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Monday, October 12, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Days 11 and 12


Day 11 - Prompt: Letter to my Muse / Poetic Form: Didactic Poem

Letter to My Muse

Dear Muse,


grant me the words

to compose the sonnets

that graces my loves ears.


something out of nothing,

you know the drill,

with pen and paper

out down the needed script.


with labour pains no one else gets

contractions of nouns and verbs

breaths of adjectives

to still even the jauntiest of adverbs.

Make something--

that didn't exist before

something that a writer

can be proud of.


A Writer

Day 12 -  Prompt: Silliness / Poetic Form: Haiku (I am not too keen on the forms today, so I am doing an old standby favourite)

Post Office Steps

Remember the steps

The sound I made when I fell down--

that's right, you're laughing.

Been having trouble staying on task this month, and I am a little disappointed that I not not trying more forms. It is still early, maybe I can make something of it by mid month. Or maybe I need to aim my focus on a bit of spoopy Halloween goodness? Maybe a bit of both? I am not sure. It feels that when I get a foothold on something stable, well then the carpet gets pulled out from under me. It is all a long story, nothing to bore you with. I have been struggling, pretty hardcore this month. I do like some of my output, just feeling like I am not giving it a complete chance.

Do you ever feel like that, Dear Readers? Leave me a comment, and thank you!

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