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Monday, October 26, 2020

OctPoWriMo: Day 25 (Chaos in the Making) & Day 26 (Abnormal Making)

I write better when not rushed. I also write better when I let myself go. The Blitz Poem is proof of that. Pretty sure that is what I needed. Well, probably a lot more than just writing, but it is a start and I definitely feel better. I also really enjoy the organic nature of the Blitz; with it starting out doing one thing and becoming something else by the end. I hope you re enjoying my poetic endevours this month, Dear Readers. I was not sure I would make it, or that I would barely make it, but today proved my wrong. I love when I can prove me wrong.

Leave me a comment below; and have a brilliant day!


Day 25-

Prompt: Chaos

In the Making

An authoritative stew,

mixing the ingredients

the workers,

the time,

the energy,

only to have it boil over

or worst, to be burnt.

It is a science

and like some mad scientist

adding and stirring,

making a rules stew.

It can be too salty

or too bland.

I never know how my rules stew will 

turn out,

like now I feel the scorched carrots

and potatoes.

There is no flavour

and I am now starving,

maybe it is time for a

can of Creamed D'Rules

for lunch.

That is hard to swallow.  

Day 26

Prompt: Abnormal / Poetic Form: Blitz Poem

Perceptions (Call me Abbi...)

I don't like

I am not

not like anyone

not fitting into the mold

mold me in your image

mold the clay

clay feels cold

clay is malleable

malleable as anything 

malleable as my soul

soul in youth is considered

soul grown up is set

set in it's way

set down in writing

writing the word down

writing the feelings

feelings are not in control

feeling a real

real in this sense

real to me

Me, I  still feel

Me, I still am

Am I real

Am I here

here is the logic

here I stand

stand against the storm

stand up

up in the rafters

up away for it all

all is for naught

all is what I have left

left alone

left over

over the moon

over it all

all the is left

all that I know

know that maybe...

know that I am wrong

wrong in being

wrong in form

form the words

form the tears

tears in my eyes

tears in my mind



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