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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Final thoughts on Round 2 - 2015

Thoughts on ROW80 Round 2!

Just a little post to get me thinking about the last 80 days. I have spend a goodly number of days on various
projects and stuff. I am aware that I need to have a running totally of my goals at each check-in so I can refer back to it. I think it  would help me focus on some of the goals that get passed over each week. Also, I noticed that by having smaller goals, ones that I can add to helps keep me productive and more or less on track.

This is the first Round that I felt like I was part of something greater than myself. I learned some better habits and connected with my fellows on a deeper level.

I am thought about being a Sponsor for ROW80, but I am not sure if I am up to the level of sponsorhood. I mean, I know how ROW80 work, but I also feel not adequate enough to give writing advise. I don't know. What you you think, Dear Readers? Should I consider it? Do I have enough words to inspire my fellow writer? I am not as seasoned as some, but I have discovered a few things? Share me some incite and should I do it?

Quick Summary of my Goals this Round:
     *Reading: I have read a lot this Round. I currently have three books that travel with me and in various states of being read. A quick guesstimate I have read about 12 to 15 books since before this Round.
     *Writing: writing about 3 new pieces and 2 to a complete revision. Although I could wrote more, might end up writing more. I kind of like some of these characters.
     *Editing: completed at least two complete revisions of pieces.
     *Submissions: have submitted to maybe about 5 or 6 in this round and got twosmall poems picked for next years Friends of the Chemung Watershed calendar.

Those are the biggies. I have gotten more attentive with my house, focused on the decidedly sucky job of being an adult, paying bills, etc. Have made plans and managed to find myself a write, with all the joys and frustrations that come with it.

I have a number of things planned that are non-ROW80. HAve even considered started a second blog for my ROW80, but I kind of feel that I wouldn't be able to keepm up with two blogs. I like my Here, There be a Writer blog. It's me to a T, a little cluttered and full of a bit of everything. Maybe down the road I will expand, but for now I will enjoy what I have, Dear Readers. I hope you stick around and see what havong coming up the rest of this year, definitely more blog posts about books, adventures, and life, and also writing.



  1. You have great enthusiasm and I was (am) really discouraged about not meeting my personal goals this round but now I just feel kind of excited about the next round. Great music choices :)

    1. I like to throw a little music into the blogs, makes it interesting.

      There is always a new day and another Round coming to make something awesome!! :-)

  2. I think you should definitely consider becoming a sponsor! It's fun to write a blog post to the entire group. If it's not too late I might volunteer for a second time, for round three.

  3. I think you would be a great ROW80 sponsor. Writing the inspirational post is the hardest, but I know you could come up with something to inspire or encourage fellow writers. Even just talking about an issue you struggled with and how you overcame it is a great starting place for that sort of post. And if you're already in the habit of commenting on fellow participants' check-in posts, that part will come easily. So I say go for it!

    See you next round!

    1. Thanks Denise! Going to do it!!

      See yah in 3 (Round that is)!!


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