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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Post Doctor Who Season Premier, Pizza, and Porch Side Conversing

Sitting on my porch this afternoon and into the evening conversing about the new season of Doctor Who with the Hubs. We watched the season premier last night with friends, while eating twice annihilated Sontarans and The 12th Doctor's Kidney Bean Chili (twice baked potatoes and chili), Jammie Dodgers and Tardis Cookies.

It was a great episode. I am loving Capaldi's Doctor, Madame Vashtra, Jennie, Strax, and Clara. Except for some weird writing of her character, the episode was really freaking awesome. Don't worry, NO SPOILERS HERE, DARLING! Hoping Clara's character will be smoothed out a bit more in the subsequent episodes. She's not bad, but she comes off as kind of annoying. Mostly, I blame the MOFF [Steve Moffat]. But with that said, I am looking forward to the new season. Even going to see it in the theatre tomorrow night, with a crap ton of other Whovians. Not gonna lie, really excited about this. Probably going to dress up too!

Today is a rest day for sure, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Actually, I had a great week, just not feeling the greatest physically, so this will be short check -in.

After a bit of realization about myself, I am changing up my game plan. I came to a few realizations about myself and my writing that I need to change. I am going up to the next level. Being a writer means growing

New (or revised) Goals for the coming weeks:
     *Write everyday! I have started receiving daily writing prompts in my email. This proves to be helpful
getting my gears turning.
     *Spend at least twice a week revising and editing anything that get to rough/1st draft status. This might not be possible to do everyday, but I want to start with reasonable goal. Thus eventually I will find a rhythm and have a regularly scheduled editing time (at least that is what I am aiming for).
      *A return to submitting. I am going to submit at least twice a week. Nothing has been accepted from my first round of submissions. Time to dust myself off and try again.

These will continue into future rounds, the daily/ongoing goals.

Accomplished this week:
      *Completed two writing prompts, one that could be a flash fiction of it's own, or potentially a story.
      *Started revising WIP, "Road Trip". More on that progress of this, in the coming week.
      *Well, into "Abhorsen", and back to reading in the mornings before work.
      *Making good on the visiting other blogs, mostly on AROW80 check-in days. It's a good reminder at least.

It's very relaxing and I've come to enjoy my mornings with my book, journal, and sometimes my writing. Mornings are really good times for me creatively. I remember during last year's NaNoWriMo using the morning hours to write gave me some great material and freed my evenings. I had some good stuff come out of those times that and want to return to that.

That's about it for now, Dear Readers. Have an amazing week. Doctor Who in the theatre up in Ithaca tomorrow, Improv show Tuesday, State Fair on Thursday, and then Labour Day weekend with my Dad and Aunt and the "End" of Summer. The Round of Words Blog Hop, check us out!!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the new Doctor Who, I did find Clara's character a bit flip-flop from attitude to attitude and some of the writing left a little to be desired but it was a good episode. How do you feel about the fact that it's gone back to how it used to be shown, with the regular Saturday showing, rather than the few episodes here and there that we had last year?

    Well done for getting so much done this week and I hope your revised goals go how you hope. Good Luck!


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