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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Puzzle Faerie...Returning to Normal (or as close to normal as possible)

Here I am at 10:58 pm on Thursday....feeling a bit detached from everything.

I hate trying to write something and there is absolutely nothing in my head to write about. It feels forced. Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating when I have nothing to write about and yet I need to fill a quota or a blog entry. Not that I rip off writing, but when I don't have anything to write, or even say, then I feel compelled to post something old just to post. And that, Dear Readers feels like cheating.

I can say that I have begun the re-coup process from Tarzan, such as catching up on sleep and household chores (except when I do the last of the pile of dishes and then promptly made strawberry/banana milkshakes). Oh, well, they were yummy. I am fond of using vanilla yogurt with vanilla ice cream and milk. Alas, I had no milk, but vanilla almond milk is just as yummy. Also, the yogurt is not completely needed, as I made the strawberry banana one without the yogurt. w00t, for creative fooding.

I am proud of myself, I finished the puzzle. 300 pieces is not a lot, but when the picture is an mosiac painting of a wood faerie, with lots of sworls of colour in her wings, 300 feels like a million. I think I will, at least finish the box of puzzle and turn them into wall hanging (Xmas/birthday presents). As stressful as the puzzle was , I forgot how addicting and challenging they ca be.

Now I am over halfway through "Lirael". The second book is a beast, with a scant 700+ pages to read. No problem! I just have to read in the morning, at lunch, and at bedtime to finish. I am still so far behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Although, I must say that I am making quicker work of my challenge than last year. I believe my goal for 2013 was 20. I came nowhere close to that. This year I upped it to 25 and I am up to 10 (40%). Going to make it one way or the other. No cheating either!

I have more time to myself this weekend and looking forward to spending some quality, honest to goodness writing time, blogging about neat stuffs, and reviewing books and movies, or even writing commentary on interesting things. Stuff and things! I have a few weeks of summer still and I plan to enjoy that time in the outdoors, sunshine permitting. Reconnecting with friends and generally enjoying life.

Have a great weekend, Dear Readers! Go and visit the Blog Hop. There will be more to come...

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  1. Oh wow, I wish I had the patience for puzzles. My uncle got me one of 1,000 pieces and after two days I just gave up. I like puzzles and I like doing them, but I just do not have the attention span for them.

    I get what you mean about feeling like you're cheating when you try to write and have absolutely nothing to write about because you really do just end up copying old ideas just to get something down. However, I think it also gets harder to find inspiration. I mean, when I was fourteen, if it was particularly windy outside that would somehow provide me with enough inspiration to write for ages. Sometimes I've actually ended up writing something worthwhile when I've forced myself but usually it just causes frustration and me stopping to watch TV or something (that attention span problem again lol).


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