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Saturday, August 16, 2014

63 Hours is done for another year!

There is something magical when friends get together to make art. My friend Amelia has put together an art's festival called The Hours Festival since 2011. The first year it was 60 Hours of Art, exactly what it says, it's 60 hours of art, everything from painting, to poetry, to dance, to Improv.

This year's 63 Hours was festival of ceremonies that started with the wedding of Amelia's mum, Jennifer Fais and her long time partner, Noel Sylvester on Thursday. It was also capped off the end of the festival of ceremonies with a Graduation from "The University of Beulahland" and trying a GIANT ASS square knot with all those present (We did it!). Of course it's NOT an Hours celebration without a bonfire and art of all sorts still being created. The big projects this year were the salltelite dish cathedral, which is where the graduation was held.

Beulahland is one of those places where you can get away from the world and still meet new people and make something amazing. Last year I wrote a 1 act (it's still being revised, by I wrote it during one day of 62 Hours. I think 61 Hours was when I finished my painting of Sara and Wendy sitting out on the lawn of Beulahland proper. We have performed Improv on the back porch stage or in the house proper (due to rain) as Irregular Improv and Lake Country Improv.

Every time I have gone to Beulahland, I have always left feeling better. Some form of joy raised up from the depths of my heart. It a beautiful place and the atmosphere of the place and people there are very restorative for what ails you. Or at least it's a place where you can make art and/or be apart of something greater.

If you are ever in the area, you such check out the various events that Beulahland and the Crew puts on. You can find Beulahland, Amelia (art), Jennifer (art) on the internet and Facebook/Twitter . So check 'em out.

Noel and Jennifer (Groom and Bride)
My diploma is "Being the Most Creative at Beulahland" and David got an Honorary Doctorate in Wit and Improv. Shall I call him Dr. Scott now? :-)

Good times, Dear Readers!

Graduation Day under the Satellite Cathedral

Cap toss!

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