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Monday, June 29, 2015

Distance Taken

It was a Saturday! Not my first choice of days to wake up early on. But...well not even a day to wake up early to go running on.

But there was a reason. It was for Allie. That was the reason I got up early on a Saturday.

I tried to convince that Saturdays were great days for sleeping in, but it never worked. She was always up early. Ready to run. It was always the same thing, Friday night we would be out somewhere, sometimes bowling (she always beat me) or to a movie, and then afterward we would end up at the all Bagel-Tarium and Snack Shack. I would try to explain that it was the one day of the week you could truly sleep in. “You see,” I said to her, “Monday through Friday you were a slave to school or work, and Sunday was for God. Well, if you like that sort of thing. That leaves Saturday for sleeping…or other such things” I felt like I was presenting a thesis in high school, it was awkward and my palms were sweaty. 

She would just laugh and say she had her Saturday rituals and I had mine.

The words echoed from last night to the sunshine and far too early hours. The sky was bright and blue, and I scanned the sky to see a couple of birds flying overhead.

I sighed, “Really?”

She nodded and said, "I am glad you came out to join me, and not just because of the health benefits." She smiled a wide grin and began to stretch.

“Me too. But Saturdays were those days when nothing mattered and you can just do nothing.” I tried to sound convincing but felt I was failing after I said it.

“Right! Well you might feel that way. Probably because you have nothing that matters,” she said as she leaned down stretching her hamstrings. “You coming, or are you going stand there watching me?” asking in that nonchalant way of hers.

I just stared at her, watching her kneeling in the dusty driveway--breathing in her slow rhythmic and stretching in that way that I found sexy. "I have things that matter..." going quiet and eyeing her movement from one leg to the next.

“Seriously? Like what?” she asked as she moved to stretch her quads. The early morning sunlight bounced off her auburn hair making it look purpley and red. “You just gonna stand there gaping...” she trailed off, touching her fingers to her feet and circling upward in some exotic shamanic dance.”What matters to you?" she asked me.

She was definitely flexible and it made me think inappropriate thoughts rise to my mind.

"We should get moving Gretz. Time waits for no man, or woman," and she winked at me. "Besides this was your idea, wasn't it?" motioning to the sneakers and early morning sunshine.

She was right. The conversation leads to running and how he wanted to try to get into shape. Allie had suggested it and I jumped at the bait, not realizing what I was getting into. I guess I have more at stake than sacrificing my Saturday morning was worth it. “I know. It was.”

"You stretching?" she asked, as she moved onto another set of stretches.

 "Of course," I called over, miming basic stretching but my mind was thinking of other things, like watching her graceful movements. I knew I should be stretching. Hell, I was a good fifty pound overweight, but I couldn’t get my motivated, especially with Allie warming up in front of me. I was distracted. My plan for today seems suddenly flimsy. Not really sure I could go through with it.

She lifted her head to meet my eyes, “You haven’t stretched AT ALL!” Her voice seemed accusatory across the space between us.

“I am. I just stretched before I came over to meet you. I am already limber,” I said, “See?” I took my right foot and leaned back and I felt the muscle tense as I bounced up and down. “Look, totally stretched,” I said trying to sound professional, like I knew what I was doing. Truth was, it hurt, but I wasn’t going to show Allie that I really hadn't stretch. I couldn't show her my weakness. Certainly not until I said something!

“That’s not how you should do it, but as long and you are stretching, then I guess…” she trailed off to sweep her torso down and around, pulling her arms higher. It was then that I saw how she tight fitting her top clung to her breasts and I forgot everything about stretching or not stretching I was doing. 

My mind went to the male place of reason and ran with possibilities of Allie’s flexibility. Her muscles swimming underneath her running clothes and I could imagine all kinds of things. Things that would make my mother blush. Things that I would have to go to confessional for.

This was probably the best part of the morning watching her warm up routine. The sinuous and firm form and I how warm I felt in the crisp morning air. Lost in my thoughts I pulled at my arms in a mock display of stretching should Allie be watching.

“Heads up!” I hear her say and a water bottle suddenly flew through the air and hit my right shoulder. It felt like a brick slamming into my stocky form. I was a little knocked off balanced and I fumbled to catch the bottle. It dropped it and stepped sideways awkwardly into the dirty driveway to avoid falling over, but end up on one knee anyway. I felt the little stones bury into my knee and a tiny groan escaped my lips.

“Nice one, Gretz…” Allie said and she jogging over to me and helped me up, "Grab my hand,” she said planting her brightly sneakered feet and pulling me up to standing position, “Not paying attention, huh?” she laughed as I tried to pick up my water bottle. “Warmed up, then?”

I laughed, feeling suddenly self-conscious, “Yup, just call me Noodle Legs.” I felt horrible and felt my cheeks flush. I was sure she was going to say something, but she just dusted me off.

"Okay, let's go!"

I didn’t have the heart to say no, that I had been too busy ogling her athletic body and thinking impure thoughts. At least it was Saturday and not Sunday. I could think them and just confess tomorrow. Maybe I would have something to really confess about tomorrow. I grinned at the thought and started to jog.

“We’ll start slow since you haven’t been running,” she said to me.

“Nah, let’s just get to it,” I said confidently, not thinking about the possible outcome of that choice.

Her eyes met mine and I saw the greeny hazel of them, “Well,” she paused to grab my water bottle from the ground, “Even if you are up for a straight run, I want to start slow, Smarty.” She handed me the bottle, “Clasp that to your belt, Gretz and let’s go,” and she took off at a gentle lopping gait.

I didn’t think it would burn this bad. It burns that bad…

Every single breath I took, it burned. I didn’t want to show weakness and I was enjoying my time with Allie. Truth was that I spent all winter thinking about asking her out. We conversed a lot over the long winter months through email and text messages. It was hard to get down to see her when she lived a good fifty miles away and I had no car.

Allie kept trying to talk to me.

There wasn’t a lot of chatter between us as I had to focus on my breathing. My lungs were burning and saw pin prick of light around my peripheral vision.

“So, Gretz, do you know why I love to run on Saturdays?” she suddenly said over to me. I shook my head. No words escaped my lips. I was just trying to jog and breathe without keeling over.

Again I shook my head and huffed a little under my breath.

“I have morning classes every day. Every damn day from eight to noon. There is no chance to sleep in. There is always class. Been that way the last two semesters. I started running because I could get an early start every other day, I thought while not add Saturday to the roster of early mornings.” 

There was silence as all I heard was the thud of our feet hitting the ground, most of the fog had burned off by now and the sun was warm making my skin feel clammy. It was warm for a spring morning, but not that warm I thought. It felt so good being with Allie that I just tied to keep up with her and listened to her talk, about anything and everything. That and I couldn’t talk or I would probably pass out trying to do so.

“And Sunday mornings Mom comes down to visit me and we go to church in town. I hate it. Hate!" she emphasized it, almost dramatically. "Not really a church person, but Mom insists" I nodded. "She drives all the way down here so we can go spend time together.

“Up at seven and dressed, church at eight, followed by brunch.” Silence fell in step. “I hate it. Not the brunch necessarily, but the church. Did I say that already?"

I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t form words. In the three and a half years since I met her, I was haven’t been able to tell her anything but the basics. I had grown fond of her. Even liked her, but I was always too scared to say anything. To tell her that she made my heart flutter and love the sound of her voice. That I thought about doing the most creative things to her to please her, sometimes sexual. I never said anything. Not once…

It occurred to me that maybe I was going to miss out. We were in our last semester, the last spring semester together. I should say something…

“Do you go to church, Gretz?” I heard her ask me. "I don't think I ever asked you that? Religion's not my thing," she said. 

I turned to face the road, not sure what to say. I also was dragged to church by my mother, but I didn’t mind it so much. I was a good catholic, but Allie was not. Well, she obvious just pretended. Not that I cared. I like her whether God was involved or not. I was afraid to tell her that too, afraid of a lot of things. But, I knew that I needed to say something, so I turned to glance at her. I opened my month to force something out of my huffing and grasping month.

The world turned over and I lost all of my breath suddenly.

It went dark.

The first thing I felt was the pain in my chest and the burning. I didn’t think anything about but the pain; it was then that I felt something on my lips, warm and wet. I wanted to exhale out, but couldn’t. There was a need to cough, but I felt her month over mine. It flowed into my mouth and down my trachea. The cool air from her lungs was opening my windpipe, while my pants felt warm and tight. I moved my lips, pulling away coughing.

“Gretz?” I heard Allie’s voice and the light made everything look like blobs of colour and the soft rays of sunlight filled my vision, “Gretz, are you okay?” she said sounded concerned standing over me.

I coughed and tried to sit up. Allie pushed me back gently laying me back to the ground, “Please don’t move yet and breathe Alan.” I heard her say my first name and I was aware of pain in my side and ankle. Coughing, I tried to roll onto my side breathing in dirt and grit. The sun was mostly midway across the sky now. It couldn’t be that late, only ten minutes or so since I blacked out. I think.

“How…” cough cough, “How…long?” cough cough, I felt the gritty dust from the dry roadway on my teeth and lips. The memory on Allie’s lips on mine, it didn’t feel strange.

“That you were out?” she asked.

I continue to cough and gasp and nodded.

“Slowly, Alan. Breathe slowly,” she said as patted my back as reinforcement.

“My ankle…hurts…” I spluttered and was still coughing, but felt a cool plastic bottle press into my hands.

“You tripped. Can you move it?”

“No, I don’t think.” I tried to rotate the ankle and felt a burning shoot up my leg, “Shit! That hurts.” And began another round of coughing.

“What?” Allie ran her hands down my leg, feeling the length for any injury. 

I am not going to lie, I liked it. Her on my leg, not the pain.

“The leg,” I motioned to the part she was touching, “It burns. It feels like a fire burning.”

“Ah,” said, “I thought you said you stretched?” I turned to look at her, she was frowning, but I could see concern in her hazel green eyes. 

My breath was returning and I felt flushed. I shook my head. “No, I guess I didn’t,” and my eyes dropped to the ground. "I'm sorry..."

“Muscle strain, that’s all it is, Gretz.” She stood up, “You ready? We need to get you to stand slowly, and walk it out,” she said accenting the words.

But, the thought occurred to me that maybe I should say something now. We were alone on Country Route 5 and it was the first day of spring, too lovely a day to ruin without saying something. We weren't going anywhere yet, or maybe we were. I really hoped we would go somewhere.

I coughed and tried to take a few more deep breaths. “Slowly, Gretz,” she said. After a few moments, that somehow felt like infinity, I sat up and pulled my burning leg closer to me.


“Yes, now!” she said so deliberately and stood next to me. She leaned down and grabbed me around my rather thick middle, “on the count of three slowly start to stand.”

I shifted to my knees and wincing in pain. Allie counted, "1, 2, 3…” and I slowly rose to my feet. She stood next to me, arm around my waist, keeping me stable. “Easy.”

“Call me, Alan,” I said trying to look at her, but she was not paying attention to me.

“Okay, weirdo,” she said. She got me to stand on my own, with my one foot only touching the ground with the ball of my foot.

Standing there with her arms around my waist, “I have to say....”

“…Go ahead,” she rolled her left hand out in a motion to hurry up. “Daylight’s wasting, Gretz.” She paused to look at me, “Sorry, Alan. What is it?”

“Allison, I…I....” I stumbled and stuttered all while faking a coughing fit trying to find words and my courage, but it was gone. After a moment I said, “Can we do this again?”

Allie eyed me suspiciously, “Uh, sure, Alan. But you probably should stretch next time," she shoved me gently, while still holding onto my waist. “Let’s walk.”

I turned away and took slow step, hobbling while she helped to support my weight. I wanted to bury myself in the dusty ground, but couldn’t actually leave Allie’s side. I knew it wasn’t going to be. Even after of this time, all the places we have gone, I still couldn’t tell her that I loved her.

“Gretz?” she suddenly asked. I couldn’t look at her., feeling too dumb, and too numb. “Gretz…” she said sounding sad. I still couldn’t turn to face her. “Alan,” her voice changed and she took my chin and turned my face to hers. She kissed me out there on County Route 5 in a mouthful of dust, sweat, and a pulled muscle.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Final thoughts on Round 2 - 2015

Thoughts on ROW80 Round 2!

Just a little post to get me thinking about the last 80 days. I have spend a goodly number of days on various
projects and stuff. I am aware that I need to have a running totally of my goals at each check-in so I can refer back to it. I think it  would help me focus on some of the goals that get passed over each week. Also, I noticed that by having smaller goals, ones that I can add to helps keep me productive and more or less on track.

This is the first Round that I felt like I was part of something greater than myself. I learned some better habits and connected with my fellows on a deeper level.

I am thought about being a Sponsor for ROW80, but I am not sure if I am up to the level of sponsorhood. I mean, I know how ROW80 work, but I also feel not adequate enough to give writing advise. I don't know. What you you think, Dear Readers? Should I consider it? Do I have enough words to inspire my fellow writer? I am not as seasoned as some, but I have discovered a few things? Share me some incite and should I do it?

Quick Summary of my Goals this Round:
     *Reading: I have read a lot this Round. I currently have three books that travel with me and in various states of being read. A quick guesstimate I have read about 12 to 15 books since before this Round.
     *Writing: writing about 3 new pieces and 2 to a complete revision. Although I could wrote more, might end up writing more. I kind of like some of these characters.
     *Editing: completed at least two complete revisions of pieces.
     *Submissions: have submitted to maybe about 5 or 6 in this round and got twosmall poems picked for next years Friends of the Chemung Watershed calendar.

Those are the biggies. I have gotten more attentive with my house, focused on the decidedly sucky job of being an adult, paying bills, etc. Have made plans and managed to find myself a write, with all the joys and frustrations that come with it.

I have a number of things planned that are non-ROW80. HAve even considered started a second blog for my ROW80, but I kind of feel that I wouldn't be able to keepm up with two blogs. I like my Here, There be a Writer blog. It's me to a T, a little cluttered and full of a bit of everything. Maybe down the road I will expand, but for now I will enjoy what I have, Dear Readers. I hope you stick around and see what havong coming up the rest of this year, definitely more blog posts about books, adventures, and life, and also writing.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

As the world falls down....

It's WIPpet Wednesday. WooHooooo! The day I can share a bit of what I have been working on. WIPpet Wednesday is the brain baby of K.L. Schwengel. The muse and beauteous writer. Go see what she's up to or add your own link to the list HERE.

It's based on math of today's date. 6/24/2015. Take any part of that and fins a snippet of your WIP. I am going to use the day 24: 2 + 4 + 1 = 7 lines. One extra line for luck.

I turned, “Don’t worry, Callie. It’s only just past the Elms Gate.” I pointed back towards the elm trees. “Once there, I can tell you. I promise.” I turned my body and taking a step over a small downed pine tree. I fell farther than I intended, feeling like the world was falling around me.

Round 2 at a Close

Round 2 is done! I finished on a high note and feeling really good. I will post a final thoughts tomorrow but today, a short check-in on progress.

This week:
     *Reading: Over half way through Wicked (Gregory Maguire). I found my reason for reading it. The story Murder of the Orient Express (Agatha Christie). It's not a long book, but I haven't given it proper time to soak in to my little grey cells.
is unique and brilliant in part, but at least a third of the time I find Maguire's writing either dry or over my head. Writing novels should not always be about writing so people can't understand, but writing so people can understand. I am determined to finish it, but not enjoying his writing style. Another chapter down in
     *Writing: wrote 1200+ words Monday on the Top Secret Project (using writing blitzes). Nothing Tuesday. ROW80 check-in today.
      *Social Media: 4+ blogs daily. I finished visiting all of Sundays posters. This won't always happen, so I am enjoying the fact I  manages to visit everyone this time around.

I feel that I slacked with the editing goals for Sunday and my submissions. Not that it is bad, but I feel I could have used some time more effectively. Last night was the first night in months that I had an improv practice. In a way my brain understood this and can expect that I missed a chance to get some editing done. That's the goal I feel bad about missing the most.

Onto next week...

This (upcoming) Week:
      *Reading: continue with Wicked and Murder on the Orient Express. Try to start The Subtle Knife (Phillip Pullman), maybe a chapter here and chapter there.
       *Writing: write daily. Finish Golden Compass Review and post it. Spend time on the Top Secret Project. Finish and post my #writestuff challenge.
         *Editing: Look at The Real Road Trip. Work on edits of  a 2 page minimum by Saturday. With the end of the Round I am not set specific goals throughout the break, but enough to keep me busy during that time.
         *Social Media: 4 blogs daily and keep up with blogs that I am following.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Check out the Blog Hop and see what everyone else is up to.

I am thinking of trying some new challenge, so that I have picked up from here. More on this in my reflections tomorrow.  How are your goals coming along, Dear Readers? Have a splendid day!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Raining on the Porch and Writing

It's been a long week and a full weekend. The beginning of the graduation parties and holiday plans. Mi padre is coming up for July 4th!! Huzzah!  Goals are really starting to find purchase, Round 2 is almost at a close, and the Summer has only just started to summer. Lots in the works, so onto the check-in.....

This Week:
     *Reading: finished Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman), continuing with Wicked (Gregory Maguire), and Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie). I think Poirot is my favourite, but I have been going through my Poirot mysteries first before hitting up the Miss Marple. Wicked is growing on me some. Still feels a bit preachy at times about politics, but I am going to finish it.
started the first chapter of
     *Social Media: managed to visit 4 blogs daily for my #ROW80 list and got to everyone who posted on Wednesday. Also visited my WIPpeteers, 2 a day when about. I still have at least 4 more to visit before Wednesday.
     *Writing: wrote Wednesday, Thursday, and a little on Friday. I wrote a poem and a short story for a fellow blogger's site, a writing challenge prompt. Been brainstorming for the secret project and planning to do a writing blitz later today (prolly before I actually post this) and working on my review of The Golden Compass from my Book to Movie reviews that I usually do in October. I miss last October because of my busy schedule and just now catching up.
     *Editing: finished the first round of edits on Love in Ferns. The short story version is going to be submitted to #writestuff's monthly challenge. I feel I need another pass before I post it wholly. Been thinking of writing an large story of it, thinking I need to do a bit of plotting on it before I attempt more. I can see more of the story on the horizon, just not sure where to go next.
      *Housetending: the usual on Sunday laundry, garbage, and dishes.
      *Submissions: I got two in this early afternoon. Also got another rejection letter. I finally figured out why for the current one. They are not looking for poetry that uses repetitious forms, like pantoums. Funny, because I am really good at pantoums. Also, the flowery language doesn't entice them. I guess I can understand. But and the other hand the poems were good, just not a right fit. Time to try elsewhere.

Side note: colouring is truly therapeutic...

From my friend James' new colouring book of his artwork from his series The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica. See his stuff books and artwork at Coppervale International or at James A. Owen. Done in marker, which was difficult until I found my fine tipped markers, these were quite fun to colour.

This Week (upcoming):
     *Reading: continue with Wicked and start The Subtle Knife (Phillip Pullman). I love His Dark Materials!!
     *Writing: write daily. Works to work on Golden Compass Review and Secret Project.
     *Editing: look at where I am in The Real Road Trip revision, attempt to revise 2 page (starting small).
     *Submissions: 1 new.
     *Social Media: 4 blogs daily for ROW80 and 2 WIPpeteers blogs.
     *Blogging: 1 new post and review a review for 1 of the books I recently finished.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It's a Blog Hop. So stop in for some biscuits and tea.

I bought my day pass for Saturday at Connecticon which means I have to go now. I have directions, only a scant 4 hours and 50 minutes. I get to see my friend and mentor James and see what a larger Con looks like. Thinking of cos playing as someone, not sure if I am that brave, but how often do I do this, right?

There are plans for a Renaissance Faire trip, another trip to Eldridge Park, putt putt marathon, and flea marketing. Oh and the Weird Al concert ion August! It's shaping up to be a full and fun summer.

How are your goals coming, Dear Readers? What are you planning for the summer?

Today has been nice, sunshiny and warm, with just a touch of rain. Birds are singing and neighbourhood chitlins were playing. They have since disappeared. A jogging is passing by now. It's the staple around here. Life is good!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Walking in Fire...Tale of a Writer

My brain has been focused on the evil day job and so I have had to really focus on the writing projects this week. After work has become my writing and editing time. And with the evil day job having had it's own problem, this time is most important. Well except coffee dates, those are important in their own right. Now t's time for the check-in. Hey Ho, and Away we Go....

This Week:
   *Reading: On the last part of The Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman). In the home stretch and I am sneaking time to read in every available moment. I finally got past the first part of Wicked (Gregory Maguire). The Munchkinlander part is REALLY EFFIN" SLOW. It has picked up in part 2 and I feel more vested in it. Have not started Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie) yet.
    *Writing: wrote on Sunday (ROW80), write a little on Monday (just a paragraph, but I started developing some character for a new story. It's slightly Top Secret. Might post some on WIPpet Wednesday later this month. Wrote poem yesterday.
    *Editing: finally a pen to the currently WIP and a backstory to the WIP, called Love in Ferns. Also edited a short flash fiction piece that I am not sure what to do with, yet.
    *Social Media: finished reading all of Sunday's ROW80 entries, that is 4 a day  and 5 or 6 Monday and Tuesday. Keeping up with Twitter most day, except Tuesday. Had a coffee date with a friend I hadn't seen for any length of time and got to schedule a photo shoot later this month. Get to show off the new red hair with NICE pictures.
     *Housetending: keeping up with the basics at this point. Nothing new on the carpets, yet.

This Week (Upcoming):
     *Reading: finish Golden Compass this week. Start Subtle Knife and the next Julie Anne Lindsey cozy mystery and Murder on the Orient Express.
     *Writing: write daily on Love in Ferns and Top Secret Story.
     *Editing: pull out the Real Road Trip and attempt to pick up where I left off.
     *Social Media: visit 4 blogs daily. Start to follow some of the regular ones. Learn to up keep my email and social media sites. This might take some planning. Any ideas would be welcome.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It is a Blog Hop. Come on over and visit!!

Today is Wednesday. It's WIPpet Wednesday. The brain child of K.L. Schwengel, is a Blog Hop for WIPpeteers. You take the date and do some funky math and share a piece of the WIP you are working on. Date is 6/16/2015, so taking 6/17 you get 1 + 7 = 8. 8 lines from Love in Ferns. This is the beginning of the story, before the previous two snippets (if you are keeping track).

From MorgueFile
There was a thud. It was a decidedly Callie-like thud. “Come on! You can’t keep me in suspense,” she called. 

I couldn’t turn towards her.

The air was heavy with humidity and clung to everything. I was sweating, but I couldn’t stop. After all I had gotten this far, right? I thought to myself. Stamping down the foliage, “It’s not much farther,” I called back, feeling nervous that if I turned to look at her I would lose my nerve.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Now on to the rainy day and the goals...

On a lazy Sunday you write on the porch while is it raining...

This Week:
     *Reading: well over halfway through The Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman) and remembering why I love this book and series. It  is well written and the characters are all unique (well the main ones). Only about 40 pages into Wicked though (Gregory Maguire). Not really what I was thinking it was going to be about. Question, Dear Readers, have you read Wicked, and what are your thoughts? I guess I was excepting something like the Oz books, but aimed for adults about the Wicke Witch of the West. It feels weird and....I don't know. I think I'm still early in the book. Gonna keep reading it. We'll see...Also, hopefully I'll start another Agatha Christie mystery, Murder of the Orient Express.
      *Writing: I wrote Monday (ROW80), Tuesday (side story for Love in Ferns, my current WIP), Wednesday (ROW80), and Thursday (3 poems), nothing Friday (although I got a brilliant idea for a concept piece and wrote maybe 20 words. I wasn't trying to write, but got distracted) or Saturday.
      *Social Media: 4 blogs each day since Monday from ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday. I managed to read all the entry on the Linky List for ROW80. That doesn't happen often. Kinda proud of myself on that one! :-) Sending more time on twitter, although that get overwhelming and need to figure out a better system. So many tweets get missed.
      *Housework: working on laundry for this week and dishes. Hang with friends and had a hair cut and dying party, watching Coraline, and eating white chocolate raspberry cake (from Wegmans). Yum!

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake 
Red Hair


*Theatre Stuffs: rehearsals for improv scheduled for latter half of June. Show in Corning tentatively scheduled for July 24th at the Corning Elks.

This week (upcoming): There are a couple goals that need the whip to be cracked this week.
     *Reading: want to finish The Golden Compass and re-watch the movie. Continue with Wicked and Murder on the Orient Express.
     *Writing: write daily.
     *Editing: work on edits for the rough draft of Love in Ferns
     *Submissions: I want to have more than 1 this week, and since I haven't submitted in a few weeks the goal is going up to at least 3, maybe 4.
     Housework: VACUUMING!

New news, Dear Readers! I have decided to attend Connecticon in July. Still figuring out which day I am going, Saturday or Sunday, but will be purchasing my pass this week. So, therefore I need to work on my planning for this little side trip. Someone I know is planning on being there, and I promised myself if he came closer to me that I would make the trip. Only problem, there will be a 24 Hour Theatre that weekend and I will have to miss it. But, good side, will be writing a script. So, still will be a part of it. Actually kinda excited. Probably more so as July gets closer.

It's now raining and there's a robin running in the rain in the neighbour's driveway. It's a good day to be lazy, yet still get some chores and writing done.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a Blog Challenge that knows you have a life. It's a Blog Hop! Stop in for some ice tea and yogurt parfaits!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sunny Days and Lovely Ferns

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It's a Blog Hop. Stop on in, meet some new friends and learn a thing or two. Oh and there's cheesecake and lemonade!

This Week:
     *Reading: almost a hundred pages into The Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman) and started Wicked.
(Gregory Maguire), only 1 chapter in actually. Been really good about getting up and reading before work, sometimes even on my porch.
     *Writing: wrote 1285 words yesterday, another branch to my Love in Ferns story. Might actually be a longer story or just a separate one. Not sure if I want to connect the two or not. Monday was my ROW80 check-in. so that is two days of writing, plus today's ROW80 check-in makes three in a row!!
     *Social Media: reading 8 blogs on Monday for both Sunday and Monday. 4 read yesterday. On track. Participated in Tuesday Night's #writestuff Tweet Chat.
     *Blogging: Posted yesterday (Tuesday) for #IndieRoar 10 day challenge presented by TheNotebookBlogairy.
     *Housework: dishes and laundry are caught up and staying caught up. Well...Okay, I have a few dishes in the sink and a small pile to put away still. But that is caught up for me. Trust me! :-)

This Week (upcoming):
     *Reading: continue with The Golden Compass and Wicked.
     *Writing: write daily
     *Editing: This is a BIG one! Work on Love in Ferns, currently WIP, and post it to #writestuff's monthly challenge.
     *Submissions: not done this week. 1 new submission this week.
     *Housework: vacuuming and maybe steam cleaning the carpets this weekend.

I am in week two of my vacation from theatre this summer. Still feels a little odd, like I should be doing something else. But then I see my progress on ROW80 goals. And things that I have written and I feel good. Like today, I am on my porch writing this listening to Paul McCartney's Off the Ground album and listening to the birds sing.

It's also WIPpet Wednesday! The creation of K.L. Schwengel and also a Blog Hop. Come and visit with us WIPpeteers. The math is weird, but so am I. Today's date is 6/10, so 6 + 10 + 3 = 19 lines from Love in Ferns.

Here Callie and the narrator take a walk. Sorry. That's all the lead up I can give today. This is the middle of this part of the story.

“You excited?” Callie called back. I looked up to see to the slight frame, willow-like dancing in the afternoon breeze. “This is gorgeous you know,” she said and spun around ducking below the waving branches and ferns, disappearing for a moment. My head looked around to see on the horizon dark clouds pressing closer, thunderheads. My hand pulled up over my eyes and I watched their slow march as I turned to see Callie reappeared and giggle. She was wearing a crown of buttercups, foxgloves, and daisies. Her hazel eyes looked back at me and she smiled. “You gonna tell me now?” she asking coyly.

Feeling much less nervous without a single person nearby, I put my arm around her shoulders, “not yet. Need to get to where we are going first,” as I pulled her closer.

“Don’t those look like thunder clouds?” she pointed, yet didn’t sound worried. 

I tried to be protective and pulled her closer, trying to sound like I knew everything, “I think they are.”

“What type of clouds are they then?” she said sounding callous and cocky. "Go on, tell me" she said in a mocking jest and I realized I had no response for her.

Callie pulled away, turning her hazel eyes from mine, “Can you just tell me here?” she sounded a little desperate as she motioning to the field of fern fronds, wildflowers, and trees that made the whole area look like some sort of abandoned cathedral.

I guess I was determined to have my way, “But this place is not THE place,” and I motioned past the Elms Gate up ahead. The wind slowed down and I felt the temperature rise. Or maybe it was me, but Callie looked like she had beads of sweat on her brow. I turned to look at the elm trees, the thunder clouds were closer, "Cumulonimbus Clouds," I said.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Favourite Indie Authors/Writers

So there are a some indie author/writers that I have come to enjoy either with full length novels, poetry, are witty blogs about writing and inspiring encouragement . My definition of indie author/writier is any author who is not on the main stream, yet packs a punch with their writing. HEre are a few of my favourite indie authors/writers.

Julie Ann Lindsay: a writer cozy mysteries and paranormal YA. Her Patience Price novels are a fun read with adventure in the heart of Chincoteague Island. Twitter: JulieALindsey

Tamara Woods: a powerful poet. Here poetry strikes a sparkle within my writing heart. Blog: PenPaperPad. check out her book of poetry here. Twitter: PenPaperPad

James A. Owen: writer and artist extraordinaire, of the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, Starchild, The Meditation Trilogy. Drawing out the Dragons is his book that change my life and helped me to find the writer in me. Told through stories and learned truths he speaks of conquering the obstacles within your life and making choices. It's a must read for everyone. You can find something for everyone! Twitter: CaveoPricipia

Sione Aeschliman: writer, editor, writing coach, blogger. Twitter: WriteLearnDream

Denise D. Young: writer of fantasy and romance. I enjoy following her writing exploits. She has an amazingTwitter: DeniseDYoung

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 1 of THE Summer Vacation from Theatre

This is day late. I know, I know. I don't really have a good excuse for writing this today versus yesterday. So, I will just present my check-in...

This Week:
    *Reading: finished reading Murder in Three Acts (Agatha Christie) yesterday. Now that I have read a number of her books in succession I like to style. Yet, she has a tendency to re-use character tropes. Not a bad thing, but you can see where stories and characters blur together. Began The Golden Compass (Philip Pullman), one chapter in as of this post, and probably start Wicked (Gregory Maguire). I am kinda itching to begin a Book to Movie review for The Golden Compass.
    *Writing: wrote daily between blog posts and poems. I did not write Saturday or Sunday.
    *Editing: I edited the two paragraphs that I posted for WIPpet Wednesday.
    *Social Media: visited 4 blogs daily. Visited all of the WIPpeteers sites. Kept up with twitter throughout the week, not so much on the weekend. Saturday tends to be my unplugged day.
     *Submission: submitted 2 poems to the last issue of the Lincoln Underground.

This week (upcoming):
    *Reading: Continue with The Golden Compass and Wicked.
    *Writing: write daily.
    *Editing: edit my flash fiction piece, Love in Ferns (working title).
    *Submissions: 1 new submission.
    *Social Media: 4 blogs daily.
    *Housework: finish this weeks laundry and dishes. Find a carpet shampoo-er I can borrow, and then finish vacuuming the house.

Last week was a very productive week. Being able to come home and work on writing and housework. Been catching up on my sleep and feeling good all the way around. Hoping for another good week of productivity. Saturday was my day to goof off. Took my friend Sara and her daughters to Eldridge Park to ride the carousel and the dragon boats (thanks you Sara, I borrowed the pictures).

 A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come and visit the Blog Hop. We have cookies!!

 What do you do to reward yourself for being productive or completing a goal, Dear Readers?

Me? I will go ride carousels and dragon boats...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

How Universes Work, in the Real World

Poem of the day with Writing prompt by Toasted Cheese Literary Journal (Monthly prompts here), "how the universe works".

From MorgueFile

How Universes Work (in the Real World)

How does the Universe work, you ask?
With gears and cogs turning round,
Or more like smell of coffee brewing
That makes your neurons flip on.

With gears and cogs turning around
In a clockwork dance.
That makes  your neurons flip on,
As the alarm begins to buzz.

In a clockwork dance,
You feel powered by some other thing
As the alarm begins to buzz
And then you are forced to wake up.

You feel powered by some other thing--
As your strip away the layers
And then you are forced to wake up
And begin the day again.

As you strip away the layers--
Bare and exposed naked
And begin the day again
Only now with a fresh cup of coffee.

Bare and exposed naked
And in sore need of a shower.
Only now with a fresh cup of coffee
Afterward are you really ready.

And in sore need of a shower--
To finally feel like yourself,
Afterward you are ready
To imbibe the ritual brew.

To finally feel like yourself
Or more like the smell of coffee brewing
To imbibe the ritual brew
Is how the universe works you ask.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIPpet Wednesday: Love in Ferns

I made it!!!

WIPpet Wednesday:
      *17 lines from 6/3. Hmmm.... 6 + 3 = 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 17

Read my fellow WIPpeteers here.

It had been three or four years ago when we first met, in a dance class of all places. I wasn’t the dancer type; I just wanted a fun elective to take. The class was folk dancing and most of the class was girls who were majoring in dance or theatre, there were some were guys needing an elective to graduate, and a few random people, like me, who wanted to learn to dance. I met Callie on the first day of class, but didn’t talk until three weeks later. We had learned several group dances and were moving onto partnered dances. I was still quite shy, so the teacher paired the people without partners. Thus we were paired together for the Polka. 

Callie often wore billowy skirts and dresses. The kind that plume out when you twirl around. This she did often, and especially during class. I just wore shorts and a tee shirt and usually felt clunky next to her. The teacher Ms. Grestanoski began the explanation of the dance. Trying to follow I soon began lost, Callie leaned over and whispered in my ear, “don’t worry. I already know this one. I help you.” She smiled and I felt more at ease, or maybe it was the warmth in the pit of my stomach that quelled the sudden butterflies. This was how my friendship with Callie began.

Fun Fact: I took a Folk Dance class in college and learn the Mayim Mayim dance and the Tarantella. The tarantella is a fast and footwork heavy dance (at least what I remember of learning it). Also, while I am polish, I do  not know how to polka.

It's been a good week so far. The evil day job is gearing up, making the days long. I am loathing the phone again, but that's normal. I am almost home in the evenings and getting stuff done. It hasn't been this productive in months. Well, productive in theatre, yes. Productivity in writing was at an all time low the last two months. I am so pleased that I did manage Blogging A to Z and NaPoWriMo, that kept me afloat. Now I am writing stories and poems and beginning to get back to where I was earlier in  the year.

The weather has broken. The rampant humidity has abated and we received a few days of rain, with today baring the skies with a bright blue and balmy temperatures. Nothing quite like other parts of the country and world though, such as India, California, and Texas. Glad to hear that the rains had ceased and the drying out has begun, as I know quite a number of folks in that state.

Today check-in is much more to mu liking. I have more to report and that makes me happy. So without further ado, the check-in!

This Week:
     *Reading: finished Crispin: The Cross of Lead (Avi), which I think I mentioned for Sunday's (Monday) post. I began reading Murder in Three Acts (Agatha Christie), another Poirot mystery. I seem to be fond of the little Belgian detective. Also, I pulled out Wicked (Gregory McGuire). I think it's time to tackle that beast. I plan to also re-read The Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman) and write a review of the book versus movie, but that in the coming months.
     *Writing: I wrote yesterday about 1877 words. I nice little piece of flash fiction. It's needs to be edited and revised. But I plan to post in on #writestuff's monthly challenge and maybe even submit it to a contest or two. Depends on how the editing process goes.
     *Social Media: visited 4 blogs from Sunday's check-in. Going to visit at least 2 to 4 for today to get me caught up. Also, visited about three blogs over Monday and Tuesday. Getting back in the saddle!
     *Housework: Dishes...DONE! Laundry....DONE! Lawn...DONE! Vacuuming...downstairs done!
     *Submissions: submitted 2 poems to The Lincoln Underground. Alas, due to time constraints, graduating editors, and funding the summer issue is going to be the last issue (for now?). This journal was the one that while they rejected all of my work up to this point, they still give me constructive criticism and pushed me to keep submitting.

This (upcoming) Week:
     *Reading: continue with Murder in Three Acts.
     *Writing: write something daily.
     *Blogging: post to #writestuff's monthly challenge.
     *Editing: edit the working title Fern Love for possible submission.
     *Submissions: 1 new submission by Sunday.
A Round of Words in 80 Days is the blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come and visit the Blog Hop here.

This weekend is hanging out with the Whovian peeps and either hanging at the Love Shack, or going to Eldridge Park with Sara's daughters to ride the carousel and the dragon boats (with the fellow Whovians in tow). What are you, Dear Readers, up to now that it is June?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Post Zombie Prom and Check-in...

Tyburn: a six line poem consisting of 2, 2, 2, 2, 9, 9 syllables. The first four lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the first, second, third, and fourth lines as the 5th through 8th syllables.

This is NOT an easy form. Granted it is my first time trying this form. So, I will write a second poem in a form that I am more comfortable also.

Theatrical Flow

Mic Checks
Are Now
To the stage for Mic Checks, Places called--
When the moment spotlights are now trawled.

Tetractys: 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables. A Double Tetractys is 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1. And triple Tetractys is 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 10.

Therical Flow V.2

the show
begins now
curtains open
hear the music play, as the story is
given life by the actors, in movement--
Just another day...
another show
we do

Which do you prefer, Dear Readers? I am partial to the second, as it feels more like me. The Tyburn was an interesting time, but I am not thrilled with the end. The concept is what I what, but I cannot seem to find the right word combo that rhymes. Maybe it still works. Any suggestions on word choice, Dear Readers? Leave me some love and let me know...I'm curious what you have to say. I consider all suggestions.

Okay, ROW80 check-in time. It's been a quite weekend on thew writing front. But today is June 1st and the beginning of my 3 month hiatus from theatre (except of VP duties with The Lake Country Players). I am looking forward to coming home after work and working on the house, writing, reading, spending time with friends and family.  I have been so busy the last couple of years that I am surprised I remember any of it.

Zombie Prom has just finished. It was a grand time! I got to reconnect with my KLP family, bond with new and old friends. We made magic! We sung! We danced! We lived! My time at Enrico Fermi High is done, but the memories will live forever. There's the Andrews sisters secretaries in That's the Beat for Me, or playing a Motorwise Guy in Come and Join Us/How Do I Say Goodbye to Love?

As much as the post-show crash hasn't quite hit me yet, I do feel that the world is a little more empty.  The skies are grey (after a much needed day of rain), and the temperature is much cooler, which is leading to the empty feelings, I think. I am spending some time reflecting on the last couple of months. These people of Enrico Fermi High are my family and now that I am not seeing them everyday, I feel lonely. But, I also feel happy. When magic happens you can't feel bad.

So, my check-in this week is starting light, but in truth I need to build up. Thus, I hope that as the week goes on I will; have more to report on.

This Week:
    *Reading: started reading Crispin: The Cross of Lead (Avi). Continue reading and add, Murder in Three Acts (Agatha Christie)
    *Housework: laundry is done and put away dishes on docket to finish tonight.
    *Writing: today's post is the most words written this week, but I have written a number of poems last week, more than one a day some days.

This Week (upcoming): stripping down my goals even further to the bare essentials!
     *Reading:  Crispin and Mirder in Three Acts.
     *Writing: going to try something a little different this week. Write for 30 minutes Tuesday through Friday.
     *Social Media: 4 blogs daily.
     *Submission: 1 this week.

A Round of Words in 80 Days, the blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come over to the Blog Hop for a visit.

What have you been up to this week, Dear Readers? How do you bounce back after being busy with other projects, hobbies, life?

A little promo from the show featuring Eddie Flagrante's Harem, I mean secretaries....