Day 10 - Topic: Letting Go / Poetic Form: Tyburn


Reminding me of losing you, then
makes forgetting you impossible.

I needed a title for today's entries. This past week was a mental nightmare and thus a lot of garbage need to be taken out. Using the last two days of prompts helped to get some of that garbage out. On a side note, I seem to be really good at writing 2 poems every 2 days. Ha! I guess it just happens. On a positive note, I wrote a loop poem, which is not a type I remember writing before, or at least I don't write it often. Yesterday's prompt suggested a palindrome poem (a mirrored poem), which I really enjoy, but is super hard to birth into being. So, I have a Loop poem and a tyburn for you today, Dear Readers.

As always please leave me a comment and (to quote Levar Burton), 'I'll see you next time...'

Thursday, October 8, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 8 with a Diamond

I guess I just can't follow the rules. I mean, I try...okay, maybe not hard enough, but I do try, especially when it is important. Mostly!

Today poetic suggestion is a Diamante, a 7 line poem that is shaped like a diamond. It also connects the first line, which is a noun and the last line, which is a noun that is the opposite of the first line. The website listed above explains how to write a diamante. A really good one too, so much that I borrowed it. The only problem is that I sometimes like to break the rules. A rebel writer sometimes? Yeah, a rebel writer.

I started this poem thinking I would just follow the instructions and poof I would have a poem, then later (if I wanted to) then I could experiment. Didn't even get that far. My first diamante is an experimental diamante.

Topic: Connection / Poetic Form: Diamante

Tying Together


Together, Next (to)

Becoming, Growing, Learning

Knowledge and choice; Fear and choice

Leaving, Moving (away), Changing

Away, Distance


There is a little more existential thought with this poem, but with the themes that are popping up in the OctPoWriMo feed, I feel it works. What I added to the form is a few extra (two) words, I set up the sentence structure a little differently, and I did not go with concrete nouns for the main topics. It's different, but somehow I am significantly more pleased with today's outcome than I was with yesterday's. We are critical of our work, sometimes overly critical, aren't we?

I can be a completist sometimes, so because of that I am writing a regular (normal) diamante. It is still not the actually poem, per the instructions, but I am also extremely silly sometimes. Be prepared Dear Readers, I released the Kracken on this one and an extra bit of dorkiness...



Scaly, Wet

Slipping (away), Sliding (past), Swimming (away)

Fins and Tails, or maybe Pets(?) and Snacks(!)

Running, Clucking, Laying (eggs!)

Ugly or (oddly) Cute?


As always, Dear Readers, leave me a comment, a suggestion, or (this is a new request) a really terrible Dad Joke.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 6 and 7

 Ha! I did it again. I missed a day and have to  write two poems today Oh Noes!!

It really isn't a big deal. I can get myself worked up sometimes over the simplest things. The good news is that the forms that are suggested are forms I am willing to do. Rhyme is something I struggle with regularly, but meter/syllables usage is much easier, especially after all of my haiku work I have done.  I have discovered that writing in 5 or 7 syllables is really super easy for me. So, writing a Montetra and a Triolet will not be that hard. It is only +1 more syllables needed. I did modify my monotetra, because I wrote this poem without trying to rhyme and the poem is really good. Would you consider that cheating? I am curious to hear your thoughts on day 6's poem.

Hey Hey!!

Day 6 - Prompt: Desire/Drive / Poetic Form: Monotetra


It's want I want, to move faster--

desire something different.

I want to drive so far away--

is not faster, is not faster. 

Day 7 - Prompt: Learning / Poetic Form: Triolet


It is a puzzle left to solve--

all the pieces  are scattered.

Trial and error, up to you

try your luck at making mistakes

only to find yourself back at

the beginning of your task.

The voice quietly telling you,"

"Not to stop what you started."

I am even liking less what came out from this writing session. I stared off with a fantastic line, but try as I might it turned more into saccharine sludge. The message is quite lovely, but I am not pleased. I am sure it is because I also did not rhyme my triolet. My heart was clearly not into the concept of rhyme tonight. Oh well, you can't always write brilliantly. I do at least try to write truthfully and I definitely got to that level with 'Trying'. 

As always, thank you, Dear Readers for stopping by. Leave me a comment below.

Monday, October 5, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 5

Shapes and Rhymes!! Oh bloody hell! I figured I would get to a day that would make me NOT want to follow the prompt to the letter. It happens every time. I usually get a bit further before I look at the poetic forms and/or the word prompts and say "FORGET IT!"

I am not one to give up so easily on a form, but the two forms are shape poetry. That involves writing a poem in the shape of the topic. It sounds easy, but you make to have a plan. I don't! Then there is Licentia Rhyme, and involves three stanzas and rhyme and 12 lines per stanza and 11 syllables per line. It is making my eyes cross and my shoulders twitch. 


I need to  not be so, 'but do I need to write in that form today? sheeeesh!!' I am very much in that frame of mind, but I need a poem and refuse to write anything subpar. Soooooo....

The best use of this prompt  is brought about by a very usually dream. It was not scary, but very thorough journey through a time that I sometimes like to forget. It wasn't a particularly bad time, but I generally try to not think about it. Maybe, I need to...

It was a weird thing to suddenly bring up to my subconscious. I guess that means poetry fodder. Thanks OctPoWriMo. Leave me some love below, Dear Readers!

Topic: Healing / Poetic Form: Tanka

Surprise Fix

Not with a band-aid;

the process begins here, but

after time passing

you find a fall down rabbit

holes, healing you didn't need.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 4

 Topic: Falling / Poetic Form: Blitz Poem

I leave this as a self-explanatory expression of today's post at OctPoWriMo. Blitz poems are best written quick and dirty. Start with a topic or word and just write. It is easiest for me to just write when I am considering a Blitz Poem. Today I am writing, editing, and cleaning. Not the best use of a lazy Sunday, but it does bring quite of bit of inspiration to the table. Simply put, enjoy, Dear Readers! Also, leave me comment, please.


How It Feels To Fall

Cannot keep from

Cannot will into existence

Existence is the now

Existence is a struggle

Struggle to keeping going

Struggle to stray afloat

Afloat on a stormy sea

Afloat  away from land

Land on ground

Land on stability

Stability I don't always have

Stability, I can't always feel

Feel like I am falling

Feel an overwhelming

Overwhelming sense

Overwhelming drive

Drive to do

Drive away

Away from the chaos

Away from anything

Anything that makes me feel

Anything that I fear

Fear what I cannot control

Fear what I am

Am I even?

Am I not?

Not sure of anything that is happening

Not going to stop the process

Process what I have/need

Process the next step

Step lightly.

Step now!

Now is the time

Now I recognize

Recognize what I need

Recognize what I want

Want to move forward

Want to not move

Moving seems contradictory

Moving requires energy

Energy I don't have

Energy that I need

Need to eat

Need to write

Write it down

Write it here

Here I start

Here I finish




Saturday, October 3, 2020

OctPoWriMo Day 2 and 3

OctPoWriMo: It didn't take me long to miss a day (and get behind). 

Today's entry will feature two poems; one from yesterday a haiku and  today's prompt which is free verse. To make it a little easier (for me) I am picking one word from each day's topics and will write about that. should be interesting... 


Topic: EXPOSED / Poetic Form: HAIKU

Feeling quite exposed

Against elements I stand--

Winds stripping me bare.


Topic: CHAOS / Poetic Form: Free Verse

In the swirling mass of media,

when the colours all appears to bleed together.

I find nothing is quite right.

Looking for an escape from 

reds and golds that pierce my eyes.

Wanting to cover myself in 

blues and silvers, 

so much cooler.

Dive in,

Dive into

the rainbow arching across the sky,

a panorama of ROY G BIV

and all the chaos you could expect

from a sixth grade art class.

Fall in,

Fall into

the last place you've been,

the clouds building before a storm

that is racing towards you,

after the longest drought you have experienced.

Curl up,

Curl in,

Curl around the pigments that

arch from your pencils and brushes,

absorbing into the paper;

falling into droplets that smear,

racing together, only to separate in a

Controlled Chaos.


inside all of that there can be peace

woven together like a blanket, 

to keep you warm,

muffle the sounds,

find yourself after everything else is wrong.

I have not done a lot of free verse lately. It feels like that controlled chaos, unnatural. 

Then maybe I need to sort it all out... I write something like what I just wrote. It's not perfect. I feel I need to revisit it, but there is something there, a controlled chaos. It is something that feels right, maybe not always, after all I do love my forms. Maybe though, it is right, right now. I will often scan the social media, watch the local news, seek out other sources to understand what is going on. Lately it makes me upset, angry, chaotic. I always find a way back to my own personal HOMEOSTATIS (there is a word for you all). It means steady state, or tending to a stable equilibrium. Poetry and music are means of homeostasis for me.

Morgan's prompt made me think how I process the chaos around me. There is plenty of chaos that is NOT controllable, so, maybe a little bit of my own controlled chaos is what I need (that felt good to type that out).

Please leave me a comment. How do you deal with the chaos / the controlled chaos around you?  

Thursday, October 1, 2020

OctPoWriMo Day 1: Shine your light!

It's been a while since I blogged here, either for poetry or think pieces. In some ways I am a little afraid to start back up with blogging. There was so much of me that I found, and maybe a little that I lost in this blog. 2020 has not been an easy year. 

I don't know where to start, to be honest I haven't felt inspired to blog. In some ways it was very easy to let my little corner of the blog-o-sphere just disappear. But...I do miss sharing my words, especially since today is the first day of OctPoWriMo 2020, the month long poetry challenge. I miss challenging myself to write something different everyday, sometimes even something that I haven't written about or in the style of. Poetry is definitely a love / hate relationship, but I like now is a good time to return to the blog-o-sphere and "Here, There be a Writer", maybe a revamp, while returning to something that even when I hated it. Okay, hate is a strong word, maybe it is more of a temporary disinterest in poems and poetry.

OctPoWriMo seems like a good way to explore my feelings on blogging and maybe, FINALLY, decide what I want to do with this place. This haven of words and ideas.

Shine your light! That is today's topic. 

So, I guess I the cute little star that I am. 

Today's poetic style is an Acrostic poem. It is easy to explain, but probably hard to write. I am going try it. Topic: Bright. What is bright? A star is bright. A supernova is bright. Okay....


Sudden is the explode, even after eons of waiting

Understanding that is only the beginning

Puzzling out the why and the how

Especially to those scientists of the stars

Reaching their own light up to understand others

Now it may not seem unimportant to you

Over your social media feeds, but there is something

Vital in reaching out your light

And extending your hand to another.


10/1/2020 -- 2:31 pm EST

Leave me a comment, send out you light, shine your brightest.