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Saturday, October 3, 2020

OctPoWriMo Day 2 and 3

OctPoWriMo: It didn't take me long to miss a day (and get behind). 

Today's entry will feature two poems; one from yesterday a haiku and  today's prompt which is free verse. To make it a little easier (for me) I am picking one word from each day's topics and will write about that. should be interesting... 


Topic: EXPOSED / Poetic Form: HAIKU

Feeling quite exposed

Against elements I stand--

Winds stripping me bare.


Topic: CHAOS / Poetic Form: Free Verse

In the swirling mass of media,

when the colours all appears to bleed together.

I find nothing is quite right.

Looking for an escape from 

reds and golds that pierce my eyes.

Wanting to cover myself in 

blues and silvers, 

so much cooler.

Dive in,

Dive into

the rainbow arching across the sky,

a panorama of ROY G BIV

and all the chaos you could expect

from a sixth grade art class.

Fall in,

Fall into

the last place you've been,

the clouds building before a storm

that is racing towards you,

after the longest drought you have experienced.

Curl up,

Curl in,

Curl around the pigments that

arch from your pencils and brushes,

absorbing into the paper;

falling into droplets that smear,

racing together, only to separate in a

Controlled Chaos.


inside all of that there can be peace

woven together like a blanket, 

to keep you warm,

muffle the sounds,

find yourself after everything else is wrong.

I have not done a lot of free verse lately. It feels like that controlled chaos, unnatural. 

Then maybe I need to sort it all out... I write something like what I just wrote. It's not perfect. I feel I need to revisit it, but there is something there, a controlled chaos. It is something that feels right, maybe not always, after all I do love my forms. Maybe though, it is right, right now. I will often scan the social media, watch the local news, seek out other sources to understand what is going on. Lately it makes me upset, angry, chaotic. I always find a way back to my own personal HOMEOSTATIS (there is a word for you all). It means steady state, or tending to a stable equilibrium. Poetry and music are means of homeostasis for me.

Morgan's prompt made me think how I process the chaos around me. There is plenty of chaos that is NOT controllable, so, maybe a little bit of my own controlled chaos is what I need (that felt good to type that out).

Please leave me a comment. How do you deal with the chaos / the controlled chaos around you?  

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