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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Our State Fair is a Great State Fair...Don't Miss It, Don't Even Be Later"

Feeling tired tonight, so I am going to keep this relatively short. I started my mini vacation this week. With Labour Day fast approaching, I am feeling like the summer has swum past me. While Fall doesn't start until the Autumnal Equinox, September 21st, the summer feels like it ends after Labour Day comes and goes. Am I right?

First day of vacation will be a trip to the State Fair in Syracuse, NY. Incidentally, I have never been to the New York State Fair. So, not sure what to expect. I have seen Brad Jones aka The Cinema Snob trys State Fair Food, with Scorpion Pizza, Deep Fried Creamsicles, or Deep Fried Pig Ears. My favourite to watch was last year (I believe) when he tried Shark on a Stick, because EVERYTHING'S better on a stick, right? We will be going to see some friend's photography and bead work. But. I have heard of other neat things to see, strange foods to eat, and exhibits.

This week I have been enjoying my writing prompts via Rebecca Dickson. I have testing the waters, writing poems about newborn babes and Dear John letters to Lovers. Not in the same bits though. I am rediscovering my voice. KLP's 20 Hour Theatre is just around the corner, so some more creative juices will be flowing. I also have a couple of Word Sparks writing prompts that need to be written too. So, I have a lot of potential energy just waiting to turn into kinetic.

See a bit from my WIP, simply called "The Letter".

My Love,

This has been one of the hardest letters I have had to write and that says a lot. My 'Dear John' letter to my Ex was tough, but nothing could compare to putting these words onto paper. Tell you my deepest fears. First,I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. What we have is special, a love to last, but there is a secret that I have kept hidden from you. I thought at first that it would be easy to tell you, but then the time passed too quickly, or something came up, it always seems to come up. I became afraid you would leave me for my indiscretion. Oh, that's a harsh word, maybe more like omission. I cannot keep it from you forever, My Love.

It's time I was honest with you...

    *Reading.: Over half done with "Abhorsen". Found my reading stride. I love when the books flow easily. Although I do prefer to read my books, not speed through them. After all this isn't High School where I am reading "A Separate Peace" again. Yuck!
    *Writing: been doing more of that and  with more consistency lately, whether with writing prompts or haiku via twitter.
    *Social Media: interacting more with my fellows on twitter and AROW80. Thank you for the love, Dear Readers, BTW!
     *Blogging: I almost forget, I blogged yesterday (granted in was after midnight when I posted it, but it still counts, right?). Now to blog on Friday/Saturday and I will have my twice weekly blogging back on track.

To work on:
    *Writing: continue to write more, both quantity and frequency, while keeping the quality higher.
    *Revise: finish my revision of "Road Trip". That is the priority this week.
    *Visiting: visit fellow bloggers daily, at least 2 per day. Not sure why I can't seem to make this daily goals. I am able to visit on  check-in days, which is probably because I am already sitting down to write and can easily take a break and wander through the halls of the bloggers Kingdoms, Dukedoms, etc. I think because I get distracted with my other projects and things and stuff, like Doctor Who, Improv, and Books. I keep trying, but oh look SQUIRREL! :-)
    *Submissions: I am going to submit at least one piece of work to be published by week's end.

With my 5 day weekend, I have some time to get caught up on housework and writing. My dad and aunt are coming to town for a few days, starting Friday evening. I am hoping to introduce them to a few of my friends, watch the new Doctor Who on Saturday, see the last Old Havana Melodrama this weekend, and spend time with friends.

Remember to check out the AROW80 Blog Hop and see what all of us writers are up to. Have a delightful rest of the week, Dear Readers. Have picnics and go swimming, labour or not! I know I plan to enjoy this last vestige of summer time goodness.

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  1. Oh! I was just telling my husband, a native Oregonian, about the "Great New York State Fair", and telling him that we should make plans to go, maybe, next year...this year, the kids and I attended the Sterling Renaissance Festival, which is also wonderful.

    It sounds like you're discovering yourself and your writing in new ways, which is wonderful for writing and for life.

    Labor Day weekend is the runup to the day after Labor Day - which is my son's 13th birthday, and the beginning of a new phase of his life, and ours. Exciting, wonderful, and more than a little hard to believe.

    I hope your time off is filled with joy and inspiration! =)


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