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Monday, October 5, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 5

Shapes and Rhymes!! Oh bloody hell! I figured I would get to a day that would make me NOT want to follow the prompt to the letter. It happens every time. I usually get a bit further before I look at the poetic forms and/or the word prompts and say "FORGET IT!"

I am not one to give up so easily on a form, but the two forms are shape poetry. That involves writing a poem in the shape of the topic. It sounds easy, but you make to have a plan. I don't! Then there is Licentia Rhyme, and involves three stanzas and rhyme and 12 lines per stanza and 11 syllables per line. It is making my eyes cross and my shoulders twitch. 


I need to  not be so, 'but do I need to write in that form today? sheeeesh!!' I am very much in that frame of mind, but I need a poem and refuse to write anything subpar. Soooooo....

The best use of this prompt  is brought about by a very usually dream. It was not scary, but very thorough journey through a time that I sometimes like to forget. It wasn't a particularly bad time, but I generally try to not think about it. Maybe, I need to...

It was a weird thing to suddenly bring up to my subconscious. I guess that means poetry fodder. Thanks OctPoWriMo. Leave me some love below, Dear Readers!

Topic: Healing / Poetic Form: Tanka

Surprise Fix

Not with a band-aid;

the process begins here, but

after time passing

you find a fall down rabbit

holes, healing you didn't need.

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