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Sunday, August 31, 2014

AROW80 check-in: Labour Daybour 2014 and Beyond

Okay so vacation sometimes interrupts the flow a little, right?

Yes, I did get distracted and was a little impeded, but it was for a worthy cause. All work and no play...something something... is the last of the summer days, even though summer goes until the Autumnal Equinox, it is the end of the summer when the kids return to school, teachers get busy, and the smell of all things pumpkin return, as well as bonfire, foliage change, and sweater weather. All wonderful things, but this mean summer must come to an end.

It was quite warm yesterday, and then today VERY muggy with some rain. What little time I have before the end of summer I am trying to enjoy with as much gusto as I can afford. But there are always other things happening and going on.  This is my life. Anyway...

I took a few days off to have a long 5 day Labour Daybour weekend from the day job, this included a trip to the State Fair Thursday (more on that tomorrow), a weekend visit with my Dad and Aunt, and also watching Doctor Who last night with the Loves and getting my final birthday present. That being said, new stuff happened and creative juices did flow.

Onto the bullet points!

Since Wednesday:
    *I am  at the 300 page of "Abhorsen", and two chapters into "Misty of Chincoteague". "Misty is an easy read and plan to finish it by Monday night. I bought some more books at a Salvo in Cortland, NY. The laat two days I haven't read with company in town, but you know how that goes.
     *Wrote a bit on something that could turn into a story at least. Enjoying having daily writing prompts to write from. Good news though, there are some creative prospects coming up that involve me and writing a lot; 24 Hour Theatre in September and November too, the Xmas show in Hammondsport, and I just talked to the writer-in-residence of the Old Havana Courthouse Theatre with the owner and they would be interested in seeking out new and upcoming writers of Melodramatic Shows. I talked to him about the prospect of writing a melodrama for Old Havana. So, now I have something to write for. Oh, and I have Scrivener now too!! So, while I haven't written everyday this past week, I have written something. Stretching the muscles and at least keeping literally (as in literate and literary) limber!
     *Blogged one day this week, so I am on track with that goal. The aim is twice a week, not counting the Round of Words check-in blogs. Have two ideas in process, one is an interview and another is the return of my book to movie reviews (4 reviews, 1 blog post a week). More to happen next week.
      *Have visited at least 3 blogs on Wednesday. Will make that goal today too. Now I need to set aside time to visit fellow bloggers each day. After thinking about it this past week, I think that is how I will break past this particular "goal ceiling".
       *I have been utilizing social media more to interact with fellow writer and share my words and stuff. This is an important thing!

NEW CONCEPT WORD! Goal Ceiling - (noun) The block that keeps you from going past a goal.

That which fell short:
      *Journaling. I did not journal at all this past week. Not sure why, I had the time, but my motivation in that department fell a bit short. Well, no time to dwell on the bad, there is next week to look forward to.
      *No new submissions. This hasn't totally bother me yet, because I am currently working on getting work ready to submit to new places or other places that have said I should submit to their next issue. This gives me the hope I think I needed. Friends can offer advise, but when you get a complement and constructive criticism from the journal, that makes me feel good.
      *Do not do any revision. This is the part that I felt worst about. It's what I NEED to do. It's always on my list. I need to remember what I wrote just above this when I have an off revision week.
      *I had been keeping a sticker journal of my goals, but while I was working on Tarzan I fell short and stopped doing it. I think it's time to start that up again. It seems to help me get more results.

The best parts of this weekend were finally getting Scrivener, which I will be playing with today and tomorrow, before I have to return to the real world of the day job. One of my best friend bought it for me. She is one of my biggest backer in my push/dream to be a writer, including the Hubs. It is a big jump and I am ready to go for it.

Then there is the new Doctor, oh life is good indeed. That makes Saturday pretty freaking awesome.

I have a bunch of little theatre events that will be occurring through the Autumn and into the Winter with 2 Hour Theatre, Halloween Improv, the Ghost Walk (a walking tour of Montour Falls and the Ghosts of the famous denizens who lived there), Xmas Shows, and of course NaNoWriMo too. Will be a busy end to 2014, but I do thrive on being busy. I am looking forward to it though. Really feeling good about everything, Dear Readers. I just need to keep focused, plan my time better, and be Brave! AllonsY, Geronimo, and Gallifrey Stands!!

BTW, Sara Bareilles is the awesome!!!

Remember to visit the Blog Hop and cheer us ROW-ers onto the final weeks of Round 3!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Our State Fair is a Great State Fair...Don't Miss It, Don't Even Be Later"

Feeling tired tonight, so I am going to keep this relatively short. I started my mini vacation this week. With Labour Day fast approaching, I am feeling like the summer has swum past me. While Fall doesn't start until the Autumnal Equinox, September 21st, the summer feels like it ends after Labour Day comes and goes. Am I right?

First day of vacation will be a trip to the State Fair in Syracuse, NY. Incidentally, I have never been to the New York State Fair. So, not sure what to expect. I have seen Brad Jones aka The Cinema Snob trys State Fair Food, with Scorpion Pizza, Deep Fried Creamsicles, or Deep Fried Pig Ears. My favourite to watch was last year (I believe) when he tried Shark on a Stick, because EVERYTHING'S better on a stick, right? We will be going to see some friend's photography and bead work. But. I have heard of other neat things to see, strange foods to eat, and exhibits.

This week I have been enjoying my writing prompts via Rebecca Dickson. I have testing the waters, writing poems about newborn babes and Dear John letters to Lovers. Not in the same bits though. I am rediscovering my voice. KLP's 20 Hour Theatre is just around the corner, so some more creative juices will be flowing. I also have a couple of Word Sparks writing prompts that need to be written too. So, I have a lot of potential energy just waiting to turn into kinetic.

See a bit from my WIP, simply called "The Letter".

My Love,

This has been one of the hardest letters I have had to write and that says a lot. My 'Dear John' letter to my Ex was tough, but nothing could compare to putting these words onto paper. Tell you my deepest fears. First,I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. What we have is special, a love to last, but there is a secret that I have kept hidden from you. I thought at first that it would be easy to tell you, but then the time passed too quickly, or something came up, it always seems to come up. I became afraid you would leave me for my indiscretion. Oh, that's a harsh word, maybe more like omission. I cannot keep it from you forever, My Love.

It's time I was honest with you...

    *Reading.: Over half done with "Abhorsen". Found my reading stride. I love when the books flow easily. Although I do prefer to read my books, not speed through them. After all this isn't High School where I am reading "A Separate Peace" again. Yuck!
    *Writing: been doing more of that and  with more consistency lately, whether with writing prompts or haiku via twitter.
    *Social Media: interacting more with my fellows on twitter and AROW80. Thank you for the love, Dear Readers, BTW!
     *Blogging: I almost forget, I blogged yesterday (granted in was after midnight when I posted it, but it still counts, right?). Now to blog on Friday/Saturday and I will have my twice weekly blogging back on track.

To work on:
    *Writing: continue to write more, both quantity and frequency, while keeping the quality higher.
    *Revise: finish my revision of "Road Trip". That is the priority this week.
    *Visiting: visit fellow bloggers daily, at least 2 per day. Not sure why I can't seem to make this daily goals. I am able to visit on  check-in days, which is probably because I am already sitting down to write and can easily take a break and wander through the halls of the bloggers Kingdoms, Dukedoms, etc. I think because I get distracted with my other projects and things and stuff, like Doctor Who, Improv, and Books. I keep trying, but oh look SQUIRREL! :-)
    *Submissions: I am going to submit at least one piece of work to be published by week's end.

With my 5 day weekend, I have some time to get caught up on housework and writing. My dad and aunt are coming to town for a few days, starting Friday evening. I am hoping to introduce them to a few of my friends, watch the new Doctor Who on Saturday, see the last Old Havana Melodrama this weekend, and spend time with friends.

Remember to check out the AROW80 Blog Hop and see what all of us writers are up to. Have a delightful rest of the week, Dear Readers. Have picnics and go swimming, labour or not! I know I plan to enjoy this last vestige of summer time goodness.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The NEW Doctor: Thoughts on "Deep Breath"

I have been thinking a lot about the new doctor, the season opener, and the direction that the show is headed in. It has been eight plus long months of waiting for Capaldi's Doctor to emerge. In that time I have had a lot of time to think about what will come next and a singular line from the Doctor about his Kidneys. This has all been swimming in my head, with the eagerness of a kid in a candy store.

First, yes this blog will contain SPOILERS, but as the episode and theatrical release has aired and I have waited more than 72 hour, I am finally going to pen (or type) my thoughts on this episode n and the sew season. If you DO NOT want spoilers, then please refrain from reading further Thank you!

My first thought was, wow, Clara is very whiny and needs a good on the face! Not going to lie, I was a little put off by the MOFFS [Steven Moffat] choice to make her a whiny, stammering idiot for the first third to half of the episode. Clara has NEVER been one to back down, nor be a weakling, even though it ultimately took her a brunt of season 7 to get her to that point. Her superficial view of the Doctor's new face in this episode really bugged me at first. It was very in Clara like. That bothered me, a lot!

This is the Impossible Girl, the one who saved the Doctor time and again in "Name of the Doctor", she also was the one to change his mind about burning Gallifrey in the Time War. She's smart, sassy, and a great companion. (oh I know some are groaning at this statement as they read this, but it's true). So, why make her this very unattractive and catty type persona? Where she is written as a selfish and superficial female, that in some ways cared more about the Doctor's appearance than about the Doctor himself, post regeneration and when he is most vulnerable. It was very hard to grasp, especially knowing that Clara had been in the Doctor's timeline, saved his life time and again. She witnessed first hand each of the Doctor's previous incarnation. So, why then make her fuss and angry about the Doctor's older face? WHY????

Okay, back to this later....

On another noted, I absolutely loved the Dynamic Trio of Vashtra, Jennie, and Strax. While highly entertaining when played with the Doctor, these three can hold their own. Here you get a deeper look into Vashtra and Jennie's relationship, being married in Victorian Era London and a the bickering that comes with being married. Strax is just fantastic with his comedic timing; best part was when he asked Clara if she wanted the times and when he was sent it up. SMACK! Right in the kisser! Vashtra is definitely a voice of reason, almost a Doctor like character. She's definitely a favourite!

Then there this...

I was a little worried that it would get too serious, too soon. I like a darker story and can handle something that is a bit grown up. Hence why I like Torchwood. But, there is also the camp that come with Doctor Who. Would they completely lose that with Capaldi? It's not a Matt Smith episode, or season, but there are less goofy moments. But it is not without it's lighter moments either. Yes, this new doctor is going to be more more serious than his previous personality, not take things as lightly, but he  is the Doctor. He is not afraid to tell it like it is or burst into banter and charades with a Dinosaur.

Stand out lines; "Doors. Boring. So not me," [Opens window] "Me!" or "These are attack eyebrows!"


The Doctor, he is well, I just get all full of smiles when I seem him on the screen. Capaldi is the Doctor. He is my Doctor! With everything moment and line delivered I feel fully invested in his story. Especially when he has Clara's back, after what is presumed to be his desertion of Clara in the Larder of Mancini's Restaurant. Clara is holding her own against the half-faced man, and then as she reaches behind her someone grabs her hand, rips the face off and there is the Doctor. He brings something real to the Doctor, almost like he voices his own thoughts as they happen, like when he gets something wrong and tries to gloss over, "I hate it when they see me get it wrong. Pretend you didn't see that." But he is still the Doctor, he saves the day in the nick of time, he's protective of the human race, and he's Scottish (thus he can complain about stuff). Must get use to hearing the Scottish accent now.

Back to Clara and other stuff...

And even after the second viewing, at the movie theatre, I found stuff I missed, like the Sweeney Todd reference or his reference to Amy Pond. But I could understand Clara's motivation a bit more knowing that this regeneration she was seeing live. Her Doctor was gone and that is a lot to take in when you have know someone for a long time. Also, the Christmas episode "Time of the Doctor" into "Deep Breath" was one right into another, where the rest of the world had to wait eight months for the out come of Trenzelore. That's a lot to take in, especially for one person. Yes, she is still whiny, okay, a lot whiny, but I can understand her reasoning, mostly. I would probably feel something similar.

Then there are the questions...

Of course there are things that I am still confused about. Like Missy! The mysterious woman in "heaven" with the half-faced man. Is she Idris? Is she a version of River Song (seems unlikely, but who knows)? An enemy? A friend? What is this promised land to where the Half-faced man was seeking? What is the connection to the episode "The Girl in the Fireplace"?

There is much more to the season, more adventures. Heck, it has only just started and already I can't wait for Saturday's episode! What do you think, Dear Readers (of the Whovian persuasion)? About Capaldi as the new Doctor? The new season? Thoughts in general? Leave me some love!

*Pictures from Google search, and used to enhance this blog. Doctor Who is own by BBC.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Post Doctor Who Season Premier, Pizza, and Porch Side Conversing

Sitting on my porch this afternoon and into the evening conversing about the new season of Doctor Who with the Hubs. We watched the season premier last night with friends, while eating twice annihilated Sontarans and The 12th Doctor's Kidney Bean Chili (twice baked potatoes and chili), Jammie Dodgers and Tardis Cookies.

It was a great episode. I am loving Capaldi's Doctor, Madame Vashtra, Jennie, Strax, and Clara. Except for some weird writing of her character, the episode was really freaking awesome. Don't worry, NO SPOILERS HERE, DARLING! Hoping Clara's character will be smoothed out a bit more in the subsequent episodes. She's not bad, but she comes off as kind of annoying. Mostly, I blame the MOFF [Steve Moffat]. But with that said, I am looking forward to the new season. Even going to see it in the theatre tomorrow night, with a crap ton of other Whovians. Not gonna lie, really excited about this. Probably going to dress up too!

Today is a rest day for sure, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, I had a great week, just not feeling the greatest physically, so this will be short check -in.

After a bit of realization about myself, I am changing up my game plan. I came to a few realizations about myself and my writing that I need to change. I am going up to the next level. Being a writer means growing

New (or revised) Goals for the coming weeks:
     *Write everyday! I have started receiving daily writing prompts in my email. This proves to be helpful
getting my gears turning.
     *Spend at least twice a week revising and editing anything that get to rough/1st draft status. This might not be possible to do everyday, but I want to start with reasonable goal. Thus eventually I will find a rhythm and have a regularly scheduled editing time (at least that is what I am aiming for).
      *A return to submitting. I am going to submit at least twice a week. Nothing has been accepted from my first round of submissions. Time to dust myself off and try again.

These will continue into future rounds, the daily/ongoing goals.

Accomplished this week:
      *Completed two writing prompts, one that could be a flash fiction of it's own, or potentially a story.
      *Started revising WIP, "Road Trip". More on that progress of this, in the coming week.
      *Well, into "Abhorsen", and back to reading in the mornings before work.
      *Making good on the visiting other blogs, mostly on AROW80 check-in days. It's a good reminder at least.

It's very relaxing and I've come to enjoy my mornings with my book, journal, and sometimes my writing. Mornings are really good times for me creatively. I remember during last year's NaNoWriMo using the morning hours to write gave me some great material and freed my evenings. I had some good stuff come out of those times that and want to return to that.

That's about it for now, Dear Readers. Have an amazing week. Doctor Who in the theatre up in Ithaca tomorrow, Improv show Tuesday, State Fair on Thursday, and then Labour Day weekend with my Dad and Aunt and the "End" of Summer. The Round of Words Blog Hop, check us out!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Writing Prompt: Cat Letter

I've started something new. I signed up for daily writing prompts to be emailed to me.

Today's prompt I wasn't sure about Most ideas sounded fine and then turned dumb fast. I delayed a bit in writing, mostly because I had other stuff that need to be attended to. I did promise myself tonight, that I was going to write something everyday. True to my word, I did. It's not a story, more like a concept piece, but one that I could ultimately wrap my brain around. It's just a little writing prompt I got from Rebecca Dickson's site, she's a writer/editor/writing coach; Word Sparks is a daily writing prompt that is emailed to you. There is no deadline, nor requirement for writing. It's just a means to help kick start the juices, to get the idea river flowing again, if it damned up. Go and check out her site, especially if you want writing tips, daily writing prompts, or just another cool writer to follow.

Today's Prompt: If your pet could write you a letter, what would it say?

Dear Hairless Tall Thing (You asked to be called Mom, right?),

I just thought you should know how much I miss you while you were gone today.

I know I didn't really pay attention to you while you were getting ready in the morning, but I am paying attention. When you wake up, before the  sunshine fills your study and the birdies start to sing (Sorry, I get a little philosophical in the morning), I am well aware of where you are. And I miss you after you leave the house. There are plenty of things to do and enjoy in this house, like the toy mice or the stick toys, but it's not the same until you come home to stay.

Do you know why I come to the door when you come home? It's because
the house feels more alive with you there. I mean, I like my new sister,
but she is a little anti-social and sometimes I still miss my brother, even though he liked to chase me. he also loved me and it was like a games after a while.

So, when you come home I get happy again. It's like a new thing; of course, it might be because I don't have very good short term memory. I try. I do remember to bring toys to you when I want to play. That's good, right? I also remember that you are my Mom and the Dad is my Dad.

Anyway, I think I am rambling now (at least that's the word you use a lot, Mom). I just wanted to say that I love you, even when I want to lightly chew on your fingers or knead your bare legs. Please remember that. And I promise I will try to not chase my sister and not knock your drink over and a million and one other things that you tell me.  But you might want to remember that I am a cat after all.

Just kidding. Silly Mom, I love you.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rifftrax and The Beginnings of the Revision of the "Road Trip"

So, the early week slump had struck again. Monday was a bit of a wash...and that is a bit rough to swallow,"Godzilla", the shitty 1998 Roland Emmerich version with Matthew Broderick and 80% of the Simpson's cast up in Ithaca, NY. It technically was not LIVE, that was last Thursday, but it was still pretty sweet! There is truth to Rifftrax's tag line, "Some movies have it coming."
knowing that I keep my Mondays free for that purpose. At least Tuesday, my mood was positive and I had a great date night with the Hubs. We went to see Rifftrax's live riff

Oh, Godzilla had it did Matthew Broderick!

Of course this meant a trip to Manos Diner on Route 13 in Ithaca, NY. The 24 hour diner with some pretty tasty food. I had cheesecake, while David at a cheeseburger to the sound of the restaurant radio station playing in the main part of the restaurant. It was some local Ithaca radio station, playing Adele, Sixpence None the Richer, and the like; while someone was watching soccer and listening to rock in the lounge part of Manos. The Personal Jesus Sara Bareilles (I think) mash-up was entertaining. Anywhooooo, it was a lovely date and now it's Wednesday. You know what that means?

Go to their Website RIFFTRAX and check out their stuff!!

It's ROW80 time!

What have I done this week (so far):
      *I have been writing almost daily, mostly in the form of haiku. I seem to be resorting to the short form of poetry. But it's concentrated and I can practice my vocabulary work on the haiku. The thesaurus is my friend. I have also been journaling which is my other outlet for my frustrations.
      *I finally started revising my short story "Road Trip"  [current title]. It came fast and furious last week that I know it'll get changed. I was generally please with the concept and I think I know where I ultimately take it. Will work on a bit more tonight.  Also, I have a new Beta Reader and "The Bluebird's are Gone" and "Crying Mascara" goes out to him tonight.
      *Only into the second chapter of "Abhorsen", but I am also reading "Misty of Chincoteague" and considering doing a write up on Marguerite Henry. Also, my last two lunches I didn't read any. I was a tad impeded those days. Tomorrow morning, the porch and the morning fog are mine to sit and read before work. I had to get up early for work the last three days and there was less time in the morning for reading and caffeination.
       *I am still visiting fellow writer, not quite everyday, yet. At least on check-in days I have been able to visit with a few of them. Habits take a little time to become habits. I am finding my rhythm is returning with my writing, blogging, reading and networking.

What I want to  improve this week:
       *Blogging twice a week, a non-AROW80 blog. This is important to me. It's really why I started Here, There be a Writer; to write, to make the step and take the plunge into get my writing, and my voice out into the world and cyberspace.
        *Finish "Abhorsen" by the end of August or sooner. Start the "MaddAddam" series by Margaret Atwood. I read "Oryx and Crake" a couple of years ago and want to finish the series. Seeing as I know there's a whole series now.
         *Finish one more on my unfinished stories before summer is completely over. I have about 2 or 3 WIP stories that need some attention. I started them back around April. I think it's time to see if these stories are ready to complete themselves.

Mostly it's reading and writing that I am focusing on. On those weeks that I get distracted, I need to keep going, keep pulling forward. I have some other projects that I am determined to finish. The major ones include putting together my poetry books and then submitting them to contests and publishers, both online and actually publishers. My big problem is needed to get the right programs to make this happen and learning to use the said programs. I would definitely want to get my book of sonnets together by years end. That is the big goal, Dear Readers. Going to spend a lot of time playing with my Microsoft publisher and see what I can do and in the coming weeks I might actually have something to show you all. My poetry is something near to my heart and I have tried so hard to advance my skills, increase my vocabulary, and stretch my poetic muscles. This is something I WANT. Therefore, I will make it happen.

Anyway, even with my rough start to my Monday, I am already feeling better about this week. Best part, only two days (roughly) until Capaldi lands as the new Doctor. Doctor Who party on Saturday! Making home made jammie dodgers and having fish fingers and custard (pudding). As much I loved Matt Smith as the Doctor, I am ready for a new deeper Doctor. That and more Strax the psychotic potato dwarf.

Also, there's the AROW80 Blog Hop to visit and see what my fellows are up to. They are good people, I have gotten some great advise from them and enjoy hearing about their adventures and misadventures in the world.

AROW80 stands for A Round of Words in  80 Days. It's a blog challenge that knows you have a life, but also challenges you to make and meet your goals that you set.

I am planning some  new things in the month of September, more themed months/poetry months and some interviews too.

I'll leave you with one of my favourite Ladysmith Black Mambazo song:

Have a great week, Dear Readers! Love to you all and I believe in each and every one on you!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A AROW80 Look at TEH Sunshine, HERE COMES THE SUN!!

It's summer and the summer sunshine has been terribly vacant. Okay, maybe a day or two she has come out of hiding, but seriously, August! You are supposed to be the month of sun and hot, and you are more like the month of rain and maybe a day or two of sun.

Anyway, the muse has returned to me. I went onto my porch (where I am now) to finish a story story I had started. That was 3200+ words later. It is now in revision mode. There are at least two stories in revision mode that I must attend to and send out to my beta readers. That is a main goal for this week.

Smaller/daily goals (or the Bullet Points have Returned):
                 *Finished "Lirael" and started "Abhorsen". Also whilst trolling the Salvo down the way from my work, I found a copy of  "Misty of Chincoteague" by Marguerite Henry. Decided to give it a read and then blog about it. I have fond memories of read this book for a summer reading program at my local library [Darwin R. Barker Library] call Bookopoly. Yes, it sounds like what it is! Books and Monopoly You roll the dice and move around the board, most squares are subject/genre squares, if you land on one of those, you  to pick out a book from that genre/subject matter and had to read the book and report on that same book to get Book Bucks. Books Bucks will buy you prizes ranging from toys to books to art supplies and others. I think Misty was one of the first book I read for Bookopoly. There were plenty of books that I don't think I would have read otherwise. Of course I think because of this I read "Stormy, Misty's Foal" as well.

                 *Continuing to journal twice a week. I haven't really gotten any new ideas, but it's a great way to de-stress. I also use my journal to write more haiku. And because I have been writing A LOT more haiku, I have started tweeting them to the interwebs. Learning to use twitter as a tool to get my writing about, but also interacting with my followers. Good news is my retention of followers has increased.
                  *Visiting my fellow writers/bloggers. This has increased from last week. This past week I visited  other blogs and left comments. This week I have started on right foot and visited three this morning. My plan is to visit at least 1 blog per day.
                  *I only blog once, albeit very late yesterday for the week. In addition to my twice weekly AROW80 check-ins, I am trying to return to my once a week regularly scheduled blog, or twice a week. I had the time, but the amuse was being stubborn and so was I. This week will be better, because I have some idea to work with now. Hehehe!! Also, I bribed the muse with ice-cream! Mwahahah!!

That which I need to start back up again:
                 *Submitting work to places, online journals, contests, etc. I get a little sad when I get a rejection letter. I am well aware that rejection comes before acceptance. As this is the first year where I have made a solid attempt to submit my work, it has proven a task. And as much as the rejection letters/emails bum me out, I try to remember that the blue skies will come out and I will get published. There was this time that I submitted a kids story to Highlights! for Children and got a REAL rejection letter, with an actual signature. With that being said, I am going to climb back on my horse and ride forward.

The skies here in Corning are fighting to clear up. Blue skies abound amidst the fluffy cumulus clouds. I was a avid cloud watcher, still am actually. I don't always lay in the grass to watch clouds. With my nice and HUGE wrap around porch, I can watch the cloud while sitting drinking coffee and writing my blogs. :-)

Enjoying my porch this Sunday morning, almost afternoon, Dear Readers. What are you up to today? I will be going to see my friend Brennan perform in his last performance in the Old Havana Courthouse Melodrama before heading off to college. I think I will enjoy the drive.

Have a sunny filled day, Dear Readers enjoy the world and all the things in it. Oh, and next weekend is the HUGE Doctor Who premier with Peter Capaldi as the new doctor. I am thinking of writing a blog or something for the big premier. Don't forget, Dear Readers, go and check out the Blog Hop and visit all of us writer/bloggers dancing to our own beats and making awesome things for the world to see, hear, and read.

I leave you with some music of the day, Amanda Palmer. Someone who I was familiar with in name only. But after being introduce to her "Theatre is Evil" album, I am successfully hooked. She reminds me of a Cabaret singer turned Rocker.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

63 Hours is done for another year!

There is something magical when friends get together to make art. My friend Amelia has put together an art's festival called The Hours Festival since 2011. The first year it was 60 Hours of Art, exactly what it says, it's 60 hours of art, everything from painting, to poetry, to dance, to Improv.

This year's 63 Hours was festival of ceremonies that started with the wedding of Amelia's mum, Jennifer Fais and her long time partner, Noel Sylvester on Thursday. It was also capped off the end of the festival of ceremonies with a Graduation from "The University of Beulahland" and trying a GIANT ASS square knot with all those present (We did it!). Of course it's NOT an Hours celebration without a bonfire and art of all sorts still being created. The big projects this year were the salltelite dish cathedral, which is where the graduation was held.

Beulahland is one of those places where you can get away from the world and still meet new people and make something amazing. Last year I wrote a 1 act (it's still being revised, by I wrote it during one day of 62 Hours. I think 61 Hours was when I finished my painting of Sara and Wendy sitting out on the lawn of Beulahland proper. We have performed Improv on the back porch stage or in the house proper (due to rain) as Irregular Improv and Lake Country Improv.

Every time I have gone to Beulahland, I have always left feeling better. Some form of joy raised up from the depths of my heart. It a beautiful place and the atmosphere of the place and people there are very restorative for what ails you. Or at least it's a place where you can make art and/or be apart of something greater.

If you are ever in the area, you such check out the various events that Beulahland and the Crew puts on. You can find Beulahland, Amelia (art), Jennifer (art) on the internet and Facebook/Twitter . So check 'em out.

Noel and Jennifer (Groom and Bride)
My diploma is "Being the Most Creative at Beulahland" and David got an Honorary Doctorate in Wit and Improv. Shall I call him Dr. Scott now? :-)

Good times, Dear Readers!

Graduation Day under the Satellite Cathedral

Cap toss!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pit of Doom and climbing out again...

I am a bad writer. I didn't post a regular blog on Monday or Tuesday! I am sorry, Dear Readers. I said I was going to, and then I didn't. I feel horrible.


I have some better news. I wrote a story on Sunday, a full and complete story. It's called "Road Trip" (a tentative title right now). This story is a bit over 3200 words and still need review and revision. But, I always feel so good when I finish a piece of work, either story or blog. Here's a little snippet that I am pleased with.

Oblivious to the lack of enthusiasm on Marcie’s part, the blonde turns back the road, “This is going to be great.” She goes to turn the radio on; there is a burst of static and then nothing. “Damn, I wish Daddy would just get me a brand new car.” The blond balls her fist and give the dash a thud, causing the radio to burst alive with music, but to kill the dash control, as her speed now registered 120 mph and the gas gauge on empty. “Really? This is a thorough pain in the ass. I mean, Bonnie has a brand new Mercedes, and Marcus has his new Hummer, but I get Daddy’s old relic that is a piece of SHIT,” she shouts at the car. She balls her left fist and thunks the dash console. The dash comes alive. “There, see? No problem, right, Marcie.” She looks over at Marcie, who is mostly hanging out of the window, silently mouthing something.

Also, this week, I have finished "Lirael" and started "Abhorsen". Also looking at what series I am going to pick up post "Abhorsen Trilogy". Maybe finally read "Wicked" or Hugh Laurie's "The Gunseller", or maybe start Margaret Atwood's "MaddAddam Series". So, many books! ALL TEH BOOKS!!! Or, Dear Readers, what are your suggestions for summer reading (or in general)?

I have not visited fellow bloggers, but am going to start tonight to visit at least 3. Better late than never, right, Dear Readers? And from this point I will visit fellow bloggers. I am coming off of a weird week, weird last night. It might have to do with the rough news in the world the past few days, or I was just moody. I do get that way sometimes. I have to pull myself up and out of my Pit of DOOM (my own words), usually with music, improv/theatre, or writing. I am feeling better, so I think I am on the mend.

I had improv rehearsal tonight, and it was totally what I needed. Something about watching the little known facts about the War of 1812 using a bra as sling shots with thumb tacks and bowie knives; or catching Loose Lips Lenny in the Police Showers; or asking questions at the armory about the new bop-it mace. Oh, the things that come out of improv! If you know what "Whose Line is it Anyway?" is, that is what we do.

I have been fighting with the Muse lately, she has left me for someone else. I have been trying to coax her back with everything from cookies to promises of devotion. Susan Werner says it best about Mistress Muse. She only loves you when you are struggling and love her alone. Once you find success, she will leave you for someone who appreciates her more than you did.

Remember to go and visit the Blog Hop, see the hard work of my fellow AROW80-ers, Dear Readers. I am looking into an interview with VCRfromHeck and some small reviews of "Ben and Me" and "Willie the Operatic Whale", part of the Disney 's Mini Classic collections, also a forthcoming review of "The Hunger Games" book versus movie.

There is also a bit of summer left that I plan to enjoy and share with you all. Have an amazing rest of the week, Dear Readers. I have a request, I want to write some but I need some topic. I am not sure what I want to write, but I need your help, Dear Readers. I need topics. Everything and anything. Leave me topic and some love, and I'll see you around the interwebs.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Writing and Meatloaf, that what Sunday afternoons are for....

It's a Meatloaf kind of afternoon, with the cat's napping, and I am writing. The first time in a few weeks. I am feeling good as I type this. Good weather and time to work on stuff and things make a happier writer Cindy, Dear Readers. Taking a bit of a break from writing to write this blog/AROW80 check-in, on time too!

What have I been up to? Well, I can say that house looks almost presentable with laundry done and put away, dishes caught up v(except my lunch plate), and the trash/litter taken care of. w00t! I STILL need to vacuum, but I'll wait until the cats are awake (so i don't scare them too much). Sometimes I wish I was rich, so I could just hire a maid, but then I realize that is a silly idea (the having a maid idea, not the being rich part). I usually relax by cleaning, I know that sound weird, but I do. I discovered that in college, when I needed to step away from the homework, or if I needed to de-stress, I would clean my dorm room. I just don't always have the time nowadays to clean like that. I am getting better, but I hate when I have a sink of nasty gross dishes and am too tired to wash them.
Villainy at the Villanova Vaudeville Revisited.*

This weekend has been a productive and yet relaxing weekend (see paragraph above). David's been performing Hairspray this weekend. I saw it Friday night. Tarzan was last weekend. I am freer to enjoy the rest of summer with book reading, seeing the rest of the melodramas at Old Havana Courthouse Theatre, being outside, visiting and having adventures.

A melodrama is short play telling of virtue triumphing over villainy, that usually involve music, signing, over the top comedy, and audience interaction. Old Havana performs these show throughout the summer in Montour Falls, NY, above the courthouse. A different show each week, four shows rotating throughout the summer. If you are in the area, please check 'em out. 

*Picture used is own by Old Havana Courthouse Theatre.

Past page 400 of "Lirael". I love books. I even like LOOONG books, but the down side is that sometimes (no every time), the book feels like it's taking forever. The "Abhoren Trilogy" is a nicely paced series, but "Lirael" is almost 700 pages. So much book! It's even better on the second read.

Started writing again. Feels good to find a writing prompt and just go. I am probably going to finish the rough draft of this story. It has me intrigued, as the characters start talking to me. After writing this blog and a short dinner break. BTW, I love tomato sammiches!! :-) I want to get to a completed draft. I sometimes start a story, but then get distracted or bored and then do not return to ever, or a year later get around to finishing it.

This also means that I am going to return to visiting my fellow bloggers and writers (Come see the Blog Hop), reading up on what they are up to, give words of encouragement, or playing Haiku tag with them. It also means that I am returning to a weekly blog entry about whatever strikes my fancy. This will mostly likely occur on Mondays or Saturdays, my non-Round of Words days.

On, that happy note, Dear Readers, I am going to post this and return to my words. Have a stellar and exciting week. Hope you summer is continuing to be fruitful and sunny. I need to make it to the beach soon. I miss swimming. I don't do it enough anymore. That will be something else I do before labour day. I am surprised at how fast the summer goes now that I am older. Only three more weeks? Yep, just checked the calendar.

Gonna Peel Outta Here, Dear Reader!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Puzzle Faerie...Returning to Normal (or as close to normal as possible)

Here I am at 10:58 pm on Thursday....feeling a bit detached from everything.

I hate trying to write something and there is absolutely nothing in my head to write about. It feels forced. Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating when I have nothing to write about and yet I need to fill a quota or a blog entry. Not that I rip off writing, but when I don't have anything to write, or even say, then I feel compelled to post something old just to post. And that, Dear Readers feels like cheating.

I can say that I have begun the re-coup process from Tarzan, such as catching up on sleep and household chores (except when I do the last of the pile of dishes and then promptly made strawberry/banana milkshakes). Oh, well, they were yummy. I am fond of using vanilla yogurt with vanilla ice cream and milk. Alas, I had no milk, but vanilla almond milk is just as yummy. Also, the yogurt is not completely needed, as I made the strawberry banana one without the yogurt. w00t, for creative fooding.

I am proud of myself, I finished the puzzle. 300 pieces is not a lot, but when the picture is an mosiac painting of a wood faerie, with lots of sworls of colour in her wings, 300 feels like a million. I think I will, at least finish the box of puzzle and turn them into wall hanging (Xmas/birthday presents). As stressful as the puzzle was , I forgot how addicting and challenging they ca be.

Now I am over halfway through "Lirael". The second book is a beast, with a scant 700+ pages to read. No problem! I just have to read in the morning, at lunch, and at bedtime to finish. I am still so far behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Although, I must say that I am making quicker work of my challenge than last year. I believe my goal for 2013 was 20. I came nowhere close to that. This year I upped it to 25 and I am up to 10 (40%). Going to make it one way or the other. No cheating either!

I have more time to myself this weekend and looking forward to spending some quality, honest to goodness writing time, blogging about neat stuffs, and reviewing books and movies, or even writing commentary on interesting things. Stuff and things! I have a few weeks of summer still and I plan to enjoy that time in the outdoors, sunshine permitting. Reconnecting with friends and generally enjoying life.

Have a great weekend, Dear Readers! Go and visit the Blog Hop. There will be more to come...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday Check-in...a touch late...

It must be the post show crash. My brain is not working and haven't had anything to do (well not counting housework that I started to to catch up on).  Currently re-adjusting my daily schedule to the non theatre. The big thing in the days following a shows completion is catching up on sleep, that I am happy to say is progressing normally, as is the De-stressing of all stress built up from the show. This is mostly because I was producing and not acting this time around. There was a whole new set of rules to follow as a producer, and thus a whole new set of stresses.

It was a pleasure to work with some new folks and hang around and celebrate my birthday with my theatre family; getting sung to by the whole ape/human/plant family. I won't lie, having my birthday (August 2nd) fall on the second on the three shows was quite nice. Birthdays are about spending time with those you love, and I truly love my KLP theatre family.

In the mean time, I have spent Monday vacuuming the living room, doing the dishes, and paying bills (oh the joys of being an adult). The house is NOT sparkling clean by a long shot, but is much more presentable. That makes me feel good in the mean time.

What I have been doing is continuing to plow through Lirael. I believe I am about half way through the book. There is something uniquely different about this series. I absolutely love it, especially after a second read. I think since The Hunger Games, I have felt a desire to return to some previously read books/series. Garth Nix's characters are different. I mean they still follow the standard fantasy tropes, but Touchstone, Sabriel, and Lirael are all much more than the standard protagonists. Some are a majorly flawed (my favourite style of character), but they are interesting and their world is definitely not the usually world that exists. A world of Science and Magic, and the characters who tried to deal with that as they progress through the story [no spoilers today].

I am planning on returning to my regularly scheduled writing and reading in the following days. Thank you, Dear Readers, for being patient with me. Theatre is a thing that is near and dear to my heart, and once involved in a show, I take it seriously. I do what job I am required of, sometimes that means the writing goes on the back burner for a time. But, I am itching to get back into writing and creating new worlds. Have a stellar week, Dear Readers, remember to visit the Blog Hop, that First World Problems are not everything (unless it is Weird Al).