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Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 Movie Review

This is the first year (2016, I mean) that I have seen a good chunk of the movies released. As a rule, I used to not want to spend the money on a movie ticket, but with new Star Wars movies, live action Disney remakes, and actual content within movies, I have decided that this was a silly rule.

Now, I set aside money for 1 movie per week, as long as there are decent movie to see. I still don't like movies with stupid concepts and certain actors are not favourites, but with that being said, I was pleasantly surprised by the movies that I did see.

This will be an impartial list, as I didn't see everything, but I did stretch my theatrical muscles on this and watched two horror movies. Oddly enough, they were more about plot and character than scaring. So, Dear Readers, without ado, my list of Cindy's 2016's movie picks....

First the Honourable Mentions:
     1. The Shallows: So, shark movies. Yeah. Shark movies! Nothing can compare to Roy Scheider in Jaws, but, honestly, Blake Lively was so convincing that I really felt for her. The story was present and well told. There is little gore, mostly from the nasty nip Lively receives from her shark buddy. For a strictly one person (with a few side characters) movie, it holds up really well, as entertaining and quality storytelling.

     2. Ouija: Origin of Evil. Okay, so I didn't know that there was a previously made Ouija movie (2014) and that this movie was a prequel. I enjoyed the movie, even with the jump scares, because the story focus more on the characters, which is something important. Also, the depiction of the 1960's were really spot on, costumes, cars, set location. The house used was gorgeous! I am only slightly curious about seeing the 2014 Ouija, simply because there is a connection to characters, but because Origin of Evil was so well done I am not sure I want it ruined. It nothing else it was a good spooky movie with wonderful characters.

3. Office Xmas Party: This is a stupid movie, but it is a AMAZING stupid movie. In the vein of Bad Moms, but with MUCH MORE SWEARING! So, I once said I disliked stupid humour movies. I lied (like the Doctor does). I actually like movies with that brand of silly and/or stupid humor, where you may be left scratching your head, but also laughing really hard. Jennifer Aniston is hands down the best part of this movie. She can totally play cold-hearted bitch and own it!! Kate McKinnon is just adorbs as the crazy HR lady.

The List:
      1. Ghostbusters: Answer the Call - This was a feel good movie. I enjoyed the SNL actors, the cameos, and the spirit with which the movie was made. Ha! I'm keeping that pun in, Dear Readers.

      2. Finding Dory - There is something special about movies that cater to the adults just a little more. Dory is a great movie for all ages, but the subtext woven into the story just make me happy.

      3. The Danish Girl - I knew so little of Eddie Redmayne prior to this movie. Okay, except for that Les Miserables musical, but that is for another time and rant. In a world where the LGBTQ community is active and present now more than ever, its nice to see how some early transgender folks dealt with life and coping with the world. Yeah and Eddie looks damn fine in a dress too!

      4. Rouge One - A solid reminder that Star Wars is NOT a terrible franchise. It's a fill and vibrant world, and there are those who still care about its place in the universe. A darker and more cynical view of the empire, it has it right, as it is before the shot went down in A New Hope. For that I applaud you.  Oh, and Alan Tudyk, you are my new favourite!!

      5. Fantastic Beasts... - I like the Harry Potter universe. I have read all the books (okay not Cursed Child, yet). I was just glad that it appealed to everyone, whether a fans of the Potter-Verse or not. That and Eddie. ;-)

      6. Moana - Okay...gonna say it! Lin Manuel Miranda. There! The story is strong, the animation stellar, and the music gorgeous. Also, I wrote a full review about it, Moana Review.

      7. Zootopia - A really strong movie with an amazing message. Kudos to Disney for promoting something so strong as unity within the real world issues that we face today.

      8. Time Chasers (Rifftrax) - I love Rifftrax. If you don't know what they are, go now to their website: You won't regret it. From the minds of the members of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MSK3K), Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy bring you riff of your favourite main stream movies and old school educational short films. An mp3 track to play along with the movie of your choice and BOOM joke, comedy, and commentary on the strangest of topics.

      9. Bad Moms - Real life problems mixed with the absurdness of mom's running wild.  Strong performances from Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell.

      10. The Jungle Book - Disney, live animals (well, CGI animals), and a mostly non-musical version of the classic. It is darker and gritty, but there is more plot and character that make it holds it  own.

Other movies I saw:
        *Pete's Dragon - Another remake, well, not a remake. It is more like a re-imagining of the original idea. I was SOOOOO hesitant on watching this. I grew up on the original. I knew it and the songs like nobody, well outside of a few close friends who need it a little better.
        *Secret Life of Pets - just freakin' cute.
        *Passengers - space adventure story with J-Law.