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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Now on to the rainy day and the goals...

On a lazy Sunday you write on the porch while is it raining...

This Week:
     *Reading: well over halfway through The Golden Compass (Phillip Pullman) and remembering why I love this book and series. It  is well written and the characters are all unique (well the main ones). Only about 40 pages into Wicked though (Gregory Maguire). Not really what I was thinking it was going to be about. Question, Dear Readers, have you read Wicked, and what are your thoughts? I guess I was excepting something like the Oz books, but aimed for adults about the Wicke Witch of the West. It feels weird and....I don't know. I think I'm still early in the book. Gonna keep reading it. We'll see...Also, hopefully I'll start another Agatha Christie mystery, Murder of the Orient Express.
      *Writing: I wrote Monday (ROW80), Tuesday (side story for Love in Ferns, my current WIP), Wednesday (ROW80), and Thursday (3 poems), nothing Friday (although I got a brilliant idea for a concept piece and wrote maybe 20 words. I wasn't trying to write, but got distracted) or Saturday.
      *Social Media: 4 blogs each day since Monday from ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday. I managed to read all the entry on the Linky List for ROW80. That doesn't happen often. Kinda proud of myself on that one! :-) Sending more time on twitter, although that get overwhelming and need to figure out a better system. So many tweets get missed.
      *Housework: working on laundry for this week and dishes. Hang with friends and had a hair cut and dying party, watching Coraline, and eating white chocolate raspberry cake (from Wegmans). Yum!

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake 
Red Hair


*Theatre Stuffs: rehearsals for improv scheduled for latter half of June. Show in Corning tentatively scheduled for July 24th at the Corning Elks.

This week (upcoming): There are a couple goals that need the whip to be cracked this week.
     *Reading: want to finish The Golden Compass and re-watch the movie. Continue with Wicked and Murder on the Orient Express.
     *Writing: write daily.
     *Editing: work on edits for the rough draft of Love in Ferns
     *Submissions: I want to have more than 1 this week, and since I haven't submitted in a few weeks the goal is going up to at least 3, maybe 4.
     Housework: VACUUMING!

New news, Dear Readers! I have decided to attend Connecticon in July. Still figuring out which day I am going, Saturday or Sunday, but will be purchasing my pass this week. So, therefore I need to work on my planning for this little side trip. Someone I know is planning on being there, and I promised myself if he came closer to me that I would make the trip. Only problem, there will be a 24 Hour Theatre that weekend and I will have to miss it. But, good side, will be writing a script. So, still will be a part of it. Actually kinda excited. Probably more so as July gets closer.

It's now raining and there's a robin running in the rain in the neighbour's driveway. It's a good day to be lazy, yet still get some chores and writing done.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a Blog Challenge that knows you have a life. It's a Blog Hop! Stop in for some ice tea and yogurt parfaits!


  1. I've never read Wicked, but I have heard of it. My mom and sister saw the play a few years ago. I now it is a bit different.

    The cake looks delish and your hair is beautiful!

  2. Your hair looks great. I always wished I could go red, but my father terrified me of dying my hair when I was a kid. I haven't read Wicked either, but was forced to listen to the soundtrack just shy of a billion times. Normally I love musicals, but it began to grate on my nerves after a while. Though it could have been the company...I try not to examine that time too closely. Also, I am totally impressed that you made it to the whole ROW80 linky list. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    1. Thanks, I feel a little like Ariel with this hair :-)

      It's been years in coming, reading Wicked. I figured, why not, right? See what the fuss was about. Still haven't seen the musical, although I know a good chunk of the music from the musical. That also happened when RENT came out. Sometimes I get turned off when I am inundated with a thing. I also was turned of of Moulin Rouge for a while for that same reason.

  3. I have ready Wicked, and it's definitely very different to The Wizard of Oz. It made a big impact on me, but it isn't a happy book.

    Sounds like your writing is going well!

    1. I am gathering that. It's picking up after I met Galinda.

  4. I've found that Twitter can be overwhelming at times. You're often following hundreds or even thousands of people, and it's like a tidal wave. The #MyWANA community is great, and there's a weekly #StoryDam chat (Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern). I check in with those communities regularly and that keeps me engaged with fellow writers without the overwhelming stream of tweets that is Twitter.

    I haven't read "Wicked" yet, although it's on my to-be-read list. I'll be interested to hear your opinion on it once you've finished it. "The Golden Compass" is a fantastic book. I thought the last book in the series was a little slow, but otherwise I enjoyed the trilogy. Happy reading and writing!


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